Title: Healing - 02

Author: Sorryll

Pairing(s): Gojyo/Hakkai

Rating: R

Summary or description: When had Gojyo started down the road to destruction? Before the misunderstandings, before the hastily hidden tears and before the dreaded 'talk with Sanzo'. Gojyo must admit some painful truths or destroy himself in the pursuit of happiness.


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Note from Sorryll: Holy hell, sorry for the immense delay! My Saiyuki muse died on me but hopefully the ball is rolling again now. This chapter is longer than the last and thanks for all of the reviews! Thanks to anyone who read it on minuswave as well – obviously you can't review there so I can't thank you personally.

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Then there was the second accident. . .


….which was less of an accident and more of an incident. It had been a few days after the shopping catastrophe and already Goku was complaining about the lack of good food. This had led to the little monkey leaving things everywhere. The floor of the jeep was littered with cans, tins, bags, half-eaten cookies – you name it, it was there.


Gojyo had tried various ways of getting Goku to clean up; taunting hadn't worked, yelling had just given him a headache and resulted in Hakkai politely suggesting that he tidied it up himself. As if that was going to happen. Sha Gojyo, picking up litter because a little pea-brained monkey boy was lazy?


This attitude might have helped his ego to inflate but didn't make Gojyo feel any better. Several hours later and his headache was still in place and the crap was still all over the floor of the Jeep. Luckily for him, Goku appeared to have fallen asleep and was mumbling to himself in the corner. Gojyo stretched out, rested his head against the back of the seat and stared up at the sky which was fading to a dull pink as the sun slowly set behind them.


What he needed now was some good old daydreaming – something that would amuse him, calm him down and get rid of his headache. Gojyo's mind instantly supplied him with images of recent conquests – thin girls in figure hugging clothes, curvy girls in short dresses, quiet brunettes, sassy blondes, waitresses in cute little skirts, Hakkai, black haired –




Gojyo's eyes slammed open.


"What the fuck?" he murmured to himself, afraid to shut his eyes again until he had figured out what had happened to his thoughts. How the hell was there any connection between Hakkai and a waitress in a cute little skirt? Unhelpfully, Gojyo's inventive imagination supplied him with a fleeting image of Hakkai in a frilly apron making dinner, from before this stupid journey even began. Pushing this to the back of his mind, Gojyo could think of no logical explanation for the subconscious jump. Hakkai, waitress. Hakkai as a waitress? Hakkai with a waitress? Hakkai murdering a waitress? What?


It was clear the Gojyo's headache wasn't going away anytime soon and now he needed something else to think about. Inexorably, his thoughts drifted back to what he had started thinking of as his 'moment of madness'. Had Hakkai done something with his brain back then to make him think these freaky, messed up thoughts now? What could have happened?


Maybe… Gojyo's mouth twitched up into a grin at his brilliant explanation. It must have been because Gojyo wasn't injured when Hakkai had pumped a bucket load of life-force into him. That sort of thing has to have an adverse effect on the brain. It must have an effect like. . . like alcohol. Making you see things weirdly and associating people with weird things. So, since the life-force boost had felt good, he was now associating Hakkai with pleasure and –


Gojyo stopped himself there. The theory made sense. It had to. He didn't want to go into details about why.


Sighing contentedly and leaning back, Gojyo shut his eyes again, already feeling his headache just melting away. Sanzo was sleeping so there was no need to worry about dodging bullets, Hakkai was driving silently and most definitely not wearing a waitress's outfit, and Goku was –


There was a rustle from the other side of the back seat. Not a rustle of clothing or a rustle of garbage blowing about in the wind but one of those long, drawn out, whispery rustles that meant the rustler was trying to be quiet and failing miserably, resulting in one extended rustle that was even more annoying that one loud, quick one.


"Goku," Gojyo said without opening his eyes, "That better not be a bag of food you're opening."


There was a silence, completely devoid of rustle.




Gojyo heard Goku sigh. "Aw, Gojyo, how did you know it was me?"


"There's no one else in the back of this car," he explained slowly, "And even if there were, no one in the world knows how to be annoying like you. Toss the bag."




At the sound of Goku raising his voice petulantly, Gojyo opened his eyes and turned towards him. The monkey was sitting in the far corner, large paper bag of some food source in his hands and a scowl on his face.


"Goku, toss the damn bag!" Gojyo said loudly, "My head is about to explode! Anyway, you already ate all of our food supply so how can you possibly be hungry?"


"I did not!"


"Did too!" Gojyo felt himself slipping into an argument he knew he shouldn't be having but couldn't help himself. The brat was asking for it.


"We didn't have any food in the jeep when we left!" Goku complained.


"Yes we did!" Gojyo yelled, pointing at the floor. "What do you call all of this shit? If you hadn't eaten it all, you wouldn't be hungry, I wouldn't have a headache and Hakkai wouldn't have had to keep driving to the next town! So toss the damn bag!"


