Author: Vamp.

Pairing(s): Konzen x ooc, main Konzen x Goku.

Rating: NC-17.

Summary: What are you willing to pay to keep the one you desire close? Konzen has to act fast if he is not to lose his little pet to others.

Warning: It may start with an ooc paring its part of the plot to the real paring.

Notes: This started off being a short little one shot; I turned my back and now its breed.



Mine! Part 4.


I felt agitated and unwell the next morning. My head pounded like one of Kenren's hangovers, my guts seemed to be a never ending roiling sea of bile. Worst of all was the pain stabbing in my constantly fluttering heart. I had no desire to rise from my bed and what little appetite I had, had dried up over the night. I sent the servants scurrying back out with untouched food and the threat to skin any who disturbed me.


Predictably, the merciful hag came barging through the door, the usual smugness on its face until it found me still huddled underneath my covers.


"Nephew, you look like shit. I shall fetch you my personal healer." The sweet-voiced hag touched my sweat damp forehead.


"No!" I snapped back. I could be dying and I would still refuse a healer meddling with me.


"I will send you someone and you will let them see you." I had never heard my aunt use such a tone on me before. One that meant I had lost this fight without restraint the hag. I was more than glad to see the tormenting hag leave with a smile playing on its face.


Peace rained reigned once more in my room for five minuets, before my door opened again with the person on the other side not knocking or calling out first. I feared the hag was back already for the only other I had not yet managed to train to knock was Goku. I could feel the colour drain from my face as my worst fear bounded in through the door.


My monkey was full of jubilant joy, babbling too fast to be sensibly listened to or understood. There was a book in his hand and he proceeded to crawl on to my bed unbidden, but not all that unwelcome at my side.


At the door was a soft brief knock that I recognized as Tenpou's, his rich and concerned voice asking if he may enter when I did not immediately answer.


"Come in," I finally growled, pushing Goku down to the floor hard. I didn't notice his yelp of surprise unnoticed


"Konzen, your aunt asked me to look in on you, she seemed quite concerned that you had suddenly fallen  ill. She also said your presence would be missed in the finalising talks but not to worry." Pushing his dark framed glasses back into position, Tenpou first gave Goku a hand up and then sat on the edge of my bed, cunning eyes evaluating what he could see.


I fidgeted under the field marshal's gaze, convinced he could tell every sin on my soul. "This began last night?" His eyes were seeking, and I realized Goku still had been given no reason as to why I had missed my promised time with him. I chanced a quick look at the sullen boy huddled on the floor.


"Yes, it came on quite suddenly."


Tenpou nodded, felt my clammy forehead and made a nonsensical grunt. He felt my pulse and nodded once more. "If you were anyone else I would advise you to see a healer, but as you're you, I will not waste my breath. It's not serious. Just a little time and loving care will have you back on you feet, Konzen. Unfortunately, both myself and Kenren are scheduled to perform drills all day." Tenpou looked once more at Goku. "You really could do with staying in bed so I will ask one of the servants to pop in now and then."


This made me frown, my features working to a more accustomed look for me.


"I could help if you told me what to do." came the eager voice of my pet.


"Wonderful idea, Goku. You can keep Konzen company. But don't tire him out, lad." And with that my fate was sealed; a day in bed with the one that I felt I had betrayed with my selfish actions last night. Tenpou left a list with my nurse maid.


Goku, when the room fell silent again, came up to the bed beside me, his book still in hand.


"Can I read to you? I am getting better." There was a plea in his voice, and I had the feeling he was begging me not to push him away like I had before. He stood vulnerable before me, looking for a little loving attention.


Opening the covers a little, I made space for him to once again take his place at my side.


"Come here, monkey."


With eager glee he rushed to the place I have prepared for him, the book becoming the bridge between us. Letting me feel safe in his closeness, my body stopped shivering. His soft reading voice did not aggravate my pounding head and the boiling sea calmed.


I felt his smaller body wiggle closer to mine as he turned the page to a new chapter. It was thrilling but also felt natural. Time lost all sense of meaning to us. We shared the task of tracing the words, our hands briefly touching, and he looked up with those wide blinking eyes, blush on his cheeks and a muttered sorry.


Almost all the way through the mad book about green eggs and ham, my hand once again brushed his. But this time, when he opened his mouth, I caught it in a hand and dipped my head down for a chaste kiss.  Confused eyes look into my own loving violet when I pulled back and ruffled his hair.


"You earned that. You were right. Your reading has improved but I will have to talk to your tutor about what he chooses for you to read in future. For if I have to sit through that once more my head may just implode."


Goku just grinned like I had coated myself in honey.

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