- Author : Sashiko (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1518849/)
- Pairing(s) : Hakkai/Gojyo
- Rating : NC-17
- Summary or description : Shortly after the Chin Yisou arc, Hakkai still finds himself brooding when he's alone. Gojyo gets pissed and confesses his feelings, makes a decision that, in hind site, wasn't too smart.


Even though the sun had already set, it was unbearably hot. In this type of forest, the heat and moisture remained trapped under the canopy of trees, creating a natural sauna. The infamous Sanzo party had reached their limit of traveling for one day, and was now being forced to camp out in this insufferable oven. They had opted to just sleeping in the seats of Jeep for the night since none of them wanted to bother to do any physical labor.

"Let's gamble," Gojyo had said out of nowhere, using one of the maps as a fan.

"Gamble? On what?" Hakkai humored him from the front seat, still forcing a smile despite the sweat rolling doing his skin.

"The first person to take off his clothes to cool down loses!"

"What're the consequences?" Sanzo had said, practically growling. He was obviously already pissed off due to the heat.

"The first person strips has to be a slave to the person who holds out the longest!" Gojyo said this very matter-of-factly with his finger in the air.

"Oooh? You're on!" Goku shouted in excitement.

"Sounds interesting," Hakkai sound through his gritted smile.

"How ridiculous," Sanzo said with a sigh, his usual form of agreement.

It took less than an hour before Goku had lost the bet and had taken the majority of his clothing off; Gojyo followed shortly after. A silent battle of tolerance went back and forth between Sanzo and Hakkai, but in the end, Hakkai gave in. This, of course, pleased Goku to no end that he would get to be Sanzo's slave. Gojyo made a snide comment about how Goku already was Sanzo's slave. Time slowly slipped by, seemingly slowing down from the high temperature. After only one round of poker, they unanimously agreed to just attempt to sleep through the heat until they could head out in the morning.

The others had fallen asleep hours ago, yet Hakkai found himself still sitting up right in his seat, staring at the blackness of the forest all around them. He wasn't particularly in an optimistic mood, and this heat was just making things worse. When they had first arrived, they each set out in different directions to check their surroundings and hopefully find some food. In the process, Goku had found a small lake not far from where they had parked. Overwhelmed by the sticky heat and his weighted thoughts, the brooding youkai decided to leave the group to cool down at the lake.

It had been a month already since the group of hellions had met up and defeated Chin Yisou. Despite the general sense of relief and closure Hakkai received from killing him, again, night after night he wound up lost in thought. What he found himself lost on wasn't mournful memories of Kanan, though, and that made things even more upsetting. He felt almost like he was grateful she was gone, and that thought process was just not allowed in the mind of Cho Hakkai. It was true he was happy where he was in life now, and he was willing to admit that he was capable of moving on, but he was no where near admitting that he was happier now than he was before.

Hakkai crouched down along the bank of the water. The lake was wide enough that it caused a gap in the tree canopy above it, allowing the moonlight to cast down onto the water. The moon was brilliant, and it nearly hid all the stars in the sky. The water was barely moving, slowly rolling from the small ripples the wildlife would create. They had already tested the water earlier, and it was relatively clean and safe to drink. He removed the eye piece that rested gently on the bridge of his nose and slid it into his pocket to protect it. He then dipped his hands into the cool water, formed a shallow cup, and brought a small amount of water up to his face. He looked at his own reflection staring back at him in his hands for a moment before splashing the water onto his face. The cold rush to his skin was refreshing and aggravating at the same time. A few drops of water rolled down his cheek and fell back into the lake. He watched the ripples slowly make their way through the water, losing himself in thought again.

"Oi, I knew you weren't coming out here just to take a piss," an all too recognizable voice said from behind him. The sudden and abrupt sound had startled Hakkai out of his trance and he nearly fell into the lake. Once Hakkai had regained his balance, he turned his head around and looked up to see, of course, Gojyo standing a few feet behind him. Gojyo was only wearing a pair of pants and his hair was pulled back, while Hakkai had opted to keep at least his undershirt on.

