Mental Invasion

- Author : Sashiko (
- Pairing(s) : Sanzo/Goku
- Rating : NC-17
- Summary or description : What if Goku honed the ability to call out to Sanzo in his mind? What if Goku used this ability to get what he truly wants?


It didn't start this way. In the beginning, things were easier to deal with. It's only gotten worse and worse over the years. It started off as a disembodied calling. It wasn't even my name that was being called, just a hollow beckoning. As the time progressed, my name was thrown into the call. Even after I found him, it didn't stop. In fact, it has only gotten worse. I could tolerate the calling, hell, I would beg for it to be just calling again. But as time has continued on, the connection only deepened, and now I can actually hear his thoughts. I can't help but think he's doing it deliberately, because I only hear certain thoughts. And recently, things have gotten out of hand.

Hey, Sanzo!

"What?" I had said with my eyes still shut. I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of looking at him when he had been bugging me all day.

"Hmm? What was that Sanzo?" Hakkai had said in response, and I opened my eyes. He was looking over at with that obnoxious look of confusion. I looked back behind me, and neither of the two morons were looking at me. "No one said anything, Sanzo."

I looked back to my left into the mirror on the side of Jeep. There he was, staring back at me, with a sinister looking grin. Figures. I sighed and closed my eyes again. He had only recently realized that he could talk to me like this, and he had been abusing it. I just wish I could put cue tips into my ears and shut that annoying voice up.


I remain still. I'm just going to ignore him now. If he wants to play this stupid child's game, he won't get any satisfaction from me playing along. I fished through my robes until I found my Marlboro pack and my lighter, and lit a cigarette. I was now prepared for a day long coup, and I was not going to break and respond to him.

Come on Sanzo, I know you can hear me…

I focus on the sounds of Jeep's motor and the wind whizzing through my hair. I can also hear the sound of Gojyo falling asleep in the back seat. For the first time in my life, I actually wished he was awake. That way, they could bother each other and I would be left alone.

Fine, don't respond. I'll just talk to you.


Can we share a room at the next inn we reach?

What the hell? Sure, we usually do if there aren't enough rooms, but if I can get my own room, I have no intention on sharing it with his insufferable ass.

Ha, I heard that, Sanzo.

Shit. Recently, he's been spying on my thoughts. I no longer have privacy anymore. Before, if I meditated, I was capable of blocking it all out, but he seems to have surpassed my own abilities now. I let my eyes open just to a thin slit to look through the mirror. I raised an eyebrow to inform him I'm listening. That bastard smiled as if he won.

I need to talk to you about something.

I couldn't help but role my eyes and sigh. Isn't he talking right now? How pointless.

I need to talk you alone. Without Gojyo or Hakkai there, and you have to listen to me.

Che, have to? Like hell I have to do anything you say. It doesn't usually take long before I found myself actually responding to him in my own mind. It's quite maddening.

Just, please, Sanzo? It's really important.

Yup, there it is. Those god damned eyes. I've never once won against those things. I sighed, closed my eyes, and rested my head against the chair again. I give up. I could practically feel his smile through the chair.

We had made it to the next town before night fall. It was, truthfully, a relief. We had all been stuck camping out for several nights in a row, and we had run out of food a day and a half ago. After I had paid for two rooms at the first inn we found, we all went our different ways. I headed upstairs to shower, and the others had mentioned food, supplies, and booze. There is nothing I want more than a shower after being stuck on the road. I need to wash away the heat, the dirt, the blood, and this pestering feeling. I hate that he feels he can invade my mind like this. I can't stand it, and it's got to stop. I'll make sure he understands that tonight when he comes to the room. After I was adequately clean, I remained under the showerhead, letting the heat engulf me and bring me to a state of relaxation.

Are you still at the inn?

