Title: Water Sports

Author: teru_bozu_ebi

Website: http://teru-bozu-ebi.livejournal.com/

Pairings: Kenren/Goujun (Kenren/Tenpou/Goujun implied)

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: PWP fluffy goodness.

Summary: Kenren is invited into Goujun's inner sanctum: the Royal Bath.

Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer thingee. Hers, not mine.

Series: Part 9 of Dream of the Butterfly series.


Bonus fic!

The confluences all came together on this one, so here you have an unplanned, totally gratuitous fic, popped out in record time. Pure, unadulterated pornographic fluff warning!

Why? 'Cuz I spent the weekend in dog-sitting duties with my father's hyperactive husky. As long as I stayed in place and didn't make any sudden movements, he was OK; otherwise, he was Ricochet Rabbit (definitely showing my age with that reference). His visits also makes my dog into a jealous little ball of fuzziness, which made for two problem dogs at once. I spent 72 hours pretty much house-bound in long periods of inactivity, just trying to keep him quiet, making sure he didn't piddle on the furniture.

 All in all, this weekend ended up as a perfect opportunity to write porn. I thought; why the fuck not? I hardly ever write PWPs. This one's working title was literally Shameless PWP, but during the course of writing Kenren found he wasn't nearly as shameless as he thought he was, so it ended up being renamed. I know, I know, it should have been called Shameful PWP instead. What can I say; it wanted another, more series-friendly title.

I partly blame lillypuff and her pouting over the lack of the implied bath scene in Belling the Cat for putting thoughts of writing this into my noggin. Partly blame myself, for an over-active imagination when it comes to slippery bath-time dragons.


Water Sports


Ah, now this was the life. Steam was rising up about him, the light scent of the bath salts mixing with it and filling the room with a light exotic fragrance. All the little cuts from the spar stung like a motherfucker when he first got in, but now it was warm and pleasant and he smelled fantastic, and this was exactly what living in heaven should be about. Kenren let his hands drift aimlessly in the water, his head and shoulders resting on the edge of the bath. An invisible servant had tucked a towel under his head a few minutes back so that his poor little cranium didn't have to touch the hard ouchy tiles, and now his entire body was floating peacefully in a happy little cocoon. It was kind of how he felt after sex sometimes, nice and plumped up and all cozy-sleepy. Something was lightly bumping against his chest… probably the rubber duck. He had almost started up laughing again when he found out there actually was a rubber duck. A gift from Tenpou, so Goujun said; he'd never seen the dragon look so sheepish before. That he had kept the little toy and put it in his bath spoke volumes. He wondered if Tenpou really knew how the man felt about him.


Goujun had sunk under the bath water some time ago, swimming about somewhere down below. Either he could breathe underwater or he had an absolutely amazing lung capacity, because he still hadn't come up yet. Every once in awhile a body part would break the surface briefly before he'd disappear again altogether. There was a soft splash a couple of feet away. Kenren lifted his head to the sound. Nope, still not up. He snorted softly to himself and laid his head back down. This thing wasn't a bath, it was a fucking pool. The room was bigger than his entire apartment, even if you included the john, and hell, he had the larger officer's quarters. No wonder Goujun spent so much of his time in here. Kenren lazily rolled his head over to study the expanse of celadon tiles about him. There was a smaller pool off to the right, looked to be about tub sized. Had to be for gettin' those quick dips in, just before meetings. To his left… the showers, maybe? Maybe. Above… a skylight, and paintings of sea creatures, same as on the walls. Kenren closed his eyes again, breathing it all in deeply. Yep, definitely something he could get used to. If he had a place like this for himself, they'd have to use a crow bar to get him out of it again.


