Author: Vamp.

Pairing(s): Konzen x ooc, main Konzen x Goku.

Rating: NC-17.

Summary: What are you willing to pay to keep the one you desire close? Konzen has to act fast if he is not to lose his little pet to others.

Warning: It may start with an ooc paring its part of the plot to the real paring. No sex in this chapter.

Notes: This started off being a short little one shot; I turned my back and now its breed.





Goku insisted on walking with me as far as the stupid garden of reflection for the second day of rigid formal talks. We stood in the entrance way, just late enough that I hoped no one would notice the over zealous show of affection my small charge was currently showing my waist in one of his hugs. Looking into his eyes, I could see the reluctance to leave.


"Let me stay." He used his sweet voice.


"No." But it had no say over me just as it did not have any over the kitchen staff.


"Please. I will be good." Goku placed more effort into his voice.




He looked up at me with golden eyes shimmering.


"No. You need to learn how to read. Now go, before I call Tenpou to fetch you." My voice was stern and with one last ruffle of his cinnamon locks, I sent him on his way.


Wind touched my shoulder, tugging at my silks and seams to whimper my name before dropping away.


Walking further into the garden, I could see that the flame-tempered god was currently tearing strips verbally off my aunt who did not look the least bit comfortable. Inwardly I smiled; normally the bitch found ways so that I was the one feeling out of place. But now their loud voices were so easy for me to tune out.  


I was also thankful that neither the quiet mother nor her wandering brat was there. Was that the cause of the argument? Paying the matter no further heed, I moved away. I knew that once my services were needed, they would realize that I was not sitting at the table with them and would have me fetched.


There was little in this place I found pleasant but the grounds were breathtaking.


A soft voice breathed into my ear as I pondered other matters. It annoyed me how close the dark-haired male of the annoying lesser beings had encroached into my personal space before I noticed him.


"Your pet is an interesting creature." This close, I could smell wood smoke slightly clinging to his hair.


I turned my face slightly so that his grey eyes could see the expression on my face. "That's none of your concern. You're here to barter your travel rights, not to discuss about those who reside here." I coldly informed him.


"He is not one of you gods or a half breed like rumour says." He leaned closer, his lips almost touching my cheek.


Quickly he stepped back and away from my personal space to admire some nearby shrub. I moved after him and in turn further away from the treaty table.


I was angry at how a stranger knew something about Goku; so little was said up here in heaven.  I had no idea why I so suddenly then wanted to clutch Goku's little body close to mine and protect MY monkey from these people.


Reaching out a hand, I captured his shoulder, and spun him to once again face my cold rage. His half-lidded eyes seemed to mock me. "What is this about? Really about?" I demanded.


"Konzen, you should have paid more heed to my sister Solaris when she laid out our demands before your aunt." Smugly he shook off my hand, letting me think about the situation as he once again moved further into the bushes.


I forced myself to recall what I knew of there strange lesser gods. The leader who was also a hot head, the one he called sun— ah, yes, probably a fire elemental or god in their heathen lands. Her cool twin and pleasant for a woman would be water, and the tormenting bastard in front of me, grinning as he read my guarded eyes, wind.


Like ice gripping my heart I recalled some of yesterday's dull conversation.


'We search for our lost sibling. He is a child of earth.'


No, no, he had been alone, cast out. My mind panicked as my heart spouted bitter jealous whispers.


I looked up, his tall shadow dancing atop of mine. A sly smile played on his lips.


"What is his price?" he asked, cool and blunt.


I blinked, stunned at the offensive question. Goku was not some pet to be bought and sold. It really got my back up to think someone other than me could treat him so casually.


"Will you match the sacrifice we make?" Again I could only blink at him. I was unused to people being so direct, with no strategy or ulterior motives.


"What sacrifice do you make?  He was forgotten by your kind." My words came out hotter than I had intended them to be, but he just laughed at me, in a warm lazy summer tone.


"He is MINE, given to my charge when found abandoned. " Even my cutting remark just passed him by.


Gray eyes turned away from me and I watched his hand pick a pink rose, looking closely at the tight bud not yet open.


"I will make the problem go away, Konzen, make it so that no one will ever look for him in your lands. But, I demand a price." Now he lifted his weather-tanned face to mine. "I demand one night with you, one night in exchange for your pet's life."


"No!" was my shocked out burst.


"Do you know what would have happened had I spoken to you in the entrance way, or what will happen if I let him see me?" He asked very seriously.


Yes, I did know. Deep down, I could see the monkey's face as he found out he was not alone, that there were others, family. No, I was his family, he was not alone, and right now he was with Kenren and Tenpou. But I could not risk losing him. To have him taken away from me would break my fragile… I shook myself mentally.


"One night, tonight." His soft voice was back in my ear. I cursed him for walking so silently like the wind.


It would have to be tonight for they were leaving after tomorrow. But I had planned to see how Goku's reading was coming along and there was no way I was going to have my ward anywhere near this cunning fox. 


One night …


But could I do it. Yes, I had to; the alternative was too horrible to even consider.

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