- Title- Tainted
- Author- writersbane
- Pairing- Gojyo/Hazel
- Rating- PG13

- Word count- 1083

- Disclaimer- I own nothing! Nada!
- Email- banerieko [at] gmail [dot] com
- Website- http://writersbane.livejournal.com/
- Warnings- crack?

- Summary- Hazel approaches Gojyo with an unusual proposition.




            There were many things that Gojyo did as favors for many people. Some of them were as plain as moving a few boxes or delivering a message, while others could fall under a more… x rated category.


            However, he wasn't the kind of person to do favors that require repeated trips. Which was why even he was surprised that he was doing this.


            It had started when they had reached a small town on their journey. For almost a week there was nothing. No demon attacks, no booze, no gambling (except against Hakkai, who always won, and Goku, who always lost, never mind Sanzo) no women, no nothing. And that, of course, meant that Gojyo was pretty much up for anything.


            What he was not up for was the fact that all of the women in town were either underage or married, that all forms of gambling were illegal, and that the town was completely dry, no booze as far as the eye could see. Figures that would be his luck.


            So imagine his surprise when a certain traveling priest offered him a card game and some nice vintage wine.


            Oh, no. This is no Sanzo priest being described here. You see, the man who approached him was none other that one Hazel Grousse. Yes, the youkai hating priest who was stalking Master Sanzo and who Gojyo was pretty sure wanted to rape said man.


            Even though Hazel had shown a certain distaste for Gojyo, the half breed agreed to follow the man to his room. Which just so happened to be in the same hotel as theirs. Lucky him…


            They sat at a table while Hazel dealt the cards and poured the wine. The normal conversation starters flew between them. And some not unusual ones involving Sanzo and his supposed virginity. It was only after a few bottles of some amazingly strong wine, Gojyo still wondered where had Hazel got that stuff, that Gojyo realized the topic had switched from Sanzo to himself.


            Hazel was not only asking about these favors he did for others, but he seemed to have an unusual interest with Gojyo's sex life. So unusual that the kappa wondered if he should make a run for the door. But then he realized something else, must have missed it because of the wine.


            For the longest amount of time, Hazel had actually been calling him by his name.


            Gojyo could never remember a time when Hazel had actually called him properly. But for some reason, he was now. He was also half naked, it had just occurred to Gojyo that Hazel was losing their game of strip poker, and leaning a bit too close to Gojyo's liking.


             Before Gojyo could react, the priest had grabbed the back of his neck and pressed their lips together with all the grace of a scared and inexperienced teenager. Gojyo had little doubt that this was probably Hazel's first kiss in… since ever, actually.


            From there it escalated to Gojyo kissing him back, to Hazel removing both of their clothes (or what little there was anyway, Hazel was a good player), to either one or both of them leading each other to the bed, and many grunts and groans and calling of Gojyo's name even more and curses coming from the light haired man underneath him, Gojyo had never heard a priest other than Sanzo curse like that before! But then again, Sanzo didn't have Gojyo quite literally under his skin, so he couldn't really reference that.


            Gojyo was used to leaving almost directly after he had done something like this. He was not used to the person he was with grabbing him and holding on to him for dear life and begging him to stay the night with him as if his life depended on it.


            Well, Gojyo couldn't really say no to Hazel, not after the kicked puppy look he gave him, so he laid back down and held Hazel until they both fell asleep.


            It was lucky for Gojyo that Hazel was as early a riser as Hakkai, or else he would have never gotten back into his own room before they realized that he had technically slept with the enemy. He was going to thank the priest, but when he returned to the room it was clear that he and his giant of a companion had already left.


            Another couple of days passed and the Sanzo Party arrived at another town, but this time it was obvious that something was different about Hazel when they met up with him. He didn't try to provoke them, join them, or even talk to them. Actually, he simply avoided them like a cat with cold water.


            Gojyo found him passed out at a bar a few hours later and took him back to his hotel room, it was good that he found Gat or he'd have to find somewhere else to go.


            It didn't take Hazel long to wake up and on the way to the room he started explaining to Gojyo why he was avoiding them. Of course, it had to do with nightmares and for some reason when Gojyo had stayed with him he didn't have any and all that crap. Gojyo had already heard that from Gat. What he didn't hear was that Hazel felt that he was using the half breed.


            And Gojyo being Gojyo, he wouldn't have any of that. He simply took Hazel to his room, threw him on the bed, and laid down with him. Hazel looked as confused as a drunk priest could, even after Gojyo explained that he didn't care about any of that. If Hazel wanted Gojyo to sleep with him to keep away some stupid dream, then Gojyo was damned well going to sleep with him, sex null and void.


            After that Hazel kept following them, albeit a little more tactfully and less stalkerishly. And he and Gojyo shared room whenever they could, in the form of Hazel getting two out of "compassion for the well being of Master Sanzo's money". Hakkai knew what was going on, and Gojyo was sure the monkey was suspicious. If Sanzo knew, he was doing a damn good job of not showing it. Probably didn't care because he got a free room.


            Gojyo never wondered why he helped Hazel and no one else did, but he just supposed one thing.


            Sometimes, people need to be a little tainted in order to feel like they weren't.

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