Title: The Pet Sitters 
Series: Saiyuki 
Status: One-shot, complete 
Pairings: KenrenXTenpou and TenpouXHakkai, also GojyoXHakkai, KenrenXGojyo and KougaijiXSanzo 
Disclaimer: Saiyuki and its characters belong to Minekura-sensei, the Saiyuki Project, TV Tokyo, Dentsu and Pierrot, etc. 
Warning: Not worksafe, crack. 
Notes: CWP (Cute/Crack Without Plot). Sequel to Kitty Cat and Part Three of the Animal Instincts series. Beta by meicdon13, who once again wheedled endlessly that I write this so that she can write part 4. Please expect characters' appearances (esp. Hakkai's) to vary between parts.
Dedication: To bloody_soul58, who had claimed being killed twice by this series. 



"Pretty please?" Tenpou pleaded as he pulled away, trying to keep the smug smile from crossing his face and ruining the moment as he looked at the stunned look on his best friend's face. He licked his lips and watched Kenren's eyes widen some more. "Well, Kenren?"


"Uh…sure," Kenren finally replied, staring until Tenpou kicked him under the table. The dark-haired scientist coughed and picked up his half-eaten sandwich. "You'll have to tell Gojun I can't hand in that report tomorrow though." Tenpou nodded his head. "Why do you need someone to sit with you anyway? Is one of the kids going through a phase or something?"


"…I suppose you can call it that," Tenpou answered with a sigh, and then haltingly told his best friend about his last two sitting jobs at Komyou's home. Kenren looked so amused at the end of it that Tenpou had to kick him under the table again. Hard. "It's not funny!" he protested sharply, face red.


"Ow! Okay, I get it! You didn't have to kick me that hard," Kenren grumbled, reaching below their table to rub his shin. He finished his sandwich then pulled out his cell phone. "Give me a sec to call Scarlet and I'll cancel our date." Tenpou made a face at the name and Kenren reached over to poke him on the nose.


'Scarlet', not her real name, was the secretary of another division and the latest of Kenren's exploits. They weren't an official item yet, but had been going out for about two months now. Tenpou didn't like her very much and had Kenren admit that he only liked her for her hair. One of their sitting charges, Gojyo, was a redhead, and her hair was almost exactly like his in color and length. Only, hers was clearly a dye job. When Tenpou tried to point this out to his friend, Kenren had only pointed out to him, in turn, that there wasn't anyone else on Earth with natural blood red hair like Gojyo's.


"—You better call Gojun now too. It's my neck on the line here, hey," Kenren's voice broke through his thoughts and he blinked awake to a hand being waved in front of his face. Tenpou smiled as he batted the hand away.


"I already did. Now, come on."


Kenren stood up after him, grabbing both of their stacks of books. "You arrogant bastard," he growled, "You were that sure I was going to agree to this?"


"Hmm? Ah, no. I was that sure you're not going to finish your report tonight."


"Tenpou," Kenren groaned.


The brown-haired doctor stopped at the swinging double-doors of the cafeteria and smiled at his best friend. "I'll make it worth your while," he promised, winking.



"Where's everyone?"


Tenpou stiffened and slowly turned his head around to look at the source of the question over his shoulder. Hakkai stood at the entrance to the kitchen, rubbing his whiskers with one paw. One of his cat ears flicked continuously on top of his head. Wearing only a pair of loose cotton pants and a long-sleeved shirt, the kitten hybrid looked impossibly adorable. Fuckable. Tenpou swallowed thickly, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose.


"Kenren said you guys needed a new game so he took Gojyo back with him to his flat to pick one," the brown-haired scientist answered. He didn't add that, after loosing to Sanzo and his guns for the thirty-fifth time that night, the redhead had climbed onto Kenren's lap like he was a three-year-old himself and whined, with way too much body contact in Tenpou's opinion. "Sanzo insisted on going with them, then bit Kougaiji's ear and wouldn't let go until he promised to go too."