I slipped and fell in the shower. He had been quiet for a few hours now, and he suddenly spoke up out of nowhere. It startled me enough to actually cause me to slip. For fuck's sake, knock this shit off! I pulled myself up off of the tile and turned off the shower. I had barely begun drying myself off before he started his mental attacks. Not only had he discovered how to talk to me this way, but he found a way to send his thoughts. He'd only started doing this since the last town we left. Ever since then, he's been walking a very thin line. One of these days, I'm going to snap.


DAMN! I GET IT!! SHUT UP! What the hell do you want? This is truly the worst type of invasion in the history of mankind. Having a telepathic conversation with the person that drives me most insane on this planet while I comb my hair must be punishment for something. I can't even think in peace anymore. I must have really fucked up in a previous life.

You're still going to listen to me tonight, right?

I'm this close to killing you, just shut the fuck up already. Like I have any choice anymore. I had resigned to the idea of just relaxing at the inn for the remainder of the evening. Hakkai said he was going to cook once he returned with supplies, and he also was picking up some cigarettes for me. I had no reason to leave, and it was the closest to peace I could get.

After a few hours of reading the newspaper and chain smoking in the common room, my quiet was interrupted again by all three returning. They were carrying grocery bags and talking loudly, as usual. Hakkai disappeared again into the inn's makeshift kitchen, Gojyo sat down across from me at the table, and Goku was running around, doing something moronic, I'm sure.

"Hey Priesty, don't you ever get bored just sitting around," Gojyo started saying from behind his cigarette, slurring his words. He already smelled like alcohol. "I mean, don't you ever want to get out and actually do something?"

"Hn." I couldn't be bothered to give him a proper response. He always felt the need to poke at my lifestyle. Like I care what he thinks in the first place. I flip the page in the newspaper and do my best to ignore him.

"Pff, booooring." He lit his own cigarette and shortly after, he tackled the roaming around monkey. "Hey monkey, why is little Cherry-chan over here so boring?"

Fucking asshole. What an absurd nickname.

"Don't call me a monkey! And he's not boring, you just get bored easily!" I could see around the edge of my newspaper that Goku was in Gojyo's face, ready to fight over another foolish debate.

After what felt like an eternity of those two morons arguing and fighting like children, Hakkai finally walked back into the room carrying a large pot. Like ants with five second attention spans, the other two immediately dropped their argument and rushed the food. Hakkai had plated the food for me and set it down in front of me. I have yet to decide if his motherly nature is acceptable or annoying to me.

The rest of the night, things remained quiet. It would seem food and mahjong is all the brat needs to leave me alone. It was nearly midnight when I had decided to call it a night. Gojyo had made some comment about how I'm an old man, or something like that, I've stopped listening to his comments ages ago. I made my way upstairs and headed into my room for the night. Only a matter of seconds later, Goku bounded in behind me like a buffoon.

"Ah, sorry! I still need to take a shower, so I'll take one now so I don't keep you awake," Goku had said with a huge grin and then scampered into the bathroom that was attached to our room. This was fine by me; I can never fall asleep quickly as it is.

I took off my robes, rolled up the sutra, set my gun and cigarettes on the table between the two beds, and removed my sleeves. I didn't have the patience to change into anything more comfortable. I crawled into the bed on the left wall. Even if it was uncomfortable, it was heaven compared to Jeep's seat after so many nights in a row. Besides the inability to fully lie down, we were all hungry, dirty, and exhausted. This inn is a god send. I leaned back against the bed's frame in a half sitting up position, with my legs crossed over each and my arms behind my head. I used my hands to try to crack my neck. I don't think even the most skilled masseuse could fix my back after this week.

I was very close to drifting to sleep when Goku finally emerged from the bathroom. He walked out into our room just wearing a pair of boxers and a small towel draped over his dripping hair. He also had his tooth brush sticking out of his mouth. He was still brushing his teeth as he walked over to his duffel bag and fished around inside. He found a pair of finger nail clippers and then went back to the bathroom. He must've noticed I was watching him, because on his way back, he turned around and smiled, showing all of the toothpaste foam in his mouth. Disgusting. When he went back into the bathroom, he finished up brushing his teeth, and then began trimming his nails.

