Title: Surface Wash Only

Author: teru_bozu_ebi


Pairings: Nii/Bunny

Rating: NC-17

Warning: Yaoi. Rabid misuse of a plushie.

Summary: Ooh, what a little moonlight can do…

Disclaimer: Hers, not mine. Blah blah blah and all of that.

Notes: Yes, for the truly attentive and well-read, Nii does indeed cite both Salomé, a Tragedy in One Act and allude to Little Black Sambo all in the same fic.



Surface-wash Only



"Some kinds of love," Marguerita told Tom,

"Like a dirty French novel combines the absurd with the vulgar…"

                                                                                                -The Velvet Underground




"Ah hah, there you are. I was wondering if you'd bother coming out."


Nii grinned wider, leaning a bit further back against the railing as the first silvery rays managed to bully themselves through the cloud cover. He decided to stay right where he was and lit another cigarette; bathed in the sudden moonlight, Bunny fairly glowed where he lay, propped up against the next pillar. He seemed rather glad to see his celestial counterpart, little button eyes reflecting their happiness right back up at his big lunar buddy in the sky. So the moon seemed to be missing his rabbit after all, and had finally come out to play. Nii smoked and quietly watched while the pale glow crept its silvery way across the veranda, slowly and determinedly as a bright lunar snail. After a small eternity it had made the arduous trek across the floorboards to the tip of his shoe. Another full minute before it finally slid across his toes in a familiarly soft greeting. Nii snorted. Took it long enough. But then, the man had never been on time for anything.


"Hm. Long time no see, yourself."


He snickered at his own joke. Tilted his head to try and get a crack. His neck was absolutely killing him tonight, the inevitable ending to a long and tedious morning of leaning over tiny test tubes of recombinant DNA which had been behaving a lot less like the chimera its plasmids alleged it to be and had instead done a very laudable impression of Cream of Youkai Soup. Only he hadn't been remotely hungry, so it had gone rather underappreciated on his part. All in all, it had not been a good day.


He had to say that by the end of it all he was close to dismembering Hwan. The thought had been tempting in more ways then one, but scattered Hwan bits would have been a tad difficult to explain away- not to mention a pain in the ass to clean up- so, after very little if any further thought on the subject he opted instead to side-arm pitch said soup across the room directly at her head. It had missed its intended target by mere inches and ended up shattering explosively a few feet behind her against the machinery. All rather satisfying emotionally, but it managed to short out the system, so they were currently dead in the water until the damn thing was fixed- which was going to be quite awhile, because now they needed to order replacement parts and UPS didn't do impenetrable mountain fortresses. After one too many of their couriers had gotten themselves eaten even FedEx had stopped delivering to the castle, so no, he had no real choice but to send one of Koushu's lackeys to Dharamsala to wait for it à la parcel post instead. It had taken over an hour of negotiating on the phone, but at least he had convinced the distributor to send it to his P.O. Box and to wave the signature of receipt. Otherwise, they'd be up absolute shit creek right now.


Still, the dumb bitch had deserved a full-on dousing after fucking over everyone and everything by forgetting to add in the modification enzyme. No wonder it acted like a soup; it was a fucking soup, and not much else. Alas, his obvious lack of coordination only proved just how tired he really was- normally, he was a much better aim than that. On a good day she would have gotten it straight in her sour little kisser. Never trust a dyke, too busy proving the size of her own dick to bother checking to see if she had actually done her fucking job. What made the whole sordid farce of a day that much more infuriating was that if Hwan hadn't been such a brain dead twat, he'd have had plenty of Little Cloned Princess by now to work with. But no, since they'd used up the last of her samples in today's exercise in futility, he once again had the unenviable task of scraping more skin off of Princess Lab Rat. She was a bitch to catch, too. Quick little bugger. It had taken her awhile, but she'd finally figured out the whole "trail of crumbs" ploy, so now he was back to Plan B- which basically involved literally chasing her down. The plain, old-fashioned way, with his feet. What a fun time to be had by all. So looking forward to that little job.


Moonlight unexpectedly flooded the veranda, the clouds in retreat for the night. He leaned back and smiled up over his shoulder at the suddenly naked gibbous, the last of its seven veils dropped in its strip tease for a voyeuristic evening sky. Since it seemed the cosmos wasn't quite finished yet with torturing him for the day, a bit of Oscar Wilde popped into his head totally uninvited, bad British accent and all.


