Heretical Ambition [part 1]

- Author : Sashiko (
- Pairing(s) : Seiten Taisei/Sanzo
- Rating : NC-17
- Summary or description : Despite their physical relationship that had been growing, Sanzo still kept Goku at arm's length. When rejected coldly, once again, Goku's inner instincts take over, and the great sage takes what Goku couldn't have.
- Warning : Rape


"Ah, idiot! Knock that shit off!" Sanzo twisted his head to free his ear from Goku's teeth. It hadn't even been a whole minute since they had stepped into the hotel room they were sharing for the night before he found himself pressed against a wall.

"Ah-ahhh, but Sanzooo." Goku raised himself up on his toes to shorten the distance between their eyes. "It's been so long, and we're finally in an inn all by ourselves," he whined as he pressed his hips against his blonde lover.

"Like I give a shit. I'm tired and I just want to sleep," Sanzo sighed as he pushed Goku away by his shoulders. They had been on the road for far too long, fought far too many hordes of assassins, and had far too little to eat in the process. All the monk had any interest in was showering and crawling into a warm bed for once. Towns were becoming few and far between, and the luxury of a pillow and soft blankets was now a rarity.

Goku ran a hand over the knot that held Sanzo's robes together. "Nn, but Sanzo, I really wan-" the familiar sting of a paper fan slamming into the side of his head cut his whine short. He stumbled back a few feet as he clutched his head. "That hurt! What was that for?"

"I told you to knock it off. I'm not interested in anything that has to do with you right now. Just go the fuck to bed!" Sanzo growled through gritted teeth. He side stepped and made his way to the tiny bathroom attached to their room. He slammed the door behind him and turned on the shower faucet.

"But Sanzoooooooo" Goku whimpered loudly as he lightly fell into the door like a rejected puppy.

"'But but but' shut up already! I'm taking a shower. If you interrupt me, I won't think twice about killing you!"

Goku fell limply down onto the ground, sliding his back against the bathroom door. He leaned back, resting his head against the cool wood. He had been looking forward to have some alone time with Sanzo for so long now, and he had already been turned down. It had already been several months since they had taken their relationship to this level, and still Sanzo felt so cold and distant. It was when they had reunited after Sanzo leaving with Hazel when Goku made the first move. He had been so blindingly happy to finally see Sanzo again, alive and well, that he had burst out into a sloppy confession of tears. Things escalated from there, and he couldn't have been happier. He thought he had finally succeeded at getting Sanzo to open up and, hell, even be nice to him. But, all he had accomplished was becoming Sanzo's fuck toy. Though, he thought, that wasn't such a terrible thing. In fact, he loved being held by him. He was always rewarded with a few minutes of a side of Sanzo he would never see outside of their bed; a few minutes, shortly after Sanzo would find his release, where all the walls were torn down, and he was actually permitted to hold his sun. But those moments were always far too short for Goku, and soon Sanzo would roll over, get dressed, and leave, and if any attempts were made to try to get him to stay, he'd always get hurt. Goku rested his elbows on his knees and buried his face in his hands. He couldn't figure out for the life of him how to get Sanzo to just fully accept their relationship. He knew there was more than just physical need behind Sanzo's actions. The way he'd look at him, the way he'd be so very gentle with him, the way he'd make sure that his own need was met… There was no way this could just be raw, basic animalistic needs being fulfilled.

The young brunette closed his eyes as he let his memories drift around that first night. He had been both completely terrified and overjoyed at the same time. Despite his obvious lack of experience, there wasn't a moment he would change if he was given the chance to relive that night. His candid naïveté combined with Sanzo's fervid worldliness made every single touch that much more intense. No, scratch that, there is one thing he'd change about that night; he would change what happened afterwards. He would find the right words to say to keep Sanzo there in that bed instead of yelling at him and leaving. He would do whatever it took to bridge that gap between being Sanzo's temporary release and being his partner. His mind was bouncing back and forth between maddening desire and utter depression as the memories flooded his mind.

You're pathetic.

