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Vamp Bonds of silk
30 jun 07
NC-17 (The moon weeps saga) Balance is a fine art, one a certain kappa is good at.
Tel Changing Perspectives
01 jan 07
PG Sanzo speculates on what it might be like to experience life through someone else. Hakkai has an opinion too.
Sept. Rose Three By Five
05 may 07
PG During a smoke break, Gojyo finds an old photograph.
samsarapine When the Fighting Stops
25 oct 09
NC-17 Sanzo had never touched the Seiten Scripture.
Phoenix Dayze Together Again
26 may 07
What could have been...
Lykotheia Seven Nights of Solace
27 sep 09
NC-17 While Sanzo recuperates, he and Gojyo discover a new side of their relationship.
Lykotheia Eclipse
27 sep 09
NC-17 Short story about the development of Sanzo and Gojyo's relationship throughout their journey.
Lykotheia The Scarlet Phoenix
20 jun 10
NC-17 An AU fic in which two corrupt officers use a Leavenworth inmate to glean inside information about an illegal weapons cartel and the infamous Scarlet Phoenix Organization. Sanzo, a victim of the state, ends up falling for the man he's supposed to turn in and meanwhile finds out a mysterious figure from Phoenix Headquarters is after him, and wants Gojyo's head on a plate. (also Dokugakuji/Hakkai)
Lykotheia Anniversary
08 aug 10
NC-17 Post-journey, Gojyo remembers a special day.
Lux Moments
05 jan 08
R Gojyo implements his plan using petty theft as a device to get laid.
Lux Time
05 jan 08
R Sanzo contemplates sex with a water sprite.
Lux Rules
12 jan 08
R Sanzo has needs that can only be met by Gojyo.
Lux Lessons
22 jun 08
R Sanzo teaches a lesson in his special Sanzo way.
Lok When We Remembered (WIP)
part01, part02, part03
05 may 07
14 jul 07
R After a night at a cursed hot spring, Sanzo starts dreaming about certain previous incarnations engaging in some risky business.
lillypuff Been Here Before
29 dec 07
PG-13 Sanzo can't deny Gojyo forever
lillypuff Kinky is a Loaded Gun
29 jun 08
NC-17 When the cold, hard metal presses against his lower lip, Gojyo flicks it faintly with his tongue…
lillypuff Ennui
29 jun 08
R The Sanzo Ikkou is held up by a blizzard and Gojyo is too bored for his own good.
lawless Surprised
06 dec 09
NC-17 Sanzo can't put up with more of Gojyo's chatter.
lawless Plausible Deniability
21 feb 10
R Sanzo's need for plausible deniability may outweigh his unacknowledged needs.
lawless Fanning the Flames
21 feb 10
NC-17 Gojyo lets Sanzo know he's not happy with the way Sanzo treats him, but the results are open to interpretation.
lawless Interlude
12 dec 10
NC-17 Gojyo and Sanzo enjoy an all-too-rare interlude.
Laura Bryannan Of Green Things
06 sep 09
NC-17 Sanzo faces some human realities.
Kirathaune Little White Lies
17 jan 10
PG-13 People lie for all different reasons... what are Sanzo's?
Karuune Unholy Hunger
06 jul 08
NC-17 Is it real...or just a fantasy? Gojyo gets ahold of Sanzo's gun.
Car Jack The Replacement
01 jan 07
NC-17 Gojyo catches Sanzo in a most 'revealing' predicament.
caeseria Sucker Punch
06 sep 09
NC-17 Sanzo loses a bet to Gojyo, and has to pay up.
caeseria The Watcher
06 sep 09
NonCon, Char.Death
Each one of us makes a hundred decisions a day. Gojyo makes a single one that has far reaching consequences for the entire ikkou.
caeseria Provoking Gojyo
25 apr 10
NC-17 Sometimes it's hard to tell who's in control...
caeseria And the Earth Laughed in Flowers
25 apr 10
NC-17 Sanzo has an allergic reaction to a plant, with unforeseen consequences.
caeseria Remembrance
25 apr 10
NC-17 Sanzo stumbles upon an interesting way to take Gojyo's mind off the fact they are stuck in an elevator.
Befanini Barely Breathing
25 mar 07
R "Do you love me because I'm beautiful...?"
Befanini Bad Medicine
25 mar 07
R (Part 2 of Barely Breathing Arc) Stolen moments for two people who cannot keep their hands off each other...
Befanini Heat Wave
25 mar 07
NC-17 (Part 3 of Barely Breathing Arc) A desperate priest. A naughty kappa. Who will emerge the victor in this sexy battle of wills?
