Title:Officer's Training Seminar: Building Trust and Teamwork in the Heavenly Army

Author: teru_bozu_ebi


Pairings: Tenpou/Kenren/Goujun

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Not worksafe. Teensiest bit of blood, D/s.

Summary: Where Tenpou is a sick, sick puppy, and Kenren thinks with his…

Series: Part 2 of the Dream of the Butterfly Series. Takes place after And a Smile on the Face of the Dragon

Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer thingee. Not mine, hers. Kenren as dragon catnip is mine, blah blah blah.

Note: Originally posted on the Anonymous Saiyuki Kink Meme.


Officer's Training Seminar: Building Trust and Teamwork in the Heavenly Army


It was true that his dick often did the thinking for him, but Kenren had yes to it mostly because Tenpou assured him he could submit it as one of the four 'teamwork seminars' that the army required in its yearly performance review. He hated those damn things with a passion so if he could get out of even one of them by any means, he would. If said means just happened to require being naked and panting, then so much the better. Plus the army paid you to attend these kinds of things. A win-win situation if there ever was one.


"I can attest to the fact it will help build trust and teamwork within the upper ranks," Tenpou had deadpanned as he wrapped his own neck tie around Kenren's wrists. Since he was Kenren's C.O. he would be the one giving him his yearly eval anyway, so he figured it was legit if not particularly above board. Hell, he could tell Tenpou was even getting off on it, like there was some twisted gratification he'd be getting from submitting the timesheets to an army bean counter and watching the unsuspecting sap stamp it and send it along to payroll, duping the army into paying the three of them for using Kenren as a fuck toy for the night. Tenpou would probably come in his pants the day the "seminar" paycheck arrived at his desk. Or maybe he'd cash it, dump it on his bed and roll around in the money. He hadn't been under the man's command for long, but he could already tell 'mind fuck' did not begin to describe the workings in that pretty little head sometimes.


Tenpou had been ready to anchor the other end of the tie to the bed post but relented when Kenren threatened to call the whole damn thing off if he did. No way did he trust the two of them enough to be buck naked in a bed immobilized to that level, and Kenren felt absolutely no guilt over that fact either. He felt his reasoning incredibly solid: 1) there was a dragon within scenting range, and even if things seemed to be improving on that front, it still did not give him the warm and fuzzies; 2) Tenpou was a sick, sick puppy (See above); and finally, 3) if he already trusted them enough to be stripped naked and tied to a bed post, what would be the purpose of a trust building exercise in the first place? Blindfolded with wrists loosely tied together was trusting enough, thank you very much.


Which was how he found himself lying on the dragon's oversized bed with his hands bound and placed above his head ("Otherwise they'll just get in the way" Tenpou had insisted), blindfolded and at the mercy of whatever his commanding officers had cooked up for the rest of the evening. After lying there a few minutes listening to them whispering together while they set some things out, he began to finally wonder- a bit late, he realized- about what he was getting himself into. Maybe it was his dick was doing the thinking for him after all. When had this actually sounded like a Good Idea, and how much had he drunk beforehand to make it sound that way?


Tenpou's voice cut into his mental ass-kicking, bringing him back to the present.


"A guessing game, General. We touch, you tell. You will have one minute to make identification. Do you understand the premise?"


Kenren nodded. Seemed simple enough. He was a quick learner. The bed dipped twice. One on each side. A light touch and then a finger traced his lips, painting them with something cold. Wet. His tongue darted out to taste it. Sweet. A liqueur maybe. He licked his lips off, searching for more information. Not a liqueur, not strong enough. A sweet wine.


"What, General?"


 He rolled the hint of flavor around his mouth, testing it. Odd, but familiar. It had the taste of a summer evening watching the fireflies. Kenren smiled. He was going to like this game.




"Mmm. An easy one, but it gives you the idea. How about something a bit more difficult."


Lips pressed against his. He returned the kiss, feeling the hint of a tongue seeking entrance. He opened his lips further and suddenly his mouth was filled with a burst of cool liquid. The initial shock was buried under a sweep of tongue as the kiss deepened. The mouth backed off slowly, as if it were also savoring the taste. It ended with a light pull on his lower lip and was sealed with a nip. The delivery took Kenren by surprise. He was never really into that "pass the food" kind of foreplay, but he had to admit it was starting to get him interested.