"Eh?" Goku shot his head up as he heard a voice echoed through the room. It wasn't even a voice, per say, more so a feeling inside of him. He looked around, incapable of seeing or sensing anyone in the vicinity. He listened through the door to check on Sanzo, whom he could hear was clearly still in the shower. He lowered one of his arms to have it dangle over the floor, ready to summon Nyoi-Bo if necessary. "Who's there?"

No one's there.

Goku lowered his eyes to attentive slits as he stared into the empty room at the disembodied voice, or feeling, or whatever this was. "Who are you?"

I'm you.

"Whaa? What the hell does that mean? Stop hiding already and show yourself." Goku spoke low and solid, ready to spring to action in an instant.

You really are slow.

Goku moved to summon his staff when, as if hit by sledge hammer in the chest, the wind was knocked out of him, and he doubled over. His head dangled between his knees, he gasped for air, and his fingers tugged at his chest, attempting to free his trapped air. His mind slowly became cloudy as surges of pain coursed through his muscles. His blood was pumping through his veins so quickly that it felt like his heart would just stop all together. He had felt this before, this agonizing feeling of his body leaping miles ahead of his brain. He brought his arm up to his forehead and, sure enough, the coronet was still there. Then why did it feel like he was losing control? He could only think in basic form now, desperately trying to claw at his own chest to receive air.

Take it off.

Goku's eyes darted around the room, still searching for the source of the voice, even though by now he had already figured out the source of the voice. "Like…hell… I will," Goku managed to choke out between choking gasps. But, despite his words, he felt the muscles in his hand, which was still pressed firmly against his limiter, begin to twitch. When he felt his thumb and index fingers curl around the smooth edges, he shouted with absolute panic in his voice, "STOP IT!" His eyes were now clamped down and his teeth were gritted shut. When his hand defied him and lifted the gold crown from his head, a choking scream burst out from his lungs. His legs sprawled out beneath him frantically as they pressed into the flooring, and his hand that was clinging to his chest tore his shirt to shreds. All that was left of his cohesive thoughts were a blinding yellow light and a screaming voice that was deafening. He could feel his own lengthening nails digging into his skin and sharpening teeth piercing the flesh of lips. The last thing Goku could see was the sight of a man, with long blonde hair, falling down into a pool of blood.

Goku was now the great sage equaling Heaven, Seiten Taisei Son Goku.

The water poured out from the faucet, reluctant to heat up, as Sanzo stood in front of the mirror. He hated how dirty he was, how there were still droplets of dried blood on his skin and clothing, and how his skin felt clammy and sticky. Once he could see steam pouring over the shower curtain, he decided it was warm enough for his shower. He quickly removed the well-past-the-point-of-dirty clothing and stepped into the water. It was your average half bath-half shower unit that was closed off by a flimsy curtain with a gaudy floral pattern. The water pressure was decent, and the general width and length of the shower wasn't too bad, so he wasn't going to complain. The faucet made a loud hissing sound that nearly drowned out any possibility of other sounds being heard, which worked for him; he could tune out the world and just relax, even if it was just for a few minutes. He didn't bother to clean himself for several minutes. He just stood there, with his eyes shut, engulfing himself into the soothing warmth of the water. He forced the thoughts of battles, missions, journeys, and obnoxious traveling companions out of his mind and tried to clear his thoughts entirely.

His mind was finally melting into nothingness when he was thrown back into reality by a wave of youkai energy far, far stronger than your average assassin. He stood perfectly still, his senses heightened, and contemplated how fast he could hop out of the shower and grab his gun that was amongst the piles of clothing on the floor. He threw back the shower curtain, leaving the water running, and grabbed one of the two cream-colored towels from the rack. He quickly fastened the towel around his waist and grabbed his gun out from his heap of clothes. He stood still and waited for something, anything to happen. He didn't hear anything that sounded like Goku fighting the source of this energy; of course he didn't hear much of anything past that horrifically loud shower faucet. When something finally did happen though, he didn't even have enough time to react; in literally a blink of his eye, his assailant attacked. By the time his eyelids lifted back up, he was pressed up against the wall by his throat. When his eyes adjusted, he could clearly see the cat-like, golden eyes of the Seiten Taisei. He could also see that evidently his gun was several feet away from him now and on the ground.

