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Minus Wave: Saiyuki Yaoi Archive


Vamp Gilded Cage
22 feb 09
NC-17 Pharaoh the god king of the land of shifting sands, dose not always have time to play. Still the newest admission to the harem is in for a shock.
teru_bozu_ebi Yozakura
22 dec 07
NC-17 (Part 4 of Dream of the Butterfly Series) Servants, stilted conversations, and smut.
teru_bozu_ebi Belling the Cat
29 jun 08
NC-17 (Part 8 of Dream of the Butterfly Series) Tenpou's gone, Kenren's climbing the walls, and Goujun tests a theory.
teru_bozu_ebi Water Sports
29 jun 08
NC-17 (Part 9 of Dream of the Butterfly Series) Kenren is invited into Goujun's inner sanctum: the Royal Bath.
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