"Hey, idiotic monkey, hurry the hell up and say what you were going to say. I'd like to go to sleep, already!" I had had enough of waiting for him. From what I could see, he was now brushing his hair, which he hardly ever does.

"Almost done, hang on!"

"You're just going to sleep, damnit, not going to the prom. If you don't get out here in the next five seconds, I'm not going to listen to whatever this important matter is," I had said followed by a yawn. I really, really needed sleep. I lit a cigarette to force myself to stay awake. I don't want to be bothered again tomorrow about whatever the hell he wants to say.

Goku frantically burst out of the bathroom and ended up standing a few feet from my bed. He wouldn't look directly at me, which is the very opposite of his usual tactic of staring directly at me at all times. He was staring at the ground, and I could swear his face was red.

Just then, a wave of heat and a shade of red hit my own face. I began choking on the smoke that was still in my lungs. I couldn't believe what this idiot just did to me. It was like a movie clip played out in my head, but the scene was something all made up in his mind. It was a blur of flesh and bed sheets, a blur of blonde and brown hair, a blur of him and me in bed. It lasted for only about two seconds, but there was no mistake that this image was of us. I looked over at Goku again, and saw that his face was bright red. There was absolutely no way he was doing this on accident. "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?" I started getting angry.

Instead of responding, he did it again. This time the scene was far more graphic, and lasted for several seconds. Goku was on his back, his arms around my neck, and his head thrown back. He had his legs hooked around my waste as my body slowly dipped down onto his. I could hear a muffled whimper and a grunt as my hand covered his mouth. The scene stopped playing in my head when I threw my pillow hard at Goku's head. He fell back and landed on his ass on the floor. He must've been concentrating. Idiot.

That was a mistake, thinking that. Goku took that as a challenge. He closed his eyes and took a heavy breath, and before I knew it, my head was flooded with another scene. The scene wasn't as intense as the previous two, but it flooded my mind and made it impossible for me to think of anything else. I was in what looked like my office in Chang'An, and Goku had me pinned to the wall, running his tongue along my collar bone. My mind was completely engulfed in this image. I could feel my body's core temperature rise and even my breathing slightly sped up. Everything became all too real, as I could actually feel the wet of his tongue on my skin and the warmth of his breath as it made its way across my neck. Then an unexpected sound jolted me from the scene, I heard the creek of the bed's springs beneath me. I opened my eyes to see that the reason why I was beginning to feel the scene was because Goku had crawled onto the bed and was licking my collar bone. Instinctively, I moved to throw Goku off of me. He flew off of the bed and landed on the ground again. I was now really pissed. Despite that, my face was as red as his now.

"WHAT THE FUCK, GOKU? WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?!" I yelled far louder than I should have. The last thing I need is for people to walk in. I lowered my voice to a low growl. "Do you even know what the hell you are doing?"

"Of course I know! I'm not a kid anymore, Sanzo!" Goku looked like he was moments away from tears. "And, well…" His eyes strayed away from mine and stared at the ground again. "I've wanted to do this stuff with you for awhile now." His voice was low and sheepish now. "And I figured that, with this mind stuff, I could convince you to try it."

"That's it!" I've officially had enough of this stupid game. "If you don't stop this stupid bull shit of getting into my head, I will personally make your life a living hell!" This really all started less than a month ago. His voice was gaining more of a comprehensible pattern in my mind, and I was doing my best to ignore it. Then one day, on the road, I couldn't take it anymore, and I yelled at him to stop talking to me. From then on, he started trying to figure out exactly how I could hear his thoughts, and, apparently, along the way, he mastered the ability.

"Eh? But Sanzo! It's something special for just us!" He pulled out the big guns, his eyes with tears welling up and clinging to his eye lashes.

