Author: Vamp

Pairing(s): Its a boy pile,

Rating: NC17 for the twisted factor.

Summary: Waking up after a night of many sins.

Warning: Not much plot, its crack with dark humor and one twisted mind.

Notes: one bored writer had fun watching.

Beta: Epipanytiff.



Picture the scene, if you will. A tangle of limbs. Bodies that had wound round and woven together, now slowly slithering apart to once again become the individual parts that make up a whole; the chosen four and their transport.


Golden dazed and blinking eyes search out, touching first cool violet, then green, crimson and albino pink. Spiky brown locks moved as the owner nodded mostly to himself. All had survived in one piece.


"Well, that was interesting." Calm and softly spoken obsessive hands straightened his tunic.


Lighting a Marlboro red. "Ch" Snarled and curls stretched limbs in the air to join the smoke.


Draping a arm round the small spiky haired powerhouse, who was still engaged in stunned blinking. "Oh baby, you're cute like this." Drawled sensual lips that had just been kissing the dark chocolat-haired man beside him as he cradled the white dragon.


"Do you want to fucking die?"


"If you blow me like you did him" Flirting challenge issued to the violet blond of death.


"Damn, I  never expected that!" Still dazed golden eyes looked adorinly at his sun.


"Baka saru!" Thwack.


"Ow, ow"




"You can say that again."Teased the blood-red with sun warm skin. "You surprised me monkey boy, that's one hell of a rod there."


Pride radiated from the young teen like a ray of light hitting his diadem.


"A subject change is in order here." Smiling green eyes and hand raised to help keep things calm. Hands that had been bound by his own sash as he screamed out for his beloved pet to take him, heedless of the claws that marred light skin.


"Cheep" Long neck twined about his master's own to lap at the ear with three silver rings clipped to it.




"Oi, cherry-chan you can talk. How many of your holes did you get filled just now?."




"But it was my name he yelled."


"You were buried deep in there!"


"I am surprised you could hear over all the howling"

Flashing his well-known smile.  Another brand of smoke filled the air, feuding for its own space. A deep contented sigh.


"Quiet, kappa." Metal pressed into a tanned temple.


"Do you wish to rest here longer?"


"Can we? I still have things to find out." Pleading gold eyes turned a hopeful glance, a blush heating the rest of the youthful face.

Three sets of eyes turn together in shock, a folded paper fan hovering in the air between targets. Which would he let it kiss first?.

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