- Author : Sashiko (
- Pairing(s) : Sanzo/Goku
- Rating : NC-17
- Summary or description : Post-journey. Their relationship has bloomed over the years, and the two have come to a level where they are completely comfortable with each other. A story into one of their average days and some delicious dessert after dinner.


It was cruel torture, really. Sanzo had turned the tables on Goku, and was driving him wild.

Goku had a grin plastered on his face that looked like it was trying to eat his cheeks as he came back to the shopping cart that Sanzo was pushing around the isles of the grocery store. With several loud bangs and dings, he dropped a rather large amount of items into the cart that he had piled in his arms. Upon further inspection, Sanzo could tell that all of the things Goku had found were unhealthy junk food items; more specifically, they were all sweets and toppings. Despite his growing desire to pummel that wide-eyed kid into the next town with his fan, Sanzo simply rolled his eyes and continued walking down the grocery isle. He had made a deal with Goku, and he was going to keep his part of the bargain. The agreement was that Goku could pick out whatever he wanted from the store if he didn't bother
Sanzo for an entire month afterwards about food.

They had only been back in Chang'An for a few months, and without the Sanbutshin gold credit card that they had grown accustomed to, money was growing tight. Between Sanzo's smoking habits, Goku's eating habits, and their mutual shopping spree for new clothes and necessities, they had quickly thrown Sanzo's paychecks down the drain. Tougenkyou had returned to its peaceful state, though it would take quite a long time before the humans and the youkai would grow to trust one another again. Many, many lives were lost, and many homes were destroyed, but this did not stop the all mighty Sanzo-ikkou from just wanting to go back home and live life it was before. That, unfortunately, also would take a long time to happen.

Just as Sanzo rounded the corner of the isle to head to the cash registers, Goku flew around to the next isle, his arms out from his side mimicking an airplane, and began grabbing more confections. "I'm not done yet, Sanzo!"

The ability to forget the smallest of rules was a trait that Goku seemed to never grow out of. They had quickly learned upon their return east that all four of their names were notorious. So it became a rule that, when in public, they weren't to use their real names. With a rigid twitch of his eye brow and a swift turn into the isle that Goku ran down, Sanzo did his best to duck out of the site of the other shoppers. He left the cart's side and marched up to Goku, who was leaning into a freezer, staring at different types of ice cream.

"Hey Sanzo, you like the green tea ice cream, ri- AH!" Before Goku could finish his question, all of the wrath a paper fan can incur was brought down upon his head. He instinctively ducked down afterwards and covered his head with his hands, dropping the two cartons of ice cream he had already acquired.

"What was that for?"

"I told you not to use my name, moron!" Sanzo spoke in a low, aggravated whisper just a few inches away from Goku's ear. He looked around the isle, relieved to see that so far no one had taken note of them.

Goku removed his hands from his head and turned his head ever so slightly, placing his lips right over Sanzo's ear. "M'sorry" he whispered before darting his tongue out for quick tease along Sanzo's earlobe. Goku was never one to pass up an opportunity to taunt his lover. It had almost been a year since Goku had managed to crack Sanzo's barrier and their more intimate relationship had began. Where fear and inexperience used to be, now only cockiness and a well-documented encyclopedia of Sanzo's weak points thrived.

Sanzo pulled away from him immediately and gave Goku a dreadfully pissed off glare. He was beginning to miss the naïve boy that used to follow him around, for the man that Goku was now drove him insane. Goku aggravated him to no end, but not for his usual antics that he had grown used to, but the clever ways he had learned exactly how to weave through Sanzo's defenses like a snake. He knew just how to calm Sanzo down, how to piss him off, how to turn him on, and how to get him off. He huffed a sigh at him and turned back towards the cart. "Hurry the hell up, I want to get back before the sun sets." He reached the cart and leaned against one of the cool glass doors of the frozen foods isle, waiting for Goku to pick out the rest of the ice cream he wanted.

After grinning from ear to ear, Goku leaned down and picked up the two cartons of ice cream he had dropped. He turned back to the freezer and opened the door. "As I was saying, green tea ice cream, right?"

"Tch, whatever. It's not like I'm really going to eat it. You always end up stealing my food anyways."

"Not this time!" Goku grabbed the cylindrical tub of green tea ice cream and headed back towards the cart, shutting the freezer door with his foot. He dropped the three cartons into the cart and smiled again at Sanzo. "Because you let me get more than one this time!"

"Right, I doubt that'll stop you anyways. Are you finally done?"

Goku's eyes rolled up towards the ceiling as he ran through a mental shopping list in his head, his fingers motioning through the air as if he were checking things off. He then firmly nodded. "Yup! All done!"

