Summer Heat

- Author : Sashiko (
- Pairing(s) : Sanzo/Goku
- Rating : NC-17
- Summary or description : Pre-journey smut. Goku has needs that consume him, and Sanzo has given up on trying to pretend that he doesn't want this either.


"Do you have any idea how hot it is

"Do you have any idea how hot it is?" Sanzo's low, raspy voice broke the harmonious monotony of the two's panting. "I was already covered in sweat earlier; you're just making things worse." His empty complaints fell on deaf ears.

"Stop being so grumpy all of the time, 'specially when you're havin' fun," Goku breathed into Sanzo's ear ever so softly.

"Who said I was having fun?" Sanzo bluffed as his eyes fell closed.

"Hmm? Your body did," Goku hummed softly into the crook of Sanzo's neck as he slid his tongue along Sanzo's collar bone.

"Do you have any idea how stupid that sounded?" Sanzo's grip on Goku's hair tightened.

Goku laughed faintly as he ran his fingers over the taught muscles and moist skin of Sanzo's abdomen just under his black shirt.


It was still the middle of the day, the sun was beaming through the window behind them. It was the middle of a sweltering hot summer day, to be precise. Goku had strolled leisurely into Sanzo's office without paying mind to the fact that Sanzo was attempting to work. When Sanzo had asked him what he wanted without even taking his eyes off the scroll he had in his hands, Goku got annoyed. He marched up to Sanzo in his usual loud and graceless way, grabbed the scroll out of Sanzo's hands, and rotated the chair Sanzo sat in to make the blonde face him. Sanzo's robes were untied and hung limply around his waist, his sleeves were peeled off and were lying haphazardly on the desk, and his short hair was sticking to his forehead and cheeks as if he had just finished showering. It was a very, very hot day after all. Ignoring the loud plethora of complaints, Goku set the scroll he had snatched away onto the desk and climbed up on top of the chair, nestling his smaller frame on Sanzo's lap. Goku himself was only wearing a pair of cream colored cargo shorts that went down to his knees, and his long hair had been clipped up to keep his back cool.

It had only been moments before Sanzo's anger dwindled down to annoyance, and even less time for annoyance to give way to arousal. It had merely been a week since he had given into lust the first time, and this was already the fourth time Goku had managed to drive him to this point. Goku had always been the type to go after what he wanted, not caring what others thought or if it was supposed to be embarrassing. And it was that invigorating freedom that tipped Sanzo over the edge last week. And when Goku had leaned forward to shorten the distance between their bodies, Sanzo found himself already falling off that edge again when he leaned forward himself, capturing Goku's lips with his own.


"I still have work to do," Sanzo huffed as his fingers fiddled with the barrette in Goku's hair. Despite his protesting, he didn't make a single movement to remove Goku from his lap.

"You're always working, Saaanzo," Goku whined, frustration evident in his voice. He wiggled around in Sanzo's lap, eager to create any form of contact he could.

"That's because I have a job, not that you have any idea what work is."

"Yeah yeah," Goku's fingers curled under the smooth fabric of Sanzo's shirt and pulled it up, bunching it up on Sanzo's chest. Sanzo relented and raised his arms up, letting Goku pull the shirt off over his head. Goku tossed it onto the ground behind and returned his touch to Sanzo's flesh. Nimble fingers scanned over his skin, tracing over rib bones and muscles. "You're still not stoppin' me." He smiled then, annoying Sanzo to no end.

Sanzo grabbed onto the belt loops of Goku's shorts and pulled the boy closer, pressing their bodies together. Sanzo opted to not bother responding, because there was no point in pretending he wasn't as interested as Goku was. This kid, who had only been staying with him for a couple of years now, had managed to completely break through all of his internal barriers and become everything to him. He ran his finger along Goku's spine, eliciting both a shiver and a throaty groan out of Goku. And when he raised his hips just barely, Goku practically ripped Sanzo's hair out.

