Title:Hidden within

Author: Vamp



Summary:Gojyo likes to take chances with his life and

he trusts Hakkai.

Warning:Demon sex, dark mind set, bondage, breath


Notes:Part of the moon weeps saga.

Beta: epiphanytiff.






Darkness fell over the camp to the usual sounds,

Hakkai making food and the clean up afterward. Sanzo

muttering about the stupid little detours taking

forever. Goku rummaging about in the packs for

something to do as he let the mountain of food go

down.  Gojyo sat off to one side smoking deep in

thought  for once.


Hakkai`s sensitive nose told him what kind of

thoughts they were,  glad Sanzo was human and

hopefully missing the  musk coming off the water

sprite. Gojyo being horny  was a  given fact of life;

only the dark-haired demon  slayer  knew his friend

and lover so well.


Tasks all done and a new moon barely showing, it was

easy to slip away into the forest. Following the scent

  of water to the small pool just far enough away  for

 what he hoped would happen. Gojyo was already there

and in the water.


Looking at sun bronzed flesh, sparkling with a

thousand jeweled water droplets that caught the weak

moon  light. The sight was breathtaking and soul

stirring.  His hair was even darker from being wet,

flowing like blood down  his back. That made his

manhood wake up fully.


"Take them off."  Came Gojyo's soft voice, dripping

with need.

 Hakkai knew even though the water sprite's back  was

turned how he looked.  The stiff rod, soft curls that

were different from  a woman's.  Hakkai slipped out

his clothes and folded them  neatly under  a tree

placing his monocle on top.  With a slow and

deliberate action, his hand reached  higher and



Clip, gasp, clip, sigh, clip; a long, drawn out

breath  ending in a deep moan.


Flesh rippled slightly to allow the darkness held at

bay to taste freedom.  Vines swam to the surface. The

dark pattern, in  bold contrast, played along his

soft skin; his talons extending and flexing.


Water droplets fell onto the ground like rain, and a

smile split Hakkai's face on hearing it. His lover's


scent carrying over to where the brunet now  crouched,

 coiled and ready to spring.


Gojyo knelt on the ground in front of Hakkai,  looking

into his eyes and pulled his damp hair off  his neck

then tippped his chin skyward in silent  offering to

his lover; like a lesser wolf would  submit to his

Alpha. The bared flesh shone as the  pulse beneath

thudded a quickened beat in invitation  to the full



"Take me."


Hakkai smiled darkly at the words he barely heard.  He

knew Gojyo expected him to sink his long  canines into

him;  marking the hanyou. But, as quick as lightning,

he  reached out to grasp   the neck offered.


 Tight, choking, so very close to death; his eyes

fluttered as he gasped to feed his lust filled  brain.

He trusted his friend. He knew Hakkai  listened to the

slowing beat of his pulse and would  time it

perfectly, as he always had.   Just as the darkness

began to  fully steal his sight, blessed air rushed

back in to  fill his aching lungs.


The daemon's laugh grew slightly deeper and  more

menacing. Gojyo knew how cruel and creative his lover

could be. The laughter reminded the redhead of  an

amused wolf toying  with a lame deer.  Damn, he loved

his dark-vined lover!


Still on his knees, Gojyo fell on his hands and he

felt the palms of Hakkai's hands as they skimmed over

his upturned ass cheeks; the tips of his talons

following, like five knives. Gojyo shuddered, his

cock twitching in time with deafening throb of his



Hakkai held him open so he could first tongue his

balls then drew up and aroung his opening; teasing. He

pushed his way past the tight ring, filling the  kappa

briefly with a long, daemon tongue.


Hakkai's tongue had wonderfully probed and fucked

Gojyo`s tight ass to readiness. Moans filling the

night air from the lovers caught under the soft glow

of the moon. Claws dig into bronzed hips, flipping the

water sprite onto his back. Strong hands grasp round

the ankles, bringing them together up onto Hakkai's

shoulders. He uses one hand to hold them in place,

eyes looking at the long arc of flesh before him. The

welcoming heat.


Both their cocks are rock hard, pre-cum glinting in

the gentle light. Gojyo reaches out and collects a few

drops of his love's moisture,  brings it to his lips

and sucks it from his fingers. He then repeats with

his own fluids.


Thrust. No warning, deep to the hilt in one swift

motion. Pause. Withdraw to the tip and dive back in

till dark meets red.


"Fuck, Hakkai" is all Gojyo can scream out, almost

blowing his load  then. Only the tight grip of the

other demon squeezing his cock kept him  back as he

fucks wildly.


Emerald green eyes look at Rubie, a smile of darkness

is matched with one of pure ecstasy. Hakkai sets a

punishing fast and deep pace, the  vine markings seem

to pulse to the rhythm. Gojyo can feel the one that

twines round, from the root of his lover's cock to the

tip, pulsing. The sensations are driving him wild.


"Let me cum" he begs, over and over. Each time denied,

till it becomes a mantra. His lust clashing against

iron control, making him dizzy with sensations.


Teeth graze first one nipple then the next. Clawed

hands run up his side to flick at the hard buds of

darkened flesh. Strong fingers steal  Gojyo's air

again and in the rush of blood, the command he had

been  begging so long for his throat was now hoarse.


Flooding release, orgasm and blessed air. Mix to make

a heavenly combination. His ass fucked raw, little

scratch marks on his body and contented grin. Gojyo

feels finally loved.


They spoon on their sides, Gojyo back against Hakkai's

chest, hard cock still deeply embedded while the

half-breed drifts wrapped in strong arms. Lips that

kiss and nibble at his shoulder and neck.


There will be more fucking before Hakkai will let

himself climax. The demon will be sated for a while,

until the next time he lets Gojyo talk  him into

taking his limiters off.

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