Sanzo lifted his arms and gripped at the wrist that held him fast against the wall. He knew there was no way he could physically overpower Goku regularly, let alone without his limiter, but that didn't stop his automatic responses. His eyes were locked on the large golden orbs that stared daggers back at him. He could hear a low roll pouring through Goku's chest that sounded more like a purr than a growl. His mind was racing a mile a minute, trying to piece things together. "You…" Despite Goku's strong hand being wrapped around his throat, very little pressure was being applied to his wind pipe, and he was having no problem breathing. Moving was a different matter. When his body started raising up off of the ground, his feet a few inches from the tile flooring, he knew he'd better start attempting to defend himself. "What the fuck do you think you are doing, you stupid monkey?" He raised one of his dangling legs and slammed his knee into Goku's abs, only to be disappointed at the complete lack of response his kick incurred.

Goku's hand curled around Sanzo's calf and pushed his leg slowly back, causing Sanzo's knee to be pressed against his own abdomen. He was pinned even further, now in a rather compromising position. He removed a hand from Goku's wrist and balled his fingers into a tight fist. He swung fiercely towards Goku's face, who dodged the punch so swiftly that it seemed to be in slow motion. He swung a number of times, getting more and more pissed off at how easily Goku managed to evade the blows. He swung his other leg around the back of Goku and slammed his heel into the pit of Goku's knees in a futile attempt to cause the heretic to fall. Goku's leg slightly wobbled, but regained its composure almost immediately. Sanzo was running out of ideas.

Goku's lithe form inched forward, pressing into the pinned monk. A very deep, throaty growl rumbled through his throat as those bright eyes narrowed slightly. He had yet to break his strong gaze with Sanzo's, even when dodging punches. His golden cat-like eyes didn't wave and hardly blinked at all, refusing to break the connection.

Sanzo's mind was struggling to wrap itself around the situation at hand. It had only been a mere twenty seconds since he was captured by this creature, yet it felt like he had dangled there for an eternity. Everything seemed to be in slow motion as he tried to comprehend what exactly was happening. What the fuck happened to his limiter? Did it get removed, or broken? And if removed, by whom, and why? ...More importantly, why the hell is he just staring at me?

Goku's hand that was around Sanzo's neck lowered slightly, letting Sanzo's free foot make contact with the floor once again. He closed the gap between their bodies and sharpened his glare with a slight tilt of his head. The foot of difference in their heights was the only thing keeping them from being completely sandwiched together. Sanzo remained still, anticipating Goku's next move. In an impossibly quick motion, Goku removed his hand from around Sanzo's neck and swiped both of his wrists in his strong hand and pinned them directly above Sanzo's head. With this, a split second flash of memory ran through Sanzo's mind. He thought of how he pinned Goku like this many times before, and he was not amused by the role reversal. His upper lip curled as he snarled down at his captor. With his one leg down on the ground being the only thing keeping him from falling forward, he was now without use of any of his limbs. The pressure on his wrists was immense, wholly unlike how his throat was held. He could already feel his skin bruising, and his fingers were going numb from the circulation being severed.

A slick tongue slipped past Goku's amused lips and wiped at the corner of his mouth as if he was staring at a delicious meal. Thin, lanky fingers that were holding Sanzo's knee in place, twitched. When Sanzo felt an odd combination of smooth skin and sharp claws move up his thigh, he looked down at his leg. Goku's hand was slowly sliding further up his thigh, brushing the towel off of Sanzo's leg, and stopped at the make-shift knot in the towel at his waist. Sanzo looked back up to now see a very toothy smirk.

"The hell do you think you're doing?" Sanzo grunted out as he moved to struggle. A low but loud growl rumbled past Goku's teeth again as a sharp nail dragged along the side of Sanzo's upper leg, drawing small beads of blood to the surface. When Sanzo hissed at the stinging pain, Goku's cocky smirk widened. Golden eyes finally broke their gaze and traveled down to look at the knot in the towel. With one quick slicing motion, the towel ripped and fell down to the ground around Sanzo's ankle. Flustered, Sanzo quickly threw his body weight into Goku, succeeding at causing the younger boy to fall back a few steps and lose his grip on Sanzo's wrists and leg. Sanzo bolted for the door, but in a one swift motion, Goku was in front of him again; he had moved so fast that Sanzo's eyes couldn't even see him until he was standing still in front of him, blocking his path.