"Ah, Gojyo. Don't sneak up on me like that," Hakkai said as he stood up right again. He ran a hand through his hair, adding some of the cool water to his hair to lower his body's temperature.

"That's second time I've been able to sneak up on you, man. What the hell is up with you this time?" Gojyo said as he took a step closer to Hakkai, stepping into the dim light of the moon. Gojyo had a sheen of sweat all over him, causing his skin to have a radiant glow about it.

Hakkai smiled his usual smile and tucked his thoughts behind closed eyes. "Nothing, really, I just couldn't sleep, so I thought I'd cool myself off in the lake."

"By yourself?"

"I believe I could handle myself if anything were to happen, Gojyo," Hakkai said through his smile still, but had now opened his eyes again. "Probably."

"You know…" Gojyo didn't bother to finish his sentence. He didn't need to.

"Thank you for your concern, Gojyo, but I'm quite all right. You can go back to sleep now." After saying this, Hakkai turned his back to Gojyo and looked towards the slow moving water again. He wanted to be alone with his thoughts. He had things he needed to work out in his mind, and he didn't like to be a burden to the others.

"Nope, not happening. When you get all sentimental like this, there's no way I could sleep." Gojyo stepped towards the water's edge and stood next to Hakkai. Several minutes of silence passed by, but it was never awkward between them. Gojyo sighed and crossed his arms over his chest. "You lost on purpose, didn't you?"

"Hmm? What are you talking about?" Hakkai queried as he looked over to Gojyo.

"The bet earlier, the bet. You lost on purpose. You let Sanzo win."

Hakkai chuckled lightly. "What are you talking about? Of course not."

"You never lose when we gamble. I didn't get it at first, but when I saw how stupidly happy the monkey looked when Sanzo won, I figured you were doing the moron a favor."

"Hm, I suppose your right." Hakkai's smile grew into what Gojyo had learned to be his true smile. He didn't get to see it very often, so Gojyo soaked the smile in.

"Ever the good Samaritan," Gojyo mocked.

"Hoh? A cultural reference? How… unlike you."

"Oh shut up, I'm not that stupid." Gojyo rolled his eyes and gave Hakkai a playful smirk.

"I would never suggest such a thing."

"Right, you'd never flat out say it…"

"How rude, Gojyo."

They looked at each other for a moment, and then shared a short laugh.

"Ahh, so why are you out here really, man?" Gojyo had said, sternly, as he looked back out to the water.

"I just needed to clear my head, that's all. You really don't need to worry so much about me, Gojyo." Hakkai let one of his arms dangle to his side and had the other across his abdomen, holding onto his shoulder. His smile had faded and his eyelids fell slowly.

Gojyo knew both that look and that tone of voice. Hakkai liked to keep things to himself too much, and in doing so, he would wind up depressing himself. "Just tell me already. You always keep quiet about these things, it's annoying." He turned his body to face Hakkai after he said this.

Hakkai lifted his hand from his shoulder and put his hand over his false eye. He sighed into his sleeve and then looked over at Gojyo. "Please, just leave me alone for the night, Gojyo."

Normally there was something in the way that Hakkai would say his name that made Gojyo melt, but this time, it only succeeded in annoying him. Even after living together for three years now, Hakkai still hid behind that smile and that attitude. Gojyo knew him the best, yet he still felt he barely knew him at all. He had succeeded at being able to tell when Hakkai's smile was genuine or not, as well as his laugh, and when his words were honest or spiteful. Even with this knowledge of Hakkai, it only made him feel lonelier. If he could tell Hakkai was lying through a smile, it ached to know he couldn't tell him the truth. Everything about Hakkai was a touchy subject that no one would bring up. Everyone walked on pins and needles around Hakkai's emotions. No one ever dared test Hakkai's patience. Gojyo was sick of it. He closed the gap between them and grabbed Hakkai's wrist that was still hovering over his eye. He pulled it away from his face and then, with his other hand, gently brushed slightly damp hair out of Hakkai's eyes.

"What is it?" Hakkai's voice sounded slightly startled. Gojyo was always the type to be touchy feely, but this was different. What was usually accompanied by a wink or smirk was now supplemented with a dead serious stare through partially lidded eyes and a rather uncomfortable feeling.

