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Minus Wave: Saiyuki Yaoi Archive


Fanfiction featuring any Saiyuki & Saiyuki Gaiden yaoi pairing is welcome here. Sorry, no Yuri, no Het, no crossover pairings and no pairings involving Original Characters at this time (unless they're only mentioned in the background and not the main focus).
This is an open archive. I don't judge or reject fics. It's up to you to have it decently spell-checked. Or even better: beta'ed.
Please, make my life easier and read these guidelines:

Regular Submissions

Submitting your fic
Send your submission to: minuswave (at) hotmail (dot) com.
If you're not using the Pick-up Service (see below) then please send your submission as an attachment. Word documents are preferred, but pretty much any other format is fine too. Please, include your header information *in* your attachment.
Please, DON'T include any html-tags in your submission. Just mark-up as you would like it.
I comfirm every submission! If you don't get a reply with a week at most, please check with me.

The following header information must be included for your fic to be archived:
- Title
- Author
- Pairing(s)
- Rating
- Summary or description

Other things you may want to add:
- Disclaimer
- Email
- Website
- Warnings
- Notes/Comments/anything else
Besides links back to your personal blog/website, please don't include any outside links. Your submission must be able to stand alone without the need for outside information.

There will be a 300 word minimum for submission (that's excluding header information). If you write drabbles or ficlets of less than 300 words, then you can still have them archived if you can group them together under a common theme and submit them as one 'fic'.

Please refer to the Ratings Guidelines.
Ratings on this site are based on the MPAA rating system. Please rate your fic according to this system.
WIPs will be rated overall by the highest-rated chapter.

If needed, include adequate warnings.
FYI, there are a few warnings that are specifically noted in the indexes on this site (subject to change):
- NonCon (Rape)
- Char.Death (other than canon)
- Shota (sex involving someone age 13 or under)
- Incest
- Mpreg (Male Pregnancy)
Besides those, you can include any other warnings you feel appropriate in the header information of your fic, or include them in your fic summary.

Your pairing(s) decide your categorization. For others to find your fic, I need to know where to put it. FYI, this is how my archiving process works:

+ Does your fic focus primarily on one pairing (other pairings may be mentioned, but are not the focus)?
--> Easy enough, that's where your fic will end up.
+ Does your fic explore two pairings in equal measure (pairings can include the same person)?
--> Your fic will be archived under each appropriate pairing.
+ Does your fic focus on more than two pairings?
--> Your fic will be listed in the 'Multi-pairing' category.
+ Does your fic involve a threesome (or more than three)?
--> Your fic will be listed in the 'Moresome' category.
+ Does your fic have a surprise pairing (meaning you don't want the pairing to be known until people read it)?
--> Your fic will be archived in the 'surprise' (sub-)category.
Confused or unsure? Explain it to me and we'll sort something out.

Please note this archive does not differentiate between Seme and Uke in the pairing listings.

Concerning Series and WIPs
Both are very welcome here! But be aware that series and WIPs are treated differently.

A series is several fics that make up a continuing arc or storyline. The important thing is that each fic can be read semi-independently.
Example of a listing:
Author Title Summary
X Title1 (Part 1 of Untitled Series) Plot....
X Title2 (Part 2 of Untitled Series) Plot....
Author Title Summary
X Untitled Plot...
X Untitled, the return (Sequel to: untitled) More plot...

A WIP is treated as one fic, chopped up into several parts.
Example of a listing:
Author Title Summary
X Untitled (WIP)
part01, part02, part03
A lot of plot...
Your WIP will be marked as WIP until you submit the final part.

Please let me know whether your fic is a WIP or part of a series when submitting.

Pick-up Service

For your convenience, there will be a pick-up service available.
Do you have your fic(s) already somewhere accessible on the web (LiveJournal,,, personal archive, etc)?
In that case you can suffice with pointing me in the right direction. Either send the link(s) to the email address, or comment on the LiveJournal.
Fics should adhere to the above guidelines. If they don't, please provide any additional information. Fics rated with the fiction rating system (like will be re-rated like this:
K-->G, K+-->PG, T-->PG-13, M-->R, MA-->NC-17.


If you want to submit an altered version of a fic that's already archived here, then mark your email clearly as re- submission and make sure I know which fic it's about. I will then replace your fic with the new version. Re-submissions will be listed separately on the update-log.
I've you only want to change your header information (like change your email address), you can tell me and I can change it.

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