Sinner's Punishment
By: Sakitchi
Chapter 2

The blonde monk leaned against the side of the inn smoking his freshly lit cigarette and staring up at the stars, his foot rested against the wall lazily. Crossing his arms he removed the burning stick from his lips and blew out the fumes slowly. The blonde sighed thinking to himself, just how long has he been lying to himself?

"Che." He straightened as the image of Chin Ii Sou passed through his mind why the hell did that bastard come to mind?

Well, in a way both Dougan and Ii Sou were the same horrors of the past. But Ii Sou was Hakkai's past. Why did he think of that bastard?

Sanzo pushed himself from the wall dropping the cigarette beneath his sandal and headed down the street confirming he officially hated all shikigami. He winced as an image of Shuuei passed in his mind, another failure, another's blood.

He wasn't meant to have anyone close. The blond quickly shoved his hands in his robes sleeves before continuing down the street, a scowl on his face. In the end everyone ended like his master. Dead… because of his weakness . . . Hold nothing close.

The monk was pulled out of his thoughts as he felt a tug on his sleeve. He looked down to see a nervous child holding out a piece of paper,

"U-um, this m-man asked m-me to g-give this t-to y-you," she stammered, and then thrust the said paper in his face forcing him to take it, before running away leaving a very confused monk. Sanzo grumbles to himself as he opened it revealing a time and place. He opened it further to find a familiar scribble saying:

-sins can't be forgiven, someone must pay… we choose you.-

The priest stared confused. "Sins can't be forgiven?" He crumbled the paper in his fist. "What the hell is this? Some sick joke?!" He hissed before shoving the note in his robes. 'Sins… we'. Who was this "we"?

Sanzo closed his eyes briefly, trying to push the nagging thoughts away but instead they formed a headache.

"Hey Sanzo!" the monk turned to see Goku running after him again he ran a hand through his blonde and before turning away, starting down the road choosing to ignore the boy.

"Hey, you could waited, you know." The brunette said, finally catching up to the priest. "Gosh, I'm so hungry."

"Whatever." He pulled a half empty packet of cigarettes out of his sleeve placing one between his lips he stuck the pack back in and pulled out a lighter. "So what do you want monkey?" he asked, as the flint sparked.

"Well… you've been out for an hour or so… and well it looks like it's going to rain." The monkey boy replied with a soft whine.

The holy man breathed out smoke and glanced at the sky. Rain. "Go tell Hakkai we're leaving tomorrow." He placed the cigarette back in his mouth, still walking.

"But what about you Sanzo?" Goku asked, concerned.

"I have somewhere to be," he replied, and without waiting for the monkeys reply, headed for the place on the note.

~Present Time~

Sanzo just stared out at the pair. "What the hell is this?! Some joke?" He growled, eyes promising murder.

"Not at all Master Sanzo!!" said one of the occupants.

"Che…" Sanzo glared. He didn't like this. He didn't like this one bit.
His eyes narrowed as he heard the click of a lock behind him as the other occupant shut the door behind him. "What the hell do you want?" He demanded.

"Why Master Sanzo, to play of course!" The red headed demon answered with a twirl. "We only thought it fitting it be you."

"Is that so?" the blonde asked with a hiss.

"Why yes," came a voice from behind him. The monk turned, gun pointed at the youkai. "You should pay for the sins you've committed. Wouldn't you agree Dougan?"

The demon bounced happily. "Yes, yes! Master Sanzo has been very mean!"

"Che… I've only given what you bastards deserve," Sanzo replied, gun still pointed at the purple haired demon.

"Then why did you come?" the other demon asked, un-phased by the banishing gun in his face.

Sanzo's eyes widened. Why did he come? Did he actually believe he could erase the past? Did he really believe he could atone for those unforgivable acts against the world?

The monk was forced out of his thoughts when he felt his gun being pulled from his hand.

Damn, he let his guard down.

"Now Master Sanzo, guns are dangerous," Dougan said, holding the said weapon lightly in his grasp.

"Shit." This is pathetic. He was pathetic. He'd faced stronger demons before these two. So why the hell was he so rattled?
Because, he'd actually killed these two once before, he'd never faced his demons more than once, unless they were immortal or some shit like that. But even then he found a way around it. But this… this was different. With his banishing gun out of reach all he had was the scripture that donned his shoulders. Maybe he could use them to get his gun back, but it would have to be at the right moment.

The blonde pulled his cigarettes from his sleeve. Lighting one, he leaned leisurely against the nearest wall, arms crossed over his chest.

"So do you want to explain what the hell this is about?" Sanzo questioned eyeing the two demons. "I can understand why Dougan is after me, but why the hell are you Chin Ii Sou after me? He demanded of the purple haired bastard before him.

"Well, well," Sou exclaimed, smiling. "You only have your self to blame Genjo Sanzo."

"That's true, Master Sanzo, it is your fault." Dougan happily interjected.

"I would have completely destroyed Cho Gonou if it wasn't for you ruining my plans!" Ii Sou said angrily.

"Che." Sanzo stared. "Is that all?" The two demons stared for a minute surprised at the monk's calm acceptation to his situation and the reasoning. But then their smiles widened.

"I wouldn't say that's all, no," Chin answered lazily.

Sanzo's eyes narrowed. He didn't like where this was going. Not one bit.





I have more, but I haven't finished. T.T

I should be done with the final chapter after the holidays I've just been working on a piece for a contest.



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