"What do I have to do?" Gojyo said this as he leaned in a bit closer to Hakkai, who in return leaned back. Gojyo had had enough. Torn between being pissed off that his best friend won't talk to him, hurt that he doesn't trust him, and a lingering feeling that has been boiling up inside of him for some time now, Gojyo was standing on a ledge, and Hakkai was nudging him.

"What do you mean? What are you talking about, Gojyo?" Hakkai didn't like the way the hanyou was staring at him. He looked angry and depressed at the same time. He looked like he expected something from him. Hakkai assured his footing, not quite knowing what to expect.

Gojyo's grip on Hakkai's wrist tightened as his other hand ran over Hakkai's cheek. Gojyo noted that Hakkai didn't shy away from the touch, but at the same time, Hakkai's generally pleasant features diminished to what appeared to be annoyance. He didn't care if Hakkai got annoyed, he didn't care if Hakkai got down right pissed off at him, he was going to get Hakkai to take down that wall between them. "What do I have to do to get you to trust me?"

"I do trust you." Hakkai's voice seemed to have lost is usual light hearted nature, as a more serious tone broke through. "I don't know what you're trying to do here, Gojyo, but I've had enough. Please let go of my wrist."

Gojyo's grip only tightened in response to Hakkai's words. "I don't mean with your life or with your secrets. I mean with you." Gojyo paused, searching for the right words. He never really has to think of what to say, he usually just blurted things out as they came. But this was a bit more delicate, and required more finesse. "With you," while saying this, Gojyo had lowered his hand that was on Hakkai's cheek and pressed it flat against Hakkai's chest. "I don't expect you to be as open as the idiot monkey out there, but I want you to be able to tell me things, and stop bearing everything on your shoulders alone."

Hakkai's eyes, which were lowered in annoyance previously, were now wide with shock. He was stunned and really had no response he could think of. Gojyo had complained many times over the years about his lack of communication, but he's never looked this serious before. He stood there, frozen, unsure on how to address the situation.

"You're just going to stand there? You're not going to say anything?" Gojyo was starting to get more and more upset. The tips of his fingers curled inwards on Hakkai's chest, pulling on the black shirt.

"What… What would you like me to say, Gojyo?"

"Anything! Talk to me, damnit! You're always so quiet and reserved. Putting up a stupid front and pretending to be someone you're not. You're just like the fucking monk!" Gojyo's voice was much louder now, and his grip on Hakkai's wrist was only getting stronger.

"You're hurting me. Let go." Hakkai's voice was much lower now and his eyes were now threatening slits. "I understand what you are saying, Gojyo, but there is no reason for you to lash out at me like."

"No reason? For fuck's sake, Hakkai! I like you! I've liked you for a long time now! I'm sure it's blindingly obvious! But you don't seem to give a shit! And even if you did, I wouldn't know, because you won't tell me anything!" Gojyo lunged forward, sliding his hand onto Hakkai's back to hold him still, and kissed him. It was just a closed-mouth kiss, but it was a desperate, pleading kiss.

It took a few short moments for Hakkai to fully realize what was happening. When the mental fog cleared, he used his free arm to push at Gojyo's stomach to separate them. Once the kiss was broken, he spun around and tried to get away from Gojyo, only to be pulled back by his wrist that was still Gojyo's captive. His body slammed into Gojyo when he pulled at his wrist again in a surprising amount feat of strength. Gojyo then lifted his own arm and slid it into Hakkai's hair and held his head against his chest. For a moment, Hakkai was completely repulsed by the fact that his face was held against such sweaty skin. He tried to struggle away, but Gojyo kept his arm firm and locked into place. Even though Hakkai would win in a battle of strength, Hakkai had no intention on using his strength against his closest friend. He stopped struggling and just stood there, getting more and more annoyed, and insanely overheated. "Gojyo… Let go of me."

"No, not until you listen to me."

"I've heard enough. You're just making me mad now."

"Good! The only time you ever actually say how you actually feel is when you're totally pissed off!"

"Gojyo, I'm serious. Please let go of me now. I don't want to hurt you."