Goku sighed as his head fell back, his eyelids fluttered shut and his lips parted. It was like this each time; Goku became completely engulfed into the smallest of sensations and the rest of the world didn't matter. All he cared about was feeling as good as possible, right then and there. He would turn into a being completely driven by lust. His hands trailed up over Sanzo's chest, curled around his neck, and combed through his blonde hair.

Sanzo attacked the open flesh of Goku's neck, nipping and teasing along his throat, causing Goku to gasp for air. He moved lower and lower, his lips and teeth marring his skin, leaving small, red dots along the path south. Goku leaned back, Sanzo firmly holding him up with his hands on his back, granting him access to more of skin.

Goku's hands in Sanzo's hair applied pressure, imploring the monk to go lower. When Sanzo, instead of going lower, raised his head, Goku arched his hips, practically begging him. "Sanzooo," he whined. "I can't… nhh, I can't take it anymore."

"Already? You're so impatient." Sanzo huffed as he pulled Goku back upright.

Goku opened his eyes just barely and looked up to Sanzo. His eyes were glossed over and he looked like he was miles away. His skin was two shades redder than usual, and his body felt like it could catch on fire at any moment.

Goku looked completely intoxicated, and Sanzo felt like he was getting drunk just by touching his body. The first time Goku had come to him like this, he futilely struggled to ignore the rising heat in his own body. But now, after three times already this week, it was a mute point. He lost to this boy, and he stopped caring already. He slithered his hands around from behind Goku to the front and undid the button on Goku's shorts. Without any instruction, Goku rose up onto his knees and kicked the shorts off of his legs. He had on now a small pair of boxers with cherry pattern plastered all over it. Sanzo's mind lingered on the irony of the boxers for a moment and he stifled a small chuckle.

Goku, who was still up on his knees, put his hands on Sanzo's shoulders and pushed him backwards. The chair reclined underneath them, and Sanzo found himself with an eager Goku on top of him. Goku dipped down and roughly smashed his lips against Sanzo's. The kiss was heated and sloppy as Goku frantically pleaded for Sanzo to hurry things along. His tongue darted past lips and teeth, sliding over Sanzo's tongue and curling up to taste the roof of his mouth.

Sanzo had to reach up and pry Goku off of his mouth in order to breathe. After a few heavy breaths, Sanzo licked his lips and looked up at Goku. "Calm down, you're not going to get anywhere rushing everything."

A frustrated pout took over Goku's features and he whimpered. He rolled his hips over Sanzo's; a friendly reminder to Sanzo of his own need. The sensation caused Sanzo to clamp his eyes shut and choke back a groan. When his grip on Goku's shoulders loosened from the distraction, Goku raised himself up onto his knees again and reached down, undoing Sanzo's jeans. In reluctant compliance, Sanzo raised his body enough for Goku to pull Sanzo's jeans off, letting them land somewhere else in the room.

Goku then inched back up Sanzo's body like a rising current; his hands slowly crawling up his skin and his body following suit. He seemed to be soaking in Sanzo, drinking in every last inch of his skin as if he were dying of thirst. Even being on top of the man, Goku was still too short to meet Sanzo eye to eye. Sanzo cupped firm hands around Goku's ass, lifting him a few inches to sneak another taste of his lips before he would lose this ability. He learned quickly to avoid Goku's mouth in the thralls of sex; those teeth are painful.

When Sanzo ran a single digit over the puckered flesh of Goku's entrance, the boy purred low in his throat. Every last bit of his body was still sensitive from their previous night, and his body granted access to Sanzo's fingers immediately as they slowly penetrated that small pink ring. He voicelessly yelped out and clung to Sanzo's neck, torn between the awkward pain and the growing pleasure. He writhed there on top of Sanzo's body, rocking his hips back and forth, manually forcing Sanzo's speed to quicken. His patience was long gone out the window, and just barely after Sanzo had inserted a second finger, Goku's moans turned into pleading whines. "Hurry up… Please…" Goku's voice sounded two octaves lower than usual, and had an air about it that Sanzo was still not used to.