"Who?" Goujun's voice made him jump a bit. It was close to his head, inches away at most. When had he moved?


"No puncture marks. Tenpou." Goujun huffed a bit at that. It was what passed for a laugh from the dragon.


"Correct. What?"


Oh, what… he had almost forgotten there was a what. His tongue scoured his mouth for the vestiges.  Nicely balanced acidity. Complex taste, full-bodied. The good stuff. In fact, it was the really good stuff. It probably came from Goujun's cellar. There was no way Tenpou could afford it.


"Time's up. What is it?"


"I'd say it's a… junmai dai ginjo. Probably "Lovely Flower."


There was a curious pause, then a shifting of a body off of the bed followed by the hollow tone of a bottle being picked up. Tenpou barked out a delighted laugh.


"Well, I'll be. Extremely well done, General. I'm impressed. Although I have to say 'saké' would have sufficed."


The saké was followed by a lovely experiment with nipples and honey. After that, the soft sweep of the dragon's braid. Some kind of feathered fan of Tenpou's ("it's for ceremonial purposes" was all he was offered in explanation). An ice cube in places he wouldn't have thought would have liked that sort of thing. A real nasty that turned out to be peppermint toothpaste from Tenpou's "Odd Things From Down Below" collection. Kenren put that one in the "Things To Never Let Near My Dick Again" file.  It was still tingling down there.


Each one was separated by a period of teasing and petting, backing off before anything got too serious. It served to throw off his concentration and make it harder for him to identify things, which he suspected was part of the reason why they were doing it. Tenpou had to push his arms back down twice after he'd forgotten himself, but otherwise it was easier than he would have thought to follow the rules and remain a passive player. 


He would never have believed this kind of thing would have been a turn on, but he had to admit it was beginning to make him leak. Goujun and Tenpou were getting off on it too, he knew that; there had been the unmistakable feel of various high ranking penises standing at full attention grazing and rubbing across his body throughout the evening. After all that teasing parts of him were really starting to ache for more attention. Attention he felt those parts most assuredly deserved after being such good sports about that whole bit with the hot wax. He hoped things would degenerate into the frenzied rutting part of the evening fairly soon, or the 'who' would be himself and the 'what' blue balls.


"Let's up the ante, General."


What the fuck did that mean? Up the ante from hot wax and toothpaste? He couldn't decide if it sounded promising or just plain scary.


There was a dip as Tenpou returned to the bed. A pin prick on his abdomen a moment later. It curved a slow line across his belly and down his leg. It was cold, stinging. His body tensed and arched into it. Whatever it was felt sharp, maybe a hat pin. He heard Goujun hiss in a breath, so whatever it was was certainly turning the dragon on. That couldn't be a good sign. It turned up along his inner thigh and he spread his legs wider in response. Whether it was in invitation to continue or as a retreat from the sensation he wasn't sure of himself. It teased a line around his pubic hair. The path it had taken felt more sensitive than a moment before. The sensation was singular, and his heart sped up. The dragon hissed again and scented him.


"What. Tell me what it is."


The pin prick moved back to the starting point on his belly. The area was beginning to burn slightly. It was over-riding his ability to think straight. 


"I… I'm not sure. Maybe, ah-"


Suddenly the dragon shifted and the stroke of a long hot tongue swept across his stomach. It seemed to be following the same path as the pin. The skin felt over-sensitized and it had started to sting a bit. The feel of that slightly raspy tongue stroking over it went straight to his groin and he arched up into Goujun's mouth with a low moan. That was… oh, that felt good. It was so freaking good it was making his head swim.


"Time's up. The answer is a tanto, General."


A seppuku knife? He felt Tenpou's hand close over the bindings on his wrists, making sure he'd stay down.


"What the fuck… you cut me?" Kenren felt his anger rising, but his train of thought derailed momentarily while Goujun's tongue slid over the underside of his cock. It seemed to be on a sightseeing detour on the way back from his leg.