Hakkai swung his arm around and lunged a fist into Gojyo's side. Gojyo's body doubled over as he coughed harshly as he tried to catch his breath. He then responded to the hit by strengthen his grip on Hakkai's head and slamming him down onto the ground, pinning him on his stomach. He had Hakkai's arm twisted around his back and used it as leverage as he put quite a bit of force on Hakkai's head.

"That fucking hurt, you know!" Gojyo's voice was now angry and harsh.

"I told I didn't want to hurt you. I warned you." Hakkai's voice, though more aggressive than usual, still had an air of politeness to it. He wasn't struggling under Gojyo's pin either. This only fueled Gojyo's anger.

"Why can't you just be honest with me? Haven't we known each other long enough?" Gojyo's voice cracked, and Hakkai could've sworn that he heard a soft sniffle.

Hakkai looked up through the side of his eye and looked into Gojyo's eyes. The dim light of the moon proved to be poor lighting, but there was no doubt about it, Gojyo had tears welling up, clinging to his eye lashes. "Gojyo…" His eyes softened as he looked up at him, giving Gojyo a concerned, if not even pitiful look.

"Don't look at me like that! That's completely unfair!" A stray tear rolled down past his distinct scars. He finally let go of Hakkai's wrist, but only to force Hakkai to roll over onto his back. He quickly pinned his wrists down next to his shoulders. He hovered over him and looked down into his eyes. "Do you care about me, at all?"

"Gojyo…" There it was again, that tone of pity. "Of course I do, you're my friend."

"That's not what I meant, and you know it. Don't play dumb with me, Hakkai!"

"I don't know what it is you want me to say, but if you're expecting more from me…"

"You're absolutely sure? You only see me as a friend?"

Hakkai's eyes left their lock with Gojyo's as the rolled to the side, looking past Gojyo at the small bit of sky above the lake. "That's all I'm willing to allow."

Gojyo made a clicking sound with his tongue against his teeth in annoyance followed by an exaggerated sigh. He then dipped down and kissed him again, this time he kept his eyes opened and was ready for Hakkai to lash out at him again. He could feel Hakkai practically digging his skull into the dirt below, attempting to back away, obviously to no avail. He was trying his damned hardest to keep his mind from blurring over. He had fought back the urge to kiss Hakkai countless times now. The softness of Hakkai's almost feminine lips was exactly how he had imagined it would be. Only he wished Hakkai wasn't struggling to escape. Hakkai was now using his legs and was trying to push upwards. Gojyo made quick work to use his own legs to subdue them by kneeling on them. He succeeded in deepening the kiss as Hakkai's jaw slightly moved down, granting him access. His mind was whirling. He knew Hakkai could over power him, then why was he winning? Why hadn't Hakkai simply thrown him off of him, or worse, blasted him? And even more so, why were his eyes now shut? Gojyo nearly forgot how to breathe when he heard a small whimper coming from the youkai beneath him. He broke the kiss and raised his head, completely in disbelief. "You… You liked that."

Hakkai gasped for air before he was able to speak. "That's not it, I couldn't breathe."

At the small distance between them, Gojyo could adequately tell that Hakkai's cheeks had flushed. Gojyo's lips curled up into a somewhat cocky and all together playful smirk. "Bull shit. I can tell when someone is enjoying themselves."

"Don't lump me in with the women you pick up in bars, Gojyo. You're not going to succeed in using me to relieve your urges. Let me up." Hakkai's eyes lowered to very threatening slits again. This look, which would normally scare the ever living shit out of Gojyo, was just fanning the flames.

"Shut the hell up, asshole! Screw being honest with me, why don't you be honest with yourself!" Gojyo then raised his knee up and nestled it between Hakkai's legs. He could clearly hear Hakkai's breathing hitch and see the muscles in his jaw tense. "See? You are enjoying yourself! Just accept it!"

"Gojyo… If you don't let me up right now, I'll be forced to hurt you."

