Title:  Progression

Author: zangetsugirl

Website: http://zangetsugirl.livejournal.com
Word Count:  892
Rating:  PG-13  (There's more sexual content than my usual--not that that's saying much--but no bodily fluids, so it didn't get bumped all the way up to R.)
Obligatory Disclaimer:  Y'all know the refrain--I do not own Saiyuki.
Summary:  They're not lovers.  They're not friends.  They're not even allies.  And they're not going to leave each other unscathed.
Notes:  The original prompt was Saiyuki--any characters, "teach me to be more adaptive."  The original idea I had was a mildly slashy conversation between two very different leaders.  I have no idea how I got from there to here.  This is Sanzo/Kougaiji, with a brief mention of Sanzo/Gojyo.



The first time it happened, Kougaiji was just looking for a quick fuck.  The identity of the other person hadn't even registered at first.  Then he'd been swamped by a sickeningly familiar rise of power, seconds before the Maten sutra erupted at Sanzo's command.  Kougaiji found himself spread out on the bed and held completely immobile by a power that could just as easily have killed him.


Sanzo stood silently in the middle of the small room and stared down at the bound prince.  Kougaiji held his breath and waited for him to make a move.  After a few minutes, Sanzo seemed to come to a decision.  He moved over to the bed, and Kougaiji breathed. 


Sanzo reached out.  Kougaiji tensed in anticipation, but he'd misread the monk once again.  Instead of touching, he slid the twin bracelets off Kougaiji's right wrist.  After that, he moved on to the matching chokers, the plain metal coronet and Kougaiji's ever-present earrings.  There was nothing rushed or frantic about Sanzo's movements, but his intent was clear, as he methodically, completely bared his captive's body. 


Kougaiji was breathing heavily by the time Sanzo threw his jacket aside and reached for his belt.  He closed his eyes when Sanzo flicked the belt open, but opened them again almost immediately.  He needed to see.  He kept his eyes on Sanzo as the monk slowly drew his pants down his legs, then completely off.  Then, and only then, Sanzo moved away from the foot of the bed.  He rested a proprietary hand on Kougaiji's hip and leaned over to look him in the eyes.


"Is this what you wanted, oh prince?" he asked.  Sanzo's voice was mocking, but Kougaiji sensed that his answer was more important than the tone of the question implied.


"Yes," he said unflinchingly.  Sanzo graced him with a particularly nasty smile and gestured with his free hand.  The bonds of the sutra vanished, and Kougaiji could finally—finally!—reach out.




The second time, Kougaiji attacked the Sanzo ikkou while it was raining.  Goku leapt at him immediately, only to jump back when Sanzo fired two shots that could just as easily have hit either of them.  Goku stared at him for a minute, then abruptly turned and intercepted Lirin before she could jump on Sanzo's shoulders.  Sanzo nodded sharply and ran into the forest, away from the battle.  Kougaiji followed.


There was no hiding, no game of cat and mouse between the trees.  All they needed was a little distance, as a stand in for the privacy they wouldn't get this time.  Before long, Sanzo stopped and turned to face him.  Kougaiji saw the barely-leashed violence in his stance, the self-hatred in his eyes and the invitation in the curve of his lips.  He answered with the press of his body, the bruising grip of his hands and the scrape of sharpened canines across vulnerable human skin as he fucked Sanzo until the sun came out.




The third time, Sanzo smelled of that filthy half-breed.  The scent was everywhere—on his clothes, on his skin—and it was driving Kougaiji crazy.


"What," he growled, "have you been doing?"


The smug bastard had the gall to smirk at him.  "What, you can't tell?" he purred.  "I would have thought you'd be able to," he continued, circling around behind Kougaiji and leaning in close.  "Can't you smell him on me?" Sanzo whispered right in Kougaiji's ear.


That was it.  Kougaiji whirled around and shoved Sanzo up against the wall.  "Yes," he snarled before he captured those smirking lips in a fierce kiss.


Sanzo couldn't walk the next day, and refused to explain why.  The collection of bloody claw marks and livid bruises adorning his entire body told the story quite eloquently, though.  Kougaiji himself returned home sporting a black eye, a broken arm, three bruised ribs and a bullet in his leg.




There wasn't a fourth time.  Kougaiji barely took one step through the door to Sanzo's room before Goku was on him.  If not for Kougaiji's superb reflexes and intimate knowledge of Goku's fighting style, he'd have probably lost his head in the first two minutes. 


Then Kougaiji heard two noises that guaranteed that the fight was over, almost as soon as it started.  The first was Lirin's voice.  The second was the sound of Sanzo cocking his Smith and Wesson.  The shocked look on Goku's face told Kougaiji what he'd see even before he turned around.  Sure enough, Sanzo stood just behind his sister, with his gun pointed at the back of her head.  Kougaiji drew on centuries of leadership to steady his voice.


"Some other time, monkey.  Lirin, let's go home."  He crossed the distance between them and laid a hand on Lirin's shoulder.  Then he met Sanzo's eyes and sent the monk's silent message back to him.


This is what I will not allow you to take.


Sanzo uncocked the gun and stepped back.  It was as much of a concession as Kougaiji was going to get from him, and they both knew it.  Kougaiji reached for his power, and let it carry himself and his sister away.




There wasn't a last time, and there was always a last time.  Every time they touched, they both swore it would be the last, and every time, they kept coming back.

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