Author: Vamp
Pairing(s): Gojyo x Goku, Gojyo x ST, Sanzo x Hakkai
hinted at.
Rating: NC 17
Summary: We all know and love Gojyo but has he crossed
a boundary?
Warning: Semi non-con, swearing, angst, oh yes and sex.
Beta: Epiphanytiff.
What they were doing was so wrong, for many different
reasons. Having sex with Goku was one of them but it
was not like anyone owned him. Most nights had been
just kissing and mutual masturbation; nice and slow.
Gojyo was a good lover and willing to show his younger
traveling companion all the joys of making love. The
stiff prick of a monk still insisted on the breakneck
pace to who the fuck knows at the screwy whim of the
Gods. They could take their time; it wasn't like Goku
needed his company every night. So Gojyo could be his
usual playboy self with all the girls and still get a
little perk on the side every now and then. Hakkai had
not caught on or was quite possibly too sidetracked to
The four of them were in one room, forced together for
a night. Hakkai and Sanzo tucked up in one bed, while
he and Goku were due to share the other. Expecting a
lot of elbows in his side and a lot less fun, Gojyo
momentarily contemplated taking up the offer from that
ugly bird in the bar. 
When it happened the first few times Gojyo was
shocked, in pain and most of all fucking scared for
his life. The night it was not Goku sharing his bed
but Saiten Taisei really was hell on earth for him.
Gojyo stood at the shower room sink in his boxers,
brushing his teeth. The monkey came in behind him to
heat up the water; his hand slipping beneath the
waistband to caress the hanyou's half-hard length.
"Always ready for me." Goku's voice sounded slightly
Shocked, Gojyo looked round. He could not say what it
was about what he saw that let him know something was
off. Toothbrush in hand, he just smiled back his best
'don't you just love it, babe' grin; while his mind
scrambled to understand what had just happened.
Still wondering, he walked out the bathroom; a stunned
expression on his face. Hakkai raised a warm smile to
his best friend and Sanzo was already under the
covers, dead to the world. 
Gojyo lit up a Hi-Lite, his mind trying to reason with
the monkey's odd tone of voice. He chalked it up to
the fact that the shitty trip was getting to him and
left it at that.
Nothing else happened for quite some time and the
hanyou forgot all about the odd incident in the shower
Cool air on hot skin bought a flush. Lifting his nose
he could scent his object of desire. Smiling a feral
smile, the teen walked into the undergrowth and became
a shadow. There he was, sitting on a rock; smoking. 
Earlier that day, Gojyo and the little one had fought
until the blond threatened violence to them both. The
gunshot had been very close to their heads.
He hated guns. Claws were more fun and messy.
The dark smile appeared again. His red-haired prey and
the little one had not said two words after. Not even
the green-eyed false one could bridge the gap between
the two feuding parties.
Now they would be alone, alone to do as he wanted.
Little One had enjoyed the gifts Gojyo would share
with him. But he wanted more, wanted to feel the
half-breed under him, wanted to taste his blood.
Gojyo was blindsided by the ball of muscle, the pair
falling onto the forest floor in a tangle of limbs.
Arms and legs pinned down, the kappa's red eyes
blinked up into golden.
"Come on squirt, I'm smoking here." he protested,
trying to push the teen off and failed.
Looking wildly about for danger, he couldn't sense any
but a prickling along the back of his neck bought
recollections of the night in the shower room.
"Hey kid, let me up.... Goku?"
Panicked at the slow blinking eyes above him, strong
limbs effectively pinned him to the ground and a feral
grin met his claret eyes.
Gojyo checked to see if the limiter had broken. Nope,
it was in place. So what had the monkey acting like...
Gojyo took a hurried gulp.
"That's not you is it, monkey?" His question was met
with a wolfish grin and Gojyo suddenly wished he was
not so far from the camp.
Goku, or not quite Goku leaned down taking Gojyo's
lips in a bruising kiss, worming a tongue past them to
probe further. Their sessions before had been tender
and slow; Goku having a certain amount of awkward
innocence. That was all gone, leaving behind pure lust
to assault Gojyo's body; a body that was finding this
new side thrilling. Oh he would never have intently
taught Goku this side of lovemaking unless he had
shown a interest. But it rather seemed Goku was into
the more rough stuff.
Gojyo felt the hard cock thrusting against his own
awakening member. Damn, he did not want this, so why
was he powerless to stop it? Red hair splayed out on
the ground as he tossed his head, bucking to break the
hold the little powerhouse had on him. It was useless.
How could Goku have so much strength? How was Seiten
Teisei able to do what he was doing without breaking
the limiter. Suddenly the world did not make much
sense to poor Gojyo.
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