"Keh, that's it! I fucking can't stand it anymore! You're always holding back, so I'll make you more honest!" After saying this, Gojyo dipped his down above Hakkai's left shoulder and hovered over his ear. "I'll make you lose control." He then ran the tip of his tongue along the lower edge of his earlobe until he found the first limited. He covered his mouth over the little metal cuff and took it between his teeth and pulled it off. "When you lose control of that stubbornness, I'll be here to catch you."

Every single muscle in Hakkai's body tensed as the rush of youkai energy began swarming through him as if his blood had been poisoned. Traces of vines began fading in as Gojyo pulled off the second limiter. His body grew warmer and his senses intensified. When the third and final cuff fell with a muted thud into the dirt, he was fully released in all his natural form. His dark hair lengthened, his nails sharpened to claws, his ears elongated to thin points, his canines extended, his real eye's iris slit to cat-like proportions, and his skin was now covered in the swirling pattern of dark green vines. He was gasping for air between gritted teeth, and his eyes were clamped shut.

Gojyo lifted his head and watched intently at the youkai below him as he grew in strength. He would never know what it felt like to be either side of Hakkai. His mixed blood would never allow him to be so close to a human as every day Hakkai was, nor would he ever know the sheer rush of power as the healer was feeling now. He couldn't decide if he was going to regret this or not, but it was too late to care. His skin was tingling just from the utter power radiating off of his friend, and he couldn't help but be slightly scared. His eyes darted around, taking in the site of the side of Hakkai that he had only seen once before. His eyes shot back up to his face though when Hakkai finally was capable of speaking again.

"Go…jyo…" He was gasping for hair between syllables, as if his body was a thousand miles ahead of his lungs. His voice was low and gritty, virtually like a growl from a wild animal, cornered and ready to defend itself. "Why?" He slowly lifted his eyelids, revealing one very dangerous looking youkai eye, and looked up into those red eyes, practically pinning Gojyo to the spot.

"I, uh…" Gojyo seemed to stumble over his words as if he was making up what to do next on the spot. "I don't think you'd be able to lie with a smile when you're like this." He mustered up a tad more confidence as he pressed his knee upwards into him again. Instead of the shocked gasp he had received last time, this time he got a low growl from the youkai. "See?" He leaned back down and nipped at Hakkai's parted lower lip. When his mouth opened slightly more, he ran a tongue over his now fang-like canine before closing their lips together. He was completely surprised, but utterly pleased that this time the kiss was mutual. The kiss was feverish and intense. Gojyo had to resist the urge to Hakkai as the youkai gained dominance by pushing his way into the hanyou's mouth and overpowering him. When he heard a small but sexy moan pour through Hakkai's throat, his mind went blank.

Gojyo was all too distracted with the kiss to notice the vines that were snaking over his hands and up around his wrists. Not until his arms were actually being pushed up from their hold on Hakkai's wrists did he even notice anything. Gojyo broke the kiss as he looked at his arms that were now being held up by coiling vines, and then twisted his head over his shoulder and saw that vines were also snaking their way around his ankles. "Oi, Hakkai, what're you do-" His question got cut short when the vines around his ankles pulled, causing him to fall on top of Hakkai below. And then in one quick motion, he was lifted a few feet into the air and tossed to the ground on his back a couple of feet away. By the time the kappa had opened his eyes again, Hakkai was on his feet, blocking the moonlight, creating a menacing silhouette of pointed ears and claws. The power radiating off of Hakkai was even enough to cause the dark brown hair that was now down to his shoulders to sway as if there was a breeze. "W-wait a minute, Hakkai! Don't get pissed! I was just trying to-"

"I know exactly what you were trying to do, Gojyo."

He had never heard his name said like this before. It was both terrifying and sexy as hell. Due to the only light source being behind him, he couldn't see if Hakkai looked pissed or what. His arms and legs were held fast to the ground, and no amount of struggling was going to loosen the grip of the vines. Behind the utter panic in his brain, Gojyo noted that the vines on his skin felt fucking fantastic as they slowly continued to slide over his skin and constrict much like thin snakes. "J-just forget it, ok? I'll leave you alone. We'll just forget I even said anything tonight."

"Oh I don't believe that's possible anymore, do you?" Hakkai's words took on a teasing tone as he stepped closer to the trapped red head.

