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Yuki Hana Beautiful Kiss
24 may 09
G The time has come for Gojyo to confess his love.
xcerpted Pet Me
26 oct 08
R (Part 1 of Animal Instincts Series) High-pitched barking came from inside the large house as Tenpou lowered his hand after several quick raps on the wooden door. (also Hakkai/Tenpou)
writersbane Forgetfulness
13 apr 08
PG Gojyo has forgotten something, so Hakkai teaches him a lesson he probably won't forget.
Veleda The Best Laid Plans
01 jan 07
PG Gojyo is a man with a plan! But Hakkai has some ideas of his own.
Vamp A taste for blood
16 jun 07
NC-17 (The moon weeps saga) Each of them have little secrets. At night they seam to slip out to dance in the dark. Hakkai has needs from his past, that only his lover understands.
Vamp Hidden Within
14 jul 07
NC-17 (The moon weeps saga) Gojyo likes to take chances with his life and he trusts Hakkai.
Vamp The Promise
06 oct 07
Sometimes you just have to keep your word, no matter the cost.
Vamp In the Garden of Sin You Will Bloom at Last
15 jan 08
NC-17 What lurk in the shadows of the night are only our own demons we have made. Will you be a slave to them or they a slave to you?
Vamp I Want
19 jan 08
R It was a stupid thing to argue over in the first place, but whether the consequences are even more sunning or stupid he was not yet sure.
Torre85 The Gamble
05 oct 08
NC-17 Hakkai has a secret that'll change everything.
TJ Dragonblade Playing Doctor
01 jan 07
PG Healer!Hakkai and Gojyo with a minor wound...
TJ Dragonblade Possessed
01 jan 07
NC-17 Gojyo has learned that Hakkai is not immune to jealousy.
TJ Dragonblade Awakenings (Complete)
part01, part02, part03
01 jan 07
01 jan 07
PG-13 Gojyo's luck with the ladies one night leads Hakkai to the discovery of an inexplicable jealousy and Gojyo to the discovery of an equally inexplicable emptiness...
Sorryll Distraction
12 oct 08
PG There was really nothing else he could do. Gojyo could only go so long without human contact.
Sorryll The Above
26 oct 08
PG-13 Cloud watching. An activity to cover all manner of sins.
Sorryll Healing (WIP)
part01, part02
12 oct 08
02 feb 09
R When had Gojyo started down the road to destruction? Before the misunderstandings, before the hastily hidden tears and before the dreaded 'talk with Sanzo'. Gojyo must admit some painful truths or destroy himself in the pursuit of happiness.
Sorryll Cross The Line
02 may 10
PG-13 Hakkai would hide the sort of passion that could only destroy and never, ever rebuild. But Gojyo was willing to stand against that passion. He wanted to bleed and scream and hurt along with Hakkai if it could bring that laughter back.
Scribblemoose One of Those Things
29 sep 07
NC-17 It was just one of those things, Gojyo decided.
Sashiko Honesty
08 jun 08
NC-17 Shortly after the Chin Yisou arc, Hakkai still finds himself brooding when he's alone. Gojyo gets pissed and confesses his feelings, makes a decision that, in hind site, wasn't too smart.
samsarapine Foundling
24 may 09
PG-13 Gojyo only meant to fill the canteen. Honestly.
samsarapine Gods of Vain and Empty Air
21 jun 09
NC-17 Gojyo dies. He's really pissed to find that's when things start to get complicated.
samsarapine Marid Djinn
13 sep 09
NC-17 Sheikh Hakkai Al-Barbera enjoys the exotic.
samsarapine Lincoln Tunnel Blues
13 sep 09
NC-17 Gojyo's stuck in traffic.
samsarapine Convertible
13 sep 09
PG-13 Gojyo, Goku and Jeep peruse a mail-order catalogue.
samsarapine A Thing Once Possessed
13 sep 09
R Gojyo hits his head. Things go fucking weird from there.
samsarapine It Started With the Pig Thing
25 oct 09
NC-17 A boy from Manhattan is fucked by a boy from London and gets paid for it.
samsarapine Trouble Wears Heels
25 oct 09
NC-17 "I'm sitting at my table in my skivvies. Hakkai's playing doctor. It's hard to believe that we only met twenty-four hours ago."
PristineCladestine The Chocolate Lesson
13 apr 08
PG Learning about love can be tough, for both children and adults. (also Goku/Sanzo)
Phaedra Lermontov Swindler
01 mar 08
NC-17 Hakkai doesn't leave much to chance. Sometimes, he has no choice.
Nuwanda Damage Control
23 jan 11
R Gojyo's stepmother, a crazy yet prominent yakuza henchwoman, forces her stepson at gunpoint to have sex with Hakkai, the traitorous accountant they're holding hostage, or die with him. AU.
