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Minus Wave: Saiyuki Yaoi Archive


zangetsugirl Progression
11 may 08
PG-13 They're not lovers. They're not friends. They're not even allies. And they're not going to leave each other unscathed.
Meicdon13 Birthday Cake
01 mar 08
NC-17 (Part 1 of Strip Series) It's Sanzo's birthday and he feels a little down so his friends bring him to the bar. Then, they hire a stripper to surprise the blond and things...get carried away.
Meicdon13 Eye Candy
01 jun 08
PG Kougaiji and Sanzo both have secret cravings for sweet things.
Meicdon13 Implications
01 jun 08
PG (Part 2 of Strip Series) Kougaiji doesn't know what to think of the Christmas gift Sanzo gave him. And a future is slowly being planned.
Meicdon13 Jealousy
01 jun 08
(Like a Living Thing Series) It's not supposed to hurt that much. Actually, it's not supposed to hurt at all.
Meicdon13 Let's Play Pretend
15 jun 08
PG-13 When we can't have what we want, we can pretend that what we have is the thing we want.
Meicdon13 Meeting Dad
15 jun 08
NC-17 (Part 3 of Strip Series) Kougaiji meets Sanzo's dad and receives an unexpected birthday present. He starts calling his lover Kouryuu and Komyou lets him know he's welcome in the family.
Meicdon13 Mirror
15 jun 08
PG-13 Be my reflection. Be my image. Be what I cannot be. Sanzo and Kougaiji need one another because they're so much alike and yet so different. It's a mirror they stare into yet they see the other one instead
Meicdon13 Static
15 jun 08
PG-13 (Like a Living Thing Series) Welcome to the Hall of Fallen Enemies. Please pay attention to the tour guide as she talks about the four statues taken from Houtou Castle. No photographs, please.
Meicdon13 Like Raindrops
15 jun 08
PG Kougaiji is supposedly on an info gathering mission. He ends up learning a lot more about Sanzo than originally intended.
Meicdon13 Summer Storm
15 jun 08
PG-13 One stormy night fourteen years ago, Sanzo and Kougaiji met for the first time...
Meicdon13 Making Room
10 aug 08
PG Stuck inside an inn during an obscenely strong snowstorm, Sanzo and Kougaiji end up having a seemingly mundane conversation that shows a little insight on how pointless things really are.
Meicdon13 Burn
10 aug 08
R Kougaiji keeps his mouth shut about the sutra bondage.
Meicdon13 Lullaby
24 aug 08
PG Kougaiji helps a drunk Sanzo fall asleep.
Meicdon13 Battlelust
11 jan 09
R Kougaiji and Sanzo release some tension after the final battle.
Meicdon13 Switch (Complete)
part01, part02
08 nov 09
08 nov 09
NC-17 It was a simple drunken mistake that left them in a very awkward situation. And when they tried to remedy the said situation, it simply put them in another one.
maiea Sneaking Out
27 jul 08
NC-17 Sanzo and Kougaiji try to get some alone time. Gojyo finds a way to get some too.
maiea On my way to where the air is sweet
10 aug 08
PG-13 News of a strange youkai drifting into town has people on alert. Sanzo and Kougaiji reluctantly go to investigate.
maiea And baby makes three
10 aug 08
This was probably the biggest OOPS Kougaiji ever made, but it was probably also one of the best. Sanzo eventually agrees. Find out how Kougaiji becomes the bottom!
Eyes of Shinigami Taste
01 mar 08
NC-17 Trapped somewhere at Nii's disposal, Sanzo and Kougaiji decide to make the most of their situation.
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