"Can you at least let me go? I'll apologize properly and get out of your hair for awhile."

"Hoo? You wouldn't let go of me when I asked."

"Shit. Look man, I got carried away, I'm sorry ok? We don't ne-" His attempt at smoothing things over was cut off again as, in less than a blink of an eye, the green eyed demon was now on top of him, mere millimeters between them. A long fingernail was running sharply from the palm of his hand up his arm. The claw made its way over taught muscle and Gojyo's boney shoulders, and trailed over his neck as it left a pink trail and goose bumps along the way. Hakkai laced his land through damp, red hair and pulled at the hair tie, letting loose Gojyo's hair.

"Hak…kai…?" Gojyo was both stunned and pleased at this turn of events, all though he didn't enjoy the fact that he was the one being pinned this time.

"Stop talking now." Hakkai's mouth pressed down onto Gojyo's neck, biting down. Gojyo hissed through a wall of teeth when those sharp canines met his skin. Hakkai had balled his hand into Gojyo's hair and was tugging on it, while his other hand was aggressively running over the taught muscles of Gojyo's chest. He roughly lowered his body onto Gojyo's, grinding into him. When he heard Gojyo grunt loudly, he bit down hard on his neck.

"Tssss. That hurts!"

Hakkai moved his head up so that he was breathing down into Gojyo's ear. "I told you to keep quiet, Gojyo." A vine snaked its way up Gojyo's neck and up to his jaw, forcing his mouth to shut. When the kappa shivered and nodded, Hakkai let out a cocky little chuckle. The vine remained clamping his jaw shut, but it slid up and delved into his mouth, teasing at his tongue. A myriad of vines slid up and over Gojyo's abdomen, caressing his skin. Hakkai used this time to sit up right and pull his shirt off over his head. He was still in control of his mentality, but he had reached a higher state of instinct, and a nearly animalistic lust. He couldn't have cared less about his usual need to keep everyone at arm's length, nor about keeping his a smile plastered on his face. None of those human issues mattered to him now, and all he wanted, all he needed was this.

Gojyo felt like he could die from this overdose of sensation, and he didn't care if he did. It was like an entire platoon of women was touching him. He barely even noticed when Hakkai had sat up, and he couldn't even consider caring. He could've cum just from this sensation alone. He finally opened his eyes when he felt the waste band of his pants tugged at. He looked up and saw Hakkai unbutton the fly and pulling down the zipper of his pants. He choked back a moan and flopped his head back down as a vine slid over his pulsing heat.

Keeping Gojyo thoroughly distracted with his vines, Hakkai slid off the remainder of both his and Gojyo's clothing and tossed them carelessly aside. The moment his knees made contact with the ground, all of the vines but one that were loose around his body stopped their movement and quickly slithered away, returning to his skin as he hovered over his prey. His arms and legs were still bound and held down, while the single remaining vine rested on his abdomen, moving just slightly like a worm in a puddle. Gojyo groaned in desperation as he was suddenly devoid of contact and opened his eyes. He saw a side of Hakkai he hadn't even dreamed of in all those naughty fantasies he has had. All of his dreams consisted of a loving, blushing healer healer pinned beneath him, nervous and whimpering. But now, the usually shy Cho Hakkai had a voracious look on his face, like a lion about to pounce its meal.

"Nnh, come on, Hakkai, don't stop like that," Gojyo had said, his voice cracking through a deep pout. He bucked his hips up to achieve contact with the youkai above him. As if to toy with his meal, the vine coiled around his waste and acted as a restraint, pulling his body back down to the ground. "What? What wro- Nnnn…" His query stopped dead in its tracks as that one remaining vine slinked down and twisted around his aching cock, applying moist pressure. Gojyo bit at his lip to force himself to keep his volume down.

