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Minus Wave: Saiyuki Yaoi Archive

Frequently Asked Questions
some of which have actually been asked...

I want to submit a fic, how do I do that?
You can find out in the Submissions Guidelines.

Why can't I upload my fic automatically like other archives?
Because that's the way I like to run this archive. It's a lot less prone to bugs and it means I have a complete mirror copy on my HD, so nothing can ever get lost.

I have my fic archived here, but I want to edit it/change it.
Look for the re-submission info in the Submissions Guidelines.

I've submitted a fic. When will it be added to the site?
If there have been any submissions, the site will be updated at least once a week. Currently on Sundays.

I have my fic archived here, but I want to have it removed.
Contact me and I'll remove it.

What about threesomes (or more) that include a female character?
As long as the emphasis is still on the male characters involved, it's okay.

How can I give feedback to an author?
It's up to the individual authors to include contact information in their submissions.

Can I link directly to a fic archived here (aka hotlinking)?
Be my guest. At the moment I use about 1% of my monthly bandwidth. You're more than welcome to the rest (in fact this site was designed to facilitate direct linking, hence no frames). I would appreciate it if you mention the site.

I don't see my favorite pairing.
Most likely no fiction for that pairing has been submitted yet. Or possibly you're overlooking it. Pairings are listed under the most common name for the characters (a few exceptions aside). So Cho Gonou pairings can be found under Hakkai, Kouryuu pairings can be found under Sanzo, etc.

Excuse me, that's not how you spell it!
I know there are a number of ways to spell certain names/places. When possible, I stick with the English TokyoPop spelling.

Can you proofread my fic?

Can I submit artwork?
Not at this point.

What's with the reverse alphabetical order of authors?
To give authors at the bottom of the alphabet a chance to be on top for a change.

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