The moon has a strange look tonight… she reels through the sky like a drunken woman… I am sure she is looking for lovers.


Such a shameless exhibitionist, that moon. And wasn't it lucky for that moon that he was around tonight; every silver lining needed its dark little cloud to bring out the true meaning of its existence, and it was his job to throw in that bit of blackness every now and again, if for no other reason than to provide a pleasant color contrast. If he hadn't been there to cast his deep shadows into the midst of all that blinding brightness, who the hell could even see it was there? All it was by itself was a formless expanse, a blank page. All potential, no fulfillment. A yang without its accompanying yin was nothing but an empty circle, a great, big, fat zero. Yes, without him, the light was quite literally nothing- a fact he was more than happy to rub its face into every once in awhile.


A sudden gust of wind hit his back in reproach for such shameful, heretical thoughts. It dropped Bunny to the boards with a soft thud. Nii stretched and took in an invigorating breath of heavenly reprimand, the edges of his lab coat fluttering about his legs like dead leaves. Everyone might think him a troglodyte, but he actually did enjoy fresh air now and again, even if it was only to fill it with second-hand smoke. He tapped his cigarette away from Bunny, now an unhappy jumble of plushie extremities lying akimbo in a pile on the veranda. Still staring up at the sky. Still mesmerized by the fucking moon, just like all the other witless animals on the planet. Scurrying about in their empty little circles, round and round and round, until they were nothing but a puddle of tiger butter.


Nii frowned and flicked his cigarette out over the edge of the railing. Imagined the tiny glow of the lit end falling forever downward into the deep, black pit in which they all lived. He leaned over and picked up Bunny by his ears, tried to look him in the face but found he was still looking right past him, still gazing up at the moon. Stupidly, mindlessly following its light.  Nii's eyes narrowed at the deceptively bland and innocent face in front of him.


"Quite the slutty little ingrate, aren't you? All the love and affection I dole out on you on a day-to-day basis, yet the minute he shows up, you won't give me a second glance. Tsk tsk tsk… What an ungrateful, naughty little bun-bun you are."


Bunny looked sufficiently chastised, but still not convinced. Nii looked back up at the moon, still glaring away at him in all its garish, overdone brightness. Looked back down to Bunny, still reflecting the same light right back up at it, almost blindingly white in the otherwise dark veranda.


"He's not as great as all that, kiddo. Get touched by a light like that, and you know what happens to you? Hm? You get burned, that's what happens. Oh, yes, you do. That fluffy little tail of yours would simply incinerate on the spot; crackle crackle crackle right up in flames, nothing left of you but a pile of poor little bunny ashes. Far too late for an 'I'm so sorry' or a 'you were right, please forgive me, my lovey dovey Doctor.' Yes, and don't think you can come crying to me when that happens either, thinking I'd help to put you out. Not a chance in hell, kiddo. You can be hasenpfeffer on toast for all I care. Nope, I'd be the first to say 'I told you so, you fucking turncoat. Now pass me the gravy.'"


A light like that burns you alive. Darkness, on the other hand… in the darkness you learn to feel your own way through the world. Darkness brings true freedom. No wonder the sheep were always so friggin' scared of the dark; darkness involved actual thinking, something ruminants avoided like the plague. Ooh, heaven forbid that a brain cell of theirs might actually spark and one of them would have a bona fide idea for once in their ignorant little lives. No, they'd all rather chew their cud with their thumbs up their asses, spending their lives going grabby-grabby at the Big Shiny. He would call them pea-brained, but that would be an insult to the world's hard-working pulses and legumes; in the end, he loved wasabi peas far too much to do something like that to them.


Bunny listened carefully and nodded at the quite rational, well-reasoned argument. Seemed repentant enough- but one could never tell with such a deceitful little rodent. Rabbits and river rats, liars the lot of them. Always lying to others, always lying to themselves. In an obvious ploy to make amends a perk set of plushie ears coyly slid down his chest, dipping down ever so suggestively until they stopped, blatantly plastered up against his crotch. A pair of hopeful button eyes looked back up at him. Oh ho. Smart enough little slut, he had to admit. Everyone knew that the way to a man's heart was through his fly.


"Oh? Is my little march hare feeling a bit frisky tonight? Want to make things all better, do we?"