Hakkai reveled in the way the red of Gojyo's hair was shining in the moon light. That red, which had meant penitence for Cho Gonou, now was a symbol of his desires. For so long, he had stuffed away the agony he felt when Gojyo would return from a woman's house. For so long, he had to force himself to think of Kanan when he found his eyes follow Gojyo around. For so long, he would pretend the reason why he worried so much over this hanyou was his natural instincts as a teacher. For far too long, he had been lying to himself. All though there was still a bit of anger lingering within for Gojyo's brass, all want to run away had disappeared the second those ear cuffs were removed. He was still indeed Cho Hakkai, but a Cho Hakkai that stopped hiding behind shiny teeth and a monocle. He was watching Gojyo writhe in the dirt below him, almost envying how Gojyo could be so honest with himself. He freed Gojyo's wrists and the vines returned to his skin.

As if a trigger was switched, the very second his wrists were free, Gojyo shot his arms into the air, wrapped them around Hakkai's neck, and pulled him down on top of him. He nearly giggled as he heard the little panic sound Hakkai would make whenever Gojyo would sneak up on him. He slid a hand through long, dark hair, while his other hand made its way down the small of Hakkai's back. "Ahhh, fuck, Hakkai." He was driven to the edge of insanity. Any hope of holding back and restraining his lust was long gone. All of his efforts were now just to keep his voice down. He didn't even want to imagine what would happen if Sanzo had seen them, or even worse, if Goku had seen them. It probably would break the little brat's mind. He must've been going insane, because there is no way that Hakkai would be so willing to do this with him. There's no way it would be this easy. And there is certainly no possible way that Hakkai's hand was no on his ass. When he felt a finger slide in, he hissed and had to force himself not to yell. "Ahh, oi! What're you doing?"

"What, you say? You wouldn't happen to think I'm actually a virgin, Gojyo?"

"Eh? Well, no! I mean…" He looked away, flustered from being caught thinking Hakkai would be innocent. All this time, he had imagined what it would be like to hold Hakkai. He assumed Hakkai would be scared and confused, like an inexperienced girl. He had figured Hakkai had been with Kanan, of course, but he didn't really think too much into it. It's not like it was his first time either, but he never really was a fan of being dominated. But when he looked up into yearning forest eyes, he figured that as long as it was Hakkai, he wouldn't mind. So he allowed himself to be taken by this man above him, assuming he'd probably never get a chance again, because as soon as those ear cuffs were back on, Hakkai was going to kill him. He relaxed his muscles and allowed Hakkai easier access.

Hakkai was making quick work of preparing Gojyo while his vine continued to tease and torment at the same time. He broke his gaze at the intoxicating red and bit at Gojyo's collar bone. He ran his tongue along his skin, enjoying the sweet taste of salty sweat and that distinct taste that was purely Gojyo he was finally getting to taste. A hand tugged at his hair and forced his head up. He was about to protest at Gojyo, but when green met red again, a shiver ran down his spine.

"I can't take it anymore, Hakkai. Hurry up." Gojyo was panting and practically choking on his words. He was being toyed with and not permitted to reach his own climax, and he could barely keep conscious with all of the sensations at once. His hair was clinging to his skin from the sweat and his eyes were glazed over.

Like a retracting rubber band, all of the remaining vines uncoiled themselves from Gojyo and returned to Hakkai's skin while Hakkai removed his hand as well. He positioned himself over Gojyo and stared into that blinding red again, still finding he worried about harming his nearest and dearest friend. When Gojyo managed to nod his head, Hakkai slowly slid inside.

Gojyo quickly removed his hand from Hakkai's hair and covered his own mouth to muffle his gasp. It had been years since he had let anyone dominate him; not since he was a teenager. It was searing hot and he felt like he was going to break. It was agony. But when Hakkai tilted his hips to the side, pain was the farthest thing from his mind. His whole body arched up in pleasure as Hakkai toyed with that one spot that set his whole body ablaze. Hakkai began slowly moving, pulling nearly all the way out of Gojyo, and gliding back inside. He removed his hand from his mouth and buried his face into Hakkai's neck to bite at his skin, forcing himself to not moan. This was not what he had always dreamt of, no, it was far better. His hand slid from Hakkai's back down to his toned ass, and he used his arm to encourage Hakkai to speed up. His other hand was once again laced through brown hair and clutching at Hakkai's head tightly.