"This isn't funny anymore, monkey," Sanzo's voice was gritty and low with a threatening tone. He had had enough of whatever the Seiten Taisei was doing. He could see around the shorter form in front of him quite easily and saw that, just a few feet to the side of his gun, was Goku's limiter, in one solid piece, resting on the wood paneling of the floor. The hell? It was removed and not broken? Sanzo's left eye brow arched slowly as he pondered shortly over how all of this came to be, but he didn't get much time to think. With a swift spin that seemed to be both impossibly fast and majestically slow at the same time, Goku's leg slammed into Sanzo's side, launching him back into the bath/shower. He legs buckled under him and the slammed into the rim of the tub, causing him to land harshly down into the tub on his ass. Sanzo winced and hissed at the pain and just knew that he just bruised his tail bone. He opened his eyes and lifted his head, blinking through hot warm and steam clouding his vision, to see a sneering beast hovering over him.

"Fuck, this is enough." Up until now, Sanzo had been caught off guard, and hadn't been able to keep his mind in one place long enough to gain control of the situation. But now with water pouring over him, his mind cleared, and he remembered that his Maten Scripture was lying just a few feet away on the floor amongst his robes and other clothing. He softly began chanting.

As if he recognized the words, Goku growled loudly as the words floated through the steam up to his sensitive ears. He reached out and grabbed Sanzo's hair, pulling up, forcing Sanzo's body up. He slammed his other hand over Sanzo's mouth, digging claws into Sanzo's cheeks. Forced to cut his mantra short, Sanzo bit down over Goku's hand, who in return slammed Sanzo's head back into the tiled wall. A loud grunt was muffled into Goku's mouth when Sanzo's head cracked the tile. For a moment his vision blurred and his legs tensed as pain shot through his body. Goku kept his hand over Sanzo's mouth, but removed the hand in his hair. He ran a searing hot finger over Sanzo's neck, wiping at a trail of blood that fell from the back of Sanzo's head. He brought his finger up to his face to look at it, and grinned enormously, like a child who just found out he's winning the game. That muculent tongue darted out of his mouth again, this time to swipe the smearing of blood from his finger tip. Another growl rumbled through his throat, this time sounding more delighted and playful than vicious and threatening.

"Are you done yet?" Sanzo said, muffled, but still understandable.

Goku's lighthearted grin diminished to an insulted scowl. He crouched down so that he was hovering a few centimeters above Sanzo's naked form and glared down at him. A silent showdown between lavender and gold went on for nearly a solid minute before Sanzo's arm lobbed his hand up to Goku's forehead, attempting to manually reinstate Goku's limiter. But the great sage was not going to allow himself to be taken out so easily this time. He quickly rolled his head to the side, artfully dodging Sanzo's hand and grabbed the wrist of the offending hand. He twisted Sanzo's arm far to the side, contorting his shoulder, causing the blonde to wince in pain again, slamming his eyes shut and gritting his teeth behind Goku's hand. When Sanzo's eyes opened again, Goku was looking at the other arm and snarled like wild dog as if to threaten him to not try anything with his other hand.

Sanzo remained still, deciding he would wait until a moment when Goku would be distracted with other things before trying again. The water that was running over his body fused with the blood from his head and leg, and Sanzo's eyes rolled to the side to watch as the stream of red slowly ran down the length of the tub and swirled down the shower's drain, a never ending creak of blood. The slice on his leg wasn't all that bad, but he could tell the back of his head was bleeding quite profusely. Head injuries always did.