Acting on an almost animalistic instinct, the second Sanzo's fingers pulled back out, Goku's body pulled up and he had positioned himself above Sanzo's aching, neglected cock. Sanzo sat up in the chair, pinned between the impossible warmth of Goku and the sticky leather.

Their eyes met, a silent conversation floating in the air, swirling around them, saying a million things without saying a word. Goku thought he could come right then and there, staring into those eyes that were usually so cold and pointed but were now soft and vibrant. They remained silent other than their synchronized panting for several seconds before Goku slowly lowered himself onto Sanzo.

The moment Sanzo's cock broke through that tight ring of muscle, they both clamped their eyes shut and gasped for air. Both the feeling of something entering the body, and the feeling of pushing inside of someone else sent both of the men reeling down a roller coaster. When Goku had fully sheathed himself on top of Sanzo, he froze, breathing through the overwhelming sensations. Sanzo left a hand around Goku's ass while the other hand traveled north quickly to Goku's hair to have something else to hold onto the boy.

The barrette had to go though. He undid the clasp and pulled it out of the boy's hair. Goku's hair fell all over his back and shoulders, sticking to the trails of sweat that rolled down that bronzed skin. Sanzo was just about the chuck the hair piece over Goku's shoulder, when a small flash of Hakkai popped up in his head, and he imagined the creepy way Hakkai would smile at him while lecturing him for breaking Goku's things. A small shiver crept over his skin as he placed the hair pin down on the top of the desk delicately.

"Sanzo?" Goku asked breathily as he opened one eye to look at him, wondering why Sanzo had suddenly tensed and shuttered.

"Nothing," Sanzo replied matter-of-factly, returning his attention to Goku. He arched his hips just barely, testing the waters. Goku's eye shut instantly and his mouth fell open, a slow whimper pouring out of his throat. Goku's small hands, which were pressed against Sanzo's chest, were all that was keeping him from crumpling over. Sanzo raised his hips once more, this time with more force, and Goku's head was thrown back as he barked out a loud moan.

By now, four times in one week, the other monks had stopped coming to Sanzo's room when they heard such sounds. After walking in on a scene that would probably scar them for the rest of their lives, they knew to avoid Sanzo's office and bedroom. Plus, a bullet flying by just two inches from their heads was incentive enough to give Sanzo his privacy as well.

"Are you just going to sit there all night?" Sanzo growled out his rhetorical question and followed it up by snaking his hand around from Goku's ass to his dick. Goku bit down on his lip and his eyes squeezed tight. "Move already." Sanzo commanded as he applied pressure to Goku's need that hovered just under painful.

Goku's head fell forward, resting on Sanzo's chest. Then, with his knees, he slowly raised his body upwards. Sanzo's fingers curled around Goku's hair and his eyes fluttered shut. Goku rose up until he was nearly off of Sanzo, and then slid back down. The room echoed with their simultaneous groans, Goku's far louder than Sanzo's. Goku lifted up again and Sanzo's head fell back against the chair.

Goku set his own pace, eager and needy in his movements. His fingers dully pressed small bruises into Sanzo's chest, and his cornet dug into his collar bone. This position wasn't working for Sanzo. Goku was rushing things too much, he couldn't move much, and the damned leather from the chair was really irritating his skin. The next time Goku moved up, Sanzo took him off guard and pulled him up all the way off of him. Goku growled hoarsely at Sanzo, who simply ignored him. Sanzo then stood up, forcing Goku to get up in the process. He then grabbed the confused boy by the back of his head and turned him around and forced him to lean over the desk.

"Wh-what're you doing!?" Goku shouted in shock as his face was smashed into the wood of the desk. All confusion disappeared the moment Sanzo forced Goku's legs apart with his knee. Goku twisted his hips, raising his ass farther into the air, silently beckoning Sanzo to hurry up.