Without saying anything more than a soft sigh, Sanzo pushed himself off of the cool glass and pushed the cart towards a checkout line. As the cashier rang up their items, her pleasant disposition melted into a somewhat interested look. "Are you two throwing a party?" She asked with a polite smile that looked far too practiced.

"No," Sanzo said curtly, not feeling the need to explain Goku's ever present hunger to a complete stranger. The woman blinked a few times before chuckling away the awkward silence and finishing up the order. Sanzo paid for the bill with cash, regretting his agreement with Goku, as his whole paycheck was now gone. They headed outside with several bags in each arm and headed back towards the temple.

They didn't have a car anymore, and neither of them had really ever bothered to learn how to drive, even after all of the time they had spent on the road. But that really didn't inconvenience them too much, walking the familiar path between the main part of town and the temple was not a bad walk at all. All though Sanzo would prefer to, for once, make the walk without people greeting them as heroes. They had learned through experience to make their trips into town at odd hours to avoid major crowds, and so, at 8:00 on a Tuesday evening, the two walked through nearly empty streets. The sun was setting off on the horizon casting a faint shade of pink over the sky.

If they were to stop and think about it, they would see how much their relationship had truly changed. When they would make this short trip before their journey west, it was always made in silence and with an awkward aura looming over them. Now, now things were vastly different. They talked the whole way, about nothing really, the way two lovers would. Sanzo would smoke while Goku would talk about what he wanted for dinner. Sanzo would talk about philosophical things while Goku soaked in every word like oxygen. Goku would always carry they heavier bags for Sanzo, specifically so he could latch on to Sanzo's free arm as they walked. The trip between the temple and the city was a short walk, usually never lasting longer than a half hour, but Goku loved it. He loved every chance he got to spend alone with Sanzo where Sanzo wasn't having to do paperwork or other miscellaneous jobs around the temple, and where he could say and do as he pleased without Sanzo scolding him for what Sanzo bluntly referred to as "disgusting public displays of his infinite stupidity". Simple joys like taking a walk with Sanzo, or taking a break outside underneath the peach tree with each other, or merely taking a nap together were rarities that Goku clung to.

As they finally reentered the temple grounds, the sun had already disappeared under the horizon, and the sky had shown its first few stars of the evening. The lanterns along the temple walls were being lit by younger monks-in-training, creating a soft orange glow along the grounds. Goku wished they could stay outside longer. He loved the smell of a summer evening when it wasn't too hot. There was even a gentle breeze slowly flowing through the air. But he had plans and food that needed to be put away. He scampered into the kitchen and began putting away all of his treats. A few weeks ago, Sanzo relented and ended up spending another entire paycheck and got Goku his own refrigerator, along with the agreement that he would stop snitching food that the monks worked hard to plant and make. That suited Goku just fine; he wasn't a big fan of the monk diet as it was.

As Goku put things away in the kitchen, Sanzo had made his way to their room. It had been Sanzo who insisted on them sharing a room. He couldn't care less what those other monks thought of his actions, and Goku sneaking away to his own room in the middle of the night was far too much of a hassle. Besides, whether he would admit it or not, after spending so much time on the road with other people, and never having privacy, sleeping alone in a large, empty room was no longer a comfortable situation. He had grown particularly accustomed to the sound of Goku's snoring and to the feeling of someone just being there. At first they had moved a small cot into his room for Goku to sleep in, but that was quickly discarded and they now shared his bed. He didn't give a shit when the other monks all whispered in shock when Goku first moved into his room, nor did he care when one of the older monks tried to lecture him. It did irk him, however, when Gojyo and Hakkai had come to visit shortly afterwards and Gojyo made some snide remarks. The two came to visit every weekend now, Hakkai insisting on making sure Sanzo and Goku had at least one cooked meal a week. They would drive up to the temple, cook them dinner, and typically spend several hours drinking, playing games, and generally acting as if they were still on the road together. Old habits die hard.

Sanzo was sitting down at his desk, thumbing through a stack of papers when Goku finally came into the room. He had a plastic bag in his hand filled with food he had decided to not put away in the kitchen. As nonchalantly as the tactless monkey could, he set the bag down by the foot of the bed, smiled at Sanzo, and trotted over to him. "You still have work to do?"

"I always have work to do, but there is no way in hell I'm doing anymore tonight. I was just checking through it to make sure none of it was urgent," Sanzo said as he set the stack down onto the desk. He looked up to Goku, blinking a few times, his vision unusually blurry. It took him a moment to remember he had his reading glasses still on. He reached up and slid them off of his face, setting them down on top of the stack before speaking again. "What's with the bag?"

