Title: Rain
Author: Silvertales6
Pairing(s): Hakkai/Sanzo
Rating: NC-17
Summary or description: Anger and sex are two things that should never be mixed.  This is why.
Word Count: 943
Disclaimer: I make no claim on the characters in this story.  They are not mine.
Warnings: Rape, character death, strong language


It was raining as I walked out on the porch that night.  It was pouring, a mid-summer night rain and I was drenched.  I walked out in the middle of the yard, arms open wide and head tilted back.  The water beat against my face, almost painfully so, and I dropped to my knees.  I could see why turkeys drown when it rains. 

This would be a perfect way to go.

My hair was plastered to my skin, my jeans mud-stained and dripping but I couldn't bring myself to care.  I slowly opened my eyes and could see the streaks of water as they fell from the sky.  They kissed every part of me, my lips, my shoulders, my belly, my head. 

I wondered where you were.  You were probably still in bed, under the covers, sleeping deeply.  Tears rolled down my cheeks as I remembered.  You moan so beautifully when I take you.  I love how your nails leave deep, angry welts in my back and I love how your hair shines against the pillow as I lay you down.  And I hate myself for it.

You're so angry, so very angry all the time.  And when we…have sex, it's no different.  You are angry and bitter in bed, just as you are in life. 

You force yourself on to me, screaming my name as the pain tears into you, your body shivering and tensing with the odd mix of pleasure and agony.  You used to ask me to do horrible things to you but now you expect it.  The blood on the sheets in the morning is enough to make me want to kill you but I know I already do.  Every night, I kill a little part of you. 

You've asked me to beat you, to tie you up, to rape you.  I don't try to understand  why you feel this need to be punished.  I just try to please you…and keep the puke from rising in my throat as you sob and scream into my shoulder as I fuck you. 

I never liked rain but tonight is different.  I feel the need to be washed, to be cleansed.  Not that you make me feel dirty but…sometimes, when you scream my name and you wither under me, I do feel…violated.  I don't understand it.  You're the one who should feel pain and grief.  You're the one receiving the pain and physical torment, so why am I the one that ends up hurting?

You're always the one who says when and how and what it's like.  I can't help but feel used.  I know I've hurt you before, you expect nothing less from me. You make me furious.  So very, very angry I feel as if I could kill.  I've never felt that way since…since Her.

My arms drop to my sides as a crack of thunder sounds and lighting flashes across the sky.  You did it again tonight.  Made me angry. 

We checked in and as usual, there were not enough rooms to go around.  You, however, made sure I ended up with a single room.  You even roomed with Goku to make sure it worked out that way. As soon as Goku was asleep, you were walking into my room.  You stood in the doorway, a cigarette hanging from your lips, a silent but heavy demand in your eyes.

Clothes flew and violet eyes glowered as I kneeled in front of you, pressing you up against the wall.  I gagged a little as your hands grasped my hair and pressed your cock into my mouth.  I sucked and licked you to climax but that wasn't enough for you.  You ripped at my hair, making me bite down on you.  The scream that came from you was…I'll admit…nothing short of exquisite but the bile rose in my throat anyways. In the time it took for me to take my pants off, you had already made yourself at home on my bed and I could see you were hard again.

You grabbed me and kissed me fiercely and I fought down the sick feeling that was building in my chest.  I leaned down and tried to kiss you gently and tenderly but you would have none of it.  "Sanzo," I pleaded with you, my body hovering over yours.  I gritted my teeth as your cold hands found my throbbing cock and squeezed, earning a gasp from me.

 "You like it," you hissed in my ear.  "You like hurting me and making me scream, don't you, you sick bastard?"  From then on is a blur.  I remember screaming and biting and flashes of red and gold.  A pale hand reaching for my ear.  Another lone scream, I think it might have been my own, and three small metallic clinks.  Like the sound of nails hitting wood.

A sob escaped from my lips as I looked down at my blood stained hands and I again wondered where you were.  I don't know why I thought that.  I knew exactly where you were.  You were sleeping…very deeply…in bed.  Right where I had left you.

I looked up and screamed at the sky as the rain tried to beat me to the ground. 

The Three Aspects had already given me punishment once before.  I highly doubted they would go easy on a repeat offender.

You had done it again. You had made me angry.  For the last time.

As I tried, screaming, to drown myself in the rain, some sick, sadistic part of my mind wondered what the penalty was for killing a Sanzo priest.




And another sick part of me hoped it was death.

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