With his other hand, Sanzo clutched Goku's ass, spreading his cheeks to grant his access once more. He then thrusted deep back inside of Goku, slamming him into the desk. Goku's eyes screwed shut and he nearly screamed out in pleasure. Goku's arms were too short to reach the other end of the desk, so he clung to whatever his hands could find. One hand fisted Sanzo's robes that had been draped over the desk, the other crumpled up a few sheets of paper.

After all of this was over, Sanzo made a mental note to smack Goku for ruining his paperwork.

Now with the control of the tempo, Sanzo set a more thorough, long-term pace with his thrusts. He let up on Goku's head and leaned over the body beneath him, his head dangling over Goku's back. He reached under the table and found Goku's dripping cock. He swiped a few beads of the precome up with his thumb, spread over his member, and then curled his fingers around it. He matched the pace his hips made with his hand. He could tell Goku was nearing completion; he was no longer moaning and calling out Sanzo's name, but screaming out over and over again every time Sanzo slammed back inside of him. Not that he was a wall of composure either, he was covered in sweat, he couldn't stop his own moans, and he couldn't even stand up right anymore, his body enveloping over Goku's.

Sanzo could hear Goku's limiter scraping along the wood and he just knew that his desk was ruined.

Goku was completely in another world. They weren't in China, they weren't in the temple, they weren't in Sanzo's office, and they weren't fucking on top of Sanzo's desk. All that existed right now was the feeling of Sanzo inside of him, his heart pounding in his ears, his throat drying and starting to hurt from his loud moans, and Sanzo's hand drawing him to the edge.

Sanzo's hand, and the floor as well, was now covered in hot, sticky come when Goku reached his orgasm in a flurry of muscle tension and body shutters.

This was Goku's favorite part. Even during his own orgasm, he was still feeling such intense pleasure as Sanzo continued to thrust in and out of him, ever faster and deeper. It was so much sensation at once that he felt like he could die from this, that his heart was just give out. It was several long moments before Goku's head unclouded and he came back down to earth, where he was still having sex. He tried to swallow, to soothe his burning throat, but his own moans wouldn't give him the chance.

Sanzo grabbed Goku's hips and pulled him backwards, leaving only his arms left on the desk. He pulled Goku's body upwards at an angle, Goku's back looking more like a noodle than a spine. He held onto Goku with one hand on his shoulder and the other looped around his stomach. His thrusts became quick and he struggled to keep himself from choking on his own moans. It was when Goku moved his hips back, adding his own strength to the drive that Sanzo lost. His head fell back and moaned wantonly as he came deep inside of Goku. He delved a few more times, riding out his orgasm before falling still, mentally dead to the world.

Goosebumps spread all over Goku's skin as he felt the warm liquid so deep inside of him. The warmth reminded him of when he would step into a perfectly hot bath, and he felt like he could pass out there in the arms of Sanzo. When Sanzo stepped back and pulled out of him, he couldn't help but feel somewhat disappointed. He fell to his knees in front of the desk, his legs giving out from under him. Sanzo collapsed as well down onto his chair, panting and trying to catch his breath.

A few minutes of silence passed before Sanzo moved to grab his pack of cigarettes. Goku had fallen down all the way onto the floor, lying down on his back under the desk. He looked up at Sanzo when he heard the familiar sound of the lighter flicking on. He watched in a dazed state as Sanzo took a long drag of his cigarette, looking as if it was his first breath of air in a long time. Sanzo then rolled the chair closer to the desk, ignoring the fact that Goku was under it, and, while still naked and sticky, went back to his paperwork.

"You're going back to work?" Goku asked with confusion evident in his voice.

"I told you, I have work to do. If you're going to stay down there, be quiet and let me work."

Goku smiled, loving the way Sanzo would talk to him. To an outsider, Sanzo would seem crass, but Goku knew the small implications in the way Sanzo would talk to him and only him, and it always made his heart sing. He pushed himself up onto his butt and crawled towards Sanzo's legs. He wedged himself between Sanzo's knees and then proceeded to use Sanzo's lap as a pillow, his arms folded underneath his head. A few moments later, Sanzo's fingers were combing through his hair gently.

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