"Hmm? Oh, nothing!" Goku bounced towards the dresser on the side of the room. He pulled off his shirt he was wearing and chucked it towards the door, letting it lay on the ground. They technically had a hamper for their dirty clothes, but they never bothered. They always left that for the little wannabe monks to clean up. His pants shortly followed suit and hit the wall, sliding down onto the floor. He then grabbed a pair of thin cotton pajama pants that were yellow with a grid of bananas patterned on them and slid them on.

"Right. You're going to bed already?" Sanzo leaned back in his wooden chair as he watched Goku change. It was still early, exceptionally early for Goku to fall asleep.

"Nope! Just getting comfy!" Goku exclaimed through a toothy grin. The warm summer air poured through the window making Sanzo thankful he wasn't wearing his robes. Sanzo turned in his chair looked towards the window. By now, the sun was already forgotten and the sky was a littered with stars. Neither the moon nor any clouds were in the night sky, and it was a very quiet night. The only thing they could hear was the gentle breeze and the sounds of the few monks still milling around, doing their various chores before they were free to sleep.

They spent nearly two hours not doing much of anything other than enjoying a quiet evening with the occasional small talk. After awhile though, Sanzo was starting to get annoyed. Goku kept looking towards the bag he had set down behind the bed nervously, and it was starting to grate on his nerves.

"Why the hell do you keep looking over there?" Sanzo finally blurted out, interrupting Goku reminiscing on one of their battles with Kougaiji.

"No reason, really," Goku spoke faster than usual, the obvious sign to Sanzo that he was lying. Goku was miserable at keeping secrets and lying.

Sanzo got up from his chair and walked over to the bed. He leaned over and peered down into the bag. "Chocolate sauce, honey, strawberry sauce, caramel, mayonnaise… What the hell are you planning on eat- Ah fuck!" Before he could even turn to look at Goku, the shorter man was standing just a few centimeters away from Sanzo, startling him. "Don't fucking sneak up on me like that!"

"I know a very delicious meal I can make out of all of that," Goku said low and soft as he looked up at Sanzo, a playful smirk that Sanzo had come to know all too well appearing on his lips.

"That sounds insanely unhealthy."

"Who cares? It tastes good," Goku closed in on Sanzo, his smaller frame pressing against Sanzo's body. "And I'm very hungry." He breathed in, taking in the aroma of his Sanzo. Having to smell incense and dusty books all day made the faintly sweet smell of Sanzo seem all the more delicious. As he breathed back out, a melodious purr rolled up his throat and over his tongue. Small yet strong hands found their way to rest on Sanzo's stomach, fingering the usual skin-tight, black leather shirt. Sanzo took a step back, Goku took a step forward. Sanzo stepped to his left, Goku stepped to his right. The small dance of lovers in a playful cat and mouse game.

Goku was a smart little bastard, that was for sure. Of course, common sense and book smarts were not a common thing in that brain of his, but when it came to Sanzo, Goku was the leading expert. Goku knew Sanzo's fake attempts to pull away actually meant he wanted Goku to follow. Goku knew that if he slowly ran his hands over Sanzo's chest, his body temperature would rise. Goku knew that if he swayed his hips to the side when they were so close to Sanzo's, Sanzo's hips would follow suit. Goku knew that if he locked his eyes on Sanzo's, that the blonde would be incapable of looking away.

Sanzo was the one to break their silent game. "If you're hungry, then go get some food. I've told you a hundred times you aren't to eat in the room," he said in more of a whisper and without a single hint of seriousness. He knew exactly what Goku was hungry for.

"Mm, don't wanna," Goku said through that smirk.

"I don't care what if you don't want to."

"Then what about what you want to do?" Goku took a step forward, sequentially forcing Sanzo to take a step back. The back of his knees hit the mattress of the bed and his legs nearly buckled under him. Nimble fingers curled under the seam of Sanzo's shirt and inched it up slowly, exposing his pale skin and a small belly button centered between taught muscles. Those fingers then traced the outline of Sanzo's bottommost ribs up towards the center and trailed down and around his bellybutton; drawing little maps on territory he was already well traversed. The small touches were just enough to cause Sanzo's smoldering eyes to soften and, if Goku were to describe it, practically darken in its amethyst shade.

