Title: Devil eyes

Author: Vamp

Paring(s): Goku, ST

Rating: NC17

Summary: Goku need to let off some presure ST has help

build up.

Warnings: Mastibation, head fuck.

Notes: part of the moon weeps saga.







Walking out the door was hard. I am sure that my three

traveling companions were watching my every move. But

I needed to leave for a while as we all were sharing

only one room and I would not be able to concentrate

like I needed to.


Once out the door, I felt the familiar brush in my


as he shifted. Flowing up from what ever deep pit he

chose to stay in during the day. Not quite a growl or

purr and I know he is just there. Held back by a

flimsy band of metal given to me by the gods.


"You nearly did not come." he purrs.

The stress on that last word making me blush as I walk

out the little village. He always knows when I think

of Sanzo and it annoys me.


We both proffered to be alone for what needed to be


Me I liked to be away from the others just in case the

limiter broke again, that and looking mad by talking

to yourself would only win me a bullet from Sanzo`s

ever present gun.

He likes to be alone. As well as seeing them all as

pray in some shape or form.


Finding a perfect spot I sit down. My earlier hot

flush at Seiten`s words retreating slowly. But still I

loosen the first popper on my jeans to the echoing

deep laughter in my head.


"Shut up" I snap. My voice still young and boyish even

to my ears compared to his.

In my minds eye I see him smile and I can`t help but

shudder at that show of teeth. Like a wolf in the

moonlight watching its next meal.


"You want him."

The emotions explain more than those words alone can;

lust, need, desire and longing. To him, it still came

down to just plain fucking a primal need.


Feeling my body react is all the answer he needs. I

can`t hide from him, golden eyes searing my soul. He

knows what my body feels and how it reacts. All the

right buttons to press to get me all worked up. My

hand reaches to open my fly.


Seiten shows me a picture, like a wet dream. Sanzo

stands leaning over jeep, map spread out as he and

Hakkai talk over the next stage of the journey. For

once he is out of those robes, tight jeans clinging to

his ass; tight black top showing every curving muscle.

Since then I have been half hard for my sun.


I feel myself harden more as my hand pushes the denim

out the way, softly stroking stroking my rapidly

growing length.


I feel the grin more than see it, as he whispers my

desires back to me. "I know you want to feel him above

you, buried deep in that virgin ass."


I swore that my twitching cock, copiously leaking

precome would explode, so I squeeze it, slowing the


Not wanting to please my demon side just yet, Seiten

growls at my stubborn refusal.




"Little Goku your holding back to spite me"

Seiten whispers in my ear, metaphoric touch in my

head, causing a shudder up my spine. His deep laugh

both annoys me and creates waves of lust.

"But you will only hurt yourself."


He a is right, for a raging killing machine he holds a

lot of wisdom. I can feel the painful ake in my loins

and with a sigh I let my hand once again drift down.


A shifting in my head like silk sheets on a bed drawn

back. Seiten can be hard as rock, stomping about till

my head feels like it will explode. Or like now soft

as he settles to watch my hand work my cock. It amuses

him to be the invisible voyeur my travailing

companions know very little about.


"Are you thinking of him again Goku?"


He knows I am. The way the light catches his hair just

right to be sunbeams dancing round his face. Hiding

violet eyes that are never cold to me, I see past the

mask he shows the world. Can he see past mine? past

the ring that holds back the other half of my soul.


"I`m not half of you silly boy."


His anger adds to my body heat and for a moment it

feels like I will explode, stars forming as the world

melts and there is nothing but my fantasy, his hand

wanking me off, his mouth steeling my cry I struggle

to hold back.


As I catch my breath he retreats back down to the

cave. Sanzo may have taken me from one, but Seiten

likes his still. Not for the first time I wonder what

he dose there.


Our needs tended to for now, I hurry back or there

will be hell to pay. Sleeping under the stars just

because I was to late back and locked out is no fun.

Smiling and with a carefree step now I enter the inn

to there greetings.

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