Mythic Favors to the fallen
24 feb 07
R Hakkai is a geneticist. Gojyo is a barkeeper. Hakkai feels down and Gojyo does him a favor to lift his mood.
Meicdon13 Dihydrogen Monoxide
01 jun 08
PG Hakkai tells himself that it's just water. And he's drowning in it.
Meicdon13 Mixed Signals
15 jun 08
PG-13 Gojyo never knew that getting dust in his eye would prove to be so problematic.
Meicdon13 The Beauty is the Beast
28 sep 08
R When he's forced to live in a castle with a 'beast' in exchange for his father's freedom, Gojyo finds himself becoming too attached and a victim of his uncontrollable curiosity. In the end, he goes back to his beast but it might be too late to change anything.
Mako-clb Blanket
24 may 09
PG When Hakkai tries to extricate himself from an innocent situation, he finds it might not be so bad after all. Total fluff.
Lykotheia Seasons
27 sep 09
NC-17 Four part story that takes a look into the lives of Gojyo, Sanzo, Hakkai, and Goku after the end of their mission. (also Goku/Sanzo)
Lykotheia Changes
27 sep 09
PG Gojyo gets to thinking about his future with Hakkai.
Lykotheia Your Favorite Part
27 sep 09
PG Gojyo asks Hakkai about his favorite part of the day.
Lykotheia Leaves
15 aug 10
R Hakkai leaves, and Gojyo has to cope. (also Gojyo/Banri)
Lykotheia November
26 dec 10
R Gojyo can't figure out the reason for Hakkai's celebration.
lillypuff Stay
27 oct 07
Gojyo remembers his life with Hakkai.
lillypuff Aftershock
27 oct 07
(Sequel to: Stay) Gojyo tries to live in a world without Hakkai.
lillypuff Just Desserts
27 oct 07
NC-17 A "first time" fic, Gojyo's POV
lillypuff Tape
27 oct 07
PG-13 Pre Journey, Hakkai finds "tape" on the bed
lillypuff What Doesn't Kill
27 oct 07
PG-13 pre relationship Gojyo & Hakkai (pre journey), Gojyo's POV
lillypuff Finding Nirvana
27 oct 07
PG-13 pre relationship Gojyo & Hakkai (pre journey), Hakkai's POV
lillypuff Reunion
27 oct 07
PG Hakkai (Gonou) hears a voice and meets a man (also Kenren/Tenpou)
lillypuff A Kiss
27 oct 07
R Sometimes a kiss is so much more…
lillypuff Lost
03 nov 07
NC-17 Early on in the journey, the Ikkou gets lost & has a run in with an interesting entity. Cursing, loving and the occasional silliness ensues. (also Goku/Sanzo)
lillypuff Morning Routine
29 dec 07
R Hakkai's knuckles were white from the force of his grip on the porcelain sink before him...
lillypuff The Morning After
29 dec 07
PG pre journey, Gojyo & Hakkai after a night of heavy drinking
lillypuff Best Gift Ever
29 dec 07
NC-17 Gojyo had done a good job of hiding his birthday from Hakkai for over 3 years, but he soon learns that Hakkai will not be denied this little piece of information. First time fic (mid journey)
lillypuff Some Things Stay the Same
29 dec 07
PG-13 Near the end of the journey the Ikkou comes across a pillaged town. Hakkai thinks about his companions and what the future might hold.
lillypuff In Dreams
26 jan 08
(Sequel to: Aftershock) Gojyo prays desperately to whichever god will hear him that he be allowed to fall back into sleep…
lillypuff Protecting Love
01 mar 08
R I'm drowning again, not in water, but in anger and rage and blood. Most of all though, I am suffocating in my fear…
lillypuff All That Glitters
01 mar 08
G Not all treasure is silver and gold…
lillypuff When the Levee Breaks
18 may 08
NC-17 It had been too long since they last had a chance to be alone together…
lillypuff The Third Time
29 jun 08
R It had only been a week and a half since Hakkai had shown up at the temple, suitcase in hand…
lillypuff Give and Take
29 jun 08
NC-17 um, mid journey man-smut, Gojyo-ish POV
lillypuff The Binding Vines
31 aug 08
NC-17 (Post Journey) It was true, Hakkai had, on several occasions, taken his advice with regards to sexual matters, but this wasn't about sex, it was about Hakkai and his acceptance of who, or what, he was. Well, mostly…
lillypuff Drunk Love
31 aug 08
NC-17 "Trust me…I know drunk. And you're drunk…and so am I."
lillypuff Under the Stars
18 jan 09
NC-17 Wild Wild West AU, pretty much a PWP.
lillypuff Therapy
18 jan 09
PG-13 The red head couldn't help but laugh, "You know, I really hate this fuckin' journey."
lillypuff Home Sweet Home
18 jan 09
PG Post-Journey, Gojyo doesn't know the difference between Beige and Tan and Hakkai is most certainly not the wife.