Bunny nodded enthusiastically. He knew he'd been a bad, bad toy. Nii shot a quick glance back up over his shoulder to see if the moon was still watching. Oh, yes… guess it was time to let the man see what his beloved rodents were really like. He nodded his go ahead and let Bunny rub at him teasingly through the fabric for a bit, stroking at his crotch, working the slowly forming lump like a little pro. Then the little bugger backed off just when things were starting to get interesting. Sly glass buttons peered up at him, waiting for him to cave in and beg for it.


"Damnit, Koumyou. You always were such a cock tease."


Nii unzipped, pulled himself out. His little moon bunny seemed to be rethinking things a bit, not quite so enthusiastic as before. Now that push had come to shove and everything was finally and literally out in the open, Bunny was beginning to balk. Or maybe he was just playing hard-to-get; the reluctant, untouchable virgin secretly hoping to be ravished by… well, by Mr. Wrong, actually. Hard to say; people always saw whatever the hell they bloody well wanted to see in the moon. She has never defiled herself. She has never abandoned herself to men, like the other goddesses…


Nii snorted. Chaste, hardly. If the moon hadn't abandoned himself to men, it was only because the moon was a closet pedophile. But they had always been two sides of the same coin, really. No matter what anyone else thought on the subject, he and Koumyou were heads and tails the same currency and tender, and fucking Koumyou when he had been alive would have been tantamount to masturbation, so he'd never even bothered to try it. Now, however… now was something entirely different. Now he'd have to say it was technically impossible, which certainly made the idea that much more intriguing. And he'd always loved a challenge.


Nii shifted over to the side of the pillar, leaning closer to the edge of the veranda to give the moon a ring-side seat to the action. Pulling Bunny's head back, he dragged the head of his cock back and forth over the eternally grinning mouth. It kept right on smiling up at him, loving every minute of its debasement while he rubbed his sensitive underside all over its bright little face, smearing it with a sticky, glistening line of moisture. He leaned a bit further back, made bloody sure the moonlight could see and feel every sickening act they committed in its name while he humped away across the little stitched mouth. Watched the sweat and pre-come soak into the fabric as those glassy eyes looked straight up at the moon all the while, a moon that he knew couldn't look away, didn't want to. A moon that was so turned on by the show it couldn't even keep its hands to itself; it wanted so badly to taste him that it began to join in their little game, bathing his cock with its long, bright tongue. Nii paused a moment, pulled his balls out of his pants to make sure the man got the full package. Grinning away at it all like a banshee he closed his eyes and let his head fall back onto the pillar, taking the time to luxuriate in the glorious feel of it; soft, wanton cloth rubbing away underneath and the moonlight licking oh so very sweetly across his skin. Took it nice and slow, relishing the image of the moon down on its metaphorical knees, sucking on his dick. Wanting so much to be used, just like this. Just like the subservient little cocksucker he knew it to be.


After awhile it was obvious that things weren't going to work out as he originally planned. As tasty and satisfying an appetizer as it was, it was plain that a simple surface frottage just wasn't going to cut it for the full meal. For one, the poor thing was getting as slimy as a chewed dog toy- but even ignoring that, it seemed that no matter how gung ho either of them got, sweet unassuming little Bunny-Bunny was far too soft and pliable, just not quite enough pressure or friction to properly finish him off. Sadly, he'd have to give up on the literal 'Getting Head' approach. So disappointing; he really wanted to fuck in full view, cock wrapped tightly in the lips of that idiot moonlight. But it seemed perfection was not to be. They simply didn't make bunny plushies like they used to.


Instead, he abandoned the much-abused head and lifted up his bun-bun's wee little shirt, wrapping it securely around his dick before he started to thrust into that. Ohhhh… now, that was nice. A little extra bit of fun for his hand, a smidgen of something different to make the denouement all that much more satisfying. He looked up again at Koumyou, wickedly staring him right in the face as he fucked the proverbial stuffing out of his little proxy. Splattering all over a little bunny belly and shirt and face and the raw, debauched moonlight, coming hard enough that it made his toes curl and his eyes fall shut at the very last moment, which was such a pity since he had been so looking forward to being eye to eye with the man when he finally shot that load all over him. Still, quite a satisfying lay. He'd managed to accomplish the not-so minor feat of deflowering the moonlight tonight, certainly nothing to sneeze at in the realms of consolation prizes. A pretty damn good ending to an otherwise shitty day.


