Author: Vamp

Pairing(s ): Gojyo x ST.

Rating: NC 17

Summary: has gojyo gone to far?

Warning:á semi non-con, language, m/m.


Beta: purpleiccles


Like a moth to a flame pt 4.



*******************Gojyo ***************


The crawl out of the bathroom was hard on my jelly-like legs, but Seiten Taisei seemed content to let me get there at my own pace. It was odd looking at not- Goku, knowing that my love was in there somewhere sleeping, while my master played hard with me, molding me to become the perfect pet for him.


Finally my bed came into sight and I climbed heavily up onto the blankets, happy to flop on my back, panting from the effort required of my abused body. Damn, my ass was burning, and from the sounds he was making this was only the tip of his diabolical plans for me this evening. But I felt such a buzz from being treated like a bitch, used to satisfy his needs with no care for my own release.


"You had better be touching yourself." His voice floats out the open doorway with the sound of him moving about.


Reaching down to cup my hard dick, how can he do this to me? I love Goku, the soft gentle teen I helped awaken to sex, the man who had my head light as air with just one kiss, the only person I ever willingly gave my food up to. Yet Seiten Taisei utters a few words and I become his bitch.


While I think my fingers roam my body, soft whimpers push past my dry lips. Long legs part as wide as I can get them.


"Good boy, nearly done." He can't be praising me, can he?


Then I see my master walk out the bathroom, rope in one hand and a small knapsack looped over his arm, but it's the grin on his face that has me arching my hips off the bed in offering. I feel like a slut, moaning like some cheap whore.á But his smile was worth it, feral yet softened with a pride. The idea that I could make a powerful being like him lust after me, to look at my crimson eyes and be proud was a mystery to me.


To my surprise he kisses the hand I was using to pinch my nipples, kisses it like a noble would, on the knuckles. Then a soft loop tightens about my wrist as he brings it up over my head to be attached to the headboard bars. He takes my other free hand into his mouth, tongue working around each of my wet fingers. I shiver from his attention, soft but still dominant, wild. That hand also joined its twin restrained.




*************************ST *********************************************************



Now I had my pet nicely spread, I could finally take my time. Letting my tongue, lips, and mouth map out his body in slow intimate detail. Hearing him make a variety of noises and reactions that I happily catalogue for further use another time.


My golden eyes look up from lapping at his navel, and I watch him fall apart, piece by delicious piece, opening up as he has never done before. Even sweet little One had never stripped these layers off the half-breed and they had a deep relationship, one I know I can never replace. No, I plan a different path for my pet and myself, one less travelled but just as deep in its own way as love.


I take my time in giving him slow licks around his red and inflamed cock. He must be feeling the worst case of blue balls, and I gave him no cock ring to help him. But I know the renowned lover has control.á Running my blunt nails down his sides, making sure I have his attention with a smile I give my orders, slowly.

"I'm going to suck you off pet, and you're going to cum for me and scream."


He nods at me for he is far beyond sensible words, rocking his hips at me. Pleading is stamped in those same eyes, and as he fights to do more than just pant and gasp at each action I do to him, it makes me want him even more. I run a finger up and down his inviting crack, teasing him keeping him on the edge and not letting him fall over until my mouth is wrapped about his head. That is all it takes for him to be flooding my mouth with his hot cum. Loud screams break the air as he claws helplessly, the ropes biting into his wrists break the skin and they bleed slightly.


"Look at me, pet." He tries to lift his head, but he is now too drained. "Gojyo, open your eyes." This time he manages to stop them from falling shut, my face close to his, my breath on his cheek.


"You know my name," he stupidly babbles. He's making me grin, feral and protective of my pet, so deep in sub-space he does not notice me untying his abused wrists.


Rummaging in my bag of supplies I pull out the medicated salve Hakkai keeps about. Methodically I work down his body, talking care of each mark, until I reach his red and raw ass-hole. I take longer with my after-care on this, noting he is bleeding less.


Yes, this agreement will work out for us all very nicely, now I have brought my pet to heel. He bears my mark on his body, that will fade, but the one on his soul will never fade. Just like the mark from little One on his heart will never fade.



*************************Gojyo ******************************************************



Slowly the world stops feeling like melted chocolate and comes back into focus. Sense by sense I become aware of my surroundings, how the bed feels under me, that the room is lit only but the light spilling out the bathroom doorway.

Golden eyes look down at me, soft and loving, and I feel my heart leap.


"Goku?" The question is soft unsure but I already know the answer. I feel his fingers ghost over my hardening cock.


"Yes, peanut butter." He always makes me smile at his pet name for me in the bedroom.


Relaxing even more back into the messed-up covers, I burrow down deeper into the bed. Goku's hand continues to play with me; it's arousing but not hurried. I have no clue how this fucked-up situation is going to work, or even when the two got it into their heads to share me.


"When didů?" I don't know how to ask how long had he been back. But Goku, sweet and understanding Goku, leans in and gives me a loving long kiss, tongues playfully dancing with each other.


"It doesn't matter love, I'm here now. Talk in the morning." He snuggles his naked body into mine, pulling up the blankets as we settle down. "He wore you out, but its ok, my love." Once more, Goku kisses me deeply.


For once I feel complete, as if every aspect of me is swollen and drunk on emotion. The world begins to lose focus again, I want to fight, but the damn monkey is using every one of my own tricks against me, helping me fall further into his warm embrace. No, not his, their arms hold me. Seiten Taisei is like a shadow holding us both tightly.

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