Nope, not giving in that easily. "I don't want there to be anything special between us, idiot! I'm serious here, what I think about is private and you have no right to invade my mind."

"But-," Goku's voice started cracking.

"But nothing. If you have something to tell me, say it out loud like a normal person. Stop listening to my thoughts, and don't invade my mind with your asinine thoughts. Why don't you just say whatever the hell you're trying to pull here?"

"Because you won't tell me the truth even if I did ask you! You always act like you hate me, but I know you don't. Why can't you be more honest with me?" Even through teary eyes, he had a very determined look on his face.

"Honest with you? Ha! There's nothing to be 'honest' about, moron!"

Those large, watery golden eyes lowered to slits as his demeanor changed from hurt to anger. Fine then, I'll just make you more honest. He closed his eyes and forced his way into my mind again. It forced my eyes shut as it nearly seemed as if I were thrown into the world of my mind. It seemed like a continuation of the last image. Goku was making a warm trail of kisses up from my collar bone to my neck. He was standing on his toes and I had my hands around his waste helping him keep his balance. A soft little whimper escaped Goku's throat as he lightly bit down on my neck. My own breathing hitched at the contact and my hands tugged at Goku's shirt. I could feel the bite on my neck in reality, but I couldn't bring myself to pull away this time. My mind was whirling around, trapped between the images Goku was sending to my mind, and the sensations he was actually giving me.

"E-enough… Stop it" I was pissed off at myself for how weak my voice sounded. I was far more pissed off at my body for its growing arousal.

I didn't get an answer from him, just an upgrade. Goku was writhing beneath me and panting hard. We were both covered in sweat, and the air was filled with a slurry of moans, pants, and grunts. It was intoxicating. While sending my mind where he pleased, Goku made his way up my neck with small nips and kisses. He ran his tongue lightly along my jaw line and playfully nipped at my ear. I couldn't take it anymore. I reached out my arm and grabbed Goku by the throat, slamming him backwards onto the bed as I hovered over him. This was enough of a surprise, apparently, to stop his mental barrage. He looked up at me with panic, probably expecting me to start strangling him, though my grip on his throat was not against his wind pipe. I half expected myself to strangle him as well. I can't really tell you why, but I had reached my limit. I could explode. I couldn't think clearly. I could barely breathe. Before I knew it, I had dipped my head down and bit at Goku's bottom lip. A whimper that sounded like a combination of confusion and pleasure caught in Goku's throat. I could feel him swallow hard as he began to panic. I removed my hand from his throat and slid it upwards to grab both of his small wrists, pinning them above his head. My other hand ran through his still wet hair and pulled lightly. My body dipped down, leaving just a few centimeters between us. I ran my tongue over his lip where I bit him and then ran it over his top lip.

He didn't respond, he didn't move, he didn't do anything. He just laid there, underneath me, frozen. He must've had all of this planned out and never expected me to comply. Hell, I didn't expect myself to comply either. I was at my wits end, and if he intends to lie there and panic, I might as well just shoot him between the eyes now and save myself the embarrassment. I was already hating myself for giving in to such childish tactics. I was hating myself for succumbing to such a useless desire. I was hating myself for not just beating him to a state of unconsciousness and going to sleep myself. I really was hating myself for-

All of these thoughts left my mind immediately as the smaller frame beneath me arched up and brushed against me. From that point on, I no longer had a single coherent thought outside of the here and now. Just like I couldn't win against his stupid eyes, I couldn't win against his heat either. I couldn't hold back the growl in my throat as I dipped down again, grinding down into him. I could hear his intoxicating moan, and I knew if I heard more, I'd lose all control. I covered his mouth with my own. At first he didn't respond again, as if he was still testing the waters. But once I slid my tongue over his lips, he obeyed and opened his mouth. This kiss started off timid; him not quite knowing what to do, and I blindly diving in. But within time, he started responding. His tongue slid over mine. I was doomed. This was all too much.

