Title: Beautiful Kiss

Author: Yuki Hana

Pairing(s): Gojyo x Hakkai (hints of Sanzo x Goku)

Rating: G

Summary: The time has come for Gojyo to confess his love.

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Notes: The song lyrics used are from So Beautiful by: Darren Hayes



The campfire light created halos around everything in their little clearing, especially his face. It made his green eyes look black and his long slender fingers shimmered around the book he held as if he were merely a creature from a dream. Gojyo inhaled his cigarette, feeling the familiar burn and continued staring. He knew they could sit like this for hours. Silent. Watching. Waiting.

A wind suddenly burst through the trees and he heard Hakkai growl slightly as he lost his place, the page torn from his fingers by the capricious gust. He couldn't stop the smile that spread across his face.

It'd been years since the fighting and all that had faded away like a bad dream. Yet none of them could fully move on so at least once a year all four of them, five if Jippu decided to visit from where ever it was he had flown off to, trekked to the middle of nowhere to spend a week in a tent.

Sanzo and his ever faithful saru were curled in on each other inside their tent, their snores twining together. It seemed that Sanzo had finally given up the fight and let Goku snuggle against his heart; the only place the little monkey ever found true happiness except for his meat buns, of course.

He smiled and shook his head. Even now that "normal" had returned they still couldn't go back to their old lives. The air had chilled by several degrees as his mind wandered down the dusty road to India and back. He smiled a dreamy smile and slid from his tree stump perch to fetch a blanket. He stepped behind Hakkai as silently as possible and wrapped it around his shoulders, feeling tingles run up his spine as the slender brunette "mmmmm'ed" and snuggled into the warmth.

Gojyo sat next to him and as his best friend once again lost himself in his novel he returned to watching. Hakkai's dark hair had recently been trimmed but still it trailed into his eyes, begging for a hand's touch to gently stroke it away. He felt his fingers flex then he almost fell off the log when his slower-than-normal brain registered that green eyes were staring into his face. This close those green eyes seemed to glow.


It was a simple question, yet with his brain frozen he only managed to stammer out, "Wha hunh?"

Hakkai shifted so that he was facing Gojyo squarely. "Why are you staring at me?"

Gojyo blinked trying to force his brain to process human speech; he knew the language well enough dammit. "Unh, because hmmm." He took a deep breath. His heart was hammering inside his ribcage. The time had finally come.

"Because because," a thought curled from the back of his mind - he was Sha Gojyo after all - "because you are so beautiful." He paused to watch Hakkai's face. "Because if all the world were perfect I would only ever want to see your scars." He trailed off, not trusting his voice.

He watched as Hakkai sat there, at first looking confused, wondering probably when Gojyo had slipped alcohol into his pack, but then the smile started a real smile to creep up his lips.

"And if all the world was smiling I would only ever want to see your frown." Gojyo wasn't singing - he didn't want to scare the man off after all. He merely whispered in the dark, keeping his eyes locked on those emerald depths. He could tell Hakkai recognized the lyrics. It was a song that always made his green eyes light up when it came on the radio back home.

Hakkai stood, pulling Gojyo up, "Nowhere else in the world I would want to be." His smile was bright and sincere, forcing Gojyo's own grin wider.

Their lips met, soft against slightly chapped. When was Gojyo going to start using the lip cream he'd made? It wasn't overly feminine or anything. The book, long forgotten, slid from those beautiful fingers, the blanket drifted to the ground, and even the wind seemed to fade into silence.

The kiss finally ended. They stood staring into each other's eyes. "You are so beautiful," they started, then laughed. Talking in unison was something they had been good at since the moment they met. It was what had made the lady at the fruit stand coyly ask, "How long?" to which Gojyo had merely winked and strode away with Hakkai at his side.

Hakkai felt the warmth spread from his chest to his face at the memory and he pulled his beautiful hanyou down into another kiss. 

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