Sanzo used to despise physical contact of any kind. He could barely tolerate Gojyo's clingy nature and Goku's random lack of boundaries on the journey, but Goku had succeeded in weaving through that barrier as well. It took him a damned long time to accomplish it as well, so he never let a moment slip by if it meant he could touch his light that was Sanzo. Thanks to an infinite amount of patience that only a being that has lived for half of a century has, and helpful tips of a certain lecherous kappa, Goku very slowly worked at Sanzo's phobias until he got to where he was now, free to paw at that ivory skin as much as he liked. Even if Sanzo wouldn't verbally admit it to him, Goku could tell that the monk loved it. He stopped batting away his hands long ago, he stopped getting angry, he stopped leaving the room in a livid fluster, and, better yet, he touched back.

Sanzo's hands found themselves sliding up over Goku's bare back, gently caressing toned muscles and protruding shoulder blades, and finally resting on the small of his back, just above those gaudy pajama pants. He cocked his head to his right just a few centimeters and pursed his lips. "The hell are you planning to do with that food?"

Goku's smirk widened to a grin as he slid Sanzo's shirt up farther, bunching it up on his chest. He licked his lips when he finally broke his lock on Sanzo's eyes and looked down at the newly exposed flesh. In his opinion, everything about Sanzo was nearly blindingly bright. To him, Sanzo's hair was more like a glowing halo, his eyes were bright even in a dark room, and his skin seemed nearly translucent when contrasted with the black of his shirt. Goku's tanned fingers traced various scars that were scattered over every inch of the blonde's skin; well-earned battle scars serving as an endless reminder of their nearly fatal journey and his brutal past. Not that Goku disliked the scars, hell, he could even remember how several of the larger scars were formed. Hakkai's healing powers saved that delectable skin from being further covered, but many still remained- the wounds that didn't require immediate attention, the wounds that Hakkai couldn't heal due to his own injuries, and wounds Sanzo refused to have healed. The scars he didn't like that were still most definitely visible were ones he caused himself. He had nearly killed Sanzo when he lost himself to the monster within during that final battle-

"Hey, stop zoning out," Sanzo's sharp click of his tongue that indicated frustration snapped Goku out of past memories, and he shot his eyes back up towards Sanzo's. "Answer my question."

"Hmm?" Goku blinked a few times as his head rolled to the side. His ability to get distracted when Sanzo was so close to him was a common annoyance for Sanzo.

After a heavy sigh and jetting his hips to the side, and of course enjoying the small whimper the movement elicited, he repeated himself. "I asked you what in hell do you have planned for that food?"

As if returning from a commercial break, Goku's attention fully returned to his devious little plot. His lips curled up at the corners and his eyelids slid down to half-staff. Sanzo noted the expression looked more sinister than sensual. "Mmm, I was hoping you'd help me with dinner," Goku said while trailing a finger tip up and over the bunched up shirt and to Sanzo's neck. He followed the natural lines of Sanzo's protruding collar bone, up the taught muscles of his neck, traced his jawbone, and finally got Sanzo to shiver when he feathered over Sanzo's ear.

Never the one to relent, Sanzo pressed on with his coy hard-to-get game. "You already had dinner in town, remember?" He spoke just above Goku's ear, hot breath and low, raspy tones flowing over Goku's ears. The brunette shivered and grasped Sanzo's shoulder as if he would fall off the face of the planet. "What was it you called me when that waitress was around? Sunshine? I could've killed you right then and there if it wasn't so damned," he paused his sentence to playfully nip at Goku's ear with his teeth. "Cute" he finished with the small bit of flesh still between his teeth. Goku's eyes fluttered shut and failed to conceal his small, breathy moan.

Goku was probably the easiest being on the planet to tease. What with his body practically running on basic instincts and his insatiable hunger, Sanzo didn't even have to be near him to rile him up. So with Sanzo toying with his ear, Goku was already putty in Sanzo's hands. "Nnn, but I'm hungry still," he managed to force out despite his mind already melting.

When Sanzo moved to snatch up Goku's ear once more, Goku darted his head back. Sanzo pulled his head back and looked down at Goku, obviously annoyed. Goku never was the type to pull away from any form of contact Sanzo offered. Hell, he would usually pout whenever any contact ended.