"You've been scratched, not cut. The blood is minimal and the Commander seems to have the situation well in hand. This is an exercise in trust, General. Remember that."


Trust. Right. Goujun's tongue had stopped in its travels and began to concentrate on his cock licking long, deep strokes up the shaft. Fine dragon hair tickled around his hips and he felt the vibrations from the purring spread through his groin. Kenren would've gotten lost in the building heat in his belly if he wasn't so very aware of the damage that could be done if they weren't ever so careful. His body was coiled tight as a wire and he tried not to move when he felt the dragon's teeth scraping along the head of his cock following the tongue. Kenren's breath hitched and his balls started tightening. Those teeth were so close, so sharp. It sent an edge of fear into it that wrapped around his desire, intensifying the feeling. It felt a lot like the rush he'd get fucking in a public place when there was a chance he'd get caught, only sharper. The sound that came from him was high and drawn out as the tongue dipped and circled under his sac. The ante had certainly been upped.


Tenpou held the bindings down firmly as he leaned towards Kenren's ear.


"I have to say you look good like this, General. Your body and your soul lain out bare for us, to use as we will. It's so very beautiful."


Tenpou's free hand stroked slowly across Kenren's chest in a lazy path. His voice was soft and dangerous. "You can't hide from us how much you want this. You know that, don't you, Kenren? Goujun can smell it. I can see it. The flush of your skin begs for us to touch it," Tenpou gave a hard pinch to a nipple, and then slowly circled it with his finger, drawing out the sensation. "Your body arches up to meet the blade. Your body is betraying your need. It wants so much for us to mark it, to use it. To use you."


Kenren's breathing hitched at the words. There was a fine line between kinky and crazy, and Kenren wasn't sure they were on the right side of it. He could fight it, push them both off right now and he knew they would stop. Probably. He wasn't sure that's what he wanted.


They really weren't going to hurt him. That wasn't the problem. It was the things Tenpou was saying to him, pouring into his ear. They were starting to frighten him because he couldn't tell if they were true or not. It wasn't something he particularly wanted to know about himself if they were.


Tenpou's hand moved to Kenren's face, turning him towards the voice. His lips tasted of honey and control. Goujun moved lower, spreading Kenren's legs wide and holding them down as his tongue licked its way across the pucker. Kenren couldn't help but buck into it and Tenpou hummed appreciatively as he swallowed the keen that came from his throat as if it were a gift. The kiss broke but Tenpou's mouth stayed where it was.


"Who, General. Tell me who."


The dragon's tongue started pushing into him rhythmically, wet and so beautiful. His stomach still tingled from the cuts his cock was leaking all over. His arms were starting to feel the burn of fatigue from the constant stretch. He could feel his skin flush deeper. The things Tenpou said about him were still echoing in his mind.


"Tell me who, or it stops."


Kenren's gathered himself together enough to take in a shaky breath and answer. "Goujun," he whispered into Tenpou's mouth.


"Good." Tenpou's mouth moved to his ear. "What." The hand moved down to trace along the scratches on his belly.


"Uh…um, his tongue, it's…" Kenren swallowed and his breath hitched as the hand teased the head of his cock. A finger rubbed light circles through the gathered liquid in the sensitive depression just below the slit. He made a desperate sound that caught in his throat. He felt like he was burning from the inside and Tenpou had somehow gotten into his head and was dancing in the flames.


"He's fucking you with it. Isn't he, Kenren." Tenpou spoke low and deliberately. He brought up the finger and ran the wet along Kenren's lower lip, then followed behind it with the tip of his tongue. "It feels so good, doesn't it. So good to be fucked. So good to be used. By him. By us."


Another kiss. Darker, deeper. He could taste himself on Tenpou's tongue.


Kenren wished he could see something, anything, because it felt like he was being cut off and set to drift away into the words Tenpou was pouring into him. He could feel the weight of the hands pushing down on his thighs and at his wrists keeping him in place and it should've freaked him out but instead it felt good, like they were keeping him from getting lost. Anchoring him to them. His hips began hitching up rhythmically as far as they could to meet Goujun's tongue. His cock was throbbing; it was begging to be touched by them, just like Tenpou had said.


