Title- Honey

Author- sanzo_prodigy

Email- prodigy_85 (at) netzero (dot) com

Pairing- Hakkai/Goku (Sanzo/Gojyo mentioned)

Rating- Pg-13

Word Count- 1100ish

Disclaimer- Still not mine. I only borrowed them.

Summary- Yet again Sanzo is injured and Goku needs some comfort.



Hakkai was lying on his back staring up at the ceiling, he was exhausted. Closing the latest wound to Sanzo's fragile human body had taken everything out of him. Pinching the bridge of his nose, the healer ruminated over those injuries. They were bad, yes, but the priest had lived through much worse. His concern, he realized, was not for Sanzo but for Goku. Whenever anything unpleasant happened to the sour monk the monkey simply lost it. When Rikkudo had impaled the blonde with his staff, the intensity of Goku's emotion actually destroyed his power limiter. When the scorpion lady had poisoned Sanzo, he willingly took it off to ensure that he would win the battle against Kougaiji. This time when Goku had let Seitan Taisei loose he had leveled an entire town. The boy would do anything for Sanzo, not matter the guilt he would have to live with afterwards. It bothered Hakkai; made him jealous, which made him ashamed.

There was a quiet knock at his door, "Hey Hakkai?" Goku peered around the edge of the door, his golden eyes wide.

"What is it Goku?" Hakkai asked sitting up.

"Nothing...I mean Sanzo's awake and Gojyo kicked me out." The youth looked pitiful, his arms hanging uselessly as he lingered, half in-half out of the doorway.

"You can come in" the older boy prompted. The teen was grateful for Hakkai's consent and shut the door behind him, but he remained against the wall shuffling his feet nervously.

"Goku, is something wrong?" He swung his legs over the side of the bed and made to rise.

"Not really...I just wish I could've stayed with him a little longer."

Oh, Hakkai thought. "Goku you have to understand, Sanzo and Gojyo...their relationship is..."

But before the green eyed youkai could find the right word the boy shook his head.

"I know Hakkai, I'm not as thick as everyone thinks. I love Sanzo, don't tell him, but not like Gojyo does..."

"So you're not romantically inclined toward Sanzo?"

"Gods no, he's like my brother and my father...and sometimes my mother, but don't tell him that either."

Hakkai couldn't help but smile, "Then what's bothering you?"

"I wanted to talk to him. I wanted to tell him that I didn't mean to do all that. I didn't mean to hurt all those people. So he won't be mad."

"Goku!" the boy's name came out in a surprised gasp "Sanzo isn't going to be angry with you."

"How d'you know?"

"Don't you know?"

"I guess some part of me does, but the rest of me can't be sure until he hits me with that dumb fan and calls me a stupid monkey" Goku sighed. 

Hakkai leaned himself against the wall next to the younger boy and draped an arm around his shoulders in a motion reminiscent of a Gojyo hug, "Don't worry about it Goku, I'm sure when he's feeling better he'll beat you silly."

"You think?" those gold eyes brightened.

"Sure" Hakkai smiled "He might even shoot at you too."

Goku laughed a sexy throaty sound that caused a twinge low in the other's belly, and proceeded to throw his arms around Hakkai's middle.

The green-eyed boy stiffened as Goku's warmth enveloped him and an earthy scent - almost like clovers- invaded his senses. He resisted, just barely, the urge to kiss the boy and awkwardly pulled away, "It's late Goku, you should get to bed."

"Hakkai?" He could always tell when something was not quite right, "Hakkai, what's the matter?"

The taller brunet plastered on a smile, "Why nothing at all!", and turned away quickly.

"Are you mad at me about the town?"

Goku sounded so sad that Hakkai turned back to him as quickly as he'd turned away, "Of course not!"

"Then what is it?"

"N-Nothing...You should go to bed"

"No" the teen wasn't generally defiant, especially with Hakkai, but he was determined to get to the bottom of Hakkai's weird mood.

"Fine" the older youkai sighed and turned away again "Don't go to bed, but I am".

"Oh no you don't!" golden-eyed boy grabbed a fistful of Hakkai's shirt and spun him around simultaneously shoving him backwards. The taller boy crumpled onto the bed with Goku straddling his thighs.

"Goku what are you doing?!" he choked 

"You're gonna tell me what's wrong or I'm gonna sit on you all night!"

"Get off of me!" Hakkai tried to sit up but the boy had him thoroughly pinned.

He was starting to panic at his rising libido, this could turn bad quickly. He closed his hands around Goku's wrists, "Please".

"No...Why won't you tell me?"

  Hakkai averted his eyes. He felt ashamed for wanting someone so badly who could only ever see him as a brother. Goku released his shirt to cup his face turning it back to his own, "...'Kai..."

God help me, Hakkai prayed silently before grabbing the younger boy by the hair and crushing their lips together. Goku stiffened and his eyes shot wide, but he made no move to pull away. Pale fingers plowed furrows into silky brown hair and ghosted over bronzed cheeks. Hakkai was lost to the moment and sought only to further the connection. He plied his teeth to Goku's bottom lip gently seeking permission; the younger boy quivered ever so slightly and parted his lips for Hakkai's tongue.

Hakkai was seeing stars as he delved his tongue into the cavern of Goku's mouth and stroked his tongue to life. After what seemed like hours they broke apart, panting.

"Honey" Hakkai managed.


"You taste like honey"

Goku grinned and leaned forward to press his lips to Hakkai's once more.

"I thought you'd never do that" he breathed into the green eyed youkai.

Hakkai blinked but ignored his surprise, concentrating instead on ravaging the younger boy's lips. He rather liked honey and it seemed a waste to ignore such a treat. He was just beginning to entertain thoughts of flipping the boy onto his back when the door burst open.

"Hey Goku...whoa!" Gojyo stopped dead in his tracks.

"Ahh....Gojyo" Goku blushed furiously, "We were just...."

"I know I know, you were snogging. It's alright monkey, but Sanzo wanted to see you"

"Oh, alright" the boy climbed off Hakkai's lap, still blushing, and made his way out the door with a covert smile over his shoulder.

When he was gone Gojyo's quiet smile grew into a leer, "So you're finally gonna get a piece of monkey, huh?"

"Goodnight Gojyo" was all Hakkai said as he shoved the ero kappa out the door.

He made certain to flip the lock behind him and fell once again onto the bed.

He had a new favorite flavor; from now on he'd take honey in his tea.

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