Goku finally opened his eyes again and, with a determined glare, huffed at Sanzo. He pressed his hand flat against Sanzo's bare chest, and after flashing a small smile, he pushed forward against Sanzo, sending the taller man toppling down onto the bed. Sanzo caught himself from falling all the way back by planting his hands to either side of his body. He then looked up at Goku, ready to bite his head off, when the smaller frame climbed down on top of his lap, hovering over him on his knees. Only at this angle would Sanzo ever have to look up at Goku. "Lie back," Goku said merely a heartbeat away from Sanzo's lips. Only Goku would get away with this brass behavior. And only Goku would get Sanzo to do what he said just by looking at him with those impossibly deep golden eyes. Long ago, Sanzo stopped trying to hide the fact that he could never say no to Goku when he looked at him like that, and just accepted it. It saved him a lot of hassle in the end. Sanzo lifted his arms from the bed and let himself fall back down onto the mattress with a soft rustle of the sheets. Goku followed swiftly, leaning over with his hands fixed to the sheets beside Sanzo's head. Sanzo looked up into those bright eyes that stared down at him and felt any annoyance he had melt away. He lifted his hand and brushed it against Goku's cheek, which followed his hand much like a cat. Goku's usual defiant hair hung limply around the sides of his face, an evident sign of the heat and moisture in the summer air. Goku practically purred like a cat as well when Sanzo's fingers combed through his hair, pulling it away from his face. He leaned into the touch, not wanting it ever disappear. Though he loved being held and kissed by this man, the smaller, sweeter gestures were what made his heart skip a beat. Though he would have never previously though it, he would gladly not eat if it meant he could feel eternally close to Sanzo.

Eat. Food. Shit, that's right.

Goku pulled away from Sanzo's touch, again, reminding Sanzo of why he was annoyed earlier, and sat up right. With a smile that seemed unrealistically large, he put his index finger up in the air. "Stay riiiight there, don't move," he instructed.

"You know, you're starting to piss me off," Sanzo growled out through a displeased frown.

Clearly not caring what Sanzo said, Goku hopped off of the bed and scampered around the bed frame. He picked up the plastic bag filled with confections and brought it over to Sanzo. He set the bag down on top of the sheets and crawled back on top of the motionless monk.

Arching an eye brow and pursing his lips to the side, Sanzo stated, "You're… No, you are not going to do what I think you are going to do. I am not a food tray."

As if he didn't even hear Sanzo's words, Goku dumped the contents of the bag out onto the sheets. He spread out the items, facing all of the labels up right, and then tossed the plastic bag onto the ground behind him. "Hmmm," he hummed out. "What would taste best with Sanzo?"

"Did you hear what I said?" Sanzo barked as he pulled himself up onto his elbows.

Goku turned his head back to look at Sanzo, his eyes glowing with anger, upset, and arousal. "Come on, Sanzo! Just this once? I tried that one thing that you wanted to try! I couldn't walk for two days afterwards! You owe me!"

Sanzo's eyes rolled off to the side as small memories of a sling, rope, and handcuffs flashed in his mind. After sighing, knowing Goku had a point, he closed his eyes and flopped back down onto the bed. He had felt a bit guilty after that night, and he supposed Goku playing around with food wasn't too awful.

Giggling died down to intense internal debate as Goku studied the items on the bed. For how much Goku was willing to eat anything considered edible, he was being exceptionally picky.

"What the hell is taking so long?" Sanzo snorted as he finally opened his eyes again to look up and over at Goku.

"I can't decide."

"What the fuck is so complicated? You like food, just pick something." Sanzo's patience was dying.

"But Sanzo! You have such a good taste! I don't wanna pick somethin' that tastes too strong so that I can't taste you. And I don't wanna pick somethin' that will taste bad with you."

Sanzo couldn't help but roll his eyes. If there was one thing Goku knew what he was talking about, it was definitely food.

After nearly another two minutes of silence, Goku finally nodded firmly and grabbed the chocolate sauce. He quickly then crawled back on top of Sanzo and looked down at the rather annoyed man beneath him. He set the sauce down next to Sanzo, whose eyes followed the bottle, and returned to his previous position of hovering over him. Knowing Sanzo's lack of patience all too well, Goku wouldn't keep him waiting. He dipped his head down and captured Sanzo's lips with his own. He dived wantonly in between Sanzo's lips, which were fully willing to grant him access. Sanzo lifted his hand and tangled itself into that limp mop of brown hair again, applying some pressure to the back of Goku's skull. As the kiss became more heated and feverish, Goku's body crumpled down against Sanzo's, causing him to break the kiss, only for a moment to gasp for air. Sanzo instantly stole Goku's lips back and couldn't help but groan into the kiss when he felt Goku's hips roll on top of him.

