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xcerpted The Pet Sitters
26 oct 08
R (Part 3 of Animal Instincts Series) "Pretty please?" Tenpou pleaded as he pulled away, trying to keep the smug smile from crossing his face and ruining the moment as he looked at the stunned look on his best friend's face. (also Hakkai/Tenpou)
TJ Dragonblade Four-Letter Silences
01 jan 07
PG-13 Kenren has a certain undeniable eloquence with the unspoken word.
TJ Dragonblade Better Than Sake
01 jan 07
PG-13 Mildly-hung-over Kenren, mildly-bitchy Tenpou, and a rather roundabout discussion of their relationship...
teru_bozu_ebi The Rules of Engagement
09 feb 08
R (Part 3 of Dream of the Butterfly Series) Kenren tries to find his place in things.
teru_bozu_ebi String Theory
13 apr 08
PG-13 (Part 5 of Dream of the Butterfly Series) Kenren waxes philosophic with Goku. What's scary is that he almost makes sense.
teru_bozu_ebi White Tiger
11 may 08
NC-17 (Part 6 of Dream of the Butterfly Series) Goujun has a vision of his future.
teru_bozu_ebi Summer Outing
18 may 08
PG-13 (Part 7 of Dream of the Butterfly Series) Emotional Repression has a picnic with Total Denial. Snacks to follow.
teru_bozu_ebi Yuanfen
26 oct 08
R (Part 10 of Dream of the Butterfly Series) Tenpou brings something home from his trip.
teru_bozu_ebi Goldberg Variations
24 may 09
PG Love is a chain reaction… which sometimes involves a chicken.
Sorryll Waiting
12 oct 08
PG Love. Just another way for life to screw you over. Kenren needs to take matters into his own hands.
Rooney The heart lives by breaking
22 sep 07
PG-13 He feels like they've done this a thousand times and maybe they have (or maybe they will).
Ohajiki The Art of War
22 sep 07
NC-17 Tenpou shares his bed with more than just Kenren
Nuwanda The Sadism Waltz
23 jan 11
PG-13 The waltz has never been taught this way before. Then again, its never been taught by Tenpou.
Meicdon13 Baby
01 mar 08
PG Kenren and Tenpou have a little misunderstanding.
lillypuff Booked
27 oct 07
PG-13 Kenren is up to no good ;)
lillypuff Orders
27 oct 07
PG-13 Kenren & Tenpou pass notes
lillypuff See You
27 oct 07
Tenpou begins to dislike the color red.
lillypuff ...and Counting
27 oct 07
PG Goku practices his counting
lillypuff Reunion
27 oct 07
PG Hakkai (Gonou) hears a voice and meets a man (also Gojyo/Hakkai)
lillypuff Divine Worship
27 oct 07
NC-17 He wondered what the Gods would think of their version of divine worship…
lillypuff Maybe Next Time
27 oct 07
PG-13 There was something about the way Tenpou had Kenren pushed up against the wall that kept the Dragon King's eyes fixed on the two apparent lovers… (Continues in: All the King's Men) (also Gojun/Tenpou)
lillypuff Down by the Sea
26 jan 08
PG-13 Tenpou can only stare in confusion at his recently appointed general before he manages to force out one small word like a dimwitted child…
lillypuff Plenty to Learn
13 apr 08
PG-13 Kenren cops a feel, Goujun learns a new word and Tenpou looks damned fine in leather…
lillypuff Always
18 may 08
PG-13 Kenren Taishou is no fool; he knows that life, even for a heavenly kami, can never be that simple…
lillypuff Don't Shoot the Messenger
18 may 08
PG-13 All it took was one poorly worded sentence and Kenren was running out of his quarters as if something intent on killing him was in hot pursuit…
lillypuff Getting to Know You
29 jun 08
PG "I have a hard time believing you are as bad as the reputation that precedes you."
lillypuff Sins of the Flesh (WIP)
part 1, part 2, part 3
01 mar 08
31 aug 08
R Modern Day Saiyuki Gaiden AU (still a semi fantasy setting) - Tenpou visits a strip club owned by his friend's aunt only to find himself enjoying things far more then he should.
lillypuff Secret Flowers
31 aug 08
PG "Secret flowers?" Kenren repeats, trying to mimic Goku's comically whispered tone. "Is he not supposed to have them?"
lillypuff Solitaire
05 oct 08
NC-17 Tenpou goes down below and leaves Kenren to deal with messy offices, grumpy dragons and the general's own raging libido.
lillypuff Share and Share Alike
18 jan 09
PG-13 When Goujun arrived at the marshal's door he stood and waited before knocking, trying to gauge if perhaps he should return at another time…
lillypuff Lights Out
18 jan 09
PG-13 When their slow progress finally brought them to Tenpou's bed, Kenren gave the marshal a soft look, then grinned, "Strip please"…
Karuune Generally Speaking...
06 jul 08
NC-17 He was going at it hard, and judging by the way he was spanking it, oh, had it been bad!
chemcat Under
22 sep 07
R Kenren and Tenpou are friends. Will they remain so after their discussion? Is Tenpou ready to let go of his fear?
Blizzy Fishes in a Pond
22 sep 07
R Of Marshals and Generals with a fishy night pastime.
Attiqah_gensui Silence Of Sound
09 feb 08
PG Goujun-centric. Goujun wanders into Tenpou's quarters in the dead of the night and muses. (also Gojun/Tenpou)
Attiqah_gensui Strip Poker
16 nov 08
PG-13 Kenren has no idea what he got himself in for when he thought he would try to tackle the marshal. Timeline: Early on in their relationship, still slightly formal with each other. Before Gokuu.
Attiqah_gensui Traditional
16 nov 08
PG-13 Kenren tries to give reasons why he should top. Tenpou argues otherwise. Mention of past Tenpou/Konzen and Goujun/Tenpou. 500 years later, Gojyo tries the same thing.
Aeneus Ten Kisses till Midnight
24 feb 07
NC-17 Tenpou's knowledge of Earth customs gives him the perfect opportunity to test Kenren's feelings.
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