Goku's hand forced Sanzo's head to tilt to his right harshly, causing his neck to pop. He then dipped his head down and pressed his nose into Sanzo's neck. He breathed in deeply, taking in the earthy aroma that was distinctly Sanzo's, and let out a languid purr. He forced Sanzo's head to roll farther over as he trailed up Sanzo's neck, breathing in deeply as if he could smell Sanzo's blood coursing through his veins. His twisted his wrist just slightly, making Sanzo's head tilt up, exposing his neck completely. Goku slowly opened his mouth, a breathy hum pouring out, and he ran his tongue over the bone that jetted out from Sanzo's strained neck like a ridge. Sanzo tensed and jolted away from the touch, at which time Goku twisted Sanzo's arm further, popping his shoulder out of place. Sanzo grunted loudly into the palm of Goku's hand and struggled to breathe through the pain. Sanzo swung his other arm around and grabbed at the longer strands of hair that belonged solely to Seiten Taisei and pulled back hard. Goku let go of the dead arm and let it fall limp to Sanzo's side. He then, as if is hair being yanked on didn't bother him in the slightest, just grabbed at Sanzo's fingers in his hair, and pulled them back to painful angles. When Sanzo's grip was lost on his hair, Goku slammed the arm into the wall not far from Sanzo's head, bloodying the knuckles and cracking more tiles.

Sanzo was in a shit ton of pain now, to say the least. He was having a hard time focusing anymore on freeing himself from this situation, and was concentrating more on just trying to stay conscious. He was certain by now that he had a mild concussion from the blow to his head, and the blood loss and other traumas weren't helping either. The hot water made his fresh wounds sting, the steam was overheating his system, and the uncomfortable ceramic tub was only accentuating his injured tail bone.

Goku lowered himself so that his jean-clad body was nestled directly on top of Sanzo's abdomen. His face was still buried in Sanzo's neck, hovering just over his jugular. He opened his mouth wide enough to set his elongated canines on Sanzo's neck, pressing down softly. He could feel the muscles in Sanzo's abs below him tense, and it seemed to egg him on. He bit down, puncturing the soft skin just above Sanzo's collar bone. Sanzo arched his back as his breathing hitched. He held his breath through the odd combination of pain and pleasure. Goku knew Sanzo's neck was sensitive, and apparently that meant the great sage did as well. Goku raised his teeth out of Sanzo's skin and delighted in the way blood began to slowly seep out. He let out a small, delighted giggle as he licked up the blood.

Goku raised his head back out from the cave of Sanzo's neck, leaned back into a sitting position, and looked back into the eyes of his prisoner. He swirled his tongue around in his mouth, letting every last taste bud absorb the flavor of Sanzo's blood. He knew these smells and tastes far better than anything else. He had every last piece of Sanzo memorized in his heretical mind like a portfolio; he knew the significant wave of Sanzo's aura, he knew the tastes of both Sanzo's skin and blood, he knew each and every part of Sanzo's body like a road map, and he knew every single last mannerism of Sanzo's and what they meant. He even knew the distinct smell of when the monk was turned on, and he could smell that now. He smugly smirked and removed his hand from Sanzo's mouth. At the very next moment, he rocked his hips slowly in one solid circular motion. His smug smirk grew to a haughty grin when he saw Sanzo bite his own lip in response.

Sanzo was severely pissed off, but that didn't stop his body from being honest. The boy he had pushed down and had his way with so many times, and the creature that could destroy the entire earth, both within this body that he found utterly delectable but would never admit it, and were now cruelly toying with him. Even if he preferred to be the one who controls the situation, and refused unreservedly to ever be submissive in bed, there was a darker side of him, buried deep in his mind that was absolutely enjoying himself. He was transfixed by how intensely bright Goku's eyes were as they stared down at him. They practically were glowing, and he couldn't help but wonder, if the lights were off, if they'd actually emit light. When those golden eyes flinched and began to look down, Sanzo's eyes followed, inevitably stopping at his glaringly obvious hard on. His eye brow twitched in total annoyance at just how honest his body was. His annoyance level escalated when he heard a sound that closely resembled a mocking laugh coming from the boy on top of him. He looked up, expecting to see some childish grin that would remind him of Goku, but instead of he saw sheer intensity and determination brewing behind smoldering eyes and flat-lined mouth. It startled him; Goku never even looked this serious in battle, and certainly not Seiten Taisei who always looked like he was bouncing back and forth between pure rage and childlike amusement.