When Nii finally managed to pry his eyes back open he caught the moon blushing, arranging a bit of wispy cloud cover to hide the worst of its shamefulness. His dick was still pulsing out the occasional twitch every once in awhile, still wrapped up tightly in rabbit shirt, moonlight, and his own holy fingers. He snickered to himself and let it all lay there just as it was, for a good long moment, imprinting the feel of it on his memory while he waited for his heart rate to come back down. After a bit he shifted, pulled away just enough of cum-soaked plush toy to find they'd made a slimy, sticky mess; apparently a rabbit could soak up only so much spunk before it gave up the ghost on that and went snorkeling in it.  He had a One-Bang Bunny, it seemed. Definitely something to keep in mind for future reference.


Nii clucked his tongue in sympathy as he carefully lifted the mess away and shook Bunny out. Such a nasty, degenerate little thing now, dangling all limp and spent in his hands. Not nearly so lily-white or pure as he used to be. Well, it wasn't such a bad thing at that; at least Bunny'd finally be able to say he'd given up that cherry, become a man. Rites of passage and all that… Nii slid slowly to the bottom of the pillar and unceremoniously dropped the rabbit to fish out his pack of cigarettes. He lit up, grinning in triumph while he watched the newly impotent moonlight do its best to bathe the poor plush little libertine at his feet. All in vain, Koumyou. Shine away all you want, it wasn't going to do a damn bit of good anymore; all those nasty new stains were now and forever beyond the reach of the light. No way would the paper rabbit of a moon wash away the world's sins quite that easily ever again.


Nii smoked down half a cigarette before he bothered to pick up his toy again. Fuck toy now, he supposed. Looked for a dry spot and used that to wipe off his hands and some of the spunk from his crotch before he zipped himself back up again, then gave the abused body the once-over. Bunny seemed to be significantly darker than before; in fact, he looked absolutely filthy. Quite the little piggy. In hindsight, he probably shouldn't have dropped Mr. Sticky Buns into the dust like that. Some serious scrubbing lay ahead; guess he knew what they were doing for the rest of the evening. Nii brushed off some of the dirt clinging to its little glazed-over eyeballs somewhat apologetically.


"Ah, don't worry about it too much. Cleanliness is highly overrated, if you ask me." He scratched at some dried ick caked to its pouty, not-quite bruised stitched-on lips, flaking off the worst of it. The cigarette dangling from his mouth added insult to injury by ashing even more grime onto the already abused face. Bunny didn't seem to notice, so Nii decided not to bring any further attention to it.


"Dirt's only on the surface, anyway. A good scrub-a-dub tonight and hey, you can at least pretend you're still pure and unsullied. Hell, you should thank me; after all, it's not like I ripped open your crotch and all-out buggered you, so you can still claim your virginity on that front at least. Because believe you me, once those fluffy little insides of yours get corrupted, there's nothing any of us can do to make them clean again. It'd be the trash heap for you. I did you a favor, really."  


Not one of them bothered to mention that he'd probably have shredded his dick if he'd actually tried fucking a hole filled with rolled-up parchment. That hadn't been the point; Bunny knew that, and so did Koumyou. Nii snickered, looked up at the moon that was reeling across a sky as black as a winter's night. The clouds are seeking to clothe her nakedness, but she will not let them. She shows herself naked in the sky… she is like a mad woman, is she not? Koumyou smiled down upon him indulgently. Nii winked and smiled right back up at him.


"Nope, no one ever needs to know just how dirty you really are. It'll be our secret, just between the two of us."


Ah, such a moon… all in all, it hadn't seemed to mind too very much that the playing field had been leveled that little bit more. Actually, it seemed to be immensely enjoying the fact, dancing with its bright silvery feet across the graves of the world's expectations. Not that the world would ever notice. People saw whatever the hell they wanted to in a moon like that. Nii stayed where he was for awhile, the spunk-covered rabbit still flopped between his legs in apparent shock. They both watched the moon dance away until it was again swallowed up in its veils of clouds. Nii gave it a final little good-bye wave; he knew it wouldn't be back tonight. There wasn't any reason for it to return. The light already had its time. The rest of the night belonged to him.

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