"What, Kenren. Tell me what."


Tenpou's breath was hot on his mouth. Gods, he wanted… he wasn't sure. He couldn't think. His body felt like it was singing with need. Those fingers had returned to his cock and was stroking lightly up and down the muscle, teasing, sliding through the sticky fluid and making him think crazy. Kenren's breathing started getting more irregular and body was starting to shiver. His voice broke when he answered.




Tenpou's voice was soft and all-knowing. "Please what, Kenren? You have to tell us what you want. You have to open your mouth and say it. Say it, Kenren."


Kenren's moan was high in his throat as he tried to find the answer. He could feel the dragon raising himself up between his legs. He'd been taken enough times so it was nothing new but it wasn't his favorite thing by a long shot, but the implications in Goujun's movements were crystal clear.


He was afraid, because he knew he mostly hated it and yet he still wanted it. He could feel the dragon slicking up between his outstretched legs and his body ached because he wanted it and he had to surrender to Tenpou's words because he never wanted anything as much as he wanted this.


"Please," Kenren swallowed again as his heart pounded in his throat. He whispered into the mouth hovering so close to his. "Use me."


It had to have been the right answer because he heard Tenpou's sharp intake of breath and a voiceless "Oh" and suddenly his mouth was being crushed in a hard kiss. He dimly felt his legs lifted and hips tilted up, and then the ache as Goujun pushed inside. Tenpou had let go of his wrists and was up on his knees over him, wrapping his arm around the top of his head to keep him from moving as the dragon started to thrust. The stretch felt so deep and so perfect, and the ache he felt from the cock moving inside of him held an edge of pleasure in it had never had before.


The kiss turned almost bruising and his legs were aching and they were spread farther apart as the dragon struck even deeper. The wet sounds of flesh on flesh as Tenpou began to fist himself. He broke the kiss and began muttering filthy things into Kenren's mouth. Goujun leaned closer in and suddenly the dragon's scales were scraping against his belly, along his cock. The stimulation was so overwhelming it was painful but he rode the pain together with the growing pleasure until Goujun suddenly changed his angle and the next thrust felt so intense Kenren's whole body snapped upward with the strength of his orgasm and he was coming harder than he ever had in his life. He wailed into Tenpou's mouth as the first shockwaves rolled over him. Goujun snarled as he scented Kenren's come, then sped up and pounded into him even harder, scales still scrubbing his cock. Kenren swam in the sensory overload to the point he thought he'd pass out but instead a few wild thrusts and Goujun was spilling into him, hot and needy. Tenpou followed moments later with a stifled cry, spattering them both. The frenzied movement slowed until all that was left was an occasional twitch and the dragon's purr vibrating the scales that were pressed into his belly.


Kenren wasn't particularly aware of what happened after that. At some point his wrists were untied and his arms carefully brought down to his sides. Someone cleaned him up. He wasn't quite there to witness it; he was floating in a place that was soft and pleasant and buzzing. Tenpou's voice was telling him to keep his eyes shut and they were taking off the blindfold. There was the smell of a cigarette- gods, he could use a smoke right now, but he didn't have the will to move just yet. He wasn't sure where Goujun had got to but he could feel Tenpou's warm body next to his. Kenren managed to roll to his side and bury himself in Tenpou's chest and then floated some more. Tenpou's arm wrapped about him, anchoring him to their bed.


He felt… good. Better than good. Actually, he felt massively shell-shocked, but in a good sort of way. Obviously he wasn't making much sense yet. More brain cells sacrificed in the cause of shameless hedonism. Still, it was a good kind of hurt, like he'd broken a half a dozen laws in the course of the evening he didn't even know were on the books.


"You with us yet?" The voice could almost be described as tender if he hadn't known it belonged to Tenpou. "Still flying out there?"