It was Sanzo who broke the kiss the second time, pressing his forehead against Goku's as he panted heavily. Goku's small movements with his hips were sending chills up his spine and making it very difficult to breathe. When Goku pushed down hard, grinding hardened cotton against hardened denim, both men simultaneously moaned. Goku tilted down his head and suckled at Sanzo's neck, causing his grip in Goku's hair to tighten. He was careful never to leave any marks that wouldn't be gone by morning, because the last thing he wanted was to be woken up violently by an angry Sanzo. His lips trailed along the edge of the neck part of Sanzo's shirt, pouting loudly as a blunt statement that he wanted the shirt gone. With a gruff and hoarse sigh, Sanzo pulled at Goku's hair, pulling him off of his neck. He then pulled his shirt the rest of the way up and over his head. It found its way into the pile of clothes on the floor. As Sanzo was removing his shirt, Goku had sat back up and grabbed the bottle of chocolate sauce. With a firm snap and click, the top of the bottle popped off, flying off towards the wall. He rotated the bottle so the nozzle pointed down towards Sanzo's skin, and looked into Sanzo's eyes, double checking for assurance that he would not in fact be beaten for this. When all he saw was glazed over purple and flushed cheeks, he squeezed the bottle.

When the slow moving, dark brown chocolate met with his skin, Sanzo's hips bucked slightly at the sudden cold intruding on his warm skin. "S'fucking cold," Sanzo remarked starkly, but when Goku dipped his head down and the wet warmth of his tongue mingled with the cool stickiness of the chocolate, biting at his own lip was all he could do to keep from reaching down and ripping out Goku's hair. Goku slowly lapped at the chocolate sauce, sucking some of it up into the chasm of his mouth, and spreading the rest around Sanzo's chest.

Sanzo didn't like to admit it, but he was exceptionally sensitive to touch. He figured it must be due to the complete and total lack of human contact for so many years. But only Goku was allowed to touch him like this. If anyone else dared try, they found the barrel of his Smith and Wesson pressed to their skulls. Touching by anyone else felt intrusive and unwanted, and he would do whatever it took to free himself from that contact as quickly as he could. But that first night when Goku had crawled into his bed at some random inn on their ridiculous journey, he didn't shy away from his touch. And from the moment on, the smallest of sensations on his skin the boy would elicit sent his mind into a tailspin. This was perfect for Goku, of course, because he wanted nothing more than to touch, taste, and worship every last corner of Sanzo's body.

Leaving a fine layer of chocolate on Sanzo's skin, Goku lifted his head licking his lips and grinning from ear to ear. "Taste good?" Sanzo lifted his head to look down at him and asked.

"Nn, delicious," Goku said as he leaned upwards and licked at Sanzo's bottom lip. In response, Sanzo's tongue swiped out and licked up the small hint of chocolate. He smacked his lips together before letting out a soft chuckle. "What? Why're you laughin'?" Goku whined.

"Not good enough."

"Hmm? What do ya mean?"

"Chocolate isn't good enough." Sanzo sprung his head up and seized Goku's lips. Catching Goku completely off guard was his plan, and once Goku melted into the kiss, Sanzo swiftly flipped Goku over, laying him flat on his back, reversing their positions. Goku whined in protest, but hands wandering over his skin and a tongue invading his lips managed to distract him completely.

The moment he felt Goku begin squirming beneath him, desperate for more, Sanzo pulled away and sat up. Goku pouted, not willing to lose contact, and opened his eyes to look up at Sanzo who was not even looking at him. Sanzo's eyes were fixed on the assortment of toppings lying next to them on the bed. He grabbed all but the mayo, figuring Goku must've brought it to please him, though the mere idea of mayo and chocolate made Sanzo want to gag. He popped the tops of the three bottles and set them next to the already opened chocolate one.

"Eh? But this is my game!" Goku protested, finally figuring out what Sanzo was doing.

"Well, you're doing it wrong," Sanzo said with a hint of teasing in his voice. He grabbed first the chocolate sauce. He shook it and the slowly drew a straight line across Goku's chest. Goku winced and clamped one eye down, the shock of the cold liquid on his skin sending goose bumps all over his skin. Sanzo then grabbed the strawberry sauce and repeated the action, drawing a straight line across Goku's ribs. With the caramel, he drew a line across Goku's stomach just below his ribs. And with the honey, he drew a line across his stomach over his belly button. He discarded those four bottles, knowing he wouldn't be needing them again. After adjusting to better position himself over Goku, Sanzo plunged down and ran a line with his tongue from the honey all the way up to the chocolate. The four flavors mixed and swirled on Goku's skin and in Sanzo's mouth, creating a colorful and tasty blend. Goku shivered as his head fell back down onto the mattress below him. He seemed to have forgotten how to breathe when Sanzo removed the chocolate from Goku's nipple, circling his tongue around before delicately biting at the perked flesh. Sanzo then returned on his path back down to the honey, this time following an "S" pattern with licks and nibbles.

