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Besides submitting stories to be archived, there are other ways to contribute to this site, as some of you have so generously done already. This page is here to outline the options and to honor those of you who have already done so. It means a lot.

- First of all, you can contribute to covering the cost of running the archive. Donations can be made to my PayPal account at minuswave (at) hotmail (dot) com. *Any* amount is appreciated. Please include whether you wish to remain anonymous or, if not, what name to credit you under. You can do so by adding a note to your donation or emailing me separately at the usual address. If you choose not to remain anonymous, you can also have a link included with your name.
Donators will be listed on this page.

A special option will be to sponsor a month of hosting. Hosting this site cost $6.99 a month. Anyone donating this amount (or more) can opt to 'sponsor a month' (or several). If you wish to do so, please state so with your donation. During 'your' month, your name and optional link (if you choose not be anonymous) will appear on the index page and every update during that month. It will also be listed on this page. You can request a specific month, or simply the next available one.

- Secondly, I very much appreciate donations of Saiyuki related items to give away for fiction challenges. If you want, I can reimburse shipping cost through PayPal, either to ship the item(s) to me, or directly to the challenge winner.

Honor Roll

- Sharpeslass has donated Saiyuki Yathzee set (Games Challenge)
- Half Elf Lost has donated Saiyuki Playing Cards Set (Ni Challenge)
- Anonymous Donor has donated Gojyo Plushie (Fluffy Flash Fiction Challenge)

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