Author: Vamp.

Pairing(s): Konzen x ooc, main Konzen x Goku.

Rating: NC-17.

Summary: What are you willing to pay to keep the one you desire close? Konzen has to act fast if he is not to lose his little pet to others.

Warning: It may start with an ooc paring its part of the plot to the real paring.

Notes: This started off being a short little one shot; I turned my back and now its breed.





It was with a small amount of nerves and a larger dose of anger that I stood outside his room, hand raised to knock on the door when it opened before me to reveal my tormentor in only lose pants.


"Konzen, come in." His invite was warm and lazy as he stepped back so I could enter the room. I paid no attention to the lush guest suite; I just wanted to get this night over with as quickly as possible, for already it was leaving a bitter taste in my mouth.


He waved me over to the bed eagerly. This was not about love. This was an expensive bargain to be paid. For no other would I consider whoring my body, for no other but my monkey. So I sat down on the soft covers hating myself. Trying to put distance between myself and this strange elemental being, I hid behind my usual arrogant mask of indifference. He had to believe I did this all the time or I would lose my composure and storm out of the suddenly too small room.


I felt his hands on my shoulders, rubbing them through my cloths.


"Your hair is like the sun kissing the snow caps in my home lands. Longed-for warmth in the cold air." His voice was soft and as I glanced at his face I could see that he was thinking of home.


Slowly I let him undress me, slipping the cloths off my body to reveal the creamy flesh I didn't often expose to light. His lips were soft and I could smell the scent of wild stormy nights trapped in his long straight black tresses. Silver grey eyes glanced up at me. Lust had them half-lidded, and his breath quickened at the sight of my naked body.


"You have lovely nipples," he said just before lapping at the right one and then moving over to administer the same intent attention to the other one. Blood rushed about my body, for he was skilled in the arts and most likely could get even a corpse aroused. I could feel my flagging manhood awaken, much to my surprise.


We both moved to make better use of the bed. I crawled up to the headboard to bury my head into the pillows. I felt him move behind me, his bare cock bobbing as he moved into position behind my raised ass. His fingers stroking my crack, balls and round to my dick, his own hardness brushed against my inner thigh, leaving a wet trail behind from pre-cum.


A cool substance was smeared about my virgin opening, his hand on my hip as I shuddered in shock over the finger penetrating me. No, I couldn't do this. It was too humiliating, I thought, as another finger probed to join its twin. He was gentle but I was so tight, and I couldn't hold back the cry of pain.


"Shush. It will be better soon." For a man I hated, his voice came as a surprising relief from my own inner one. Taking a deeper breath, I could feel him stretching me and then the pain was washed away by lights bursting inside my tightly closed eyes.


"Ah!" I screamed for he had brushed against something inside me that felt good.


The bed dipped and moved as once again he changed his position, now the probing at my back entrance was blunter, wider. Slowly he entered, taking care to use more lubrication and shallow thrusts. Once he was in to the root, my balls touching his, he splayed fingers over my hips, preparing to move within my tight channel.


The fucking he gave me was to the point. As he hit my bundle of newly awakened nerves over and over, all I could do was moan and shake, my own reluctant peak drawing nearer. Stars burst; sounds dwindled down to the pounding of my blood. I felt my tightness and his release, before it became too much and I collapsed on top of the soiled covers. My body shook and I panted for breath as the world slowly made its way back into focus.


Still unable to move, I watched him fetch a cool cloth and cup of water.


"Here, this will help." Then he turned, putting his pants back on. "Thank you." His voice was so soft that I almost missed his words even in the silent room.


Quickly I cleaned myself up, collecting my cloths he held them out for me, with down cast eyes. It struck me as odd that the man was no longer arrogant, the touch of rebellion I had sensed in him drained away. He now seemed like a very sad and lonely creature, and it hurt to look at him.He reminded me too much of myself before Goku was thrust into my world, and I had to wonder when I had begun to change.

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