Sanzo turning Goku into a virtual lollipop had to have been the cruelest and the most awesome feeling Goku had every felt. He had to repeatedly remind himself to breathe. He felt like he could explode just from this sensation alone. He loved food, he loved Sanzo, and he loved sex with Sanzo, but to combine these things? He was starting to regret not trying this before.

Sanzo made the trek north once more, scooping up a helping of each flavor along the way. Instead of swallowing it this time, he continued north to Goku's mouth, which frantically attacked Sanzo's lips as if it were starving. Goku shuddered and moaned into the kiss filled with a plethora of flavor. Goku arched up into Sanzo, his body slamming against the other. Sanzo really wanted to yell at him for smearing the toppings all over him, but the second Goku's erection rubbed against his own, he stopped caring. He pushed down against Goku, sandwiching his body between his and the bed. Goku broke away from the kiss to gasp for air. He hectically looped his arms around Sanzo, one hand lacing through blonde hair, the other desperately pawing at Sanzo's back. Sanzo lifted his hips up ever so slightly and pushed back down, causing Goku to nearly scream. Sanzo was certain the other monks heard that, not that they weren't used to the slew of moans, screams, and thumping sounds echoing through the halls at night… and sometimes during the day. The fact that there were probably a few monks praying for his soul right now endlessly amused him.

Sanzo moved to arch up off of Goku's body, finding the task to be quiet difficult as the honey and caramel had acted like a glue, sticking skin and small hairs to each other. Amongst their panting, both men found themselves chuckling. As he pulled up, which was not all that easy to do, countless strands of stickiness tied their bodies together. Sanzo was just about to sever the wilting strands of caramel and honey with his finger, when the other body shot up and ravished his skin like a starving animal. Goku, with his arms propping his body up, vehemently gorged on his own private Sanzo-sicle. He couldn't get enough of this, but he also couldn't handle it anymore. Between smacking sounds of his lips, he breathed out heavily, "Sanzo… please… I can't take it anymore…"

Goku never could last long before he ended up begging to be taken. He was always the impatient type that wanted nothing but to be satisfied with everything he did; be it eating, fighting, or sex, he fervently put his all into it and went straight for it until he was fulfilled.

Sanzo's head rolled back over his shoulders when Goku attacked the chocolate smearing on his chest. Goku left small trails of pink bite marks along Sanzo's ivory skin, but never deep enough to either injure nor mar. He slid his hand up Goku's spine, which arched into his touch. With a finger from his right hand, he trailed down Goku's abdomen, coating his finger in the array of flavors. He brought the finger up to Goku's mouth, which, without hesitation encased it with his lips. Goku's moist tongue slithered around Sanzo's finger, tasting every last flavor. Goku's cheeks caved inwards as he sucked on that digit, enticing Sanzo to speed things up. When Goku's tongue darted out and skimmed over the v between his fingers, Sanzo decided to agree with Goku.

Sanzo shoved Goku roughly back down onto his back, separating Goku's legs further with his knee. Bypassing the sticky skin of Goku's belly, Sanzo's hand grabbed at those silly pajama pants and tugged them down with enough force that a seam ripped. Goku didn't seem to care. Once they were tossed away, Sanzo worked at the fly of his own jeans, pulling down the zipper, and kicking them off of him, a loud thud resounded through the room as his jeans slammed into a mounted scroll on the wall. Without further fanfare, Sanzo's fingers tiptoed up the shaft of Goku's cock. When his fingers reached the top, he ran his thumb over the small slit, smearing that small bead of precome over his flush head. Goku's breathing hitched as he bunched handfuls of sheets into his hands. When Sanzo's hand finally fully wrapped around him and applied the tiniest bit of pressure, Goku's mouth flung open and his back arched high into the air.

Sanzo almost envied the way his lover was so free in bed. He never held back a moan, never tried to keep his composure, and never cared how he looked. When Sanzo twisted his wrist and pumped a single, slow motion, Goku moaned so loudly that Sanzo could've sworn he felt it reverberate throughout his skin. After a few more pumps, the whole time causing Goku to be a writhing, panting mess, he reached up and grabbed Sanzo's wrist. "Pleeease, Sanzooo," Goku begged in a voice that only was heard in the confines of their bed.

With his free left hand, Sanzo leaned over and grabbed the ever ready bottle of lube from the drawer in the table next to the bed. Proving a skill that only occurs with practice, he twirled the bottle around in his hand and coated his fingers in the cool, silky liquid. He dropped the bottle down onto the bed, and with another playful pump with his other hand, he slid a single finger inside of that scorching hot entrance.