In a surprisingly gentle gesture of what Sanzo could only imagine would be trust, Goku brought Sanzo's arm that he still had captured up to his mouth and gently licked at the wounded knuckles. The blood had been long washed away by the shower's water, but the wounds were still fresh and stinging. Sanzo thought for a second about how he seemed more like a dog than a monkey right now. After he had slowly ran his tongue over each and every scrape on Sanzo's fingers, which felt agonizingly slow to Sanzo, he let go of his wrist, letting the arm free. Sanzo immediately brought his arm to his chest protectively, the sudden movement causing the sage to growl lowly.

Goku remained perfectly still as he studied Sanzo, waiting to see what the monk would do next. Sanzo could feel the tension rising between them as they both froze, anticipating the other. Then, without any form of fore-warning, Goku sprang up until his feet, towering over Sanzo. He snarled down at his own remaining clothing, and without hesitation, ripped the jeans from the waist down on each side of the pants, tearing them into two separate pieces. He growled once again when he found another layer of clothing blocking his path. He shredded the pair of white boxers as if the cloth had offended him in some way. He tossed the remains of his clothing behind him carelessly and looked back down to his prey. A pleased purr passed through smiling teeth when he caught sight of Sanzo glancing at his naked body. The moment he heard Sanzo's huff though, his pleasure became cruelty again, and he grabbed Sanzo's shoulders and slammed his whole body down onto the tub's base on his stomach.

Sanzo groaned loudly as his head and shoulders slammed into the ceramic surface. He was thankful, though, that the water was on still, and it dampened the collision. With his arm that he could still move, he struggled to push himself up, only for his head to be slammed back down. Goku held his head down firm, nearly drowning him in the two inches of water that was pooled at the bottom of the tub. Goku lifted his head slightly by his hair, letting him catch his breath and so that he could slide his arm underneath his head to hold it up out of the water. He let him this much, but still held his head down securely, unrelenting. Sanzo's urge to fight back was being shrouded by the overwhelming combination of intense pain and growing lust. This was all too surreal for Sanzo to even comprehend anymore. He was pretty much allowing this stupid brat to do whatever he felt like doing, including abuse the hell out of him. But at the moment, he didn't care. Every sensation was intense and every touch was needy.

To reach Sanzo's head, Goku was leaning far over the blonde, practically lying on top of him, and the position wasn't satisfactory for his intentions. He let go of blonde hair and immediately lifted himself vertically, up on his knees, which were on either side of Sanzo's waist. He ran small, muscular hands over Sanzo's back, and curled them underneath, dragging his fingers and sharp nails over Sanzo's chest and stomach. Where Goku would normally linger and take far too much time gorging himself on the sensations of touching, Seiten Taisei seemed far too impatient. He scooted back on his knees as he lowered his hands farther, ghosting over Sanzo's cock cruelly, before grabbing Sanzo's protruding hip bones and lifting Sanzo's ass up off of the ceramic and into the air. There was a loud splash as Sanzo's body fumbled to catch its balance, his head landing in the water again. He lifted his head over his shoulder to protest, but was shut up quite quickly when Goku's fingers coiled around his dick.

Sanzo let his head fall limp back down onto his arm in the water and hissed. Goku's hand felt burning hot and the pressure he applied was walking the thin line between fantastic and painful. Goku's other hand was practically everywhere at once, soaking in every inch of Sanzo's skin as it could.

Goku flicked his wrist around Sanzo's cock when he felt it throb in his hand. He barely moved his hand at all before he succeeded at getting a loud grunt from the blonde. He ran a thumb over the small beads of precome and brought his hand up to his mouth, tasting the little hot droplets. Sanzo tilted his head so that he could look up at Goku upside down. Goku looked down and met Sanzo's eyes. Something about seeing this man so vulnerable drove the sage over the edge.

