Author: Vamp.

Pairing(s): Konzen x ooc, main Konzen x Goku.

Rating: NC-17.

Summary: What are you willing to pay to keep the one you desire close? Konzen has to act fast if he is not to lose his little pet to others.

Warning: It may start with a ooc paring its part of the plot to the real paring. No sex in this chapter. Konzen's disrespect to his aunt.

Notes: This started off being a short little one shot, I turned my back and now it's breed.





This place was meant to be heaven, a reward for whatever stupid thing they had done in their mortal lives that had earned them a note in the emperor's book. Heaven was a crowded, over pompous and boring place. For those who could fight, there was the army and the endless drilling to perfection. For the rest of the fools, there was court and its stiff rituals and etiquette. For those of us who sought not to fit in a nice box and play good puppets, there was paper work. This was my chosen burden to carry: endless sheets of mindless, badly scratched reports to file. All had to be read by me. All of it had to be stamped with the correct seal of approval. All had to be delivered to the right idiot in the right place. All this I got to do peacefully alone.


Well, until that day that brat was dragged, whining about food, before the merciful hag. Why it saw fit to plague my life when there was a whole world below to torment, I would never understand.


 "Go play with the world below, you half made-insult to humanity."


Meddling is what it did best, meddle and sit back and entertain itself at our expense.


So now I had a ward. Ha! More like a chaos-attracting magnet. My dearest aunt, may eternal karma come upon it, thought that I needed a little distraction from my sacred if boring duties.


The monkey boy could not be called little in any sense or form, as I had to my own woe find out. Papers ruined by his childish scribbling, chaos from his running around in the palace, flowers on my desk most mornings. He ate enough to keep the royal stables in fodder. I should know as I approved their stock just this morning. I am sure a baby would be less trouble; they at least came with a wet nurse.


But somehow the little ape wormed his way past all my layers, past the cold, iron, hard indifference and in to my.... No, I refuse to think about it.


My benevolent aunt informed me, with much glee I would add, that my presence was needed at a trade agreement. My universal hatred of any social gathering of fools was well known, my displeasure grew with the fools' station. To be called to one of these affairs meant there would be paper work for me later on. I am sure the old hag took pride in its timing. She stepped through my door like the radiant moon, all smiles and a cheery greeting for my pet. The very same pet who had helpfully stamped half my days' work with the wrong seals.


"But Konzen, they were all red. How do you know they're wrong?"


I could only hold my head in frustration, thinking I should have expected it. Who would have taught him how to read in whatever back water place he had sprang from? And yet again something more for me to see to and hold up my work.


"Goku darling go play in the sun, we adults need to talk."


I watched the object of my frustration leave happily, skipping out the door. Damn bitch god. I was just warming up to lecture the kid. Ah well there will be more than enought lectures down the river of time I have no doubt.


Later that evening I arrived at the so-called small garden of quiet reflection. Neither little nor a place to do meditation, it[was actually a glorified bargaining place. There was the party from fucking far off, and I noted with my lips curling into a sneer that it was mostly of females. What kind of people sent women? They gossip and forget the task at hand, our beloved Merciful Goddess a prime example. It sat there talking to a flame-haired female, whose bronze skin was just below orange. From the stiff look on her face and the fire dancing in her eyes, the bitch god was pissing off our guest most successfully. That would teach the walking sex beast not to hit on strangers.


The rest of the party held little interest for me. There was a quiet and slightly willowy lady, whose shining face appeared soft with her ever present smile. There was also a child with odd blue-grey hair and silver eyes which reminded me of Goku. I somehow wondered if his eyes being gold was... No!


The last was a male, who had a certain air about him, not so much prideful as rebellious. I could tell this one walked a well-marked path. Dark hair lose and flowing unchecked down his back, features drawn into a scowl, and lines about his young eyes from looking too much up at the sun; he was a god who was often outdoors. But instead of leathery tanned skin, his was pale, not with sickness, just a bit off-colored. My own milk skin would shine next to his.


Whoever these entities were they knew what they wanted: rights to travel in the lands Below with which we had control of. It seemed as if they were searching for something. But the jade emperor had dismissed them as small back water gods who were not even worth his time to turn up for. So that was why I was there, to help smooth over his lack of foresight and their feelings of being slighted by him.


There was rage in the lead woman as she spoke. If you could stand looking at her you would notice she and the quiet one were twins, opposites in temperament, but similarities were there. But that fiery temper kept all but our hard-headed goddess at arms length. Let the two of them negotiate over the dust below, it held nothing of interest for me.


The child of about three toddled about, poked under bushes, and chased butterflies, so innocent, so like my monkey. The same ringing laughter, a pure, childish sound. Why did they bring him to a place like this? This was not a day out for the family. The mother, yes again there if you looked hard enough, silently glided about after the chaos-causing being.


The thought struck me while I watched the male move again so that he had both me and those two in his sight. He was the farther! What the hell was going on in here? Inbreeding lesser gods. Ch.


We broke for the first evening. Trade agreements took three days to complete; first day to place the opening bid, second to haggle and counter bid, and the third to settle and agree. So two more days to endure the odd madness of our guests and then I never needed to think of them again. There were still some small mercies to be thankful for.


To return to the monkey was a pleasure, as I had feared he and his appointed baby-sitters were not in the place they were meant to be. It was not hard to find the three of them, one just had to follow the foul smell of their cigarettes.


There was one golden-eyed boy swinging his legs in a tree, while one black-haired general lounged on a branch below him like some exotic cat, explaining that good Sake was like a good lay.


Grinding my teeth, I reasoned that they were both like children and so this can't be helped. Still, Tenpou of all people should have been able to keep the pair of them out of trouble. There he sat on the grass, nose stuck inside a book, oblivious to the conversation above him.


Striding up to the low branch, I punched Kenren on the shoulder, just hard enough to send him flying to the grass, on top of the errant field marshal to my good fortune.


"Hey, what's the big idea?"


"That was a rare copy, Konzen."


How predictable of Tenpou to be more concerned for the leather bound volume than the leather bound god, who was protesting at the loss of his spilled rice wine. I claimed my stunned charge. Goku could not help but show his amusement. There was little he held back when it came to showing his feelings. From complaining loudly that he wanted feeding to hugging me at the most unexpected times. How was I to know then that my feelings towards him had already been set? No, I didn't, not until much later.

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