"Ahh!" Goku shouted as his grip on Sanzo's wrist tightened. There was no longer pain with this sensation; that disappeared long ago. Now, all that was left was intense pleasure. He pushed down against Sanzo's hand. He was always trying to speed things up; always trying to feel as good as possible. It took mere seconds before Sanzo was capable of sliding in a second, and even less time to slide in a third finger. These muscles were well trained. "Ahhn, Sanzo, haa, hurry up!" Goku whined through clamped eyes.

Sanzo responded to his demands with a playful curling of his index finger, toying with his pleasure center. Goku screamed silently, his mouth wide open and no sound coming through. Sanzo then finally removed his fingers and moved to coat his own aching cock. He lingered for a moment on how good the lube felt with his fingers, reveling on how cooling it was. But he would not linger long, knowing how massively better it felt to be inside of Goku. He let go of Goku and twisted his hand around, grabbing the wrist that belonged to Goku's hand that was still clinging to his arm. With a firm grip, he pulled Goku up onto his knees. Sanzo settled down on top of the heels of his feet and had Goku crawl forward so that he was kneeling, hovering over Sanzo's lap.

Like a puppet, Goku moved in every way Sanzo instructed him to, desperate to just fuck already. Once he was hovering over Sanzo's lap, he reached down behind his back to accurately align himself, and without hesitating, lowered himself down onto Sanzo's cock. He moved so slowly down and let his head fall forward, resting his forehead against Sanzo's, panting through the invasion.

Sanzo's eyes clamped shut as he delved slowly through a tunnel of taught and warm muscle. His hands disappeared into the mess of brown hair and pulled tightly. "Haaa, fuck," he groaned out once he was able to breathe again.

Goku stopped moving once he reached the base and shuddered hard against Sanzo. He didn't stay still for long, though, just long enough to keep his heart from failing right then and there. He raised himself up on his knees, causing Sanzo's to groan heavily against Goku's cheek. Goku's arms were now draped over Sanzo's shoulders dangling and fisting air.

When he dropped back down, Goku flew back his head, his hair draping over his back and Sanzo's hands. Sanzo's head subsequently fell forward, resting against Goku's collar bone. All he could smell was sweat and chocolate. His tongue snuck out from his mouth and took in and tasted chocolate once more. The concept of chocolate covered monkeys popped into his head and he couldn't help but smile into the crook of Goku's neck.

Goku began quickening their pace, rising up and down with his knees unheedingly. Sanzo let one of his hands fall from Goku's hair and brought it around between them. He wrapped his thin fingers around Goku's need once more and met Goku's pace. This encouraged Goku to further speed up, driving for that white oblivion. His arms curled up at the elbows, clinging to Sanzo's hair for dear life as he continued to ride Sanzo. Gasps gave way to grunts, grunts gave way moans, moans gave way to near shouting.

Goku came hard and swift, blinding white blocking his vision as he moaned deafening loud. Sanzo snatched Goku's lips up, swallowing his moan into a half-assed kissed. As Goku's body grew tired, wanting to stop moving, Sanzo put both of his hands on Goku's hips, instructing his movement. Moments later, Goku found himself back in the world of now and moaning again as Sanzo drove himself off that ledge. When Sanzo came, his arms wrapped tightly around Goku's smaller frame as he let out a uncontrollable moan into Goku's shoulder.

The two sticky, wet, panting, and exhausted men stayed there motionless, riding out their shudders and spasms in their afterglow. When Sanzo finally pulled out of Goku, the brunette fell helpless down onto the bed. Once again, dozens of hair thin strands of sticky toppings tied their bodies together, and Sanzo breathed out a soft chuckle. "Don't fall asleep, you are far too dirty. I will kill you if you ruin the bed sheets." When all he got as a response was a mumbled slur of sound effects, Sanzo bent over and grabbed Goku's wrist. He pulled the nearly lifeless body up and shook him a little. "Come on, shower. Now."

Goku was really just wanting to roll over and fall asleep, but the idea of taking a shower with Sanzo sounded a bit tempting. He opened his eyes as if they were spring loaded ad smiled. "If you take it with me!"

"I was planning on it, I'm not staying awake to wait for you to finish your shower. Come on," Sanzo said as he rolled off of the bed, dragging Goku by the wrist behind him. He turned on the shower faucet and waited for the water to heat up, all the while still holding on to Goku's wrist. "Are you full yet?"

"Mmm, nope. I think I could still have some dessert," Goku hummed and licked at some of the smeared strawberry sauce on Sanzo's chest.

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