In what Sanzo would describe as the single most painful experience of his life, Goku, without any preparation or warning, slammed himself inside of Sanzo. The pain was too much, and Sanzo couldn't even find the voice to scream. His whole body froze and tensed, trying to bite through the pain. Nothing needed to be said. Goku didn't move. He hovered over Sanzo's back, panting. For what felt like an eternity, Sanzo thought he could die from this pain. Goku's arms snaked around Sanzo's body, gently coaxing him back to the world of sensuality. One of his hands rested on the small of Sanzo's back, while the other returned its attention to Sanzo's need. After a few playful pumps, Sanzo was biting back groans. When Goku rolled his hips and hit just the perfect spot, there was no possible way Sanzo could hold it back. He moaned loudly into his arm.

Slowly Goku began moving his hips back, pulling nearly all the way out, and slammed back down deep inside. Sanzo shouted, this time in a flurry of pain and passion. Sanzo arched his back and pushed himself up onto his elbow. He desperately wanted something to grab a hold of, but there was nothing there. When Goku pulled out again, this time faster, he shuddered as chills ran deeply through his spine. And when Goku pushed back in with ever growing force, all hopes at being quiet were lost. He was now thanking random gods for the inanely loud shower faucet.

Goku had repositioned his hand to Sanzo's thigh, and was digging his claws into the skin deeply. He probably didn't even know he was doing it. His panting grew to choking grunts as his quickened the rhythm. For a moment, Sanzo felt like he could laugh. There was something that Goku definitely had in common with the sage, neither of them had any patience, and just wanted to meet their orgasms as fast as possible. But right now he couldn't say much for himself; he was already on the brink of oblivion.

As if reading Sanzo's body and mind, Goku sped up his hand's pace, driving Sanzo over the edge. With a loud moan, Sanzo collapsed back down into the water, disintegrating into his orgasm. The tensing of his muscles caused Goku to growl and dig his nails deeper into Sanzo's skin. By the time Sanzo's mind returned from its escape into bliss, Goku was driving for the end at a blinding pace. Goku met his own orgasm with a loud, animalistic howl and slumped down onto of Sanzo's back.

Neither man moved for several minutes, both trying to catch their breaths in the afterglow. When Sanzo started calming down, all of his injuries started aching and stinging all over again, and he felt like hell. Goku, in a sluggish manner, pulled away, and collapsed at the other end of the tub, his head dangling over the rim. Sanzo forced himself to sit up. He looked over at the creature, who is usually wreaking havoc and destroying and everything, now barely conscious and reveling in his orgasm.

At the worst timing, the hot water died off, and a wave of cold poured through the faucet. Goku raised his head lazily and hissed at the water like a cat. Sanzo reached above his head and turned off the water. And just with that, Goku let his head flop backwards again. Sanzo decided this would be the best time to get the limiter and put it back on his head.

As if a chime rung loudly in the room, suddenly Sanzo could hear that obnoxious voice in his head again. It wasn't nearly as whiney as it was all those years ago, but it had a new connotation to it. It sounded desperate. Goku's raised his head and slowly raised his hand to cup Sanzo's cheek, lightly thumbing the bloody spot where his claws were digging in just a short while ago. The voice thickened in his mind, and he heard his name called lovingly, and almost sad. For a split second, he could've sworn he saw those thin slits in the Taisei's eyes melt to black circular pupils, but they instantly returned to cold, thin sticks. The hand fell limp as did his head. Sanzo leapt out of the shower quickly, scrambled the few feet over to where the coronet was lying. He grabbed it, rushed back over to Goku, and slid it over the dripping wet mop of brown hair. Goku's features returned to their normal state, and he fell fast asleep.

Now that Goku was back to normal, Sanzo's adrenaline wore off, and he fell down onto his knees to the ground next to the bathroom. There wasn't a single part of his body that didn't hurt. He gritted his teeth, and took a deep breath before slamming his shoulder into the door frame of the bathroom, slamming his shoulder back into its socket. He growled harshly and struggled to breathe through the pain. He then grabbed a towel and draped it over his body and lied down on the cool tile of the floor. He closed his eyes and took a slow, deep breath, and decided to just fall asleep. He'd let Goku have a panic attack when he woke up. The brat deserved it. The brat deserved far worse, but he couldn't be bothered with punishing him right now. He knew that when Goku realized what he had done, his own mental state will be far worse than any punishment he could give him. For now, he just wanted to sleep.

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