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Minus Wave: Saiyuki Yaoi Archive


TJ Dragonblade Protocol
30 jun 07
NC-17 There is a certain etiquette to be followed in the commanding officer's bed, regardless of the heat of passion...
TJ Dragonblade Vow
22 sep 07
R Tenpou visits Goujun's office many years after they've called a cautionary hiatus to their affair
teru_bozu_ebi Body of Knowledge
05 jul 09
NC-17 (Part 11 of Dream of the Butterfly Series) Yaoi. Blatant misinterpretation of scriptural meaning on the part of a kami.
lillypuff Maybe Next Time
27 oct 07
PG-13 There was something about the way Tenpou had Kenren pushed up against the wall that kept the Dragon King's eyes fixed on the two apparent lovers... (Continues in: All the King's Men) (also Kenren/Tenpou)
lillypuff If Wishes Were Dragons…
26 jan 08
NC-17 Goujun is ill and Tenpou is called to his commander's quarters…
Attiqah_gensui Silence Of Sound
09 feb 08
PG Goujun-centric. Goujun wanders into Tenpou's quarters in the dead of the night and muses. (also Kenren/Tenpou)
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