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Minus Wave: Saiyuki Yaoi Archive


Veleda Orgasm: The Fifth Noble Truth
21 apr 07
NC-17 Koumyou and Ukoku debate philosophy. And have sex. No, really.
teru_bozu_ebi Surface Wash Only
08 feb 09
NC-17 Ooh, what a little moonlight can do…
Rroselavy A Reflection of the Moon
14 jul 07
PG At Koumyou's gravesite, Nii reflects on what might have been.
Rroselavy Melt Me Down
20 oct 07
NC-17 Seduction - "enlighten me"
Phaedra Lermontov Celestial Bodies
01 mar 08
NC-17 21 meditations on Ukoku and Koumyou and various things under the stars.
lawless What the Moon Saw
15 nov 09
R Ukoku shows off in a different way than he usually does.
Kirathaune Seventeen Syllables
17 jan 10
R In a haiku, beauty can be found in everything. Everything?
Kirathaune Time Management
14 mar 10
NC-17 Architect Kent Neiman knows his only real competition in a design contest is Colm Sanderson. But why does the man keep putting off working on his entry? The deadline is Friday!
Kirathaune Gilt By Association
19 sep 10
NC-17 AU - A foreign visitor comes to the Queen's court, and Lord Kenton Niversham is attracted not only to the man himself, but also to the extra privileges he enjoys by being associated with Elizabeth's new favorite.
A'mael What Will Bring
12 jan 08
NC-17 Sometimes control is too heavy a burden. Ukoku needs, Komyou provides.
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