He let his mind drift along with his various drifting body parts. His butt was perched on an underwater ledge that ringed the length of the bath, so technically only his legs were floating out in the deeper waters. So wonderfully warm… even though no one was really listening, the flute player kept right on piping away in the corner. Well, not really not listening, just not listening. Ambiance music. He seemed to be a fixture of the bath, though why the hell Goujun wanted a flute playing in there when he seemed to spend most of his time underwater was anyone's guess. There was another 'plip' and the feeling of something slippery sliding up between his legs. He lifted his head again as Goujun finally surfaced in front of him. His body bounced a few times in the water as he combed his hair back away from his face. With his hair flat against his head like that, the more angular parts were accentuated. The long ears, the horns… his scales were literally glistening from being wet, an iridescent pearly white. He looked so very different this way, almost alien. The whole thing just helped to reinforce in Kenren's head the fact that Goujun really was a dragon, and not just some kami with a skin condition.


"Enjoying your swim?"


Goujun showed a happy row of sharp teeth as he drifted in closer between Kenren's legs. The dragon looked relaxed, in his element. Kenren supposed he truly was in his element for once.



"You breathe underwater, or what?"

"Not in this body, no. It's rather clumsy for swimming."

"Miss your tail, eh?"


Goujun's smile faltered. Kenren suddenly wished he could take the question back.


"I didn't mean any offense. I was just curious-"

"N-none taken, Gen-… Kenren."


The dragon blipped back down into the water again. Damn it, he really needed to learn to keep his mouth shut. He was beginning to sound like Goku with all the questions, only he wasn't small and cute so people didn't go 'awwwww' when he asked them. Nope, they usually just sort of got pissed off and told him to go fuck himself instead. Goujun suddenly resurfaced in the same place. He combed his hair back again, giving a sigh as he eyed Kenren pensively. Kenren felt the urgent need to fix whatever it was he had broken.


"I'm sorry."

"No, I was rude. I apologize."


Kenren let his legs float in closer, closing them around the dragon's torso, giving him a little squeeze. He was finding the slippery feeling of wet scales slithering between his calves to be quite a trip. Wait a minute… did Goujun just apologize? To him?



"I apologize."


Goujun began petting Kenren's leg distractedly, sharp nails in lazy little tracings up the thigh and around the hip. The sensation was going straight to Kenren's groin.


"I have known you long enough. I should have realized that it was an innocent question."


Now he was getting confused. What else would it have been?


"What do you mean?"

"That you do not see me as an animal."


He found himself staring at the dragon in shock. The look Goujun was giving him was guarded, but enough of it came through, and it was pleading tell me I'm right in this. At the same time, his chin was defiantly claiming but then again I don't fucking care what you think. It felt like pieces of a puzzle were all at once coming together, thousands of little events he had been witness to in the past between Goujun and numberless kami were suddenly being seen in his mind's eye in a whole new light. He could kick himself; he knew what xenophobic bastards kami could be, yet he had never made that connection before. Hell, even he and Tenpou made jokes about bestiality every once in awhile, never once thinking how it might sound to the dragon. Kenren sat up on the underwater ledge, his legs keeping the man in place before he could blip back under the water again. He wanted to say something, anything to soothe that raw nerve he had just exposed, but he couldn't think of an answer to it that didn't sound contrived or condescending. Instead, he did the only thing he could think of to do; he took the dragon's face in his hands and drew him up into a kiss.


He poured everything he had into that kiss, the entire jumble of confusing feelings he had for his commander and sometimes bed mate. He would never feel for Goujun the way he felt for Tenpou, and he was sure the dragon felt the same towards him, but that didn't mean there wasn't something deeper there between them, and it wasn't the kind of something he could have ever shared with an animal. Goujun returned the kiss softly, for once allowing Kenren to keep control of their actions as his hands cradled the dragon's face. Kenren took his time, touching and tasting with his mouth, hoping Goujun could hear what it was the kiss was saying. He felt the man's arms wrap loosely around his hips, floating about him in the shallow water. Other than that, there was nothing; no petting, no touching. Instead, everything that had ever between them was concentrated in that immense, perfect kiss. Kenren's heart was pounding in his chest. It all felt so intimate, he was almost frightened by the depths of the conversation between them at that moment. This was terra incognita for them both, but he knew it had to be done and it had to be said, and it was something that the both of them desperately needed to hear.