"Oh," Hakkai said, stepping further into the kitchen. Tenpou resolutely turned back to chopping vegetables for dinner and hoped he didn't end up throwing the knife at Hakkai if the other brunet started to come too close. With how tense he was feeling he just might, and while the thirteen-year-old with cat-like instincts would likely avoid it easily, Dr. Nii would have his head. When Hakkai moved towards a cabinet on a different side of the room, he relaxed a little. "Is that really okay? I mean, are you allowed to take us out of the house?"


Tenpou had actually asked the same thing of Kenren when his best friend said they were going out, but the man told him it was going to be fine. He shrugged, even though he could hear Hakkai rummaging around the cabinet and probably wasn't looking at him, and gave Hakkai the same reasons he'd been given. "Komyou never said we couldn't and they'd be riding Kenren's jeep, not walking. His apartment isn't that far, they should be back soon."


Not soon enough, Tenpou thought hotly, his chopping becoming uneven. He'd brought Kenren here so that he wouldn't be alone with Hakkai, not to whisk away the other kids so that he could be alone with the brunet. Gojyo had told them Hakkai had been in their room since lunch studying and probably wouldn't come down until dinner, so Tenpou had let them go. Still, Kenren was going to get it from him later.  


Hakkai didn't say anything in reply but Tenpou knew he was still in the room by the sound of items being moved inside the cabinet. The older of the two brunets turned his head around again to look at his charge, and felt his mouth go suddenly dry at the sight. Instead of sitting or kneeling down, Hakkai had kept standing, legs straight as he bent at the waist to look inside the low cabinet, back arched. Tenpou would have marveled at his flexibility and balance, if he wasn't too busy drooling at the sight of Hakkai's behind. The teen's tail was standing straight up, probably from frustration over whatever it was he was trying to find, giving the scientist a perfect view of his ass cheeks. His position made the cloth of his pants stretch over them and, oh god, Tenpou could remember how it had felt to squeeze one of them just last week. Hakkai was—




Tenpou broke through his own trance by accidentally dropping the knife he was still holding and cutting the middle finger of his other hand. He started to move towards the sink to wash the blood off, but before he could even lift a foot Hakkai was there beside him, licking the blood off like it was milk. The cut must have been pretty deep as a large red bead soon reappeared, and Hakkai licked that off too. As blood started to come out a third time the teen took half of the finger into his mouth, cat ears folding back.


Tenpou moaned, feeling hot, but still not as hot as the warmth that surrounded his finger. He kept his green eyes on Hakkai's lips where they wrapped around his finger, and couldn't help but push his finger in a little bit more. Before he knew it Hakkai had its entire length in his mouth, both of his paws holding Tenpou's hand in place. The younger brunet started to moved his head back and forth, Tenpou's finger slipping out a bit and then in. The scientist moaned at the insinuation.




The teenager released his finger and moved up to claim his lips. Tenpou leaned down to meet the claim, his tongue thrusting into Hakkai's hot mouth in no time, his pet's wrapping around it just as it had wrapped around his finger, licking, battling until Tenpou conceded control of the kiss. He let Hakkai suck at his tongue for awhile before pulling away, moving to nip at his pet's jaw and down his throat. Hakkai mewled and started rubbing against Tenpou, one of his legs wrapping around the scientist's waist. Tenpou groaned in pleasure, holding Hakkai to him with one arm while the hand of his other grabbed Hakkai's tail. He stroked it down to the base and inserted his finger into the hole in Hakkai's pants where the tail came out, pressing down on the farthest bit of skin his fingers could reach, which was already between the cleft of Hakkai's buttocks. His pet yowled, hips snapping forward to grind his erection harder against Tenpou.


Tenpou let his fingers slip out from the hole, his hand moving up to the top of Hakkai's pants. His pet continued to grind against him, harder and harder, and Tenpou caught one flicking cat ear between his teeth as he started to pull the teen's pants down—


"Tenpou, we're back!" Kenren hollered cheerfully from the next room. Tenpou gasped in surprise, not having heard the jeep pull into the driveway or the front door being opened. He immediately pulled Hakkai's pants up the few inches he'd managed to slide them down, and tried to pry the teen off of him. Hakkai screeched, holding on, but with one last tug Tenpou managed to pull him off.




