Author: Vamp
Pairing(s): Gojyo x Goku, Gojyo x ST, Sanzo x Hakkai
hinted at.
Rating: NC 17
Summary: We all know and love Gojyo but has he crossed
a boundary?
Warning: Semi non-con, swearing, angst, oh yes and

Hands took hold of white fabric, ripping it apart like
a child at wrapping paper, gold glinting with glee as
it got to take in the firm looking flesh below him.
Licking his dry lips very slowly in anticipation. This
dish would have to be savoured another day.
Seiten Teisei wanted to leave his mark first, and then
he knew his pray would keep come back again and again
on its own accord, without him needing to exhort any
energy and rouse suspicions.
Leaning down low next to the struggling half bread's
ear he hissed "Struggle all you like, but make one
sound to bring your companions and you die."
Hot rage, fear and as always lust looked him back in
the eye. The kappa shook his head once again, leaf
litter marring the long stands. Soft curses spilled
form bruised lips; a trickle of blood betrayed where
the sage of heaven had playfully nipped his pray.
Dropping his head closer Seiten inhaled deeply,
drinking in the sent, it was different slightly from
when he had groped the shocked man. The sent of blood
still clung like a wrath from there last battle this
Pushing his aroused groin against brown pants fabric,
a soft growl of disapproval passed his lips. He wanted
to use claws to solve that problem.
Claws that ‘little one’ did not have, it was
frustrating. So was the need growing within him like
hot flames.
“I'm going to have you." Deep voice purred before
taking another forceful kiss.


Weighing up the choices he had, not that many, still
that was how his life ran.
It was inevitable what was going to happen here right
now on the forest floor, the only difference was the
ways of getting there.
Go with the flow and let Seiten have what ever he
wanted and hope to all the gods what ever had happened
to Goku would never happen again. He could not expect
it to not have some pain involved some way.
Or try the imposable and fight him all the way,
getting cut up real bad if he was lucky and still end
up raped by the thing that was controlling his young
lovers body.
Gojyo had no idea if the monster now pushing its
erection into his own groin was into just live meat or
if it did not matter, a hole was a hole. Shuddering
from those very morbid thoughts.

Turning on the old kappa charm, just pretend its Goku.
He smiled up "Let me up and I'll let you..."
No matter the intention behind the words he just could
not say them. No matter how much he dressed this up
with pretty words it was wrong. Wrong to be getting
off over how the more powerful being whom currently
held his wrists in a tight clasp of iron. Wrong to
even be considering complying to the others desire.

Just so fucking wrong.
Then so was his past. Pushing away unwanted thoughts,
to deep within the darkness of his mind.

There was no pressure as the small body rose off his
legs, one wrist became his own to command again. Teeth
ghosted over his collar bone, frightfully near the
big, pulsing vain of life. Gojyo was not stupid he
could read the unspoken threat.
So he hurried to complete the task, before Seiten grew
bored. Fingers one handed fumbled at belt, then button
fly which he was grateful to have with only one hand
available. Using what little space he had been allowed
he sought to wiggle down the brown hard wearing pants.
Surprised that another hand helped him gently with the
task of taking the cloth to his ankles.

Cloth hobbled him like an animal. Now he was flipped
on to his fount, ass being positioned hi, chest pushed
down in the dirt. Tongue and teeth played along his
exposed vulnerable spine, creating more waves of
Not quite joy, hell no Gojyo was shit scared.
He quaked like the small boy he had been when his
mother had hit him. Each touch this monster laid on
him made his flesh twitch, as it was waiting for the
pain shore to come. Small sobs escaped him, ones he
tried to bight down on, chewing his lip to make it
bleed again.
Deep rumbling laughter, would Goku sound like that in
a couple more years’ time?
A hand caresses his ass, opening, probing the soft
flesh just behind his balls. Dam that felt good!
Twitched his semi hard cock wanting more. Then pain,
blinding pain as flesh ripped, the world narrowed and
dimmed round the edge for Gojyo.


One well aimed stab within to plunge deep to the hilt,
ploughing through unprepared flesh and mussel. He
could feel anal walls contract uselessly and try to
force him out. He pauses for only a second to fully
enjoy the screams he had ripped out his chosen pray.
Who had obeyed his command and muted the noise as best
he was able to.
There was blood sent in the air. Cock pulsing, he
thrust back and forth with rapid, violence, and joy.
Seiten Teisei could feel the distress of little one
and laughed delighted at finally claiming his prize.
It had been unfair to watch as the two of them had
made love.
This was not about love.
Pounding in harder, feeling his much needed end coming
way to quickly for his taste. The flesh below him
moaning now in the sweet agony he was inducing in him.
A dark smile crossed his lips. Time to mark him, let
him know who he belonged to, who he would keep
crawling back to begging for the one thing only Seiten
could now provide.
Three things happened to them at once. First Seiten
bite down hard on the back of Gojyo's neck, like a
wolf claiming its mate. Second Seiten angled up
slightly on his next inward thrust hitting Gojyo's
prostrate hard. Third both came hard at the same time,
Gojyo’s seed spilling on to the ground below him and
unwillingly arching back into the thick member berried
deeply with in him. Seiten warm release mingling with
blood as it pumped in that tight tortured hole.
Breathing hard he leans over the now collapsed form of
his pray and now property, breath brushing its ear
"your mine now remember that."
Hands fondly patting the crimson locks like a
treasured puppy. He straightens his own cloths,
walking away without another look back. His pet would
sort its self out, that's why he had been chosen
amongst all those available.


God his ass felt like a truck had been driven into
him, blood and cooling cum dribbled out his abused ass
"Shit that bastard."
Crawling on his hands and knees the small distance to
where his ripped shirt had landed. Gojyo collapsed
panting thorough the pain.
Pulling up his pants was a slow process where he was
made aware of the fiery burning inside him. After
trying to clean him self up. As best he could with
nothing on hand but the tattered remains of white
cloth. A bath right now would have felt good to wash
away some of the shame.
Shakily taking out a smoke he laid on his side a few
more seconds trying to light it, once the little stick
had a spark of life, the task of trudging back to camp
loomed like a spectre.
Confused and in one hell of a lot of pain, one
slightly dishevelled kappa, now feeling like shit
entered the group’s camp.
Both Sanzo and Goku lay in sleeping bags. Familiar
snoring coming from the chlib who looked back to

Hakkai arched a brow saying nothing, concern hidden
behind the smile so plain on his face.
Feeling too used and to raw to speak first. Besides
what could they do?
Sanzo had been the only one to ever stand up to that
power house on a blood lust craze each time the
limiter broke. But if the limiter was not working, how
would that affect the mission? Questions that can wait
for another day.
Right now he wanted sleep and to
heal. Even with the help of the half youkai blood in
him, walking tomorrow was going to be a joyous
experience. Killing the last smoke of this fucked up
night he gave Hakkai a cherry good night.

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