The kiss finally broke- Kenren needed to breathe, even if the dragon didn't- so instead, he began to place tiny, soft little pecks on Goujun's face, all over his cheeks and eyelids in a slow shower. Not an animal, no. In a way it was as much for him as for the dragon, since he had always enjoyed the feel of the man's texture against his lips, reveling in the differences between them. The scales were smaller and more delicate on the face than on the rest of his body, tiny and thin and amazingly soft. They tasted wet and salty under his lips; Kenren decided that it was from the bath salts- anything more would be too dangerous for them to acknowledge. He felt a hand reach up to wrap around the back of his neck as the dragon tilted his head, directing the kisses around his chin and up the other cheek. The fragile mood began to change into a deeper arousal, something that felt a bit more comfortable between them, safer. Goujun pulled him in closer and Kenren began to nibble an ear lobe while the dragon's other hand wrapped around his erection. It was then that the flute player stopped and coughed and Kenren suddenly remembered there was who knows how many other people in the room, lurking in the shadows and watching the free show. His back snapped up quicker than it did for a surprise inspection.


Goujun was staring up at him from the water, confused. Kenren craned his head around, wondering how much the flute player could see from his position. Pretty much everything, he'd say; even where Goujun's hand was at the moment. Not good; it was pretty damn clear what was going on with it, even if it was half underwater. He started scanning the rest of the room, looking for signs of life. Oh ho, another one over there with the towels. And there was a fire stoker; he had to be around here somewhere…


"Do you wish me to send the flautist away?"


Kenren looked back down to Goujun. He understood that the guy had grown up with servants all over the place, but it still amazed him sometimes what the dragon would do in front of these people. Especially when he was such a prude pretty much everywhere else. It was like they were part of the furniture to him or something. It was probably even more amazing that Kenren had never quite gotten used to them being around, since they invariably seemed to be there. Usually the liquor helped to erase their presence, but they hadn't brought any drinks to the pool. Considering all his kinks, it was kind of odd that exhibitionism wasn't on the list. It was a pretty damned common perversion; one would have thought he would have gotten it free in the boxed set.


"Flautist? Is that the flute player?"



Kenren looked back over to the corner. The flute player looked like he was just a kid, far too young to be seeing shit like this. That made matters even worse. He felt the blush start on his cheeks.


"Yeah. Um, do we really need any of them in here?"


It seemed to be a question that the dragon had never even considered before. Goujun began looking about, taking in an inventory, as if he hadn't any idea how many servants he had in the room, or what they did.


"No, I suppose not… everyone, please leave us. Yue, as you exit, please tell the door guard to remain at his post."


There were some half a dozen mumbles of "yes, your majesty" and suddenly they began to materialize out of the woodwork, backing and nodding their way towards the door. Holy shit, but there was a small army of them. Goujun kept watching the exodus until the door shut behind the last one. He looked back up at Kenren. Now it seemed too quiet, nothing but them and the echoes of the lapping water. No wonder Goujun kept the flute player around; the sound helped to fill out the room considerably. It must feel rather in lonely here without it most of the time.


"Is this better?"

"Yeah…" He checked the room over one more time, just in case. "Sorry 'bout that."

"Not at all."


Goujun pulled him downward into a kiss again, one that was more insistent, enticing. Meant to arouse. Kenren had to say he really didn't need any more arousing; even the snafu with the servants hadn't wilted his pecker any. It was still standing proud and tall and was currently happily wrapped up in dragon fingers, slowly teasing the shaft. Kenren opened his legs and Goujun leaned in, mouth wandering down along Kenren's neck to his nipples as he sank down further into the water. Kenren cupped the back of the dragon's head, pulling him in closer; the tiny nips across his chest sending little shivers down his spine to pool in his belly. Goujun was being immensely careful with those sharp, nasty teeth, almost solicitous. They scraped lightly along his skin, tongue sweeping broad strokes after them. Kenren's head rolled back a bit and he arched into the dragon's mouth as it sank lower down his torso. It slipped off altogether as Goujun fell back into the water. He bobbed up again. Then sank back down. Kenren could see this wasn't going to work; buoyancy alone wasn't gonna do it for them. He snickered as the dragon did another bob. Goujun smiled up at him, then pushed off the side, rolled back and dipped under, coming up again not too far away. He pulled himself out and sat next to Kenren on the little underwater ledge.