Ignoring him, Goku started moving his hands in order to rip the bag open. Forgetting all about car safety, Gojyo stood up and moved to pounce on the boy but to his horror, found one foot flying out beneath him as he stepped onto a can of some sort. His weight and momentum carried Gojyo past Goku and out over the side of the Jeep. His legs scratched along the edge of the car and then he was free and hit the ground hard.


Hakkai screeched to a stop further down the road and Gojyo lay without moving, trying to think of the best way to tell Goku exactly how much he wanted to kill him right now. Footsteps approached, one set hurried, one cautious and one nonchalant. Hakkai was the first to reach him.


"Gojyo! What happened?" he asked, grabbing Gojyo's shoulders to pull him into a sitting position. "Are you hurt?"


"Uh. . . yeah," Gojyo looked down at himself, "You could say that." Surveying himself, Gojyo realised that one leg had a deep cut across his thigh, caused by something scraping against it when he flew out of the jeep. Other than that he was fine, more angry than hurt.


"I vote we make the monkey walk the rest of the way," he said quickly. Hakkai raised his eyebrows and turned to Goku, who was hovering nervously a few feet away.


"Was this your fault, Goku?" he asked gently. Goku's eyes widened and he opened his mouth to answer but was cut off by an impatient 'che' from Sanzo's direction. The monk was still leaning against the car and still seemed to be half asleep.


"Just get back in, Goku." he ordered. "And how old are you?" he asked, looking at Gojyo. "Grow up or you'll be the one walking to India. I'm sick and tired of all of you. Hakkai, patch this idiot up fast, I want to get moving."


With this, he climbed back into the car and closed his eyes again. Goku followed him quickly, leaving Gojyo alone with Hakkai.


Despite the anger pulsing through his already angry mind, Gojyo had an idea. An idea that could stop him from having freaky thoughts forever.


He was actually hurt this time. If he asked Hakkai to heal him then he could do a test – if nothing happened except the cut vanishing then Gojyo's theory had been right. If he had another 'moment of madness' then… no. He wasn't going to think about that possibility.


"Hey, 'Kai?" he said casually. "My leg's hurting me quite a bit." This was true, if a little exaggerated.


"Oh?" Turning gentle eyes upon him, Hakkai blinked slowly. Gojyo paused. God, those eyes were green. Like green green. Freaky.


"What the hell?" Gojyo whispered.


"Is something wrong?" Hakkai asked, "Do you need me to heal you?"


"Uh, yeah, that's it." Gojyo faltered for anything else to say. "Nothing else wrong at all. So if you could just…"


"Right away," Hakkai smiled and raised his hands quickly, ghosting over the gash in Gojyo's thigh. For a moment, the only thing that he could feel was a warm, tingling sensation and he breathed a sigh of relief. All was well. Thank god. But then…


The world disappeared. The Jeep, Sanzo, Goku, the trees, everything seemed to merge into one nameless blur and all that was left was Hakkai. Instead of watching his wound close up in morbid curiosity like usual, Gojyo found himself watching the healer carefully. Hakkai looked incredibly fragile in that moment. Fragile and ethereal, as though there was a candle somewhere deep inside him that was causing his skin to glow. The warm feeling in his thigh seemed to spread throughout his whole body and Gojyo found himself unable to breathe, unable to move. It was absolutely terrifying. Once again, he felt connected to Hakkai in a way he hadn't believed possible until last time but now….being able to see him multiplied the feeling tenfold.


Finally, the wound closed up and Hakkai moved his hands yet, for a moment, the feeling remained. He raised his eyes and caught Gojyo's gaze who was almost knocked back by its intensity. There was something different about Hakkai's eyes at that moment. The light was still glowing within them and for a split second, Gojyo believed that Hakkai had been feeling it too…


"Hurry the hell up, will you?" A shout floated over from the Jeep and the moment was lost. Hakkai turned away and stood up quickly, not offering Gojyo a hand up. The redhead struggled to his feet and stood silent for a moment, until he could take it no longer.


"'Kai…" he murmured, "What just-"


"Come on," Hakkai cut in sharply. "We have to get moving."


And with that, he ambled back over to the Jeep, smile slipping back into place effortlessly. Gojyo could do nothing but follow him and sink unhappily back into his seat. A few minutes into the journey, Goku poked him.


"Hey, Gojyo? You feelin' okay?"


"Shut up," Gojyo shot back, closing his eyes and sinking further into his seat. He didn't want to talk right then. His headache had gone to be replaced by a much less familiar, much sharper ache in his chest. And he still had no idea what was happening. As they sped towards the town, he focussed on the back of the seat in front of him and hoped that things would be back to normal in a few days. What Gojyo had forgotten was that everything comes in threes, and something other than a good nights rest was awaiting him in the next town.




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