Title: A Change in Routine

Author: Veleda

Rating: PG


It was a thoroughly typical day in heaven. Kanzeon Bosatsu was gazing at the lower world, every once in a while making a sarcastic comment about how pigheaded and dense hir nephew was, and Jiroushin was pouring over his mistress' paperwork. After he completed each document, he impeccably forged Kanzeon Bosatsu's signature. There were some who weren't sure why he bothered—no one in heaven actually thought that Kanzeon Bosatsu would bother with paperwork—but Jiroushin knew why he did it. It was all a matter of image. The higher-ups didn't care who did the work; they just cared that it was done well and had Kanzeon Bosatsu's signature, and the latter was more important than the former.

Heaven was ruled by the law of image. No one cared about what you did, not really. They just cared about how you looked while doing it. There was only one place in heaven where image didn't matter, and that was Kanzeon Bosatsu's own little corner. Jiroushin's mistress cared far more about whether you could play a good game of mahjong than what your status in the heavenly pecking order was. Kanzeon Bosatsu only cared if you were amusing—if you were interesting.

Kanzeon Bosatsu was like no one else Jiroushin had ever met in his many, many years of existence.

That was why Jiroushin couldn't concentrate on the stack of paperwork in front of him, why he kept glancing up at his mistress.

It was a terrible idea, a horrible idea that he should immediately squelch. It was a very, very bad idea.

It was the kind of idea Kanzeon Bosatsu would find hugely entertaining.

Jiroushin stood up from his desk, scattering papers everywhere. Kanzeon Bosatsu took no notice, hir attention fully on hir lotus pool. He walked over to the distracted bodhisattva, grabbed hir around the waist, and planted a kiss firmly on hir lips.

Kanzeon Bosatsu jolted at first, but within seconds se had one arm around Jiroushin's waist, one around his rear, and was deepening the kiss.

After Jiroushin finally pulled away, Kanzeon Bosatsu raised an eyebrow and smirked. "My, my, Jiroushin, this is certainly a change."

Emboldened by the kiss, and by his mistress' very positive response, Jiroushin found it in himself to smirk back. "Things that don't change are boring, Kanzeon Bosatsu-sama."


It had been a thoroughly typical day in heaven.

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