"The end of the decorative tiling has a slight groove that was proving useful before, but there's no solid purchase for the footing to bring me any higher or lower, I'm afraid. We'll need to try a different tactic."

"Yeah, I kind of noticed that."

"Unless, of course, you can breathe underwater?"

Kenren snorted and shook his head. "Sorry, left my gills in my other pants."

"A pity. Your father can."

"Which is why I grew up with Mom. Her house had air."


Goujun reached over and kissed him again. After it broke he slowly worked his way to Kenren's ear. Kenren tilted his head into it. Instead of the tongue and teeth he was hoping for, he found a whisper waiting for him.


"Sit up higher, on the edge."


Kenren pulled back and looked at the dragon. The red eyes were shining, excited. A closing kiss and Kenren pulled himself up out of the bath, letting his feet dangle in the water. Goujun snaked over in between his legs, letting his hands stroke the insides of Kenren's thighs, pushing them farther apart.


"Lie back."


He lay back, opening his legs wider. There were just a few kisses along his thighs before he was engulfed, a long raspy tongue stroking up and down along his length. His hands wandered up to Goujun's head as he started to move his hips, ever so lightly; sharp fingers were holding his thighs down, controlling their larger movements. The dragon knew him well enough by now, knew his body, his likes. He took him along that edge for awhile, but never quite over it. Kenren was getting ready to beg when Goujun stopped altogether.


"Roll over."


Kenren pulled in a ragged breath and did as he was told; rolling out of the water and lying on his belly. The cold floor on his cock was quite the gear shift, but not altogether a bad thing. He could hear the soft splash as the dragon pulled himself out the bath. The tiles were rather slippery beneath his hands; he kind of wondered how a wet dragon could even walk on them. Kenren moaned lightly in the back of his throat as he felt Goujun's tongue inside of him, losing himself in the lick and push until it went away and something larger took its place. He had been right; the feel of a wet dragon across his back was positively mind-bending. It was a long, slow, beautiful fuck, the dragon moving deep, pushing him slowly across the wet tiles. Goujun entwined his fingers with Kenren's and braced their arms, trying to keep the two of them from wandering too far across the floor as the dragon filled him again and again. Kenren pushed back into it, his cock rubbing across the slick floor beneath; it was almost too light of a tease, but if he moved his hips in a certain way the tile edges caught him just right, and it felt absolutely lovely. He wasn't in any hurry so he kept moving with it, figuring it would all slowly take him to where it was he wanted to go. Slow, though not all that slowly, since he came first, the dragon following a few minutes later. He found himself for the second time that day with a sticky dragon lying on top of him, panting away. He closed his eyes and gave a contented sigh. He had to say there were certainly worse places he could be.


He was feeling totally boneless again. Damn, but he should've done this much earlier; there was no reason he had to suffer so much during Tenpou's absences as long as the dragon was going to be this accommodating. Goujun lifted himself up, placing a kiss on Kenren's shoulder blade. Since the dragon was off of him anyway he rolled over, thinking it might be nice to see something other than floor tiles for a change. Goujun was sitting beside him, stretching out his arms. Kenren let his hand flop onto his stomach to scratch a spot and found he had a sticky mess there again. He let his fingers pointedly move around in the goo until they caught the dragon's attention. Then he waited until Goujun looked him in the eyes again. He couldn't keep the shit-eating grin off his face. He just had to say it.


"You know… I think I need a bath.

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