Ah, he used my toothpaste, I taste green tea. I couldn't even be bothered to be annoyed with that. As his confidence grew, he arched up into me again, and I felt my body respond by grinding back down. I didn't tell my body to do this, it was doing this on it's on. I wanted this more than I was willing to admit. Goku rolled his head back and broke the kiss. He was gasping for air and choking on his small moans. I let my head dip down and dangle over his neck. I removed my hand from his tangle mess of hair and ran it over his abdomen. I began at his chest just below his throat, and slowly made my way down. Even after several years of seeing this body of his in every possible way, I couldn't get enough of it. I was soaking in his skin through my fingertips like oxygen. The feel of his still moist skin, the slight roll of his muscles as he continues to rock his hips, the goose bumps that followed my fingers like a trail of bread crumbs… All of this was overwhelming my brain, and I needed more. I trailed my hand down further and toyed with the elastic of his boxers. I moved my head slightly to the side and ran my tongue over his neck. I felt a tad bit victorious when Goku finally let out a full moan. I bit down lightly on his skin right at the moment I slipped my hand under the elastic band. I heard his breathing hitch and all of his muscles tense. I raised my head to see his reaction, which appeared to be pure panic. I couldn't help but smile. The second I made contact with my hand, his eyes clamped shut, his head slammed into the bed below, and he hissed through his gritted teeth. His arms were now struggling, trying to loosen themselves from my grip.

"Nn, Sa-Sanzo. Please. Let go of my hands," his words were broken up between his panting and his voice was pleading. After he said this, I flicked my wrist around his erection. He practically screamed. I removed my hands from his wrists, but only to cover his mouth. I rested my body weight on my elbow, and kept my hand firmly over his mouth. The last thing I needed was to have someone bust in on this situation. I flicked my wrist and slowly moved my hand up. Goku's arms reached out for me as if he needed a lifeline. One hand found my shoulder and was digging short nails into my skin, and the other was holding onto a belt loop on my jeans. It was right about then that I was starting to loathe clothing all together. After a few more playful pumps, I removed my hands from him and sat up right. The moment I broke the contact, Goku snarled at me like an animal.

As I sat up right, reality flooded my brain. Here I was, in a random, dirty inn, on top of this brat, making him moan. "Second thoughts" isn't a phrase I would use, more like utter panic. I had lost control, and I knew I was going to regret it. My mind started buzzing around various ways to get out of this predicament, but my mind got forcibly shut down again when his hand reached up and touched my cheek.

"Sanzo…" His voice was completely different from what I've ever heard before. It was full of longing, and need, and lust. There was no turning back now. I wanted this, and it was going to happen. I made quick work of removing my shirt and undoing the button on my jeans, sliding them down, kicking them off and sending them to the floor. Without saying anything, Goku had wriggled out of his boxers as well. He was lying there, panting, fully exposed, and red. If this was some sort of test of my self control, I clearly failed.

I put my right hand on his knee and moved his leg up. I then planted my left hand onto the bed and leaned forward. I slid my right hand over his upper thigh slowly and made my way back to his freed erection. Goku raised his arms and covered his own mouth this time, muffling his whimpers and moans. I needed to hear more. I made a trail of playful nips along his abdomen as I made my way down. I then ceased my hand's movements and replaced it with my tongue as I ran it over the head. As if a magnet was clicked on, one of Goku's arms shot down and grabbed at my hair. I circled his head with my tongue, lavishing in the way his hips were bucking. I closed my mouth over his cock and took in the first few inches into my mouth. My hand was still firmly gripped around the base as I my mouth began to rise and fall around it. The only sound I could hear now was the sound of Goku moaning. I stopped caring about the volume level. I wanted to hear him scream. I lifted my other free arm and ran it up his side. I forced my finger into his mouth and he responded, sucking it into his mouth. He played with my finger with his tongue. It was cruel torture. I slipped the finger back out. I moved my arm down again and found his opening. I felt his grip tighten on my hair as I teased it.