Befanini Misfit
25 mar 07
R (Part 4 of Barely Breathing Arc) Gojyo has a… er – pressing – problem that only Sanzo can solve.
Befanini Angel and Demons
25 mar 07
NC-17 (Part 5 of Barely Breathing Arc) Gojyo encounters an unexpected rival for Sanzo's affection. Does he triumph in the end?
Befanini Risky Business
25 mar 07
NC-17 (Part 6 of Barely Breathing Arc) A typhoon. One room for the ikkou. Two frustrated smokers who can't light up. What ensues? Trust the kappa to find a way...
Befanini Good Vibrations
25 mar 07
NC-17 (Part 7 of Barely Breathing Arc) welcome to a delicious, deviant flavor of the world of Sanzo/Gojyo...
Befanini The Angel In The Marble (Complete)
part01, part02, part03, part04, part05, part06
25 mar 07
25 mar 07
R (Part 8 of Barely Breathing Arc) An Angel from the Underworld and a Devil from Paradise…
Befanini Please
25 mar 07
PG-13 (Part 9 of Barely Breathing Arc) It is Sanzo's turn to have a – er—"pressing" problem, and he turns to the gods for help.
Befanini Febbre Alta (Complete)
part01, part02, part03, part04, part05
25 mar 07
25 mar 07
PG-13 (Part 10 of Barely Breathing Arc) A late Valentine's gift for Sanzo/Gojyo lovers.
Befanini BareNaked
25 mar 07
R (Part 11 of Barely Breathing Arc) In the arithmetic of love, one plus one equals everything, and two minus one equals nothing.
Befanini Heart Attack (Complete)
part01, part02, part03, part04, part05, part06, part07, part08
25 mar 07
25 mar 07
R (Part 12 of Barely Breathing Arc) Sex alleviates tension. Love causes it. LOL It's a vicious cycle…
Befanini The Opposite of Two
25 mar 07
PG-13 (Part 13 of Barely Breathing Arc) The tanned, handsome face turned deathly pale as the monk's steely words rang with finality. "It's over, kappa."
Befanini Torrent
25 mar 07
PG-13 Requiem for a fellow Heretic.
Befanini Hungry Eyes
25 mar 07
PG-13 (Part 2 of Torrent Arc) How the kappa developed his obsession for the monk...
Befanini Man to Man
25 mar 07
PG-13 (Part 3 of Torrent Arc) Or kappa to monkey, if you prefer... Gojyo and Goku have a heart-to-heart.
Befanini True Colors (complete)
part01, part02, part03, part04, part05
25 mar 07
25 mar 07
R (Part 4 of Torrent Arc) "The gods don't save anyone. You have to save yourself." ... But let me tell you... HE saved ME.
Befanini Heart to Heart
25 mar 07
PG-13 (Part 5 of Torrent Arc) It is Gojyo and Hakkai / Sanzo and Goku's turn to have a heart-to-heart.
Befanini Longing 1: The Road Less Traveled (complete)
part01, part02, part03, part04, part05
25 mar 07
25 mar 07
R "Love at first sight is easy to understand. It's when two people have been looking at each other for a lifetime that it becomes a miracle."
Befanini Longing 2: The Silent Path
25 mar 07
PG-13 Sonnet for Genjyo Sanzo and Sha Gojyo.
Befanini Longing 3: The Sunset Road (complete)
part01, part02, part03, part04, part05, part06, part07
25 mar 07
25 mar 07
PG-13 "All I have are the ashes… one small spark from your glow."
Befanini Sol Invictus
25 mar 07
PG (Epilogue to Longing Arc) Because 'True love stories never have endings.'
Befanini To Die For
25 mar 07
R A proud, haughty, arrogant blonde wants a certain hentai redhead DEAD.
Befanini Taboo
25 mar 07
R A love song for Sha Goyjo and Genjyo Sanzo.
Befanini Stella Cadente
25 mar 07
PG-13 Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today.
Befanini Wildflower (complete)
part01, part02, part03, part04, part05, part06, part07, part08, part09
25 mar 07
05 jan 08
R (Part 6 of Torrent Arc) "Bloom where you're planted." A long-overdue songfic of random ruminations by four souls bound by fate.
Baka Gaijin Fetish
13 jan 07
NC-17 Gojyo develops a new obsession.
Aeneus Business
07 sep 08
NC-17 PWP. Gojyo finds himself on the unexpected end of a business deal.
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