He swallowed and hurried out of the room, a bloody knife and cut vegetables still out on the kitchen counter.



"Damn you!" Tenpou cursed his best friend much later, standing in front of the black-haired scientist in the living room. The children were all in their beds, but he kept his voice low just in case. Kenren's lazy smile didn't disappear from his face at the brunet's outburst. It just turned into a smirk.


"Don't you mean 'Fuck you', Tenpou?" he asked, pulling the other down to sit on his lap and wrapping his arms around Tenpou's waist. "Or better yet, 'Fuck me'." The smirk melted back into a smile before Kenren leaned forward, claiming his lips.  Tenpou allowed it for about half a minute, softly kissing back, before pulling away.




"Look, it's not like you went all the way with Hakkai, right? Just as long as you don't take his virginity away, then it's cool. Just forget about it, Tenpou."


Tenpou shuddered, thinking of how close he'd been to doing just that only a couple of hours ago. "That's easy for you to—" he started to say, but stopped abruptly, eyes narrowing. "Wait. How did you know I didn't? Were you watching us, Kenren?" he asked angrily, green eyes burning into midnight blue. Kenren's timing earlier had been far too perfect after all.


His best friend placed his hands up, palms open and facing Tenpou, placating.  "I saw you when we got home, remember? You were all flushed, like you'd just been with someone, and there wasn't anyone else in the house but Hakkai. But I know what you look like when you've just fucked someone, and that wasn't it." Kenren dropped one of his hands to Tenpou's hip and used the other to scratch the back of his head. "Besides, Kitten was looking somewhere between sulky and awkward all dinner. If Gojyo hadn't been too excited over his new game, I'm sure he would have noticed it too."


Tenpou groaned, dropping his head on top of one of Kenren's shoulders. Kenren immediately started rubbing his back. "You're a scientist, think like one, would you?" Kenren wheedled, and Tenpou would have said something about that being odd coming from him if he wasn't feeling so miserable. "It's Hakkai's mating season," the black-haired scientist continued, "Once it's over, he'll be back to normal."


"…I guess you're right," Tenpou replied, but didn't move from Kenren's chest. Kenren didn't try to remove him either, just kept making soothing circles on his back with his hand. After awhile though his touch started feeling more sensual than comforting and Tenpou pulled back. He pressed his fingers against his best friend's lips before they could land on his.


"We shouldn't. The kids are probably in just Level Two of sleep right now," he said at the annoyed look on the black-haired scientist's face.


"'Level Two of sleep'?" he echoed, "Tenpou, you dork."


"Well, you did say to think like a scientist," Tenpou reasoned out with a smile, enjoying the groan it got out of Kenren. "What do you think will happen if Komyou and Dr. Nii find out from one of them that we're sleeping together in their living room?" he asked, a little more seriously.


"Nii'd probably tell us to use their bedroom next time," Kenren answered with a cheeky grin, only half-joking. Tenpou poked him on the ribs sharply. "Ow! Okay, I get it, I get it!" he laughed, removing his hands from Tenpou so the brunet could stand up. "How about a smoke? I figure they'll be sleeping like logs by the time we finish a pack between the two of us, right?" he asked, taking said pack from one of his pant's pockets. Tenpou agreed and they quietly slipped out of the house.



Hakkai quietly slipped out of bed, unable to fall asleep. His encounter with Tenpou earlier had left him feeling completely unsatisfied and by the time Gojyo had returned to their shared room, the redhead was far too sleepy and tired from their game to mess around with him. He nodded off while kissing Hakkai, and the brunet couldn't rouse him no matter where he licked or pawed at. Some best friend he was, leaving him hanging like that. Padding across their room to Gojyo's bed now, he batted at the redhead's feelers to try and wake him up. Gojyo didn't of course, but the feelers twitched a little even as he slept and Hakkai spent the next few minutes swatting at them.