"Mmmph." Kenren felt it was enough of a response for now. Parts of him were starting to come back around and he was beginning to hurt in places he knew he'd be regretting tomorrow. Or maybe he wouldn't be regretting them and they'd be like achy little happy souvenirs or something. Right now it didn't matter, because it was like he was aware of them but they weren't even connected to him, not really. His poor abused mind was definitely going to need some TLC later on. Something had changed, but he didn't know what yet. Wasn't sure he wanted to face whatever it was that had happened in there.


Tenpou's hand was petting lazy circles on his back as he laid there and soaked it in. He was proving to be more touchy-feely than Kenren would have ever guessed. He didn't seem the type, but then he'd been noticing Tenpou had a habit of keeping lots of things about himself hidden. Touchy-feely was a good thing, he finally decided. Felt nice. He would definitely sign up for more post coital touchy-feely from his C.O. in the future. Maybe they should do a seminar on that. His brain finally rerouted enough of its fried circuits to reconnect to his mouth.


"Goujun?" His throat felt raw. He must have screamed anyway. Funny, he didn't remember that.


"Bathing. You'll get used to that. He wants to make sure to wash off your scent before his meeting tomorrow morning. There'll be another dragon in attendance."


Mmm. Keeping his catnip close to his chest. He wondered if it was because Goujun didn't want to share, or he was afraid he'd be jumped at the meeting if he smelled like that. He wondered what "that" smelled like. He wondered how many seminar hours he was going to get paid for. Maybe he could put in for hazard pay for the toothpaste.


"Did I pass?" He mumbled into Tenpou's chest.




Kenren moved in a bit closer. He never thought of himself as the cuddling type, at least not with the guys. But there it was. He was learning a lot of new things today. He liked new.


"The seminar. What was it- 'trust in the upper ranks.' Or something."


Tenpou's huff ruffled his hair. Kenren was starting to think of it as a dragon laugh.


"I don't think you ever had that to worry about, General." Tenpou's hand had moved on to combing Kenren's hair. That felt good too. Fingers played with the cowlick he tried so hard to tame.


 "You're one of the most trusting people I know. You trust people to be how they appear…trust them to tell the truth, if nominally." Kenren could tell Tenpou was trying to mask it but something still sounded pained. Tenpou sighed and the combing slowed a bit. It felt like the arm might be drawing him in closer. Much, much more touchy-feely than expected.


They were silent for awhile. His head was still being petted intermittently. He began to drift off.


"I'm slightly envious of what you were able to do tonight. The 'seminar' was mostly for my benefit." Tenpou softly admitted to the top of Kenren's head after the long pause. "You trust so implicitly. I cannot. Trust and I are not on the best of terms." The man was a talker. Kind of girly but he could live with it. Kenren swam back up from the sleep he'd been sinking into. Things were getting far too serious and needed some lightening up.


"You seem to trust me just fine, Marshal. At least not to press charges." He stifled a yawn. Man, he really needed to sleep. It was already pulling him back in.


"Yes, I believe I do trust you," Tenpou sounded surprised at that. "From the very first. I wish I knew why. What that meant." He was back to petting Kenren's hair. Kenren felt somewhat honored he was getting the man's true confessions, but at the same time it was troubling. He wasn't sure what it all meant, either.


Tenpou swallowed and licked his lips before continuing. "I'm not entirely sure what happened tonight, to be honest. I've never shown anyone that… part of myself… before. I hadn't planned to- not tonight, anyway. Not ever, actually." A ragged sigh. "It's a side of myself I'm not entirely comfortable with."


It was looking like Tenpou was going to end up being one of those 'post coital pensive' types. He hoped not. Things still felt tense. Kenren wanted to fix it somehow.


"Sorry. Didn't see a thing. I was blindfolded."


Tenpou dragon huffed into his hair again and fell back into silence. He rubbed his chin distractedly on the top of Kenren's head. Kenren could feel the gears still moving up there. He wondered if they ever stopped.


"Still, it's somewhat disconcerting. I wish I knew what it all meant," Tenpou repeated quietly, mostly to himself. Fortunately for him, Kenren had the answer. At least for that evening.


"It means you passed the fucking seminar, Tenpou. Now go to sleep, OK?"

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