Hakkai's hips obeyed as he quickened the pace. Where he was once gentle and teasing, he was now merciless and aggressive. His thrusts were hard to the point of slamming Gojyo into the soft earth below. He had, for a very short moment, worried that he was harming his partner, but judging by Gojyo's hips, that were no rocking upwards into him, he pushed that thought aside. He ran his hand over trembling muscles, circled around a belly button, and wrapped his thin fingers around Gojyo's own need. He flicked his wrist and met his thrusts' pace. Gojyo moaning into his ear was causing chills to run down his spine, and enticing him to drive Gojyo over the edge. His tempo quickened as he began to lose his own composure to this exhilarating ambiance.

When he heard Hakkai let out a moan, Gojyo thought that this all has to be a dream. Hakkai would never do something this embarrassing. And he was damned good; everything felt so fantastic and he was completely engulfed in the moment. He could feel his orgasm peering around the corner. When he finally reached his peek, his arms tightened around Hakkai and closed every last gap between them. In return, the sudden clenching of the muscles around him caused Hakkai to reach his orgasm. Hearing Hakkai lose every last ounce of formality and moan so sexy like that into his ear was the most exciting thing he'd ever heard.

After a few moments of both men frozen in their orgasms, Hakkai collapsed on top of Gojyo. Gojyo gently held Hakkai as his hand soothingly played with his hair. He didn't want to lose this feeling, but he knew that Hakkai really, really shouldn't stay in this form for too long. Hell, if Sanzo found out about this, he'd get his ass severely beat. He reached his other arm out and was just barely able to grab the ear cuffs. He slipped them back over the healer's ear, who was still lying there, panting and shaking in the afterglow.

In a quick wave of suppression, Hakkai's features returned to normal. He continued to pant, but his breathing had a calmer, more human feel to it. He could feel Gojyo's hand return to his back as he held him in a rather loving way. The couple didn't move or saying anything for several long minutes. Much to Gojyo's chagrin, it was Hakkai who made the first move to get up.

Gojyo began panicking as he saw that Hakkai refused to look at him. The brunette was now on his feet, though a bit shaky, and made his way back to the pile of clothes. Gojyo quickly hopped off of the ground, and gritted his teeth in pain. It hurt like hell to move so soon, but he was not about to let Hakkai run away from this. He grabbed Hakkai's wrist and turned him around to look at him. Gojyo's breath hitched when he saw tears welling up in Hakkai's eyes. "O-oi. What's wrong?"

Hakkai looked down to the dirt below. His heart was still racing and his muscles were aching, but none of that mattered. "Nothing." His voice was low and monotone. "Or is there more you want to do to me?" A tear rolled down his cheek.

Gojyo reached out his hand and wiped the tear away. "Look, I-… I'm sorry Hakkai. I couldn't take it anymore."

"You couldn't wait until you found some cheap woman in a bar at the next town?"

Gojyo moved his head underneath Hakkai's chin and lifted his head, coaxing him to look back at him. "I don't want some random chick. I haven't been picking up chicks in a very long time. Even back home, I was just staying out late at the bar. I couldn't bring myself to settle for some stupid floozy. I've wanted to be with you for a long time, man."

A few more tears rolled down Hakkai's cheeks. He then smiled that heart warming and rare genuine Hakkai smile that nearly melted Gojyo. He raised a hand and wiped his tears away. "I suppose we should wash off in the lake before we return, don't you think?"

Gojyo smiled gingerly before resting his arm on Hakkai's shoulder, using him as a leaning post. "Fucking hell, it hurts like hell to stand."

Hakkai laughed awkwardly. "I'm sorry. I'll fix that for you once we're washed up."

After taking a short, invigorating dip into the cool lake, Hakkai used his chi to restore strength to Gojyo's legs and soothed where it ached. They didn't bother to put more than their pants on, and returned to Jeep and the other two who were still sound asleep. When they approached the jeep, Gojyo noticed a few sun rays peering through the canopy over their heads. "Keh, so much for sleep," he whispered to Hakkai.

"Do you regret not sleeping?" Hakkai smiled coyly at him.

"I would never sleep again if it meant I could do that every night." Gojyo's whole body tingled as he got to see another true smile from his lover.

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