lillypuff For Real
18 jan 09
NC-17 You only live once, right?
lawless Crimson Tide
04 oct 09
PG-13 Hakkai remembers being bathed in blood, but Gojyo doesn't mind
lawless Makeup Sex
04 oct 09
NC-17 Hakkai's reaction to Gojyo's sleeping around is a little off the beaten track.
lawless A Momentary Respite
15 nov 09
NC-17 Hakkai neglects his own needs when others in the group are injured, so Gojyo takes matters into his own hands.
lawless Youkai, Baby
21 feb 10
NC-17 Gojyo decides youkai!Hakkai isn't too hot to handle.
kisarazumama Berry Jam
15 mar 09
NC-17 An innocent berry-picking expedition by the river becomes something much more.
Kirathaune Right Next Door to Hell
17 jan 10
PG Gojyo wants to be prepared for the worst. Hakkai doesn't agree.
Kirathaune Type H
17 jan 10
NC-17 Gojyo suddenly develops a "type" - could it be for ...brunettes with green eyes?
Kirathaune Birthday Cake
30 jan 11
R It's Gojyo's birthday, and the kappa decides to make himself a special cake.
Jinxaire Words
24 may 09
PG-13 Gojyo reflects on what Hakkai means to him
Gonou's Girl Busted!
08 jan 08
R Hakkai and Gojyo's secret might not be as secret as they thought…
Gonou's Girl Impulse (Complete)
part01, part02, part03
15 jun 08
15 jun 08
R When Gojyo suddenly acts on impulse, Hakkai's reaction is far from pretty…
Gonou's Girl The Best Medicine
22 jun 08
PG-13 Hakkai's tired from overuse of chi – AGAIN – and Gojyo sees the chance he never thought he'd get…
Gonou's Girl Ready?
22 jun 08
PG-13 Hakkai is ready for a new life, and a new love, at long last.
Gonou's Girl With You Again This Night
22 jun 08
PG-13 Gojyo contemplates his unique attachment to the beautiful Hakkai.
Gonou's Girl Tegami
06 jul 08
PG-13 Hakkai may be leaving for good, so it's his last chance to confess to Gojyo. It's now or never…
Gonou's Girl Goku's Birthday
27 jul 08
PG-13 It's Goku's birthday, but this year it seems that everyone's getting a gift… (also Goku/Sanzo)
freeradical9 Psion
01 dec 07
NC-17 In a bleak alter-future, a telepath and a fugitive connect.
Despina Moon Love Me Like Music
11 oct 08
NC-17 Hakkai's life isn't so good of late. He has a case of unrequited love, some serious financial issues, and a recently acquired fanboy. However, he's quick to notice that this isn't the average fanboy.
cornerofmadness Witness
13 apr 08
NC-17 Goku reminisces about his past and considers his future.
Car Jack A Learning Experience (Complete)
part01, part02, part03, part04, part05
01 jan 07
03 aug 08
NC-17 Gojyo and Hakkai change their friendship into intimacy but aren't really sure how to do it.
caeseria Diagram Not Included
06 sep 09
NC-17 Gojyo lets slip the secret to his success and Hakkai wants the details. Now.
caeseria Happy People Have No Stories
06 sep 09
Hakkai cannot remember what happened at the end of the journey to the west. Perhaps, sometimes, it's better to forget?
caeseria Accidents Will Happen
06 sep 09
NC-17 The one time Hakkai lets his feelings get the better of him, Gojyo gets injured. Hakkai resolves to remain purely friends, but Gojyo has other plans...
caeseria Power Play
27 sep 09
NC-17 Gojyo has always gotten by on a mixture of stubbornness and pure luck. Can he trust someone enough to surrender and let go?
caeseria Call My Name, For I Am Sin
25 apr 10
How far do you go to get revenge, and how many sins will you commit to be free at last?
brainfuneral Broken Glass
11 jan 09
NC-17 "When you left there was no one to kill."
brainfuneral Another starless night
24 may 09
PG (Post Journey) "What do you want? When we get back home, I mean."
Baka Gaijin So a Youkai Walks Into a Bar...
13 jan 07
PG Hakkai and Banri both try to stake their claim. (also Banri/Gojyo)
Baka Gaijin Hammock
13 jan 07
NC-17 Gojyo and Hakkai spend some quality time in a hammock.
Baka Gaijin Penance
13 jan 07
R What if Gojyo weren't so nice? What if Hakkai felt he deserved the bad things in life?
angelynx-prime To Love The One You Love
24 may 09
G Dokugakuji brings surprising news to his brother--but Gojyo has a surprise of his own.
Aeneus 58 Jukebox
08 mar 09
PG-13 10 drabbles of the Hakkai/Gojyo kind
A'mael Paper Tiger
23 feb 08
NC-17 Gojyo loves all of Hakkai. Hakkai attempts to prove that he shouldn't.
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