Afterwards, he left the room. Maybe a glass of milk would help him fall asleep. Maybe he'd even see Tenpou and they could pick up where they left off…but Kenren was there tonight too so that wasn't very likely. Hakkai even had a strong suspicion that their black-haired sitter was there just to keep him and Tenpou apart. Tenpou was sly like that.


He was on his way back from the kitchen when he thought he heard something. Hakkai's cat ears perked up, trying to hear it again. Two male voices were speaking in the living room. It was just Kenren and Tenpou, obviously, and Hakkai would have gone back up the stairs to his room if he hadn't heard Tenpou suddenly moan. This was followed by a grunt from Kenren, and then more moans, from both of his sitters this time.  


Before he knew it, Hakkai stood just outside the entrance to the living room, looking in. It was dark, but Hakkai could see clearly with his cat's eyes. He only hoped Tenpou and Kenren didn't see them. Gojyo had told him before that his green eyes glowed in the dark and that they were a bit freaky.


Oh, but he didn't think they'd notice him even if his entire body glowed. Hakkai pressed one paw to his mouth to keep from crying out at the sight of his sitters grinding against each other, both of their pants pulled down past their knees. Tenpou's lab coat was somewhere on the floor and Kenren was above him, raining open-mouthed kisses on skin left exposed by his unbuttoned shirt. When Kenren licked at one of Tenpou's nipples and took it into his mouth, even his paw couldn't muffle the low purr Hakkai made. Luckily for him, Tenpou moaned long and low at the same time and neither of his sitters heard him.


Hakkai slowly lowered himself to sit on his heels on the floor, his eyes transfixed on the two men getting on with it on their living room couch. He knew that what he was doing was wrong and that he shouldn't be watching his sitters, but then and there his only regret was that Gojyo wasn't there to help him, as he watched Kenren's hand blindly slide down Tenpou's body to the brunet's erection. Hakkai knew Gojyo could do a much better job than him in copying Kenren, but he didn't care, pressing his paw against the bulge in front of his pants in time with Kenren's strokes. When Tenpou finally stopped writhing underneath the black-haired sitter's ministrations and reached for Kenren's hardness, Hakkai started to pull down his pants.


"Uh…Tenpou? Are you alright?"




Kenren's curse echoed Hakkai's thoughts as he pulled his pants back up. He turned his head towards the direction of the voice that had spoken up and saw Kougaiji in his PJs with Sanzo in his arms. The blonde's head was buried against the side of the older boy's neck but he was obviously awake.


"Kougaiji?" Hakkai heard Tenpou ask and turned his attention back towards the couch where their sitters were quickly and very quietly getting dressed. Hakkai winced in sympathy as he watched Kenren painfully struggle his erection back into his pants. Tenpou continued to speak as he slipped out from beneath the other man, "What are you doing still awake? Is something wrong? Where's Sanzo?"


"He's right here," Kougaiji said, taking a tentative step towards their voices. Sanzo whimpered in his arms and the redhead visibly—to Hakkai, that was—tightened his hold on him. "He said he heard something, like Tenpou was hurt."


"Oh…" Tenpou faltered, his hand inches away from his lab coat on the floor. Kenren stood up, slipping on his sweat shirt which had been hanging on the back of the couch.


"He was just having a nightmare…a really violent one," the black-haired sitter fibbed, almost stepping over Tenpou on his way to the light switch. Tenpou must have felt him pass since he quickly threw on his lab coat, pulling it to a close in the middle so that the two didn't see his unbuttoned shirt as the living room lights turned on. By then, Hakkai had retreated and was already several steps up the stairs, just within earshot.


"Let's get you two back to bed," Tenpou was saying, and Hakkai huffed, because it usually took Sanzo awhile to get back to sleep when woken up in the middle of the night. He went back to his room and played with Gojyo's feelers until he thought that enough time had passed and his sitters would be at it again. When he looked into the living room though, Kenren and Tenpou weren't there. 

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