Title: The moon weeps saga.

        A taste for blood.

Author: Vamp.

Paring(s): Hakkai/Gojyo.

Rating: NC-17.

Summary: Each of them have little secrets. At night

they seam to slip out to dance in the dark.

Description: Hakkai has needs from his past, that only

his lover understands.

Warnings: Blood play, knife play, yaoi.

Notes: beta(s) car jack and epiphanytiff.




****Hakkai's POV****


Moonlight glinted off the blade for one moment, small

and well honed to a sharp cutting edge. The handle was

such an old familiar friend in my hand that it would

need replacing soon, I realize with a slight feeling

of loss.


His eyes search my face as they always do on nights

like this. I don't know if he looks for my salvation

or his own. Whatever he finds is kept hidden behind

those crimson eyes of his. I feel his hand taking the

blade from mine with care.


I look at my now empty hand and a moment of worry hits

me that this time he will refuse my request, toss his

long blood red hair and walk away. But I fear even

more that he will keep the blade from me.


No, it's alright, as again the moon catches the blade

as he checks the sharpness. We both know it's to buy

me time. Just one word breathed or fake smile and he

will stop. He always can read past my smiling mask,

through my emerald doors, straight to my soul. This is

why we do this, he understands the pain. As one who

has felt pain himself.


Three little buttons and I am ready, the moon light

now on my naked back as I lay down in the grass. Pain.

Not the most I have felt but not a scratch. We are

both well practiced at this, that it's like a dance.

Cut slowly down followed by a long lick of his tongue

as my blood wells up. My moans mingle with his soft

sigh. Cut, lick, cut, lick.


There is his hardness pressing into me, but tonight is

about me and the blade. I need it just as much as he

does. Later I will see to my lover's needs, repay this

small kindness, with my own sacrifice. We both have

our tastes, mine more dark than the night surrounding

us like a blanket.


Ten cuts along my shoulders running down for five

inches. Two red eyes watching the wounds fill and

spill only for him to lap at. Ten rivers of blood that

mix and mingle and merge. Long fingers trace his work

then brings the crimson offering to my lips and I kiss

them clean


****Gojyo's POV****


I knew it would be one of those nights that Hakkai

would need me and that cursed blade. All the signs

were there for me, too subtle to pick up on; a pained

look here and flat note to his voice as he keeps tight

control of his emotions.


When we stopped for the night, camping out under a

thankfully clear sky, I could see him vibrating like a

taut wire, green eyes building into a ball of fire

held in place only by his smiling mask. Oh the need

was deep. But then he had never held off so long

before; almost a month and this was the first time I

would be able to help my friend and lover.


I found him easily enough. Damn blade in hand and that

look I still cringe inside to see. Not just a huge

amount of anger but a deep sadness I could taste in

his flesh. We never talk about what I will do next,

he`s still not ready. But somehow, when the blood

flows, it makes him relax. This is his need that I

can`t deny him. Just like he can`t deny me mine.

Later, I will play that card but tonight will be about

him, the blade and me.


On the ground all that pale skin shining as stray

moonbeams dance on unmarked flesh. Damn, he makes me


Cut, lick, cut, lick; his sighs like music to me and

my jumping erection. Lazily, I play with the long

crimson lines, running fingers over the little rivers

and feeding Hakkai his own blood.


With swift and practiced moves, we lose the rest of

our clothes; night air caressing my skin and I

shudder, looking at my lover kneeling for me.


Tonight I wanted to take my lover on his knees, his

rich, tight hole winking up at the moon before my

crimson eyes.


"Fuck me hard." he pleads and I know he wants this

badly, as much as the blade I had played over his skin

with such great care.


No foreplay, just my hard erection slamming in and

out, making him gasp, fingers curling into the green

grass below.


Leaning over, I lick one of his cuts that has not yet

begun to dry. Rolling the blood on my tongue, savoring

the copper and earth taste that is uniquely Hakkai. 


I feel his inner muscles clench me like a vice. There

is a slight rise in his body heat, he is close; trying

so hard to hold back and make me cum first. 


A smile lights up my face in the darkness. Grabbing

firm hold of my normally gentle lover's hips, I tilt

them upward, my cock,brushing his sweet spot. A loud

cry rips from his throat as he orgasms; only I can

make him so vocal and I feel pride swell in my chest.


Little tremors run up and down his spine as he is

panting and he turns back to me, the question written

so clear on his face. Wordlessly I take my still hard

heat from within such heaven, only to seek out a equal



We don't need words. Hakkai knows I like to have him

suck me off on nights like this, nights when his need

for blood runs high enough to make me mad with lust




He takes me slowly; what a tease. Leaning down to his

ear I whisper, "Next time, you take me with out your

limiters." Green sparkles for a moment and I feel him

smile around my weeping slit.


**** Hakkai's POV ****


Dipping down to press my nose to red curls is my reply

to him. I open my throat to take all his cock as I

growl, the vibrations adding to his building lust.


fingers trace around my ear, over the cool clips and

on down to my collar bone.


Gojyo has a very sexy moan, it`s like he is thanking

me for each lick, each suck I give him. It makes me

feel warm inside, and when I look up at him, the smile

on my lips is the real thing.


With care, I rub the sensitive flesh just below his

sack, cupping him, feeling the trapped heat there. He

is close by the tightness. Gentle pants have made way

to needy demands from me.


"Use your teeth"


I know what he wants. Letting my teeth scrape his

length and then bite deep at the root to bring him to

an orgasm that has his hands clutching at my

shoulders, leaving bloody half moons behind.


With care, I clean the blade, Gojyo casting dark looks

at it. He knows it's the same one she used,the same


I used and now the one he uses. The cycle has moved on

slowly. Maybe I will be able to break it completely.

But for now...

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