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Tel 30 Kisses (WIP)
part0.5, part01, part02, part03
01 jan 07
01 jan 07
PG-13 Hakkai is giving kissing lessons...How can Sanzo or Gojyo find the will power to resist? Written for the 30 Kisses Live Journal challenge.
Silvertales6 Rain
17 mar 07
NonCon, Char.Death
Anger and sex are two things that should never be mixed. This is why.
samsarapine Loaded, Like a Gun in Hand
13 sep 09
NC-17 Sanzo realises that Hakkai has a lot in common with his gun.
Lotus Pressed Flowers
24 may 09
PG Hakkai brings Sanzo flowers, and the monk is grumpy about it.
lawless In the Rain
18 oct 09
PG-13 The rain brings Hakkai and Sanzo closer together. Gojyo's beginning to hate rain as much as they do...
lawless Touch
21 feb 10
PG-13 The touch that changed everything.
lawless No Promises
18 apr 10
NC-17 Hakkai had not expected sensuality to lurk underneath Sanzo's gruff and aloof exterior.
lawless Integrity
17 oct 10
NC-17 Sanzo firmly believes he doesn't need or want a relationship; Hakkai tests that belief after a fortuitous meeting involving a Moonwalk-style bouncy house (yes, you read that right).
Kirathaune Taking Over
30 may 10
R AU - Corporate raider Hakkai Cho wants to take over SanCor and sell off its several companies. Genjyo Sanzo is refusing to sell, fighting not only the takeover but the growing attraction between the two men.
Jinxaire Front Row
17 jan 10
NC-17 Gojyo happens upon Sanzo and Hakkai engaged in an intimate moment and gets a little carried away enjoying the show.
Jennie B Close Contact
08 jul 07
PG-13 "Idly, he wondered if he'd feel so content with anyone's touch, or if it was just Sanzo that would evoke that sensation."
Jennie B Magic Fingers
12 jan 08
PG-13 "Hakkai was really, really good..."
CryptJo Blinded by the Sight
04 aug 07
R Gojyo sees something he wishes he hadn't...
Car Jack Ecstasy of Torment
01 jan 07
NC-17 Sanzo and Hakkai occupy themselves while waiting for Gojyo and Goku.
Aeneus Give and Take
19 jan 08
NC-17 Hunger, desire and release. What's the prize and who's paying?
Aeneus Wands (Complete)
part01, part02, part03, part04, part05, part06, part07, part08, part09, part10, part11
27 jan 07
07 jul 08
NC-17 Cho Gonou enters Sanzo's life, turning it upside down. Sanzo needs to cope with the aftermath.
Aeneus Mein Herz Brennt
07 sep 08
NC-17 Hakkai's nature stands on a knife's edge…
Aeneus Blue
21 sep 08
PG When all is lost already, what do you fight for?
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