"Ah, nnnn. Sanzo, wait!" I wasn't going to listen to this. I slid my finger inside and reveled in the way his whole body lifted off of the bed. I made slow insertions while I continued distracting him with my mouth. It took very little time before I was able to slip a second finger inside, and even less time before a third finger.

Goku tugged hard on my hair, pulling my head up. He looked down at me, his eyes were glazed over and determined. "Please, Sanzo… I can't take it anymore." I didn't need to hear anymore. I crawled up until I was hovering over him. I lifted his knees up and got myself into position. When my own cock made contact, Goku lowered his hips. "Hurry up, Sanzo!" I slowly pushed my way inside. Goku let out a small yelp under me as he wrapped his arms around my neck. Once I was all the way inside of him, my body was shuddering. The sensation was intense and it was difficult to control myself. I slowly began thrusting into him. I let my head hang limply and I found myself biting back my own moans. We were both covered in a sheen of sweat now as the pace picked up. One of Goku's hands lowered to my back and his nails dug into my skin. I balanced my weight on one hand and lifted the other one and brought it to Goku's neglected cock. I began pumping at the same speed that I was thrusting inside of him. I couldn't make out words in my mind anymore. If Goku was saying anything, all it sounded like was white noise to me. My head was foggy and my ears weren't willing to accept sound. The pace quickened, the moans grew louder, and we both met our orgasm one after the other.

I collapsed on top of him and remained there, panting, until my heart rate slowed down. My throat was burning, my legs were weak, my skin was sticky, and my heart felt like it was going to burst out of my chest. I had intended to get up and leave as soon as I could, but instead, he and I fell asleep there on the bed.

I woke up when the sunlight starting bursting through the window next to the bed. I felt like hell. I reached my hand up to grab the pillow to cover my eyes, but instead I found a mess of hair. I opened my eyes as the memories of the previous night came flooding back to me. I sat up right and just stared at the naked mess that was lying next to me.

Nn, good morning, Sanzo. He said this cheerfully in my head without opening either his eyes nor his mouth. Is it time for breakfast? He had cocky smile on his face that needed to go. I grabbed the pillow and smashed it on top of his face, smothering him.

"Didn't I tell you yesterday to stop doing that? If you have something to say, use your god damned voice!" I pressed the pillow down onto his face harder. He started struggling underneath it, making various muffled sounds. I lifted the pillow and he gasped for air.

"What was that for?" He shouted at me as he sat up right.

"I told you already. Every time you think you can manipulate my mind like this, I'm going to make you regret it."

He stretched his arms over his head and yawned. He then relaxed and smiled from ear to ear. "But it worked, right?"

Oh I hated him so much right then, that cocky attitude. I glared at him as I spoke. "I'm telling you now, if you think you'll get away with those mind tricks again, you're sadly mistaken."

"Then be more honest with me! I always knew how you felt, Sanzo! I can hear your thoughts too!" His face flushed again as he looked down at the bed sheets. Even after everything that had happened the previous night, he still looked like he was defeated.

Damnit. I hate this. I sighed as I rubbed the bridge of my nose between my fingers. "Whatever, just play fair next time." I really hate this.

His stupid eyes got watery again after I said this. "Then… Then there will be a next time?" There is no way I'm answering that flat out right. But that seemed enough for him. A stray tear fell down his cheek.

"Idiot." I crawled off of the bed, found my pants, and slipped them back on. I walked into the bathroom and began my standard morning routine. From behind my toothbrush, I turned back to look into the room at Goku who seemed to be day dreaming already. "If you don't clean up right now, I'm not letting you have breakfast!" He shot out of that bed like a firework. I guess I really don't hate this.

Hee hee!

I slammed a towel in his face and it made him fly back against the bathroom wall. "I told you stop that!"

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