Author: Vamp
Pairing(s): Kenren, Tenpou, Goujun.
Rating: R
Summary: Can time help us?
Beta: purppleicicles.
The miles roll by under my wheels, broken only by the
need to stop and allow my passengers out to deal with
the next band of stupid youkai. They usually return
whole, if blood splattered, and we start again.
I don't really hate my chosen form of transport for
them – more the time spent in it for the sake of the
journey. But there are compensations; Kai always
apologizes if he crunches gears or has to drive me
close to my limits and Gojyo will sneak a treat for me
when he believes no one is looking and tends to keep
his ash outside when we are on the move. It's on those
endless miles I have taken to drifting off into
memories of the past; some hurt, some bring joy, some
the chance to reflect.
Quiet words, spoken in such a tone that I can't hear
what they are, but hear enough to know that they are
private. By the thudding in my contracting chest I
can't deny how it affects me. Turning, my hand drops
from its readiness to knock – I will let my love have
his sweet moment with the general. Strong powerful
legs have me outside in mere moments so I can catch
the winds and fly away, thoughts tumbling about my
A sudden hard jolt from my brakes slamming on,
throwing my passengers about like tossed rice and
bringing me back to the present. Soft apologies from
Hakkai for his sudden case of lead foot and ‘what a
nice place to have a brake and a bite to eat’.
he covers for me; I hope to push back memories of a
past jealousy. I like my little dragon form; nothing
like the mighty beast I used to be, but then in this
one I can nuzzle soft chocolate locks, kiss the ear
with silver cuffs – with Hakkai there is no fear of
showing my affections. In heaven it would infuriate me
how he never seemed satisfied with my more reserved
advances, encouraging me to be bolder.
Like Kenren.
A side of me he saw fully only in the bedroom. Still,
I felt like a shadow had been laid over us; one the
general did not know he had left on all the places he
and my lover had coupled in. My mane bristles anger
and regret, soft fingers unthinkingly petting me to
calmness. Cradled in Hakkai’s lap, as Gojyo leans
close, his fingers work magic on both our bodies. For
a moment my red eyes see Kenren kneading Tenpou's
back. A flash of sunlight and it is gone from my
drowsy sight, warmth and his hands lulling me into a
"When have any of my plans ever led you astray? He
gives me a calculating look over his glasses before
carrying on: "If you don't like it…" A shrug. "…I’ve
seen you looking at the general too."
I rise from behind my desk, perhaps a little too
quickly, turning to look out the window to hide my
embarrassment. I deflect.
"I was only trying to work out what he has to lure you
away so often."
A small sigh issues from my dark haired lover as I
talk about his other affections. I’m still shocked at
the proposals he just outlined to me and I’m buying
time. Clear green eyes look into mine; I know my field
marshal can read every twitching muscle in my face. I
roll the idea around in my mind once more. Despite
myself, I burn with curiosity.
"Kenren won’t know about me being in your room?" Is it
a sign of weakness to ask such a thing? Tenpou knows I
am self-conscious about out relationship – dragons are
secretive, after all, and we tend to hoard our
treasures rather than let them walk about bold as
Looking back at him as I nod my consent, I was already
wondering to myself what they would look like
together. Did they share the role of uke?
Time moves fast, and it’s not long before I find
myself in place, nerves making my smallest dragon form
quiver in its hiding place. A form I only agreed to
take for Tenpou. Easy laughter filters through the
door, heralding the arrival of both Kenren and Tenpou.
Perched on the shelf I slouch down into the shadows, a
hiding place my lover had chosen for me, even moving
some books from the always-cluttered shelf. Even
Tenpou’s bedchamber was like a library – the flow of
books covering the room like a growing weed, choking
shelves, furniture and even the floor. At least now he
keeps the bed free of volumes. An ornate scroll case I
bought him had expressed how much displeasure I had
for such things. I still marvel that he listened.
Finally, they both come where I can see them, relaxed
and very aroused. Both gods shed the others clothes in
a complicated dance amongst the books. I had feared
Tenpou needed to ply the raven haired swords master
with his treasured rice wine, but the strategic devil
was right; all was progressing just as he had planned
– an unseen choreography to the dance they made.
Watching them undetected bought a flush to my scales,
blood rushing through me. Mesmerized, I watch them
naked on his bed, hungry mouths joined together, hands
still dancing over one another, touching sensitive
spots and swallowing the others moans. Their cocks
rubbed together in a desperate yet sinuous attempt to
release a little of the mounting tension.
Gentle words were passed between the two lovers before
me – Tenpou acted as if he didn’t know that this time
there was an audience watching him. I had expected to
feel burning jealousy, to feel sick at another
touching so passionately what I thought of as mine but
publicly had no right to voice, yet I was captivated
by them. It was with a curious awe I watched my field
marshal lay back at the head of the bed, spread legs
inviting and a good view of his thick fully hard
member already crying its beads of moisture. Then my
view was blocked by Kenren kneeling between those legs
I felt protective of – I watched as the troublesome
general slowly prepped Tenpou for penetration. I had
to admit the sight of them was erotic, and getting to
me as aroused as they were, unexpected feelings
stirring in my mind.
I don’t know how I managed to control myself while I
watched them; after being teased and stretched Tenpou
had switched places with Kenren, who was now laying
down, his cock looking like a spear of rock, soft
black curls framing heavy balls. I found myself biting
down on my lip to silence a groan at the sight of
Tenpou taking that spear to the hilt in one move. The
usual lusty cry trembling from him at feeling so full.

Suddenly, I found myself wanting to be there, to kiss
down his exposed back, to suck on his ear and make him
shiver while he rode Kenren. But then I also wished to
feel myself pushing into Kenren’s hidden joys, brush
his sweet spot and watch him arch back in joy. With a
smile I realise why Tenpou had been so insistent on
this devious plan. Not for some personal kink as I had
thought, but to get his point across – if he could
love both a rebellious god and the Dragon King of the
Western Seas equally then why could I not also love
equally? As always, my wily lover had broken through
my tough hide to shine the light of understanding.
Hakkai's finger down my spine wakes me and brings me
back to the present, the group waiting for me to
continue on this journey of discovery the goddess
almost seemed to have planned out; it cannot be mere
fate that we are all once again in the same time
place, nor serendipity providing the distractions on
the way West. Little discoveries, chances to redeem
past wrongs… well, it would have been if any of them
remembed those days long since gone. Deep down I
suspect there is some knowledge, some rememberance of
past ties, other wise Sanzo would have shot the monkey
king on their first meeting instead of letting him out
to tag along as he so often complains about.
I shift form and become quickly packed by very
experienced hands. Even the weight of all four of them
is comforting to me as once again the miles roll by
under my wheels.

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