Title: Bonds of silk

Author: Vamp

Pairing(s): Sanzo, Gojyo

Rating: NC17

Summary: Balance is a fine art, one a certain kappa is

good at.

Warning: Bondage, whipping/flogging.

Notes: Part of the moon weeps saga.






****Gojyo pov****


The monk had ways of letting me know when he was

feeling the stress of what seemed like an endless road

trip and needed a little R`N`R.

Most of them were at the end of his gun or barked out

death threats. Today had been no expection. We were so

far up to 6 'do you want to die?', 3 'silence', a

shot in the air, 1 near miss of my face with a

bullet and that ice glare for good measure. Merciful

Goddess that was just this morning.


I was not looking forward to another hot afternoon

stuck in jeep, with his royal monk-ness bitching at

the slightest thing. I reckon he had a hard-on under

all those robes of his. I bet that's why he insists on

wearing them, even when it's so hot and humid.


Well, rain set in before long into the afternoon, not


nice drizzle, nope this was 'let's soak you before you

know it' kind of rain. It put a damper on all our

moods and Hakkai`s foot to the floor to get us to the

next town.

By the time we got there, it had stopped raining. Jeep

refused to carry on, he barely had the strength to fly

into my green-eyed lover`s ready arms.

Rain does odd things to our group. We all got a room

each for a change. Sanzo bitched about not wating to

see any of our faces till morning.


It was as I went for my smokes, I found the note in

my back pocket, only one person had a hand like that

Sanzo. `Mine at 9pm` was all it said.

Just like that bastard to demand attention. Still at

9 there I was at his door. He had left it unlocked so

I could slip in and flick the catch. The tiny sound

the only que I would ever give the cold monk that I


willing to play his game.


Sanzo looked up from the bed, wrapped only in a

towel, washboard abs caught in the moonlight. Milky

skin made even more pale, it made my breath catch and

I felt the beginnings of a erection. Walking over to

the chair placed in the middle of the room I set the

small, open backpack on the floor, making sure I took

my time. Sanzo's violet eyes glided over my body as he

looked from under his bangs.


Wearing only a old pair of jeans, my bare feet on the

wooden floor, I had tied up my hair for the night into

a long red tail, it swayed as I stood back up.

I adjusted my jeans to be more comfortable and

Sanzo's towel had disappeared before coming over to me

and the chair.


Eyes flashing death and need, still silent. But one

thing I had insisted on was control. Oh we had fought,

he had threatened. But I had won. It was how he wanted

the fight really to end. To be out of control for a

little while. To give him a release from stress. I

understood his need very well, still he don`t make it



Taking soft black lengths out the bag. Black on

white, it made him even more pale. Later on the color

scheme would change. I can feel him tremble, see blood

as he bites his lower lip.

Taking one hand, a little fight for show. He knows I

could break those delicate bones of his, but I am

careful. Every thing is a precious balance. Looping

the silk around both wrists to bind his hands behind

in mock prayer.

Reaching for another length as Sanzo kneels on the

chair seat, chest barly touching the top of its wooden

back. I tie his ankles together snuggly, leaving the

leftover silk dangle for now. Next I secure his

upper body in a intricate patten of silk rope, like a

spider spinning its web.


Taking a step back to look at the wonderfull sight my

prize makes. White and a little pink on the cheeks.

But its his eyes that blow me away. The normaly ice

hard violet hold a slight emotion. You have to look

hard to see it. With my usual cocky smile as I bend

down in front of him to our bag of toys.

The flogger has soft long leather strands, built for a

long slow evening of fun,or to punish one bitchy monk

for almost talking my face off again.



****Sanzo pov****


He walks round me like I am prey, eyes assessing the

silk lengths keeping my body in place. Light touches

here and there make my body tremble. I know that in a

moment he will hold no quarter in punishing me and it

arouses me.


"Eager tonight, Cherry-chan."


His voice is a mix of sexual purr and calculating

serious. He cups my face bringing our eyes to meet and

clash, but it is me that lowers my gaze first.

Trailing fingers down my spine followed by the whip's

tails. Gritting my teeth and willing my muscles to

relax for him.


Whack. Not too hard, just a warm up strike to my right

ass cheek. I get to draw breath before the next one

hits my left ass cheek. His timing is just right

between each lash thudding out my breath. The rhythm

slowly builds as my breath turns into gasps and then

panting. I can feel the heat rising of my body all

over. The red demon likes to make my skin as red as

his hair. Soft touches caress the burning stripes over



"That's for hitting me with that fan this morning,



Coming round to grasp my face in a strong grip again,

our eyes duel and again I drop my gaze first. There is

the flicker at the corner of his mouth. My shame burns

brightly in the soft moonlight. He bends over so I get

a good look at tight jean-clad legs. Nice but not my

thing. Oh the kappa is a pretty bit of work, this I

can`t deny. Still not my wet dream. He rummages in the

back pack selecting the next part of the game.


"You're hard, pretty boy."


Gojyo steps behind me, smack, smack, a broad band of

pain to my thighs. I can`t hold the moan in this time,

not now he is using more power. The strikes are

quicker as well, less time to draw breath. Twenty such

blows and tears slide down my cheeks, hoarse cries

mingle with the slap of leather on my skin. Tomorrow

will be a bitch to sit, each and every welt will nag

at me like a monkey begging for food. In my mind I

smile relaxing at his soft touch. Up my spine, round


neck and tilting my chin up. Careful not to brush the

wetness on my face.


Gojyo is good at ignoring my small show of emotions,

it makes it easier to let him have control. I can feel

his eyes on me as a long finger tracers my ear. His

touch says, you're mine.


"You will stay like that."


His soft clipped tone makes me aware of my weeping

cock, neglected like my tears. Quick precise moves and

he has the black silk untied from my now red skin. It

leaves lines of pure white in the rope's patterns. He

amazes me how with so much skill he can gauge my



He makes me wait, tidying up as he makes

preparations for the next bit of the game. I don't

like to admit I need this bit just as much as the

pain. With hands in the bag he orders me to lay down

on the bed, not bothering to see if I obey. We both

know I am his until the end has played out.


Small dip of the mattress and he is straddling me,

soft old denim brushing my abused skin. The gasp from

me as I grip the pillow to my mouth. Not a word.

Practiced hands spread cream over me, starting at the

shoulders to work down. I am aware of his arousal,

encased away from my touch. He keeps that for the

others, never me.


His hands follow a path over me and my eyes dip

half-lidded. My arousal pressed hard into the bed, I

am so close now. Light dims at the edge of my sight,

breath a constant sound of need. As Gojyo rubs my

back, I rock my hips in time with him. Finally I let

myself relax fully, let control float on the winds of

ecstasy. It's not his name I cry...

He finishes off coating my welts in cream and places a

blanket over my flesh as I lay there boneless.


The bed moves again as he sits on the floor, a small

spark in the moonlight across his face and life is

drawn with his first breath. Gently he presses the

butt to my lips and I draw my own deep breath. Fingers

shaky and weak touch his briefly.




He lights up his own brand of foul-smelling sticks.

Ashtray pushed between us both. Only one but it must

be enough for him, for with a smile he rises, snagging

the back pack on the way to the door. His shadow long

on the floorboards and then gone...

Until the next time.

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