Title: Prologue to a Kiss

Author/Artist: Tel

Pairing: Cho Hakkai/Genjo Sanzo
Rating: PG-13

Theme: 0.5

Disclaimer: Don't own Saiyuki

Word Count: 697

Warning: could be out of character I am fairly new to the fandom so my feel for the characters might not be as good as I could wish.

My Beta: Mark

Official tormenter: Adam



Prologue to a Kiss


"What are you looking at?" Gojyo had been watching Hakkai stare out the window for several long minutes and now his curiosity had gotten the best of him and he wandered over to stand beside his friend and to see if he could figure out what was so interesting out there. Gojyo stared out at the mostly empty yard in back of the seedy inn they were currently calling home. There was nothing out there but dirt weeds and that bastard priest. His interest waning as quickly as it roused Gojyo left Hakkai standing there to go find a cigarette. He forgot the cigarette when Hakkai finally spoke.


"He needs to be loved."


Gojyo whirled around and returned to the window; sadly Sanzo was still the only person to be seen.


"Who? Him??" the kappa couldn't keep the disbelief out of his voice. Who in the hall wanted to love someone who might decide to shoot them if they snored too loud? Hakkai didn't answer and Gojyo got a sinking feeling in the pit of his belly.


"What are you thinking Hakkai," he was sure he was not going to like it and he was right.


"Perhaps it is why he is so irritable," the youkai turned his emerald eyes to meet those of his crimson haired roommate.


"Irritable? Is that what they are calling being as mean as a fucking snake these days?" Gojyo remarked snidely and went after not only a cigarette but a beer. He had a feeling he was going to need it. "What are you going to do? He'll kill any of us that tries anything. And if one of us is that fucking crazy he deserves to be shot." The long legged kappa settled down onto his bed and leaned against the head board. He cradled the beer between his thighs while he lit the cigarette. He took a drink of the beer just as Hakkai said…




"FUCK!" Gojyo exclaimed jumping back to his feet, he had spit beer all over himself and the bed, "now look what you made me do." He grouched, "What do you mean, kisses?" he asked as he attempted to get cleaned up.


"Thirty kisses and he's mine." That comment got Gojyo's complete attention. He forgot the beer and his clothes and wandered back to the window. This had the sound of a wager. Gojyo looked down at their beautiful ice priest meditating in the garden below.



"No fucking way." He said confidently. Hakkai's lip curled in a slight smile.


"You are sure?" he asked in his soft reasonable voice. It seemed nearly insane that they were discussing kissing Sanzo of all people.


"You couldn't kiss him into your bed in thirty years." Gojyo said confidently, "he's gonna blow your brains out first time out. If you survive thirty kisses and he falls for you I'll do your laundry for a month."


"Are you sure?" he asked again though his eyes lit up with pleasure at the thought of having his friend on laundry duty, "it can be dangerous to wager when you are not completely aware of the odds." Gojyo snorted.


"What odds? You kiss, he shoots, end of story."


"Well then shall we shake on it?" he reached out a slim fingered hand and Gojyo engulfed it with his own much larger rougher one. He was unprepared for Hakkai to use his hand to pull him forward and before he was really aware of what had happened his body was pressed full length against his friend. And Hakkai's admittedly beautiful but very male mouth was against his. His hands cupped Gojyo's face and his fingers threaded through the silken hair. He caressed the scars on the other's face with a gentle thumb. Gojyo's brain fogged and when Hakkai's tongue pressed into his mouth there wasn't a single coherent thought left in his head.  Finally the dark haired man let him go and stepped back. Gojyo blinked. His knees were weak, his brain useless and his cock ached. Hakkai looked remarkably smug. Gojyo blinked again.


"Is it too late to withdraw my wager?" he asked bleakly. Hakkai laughed.


Let the kissing begin… :)

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