Title: Sinner's punishment
Pairing: Its a very strange one and you'll have to read to find out
Rating: >< MA! Really! It's up there!
Summary: Sanzo has gotten away with many sins as a monk, two people from his past think it's time he paid the price for being a Sinner just like everyone else. But is Sanzo really going to go willingly?
Author note: There are NO OCs. It's all about the actual characters, and it's an unusual pairing. Rape, character abuse
I hope this one at least gets more comments! *nods*
I know you'll like it. I hope!


Sinner's Punishment
By: Sakitchi
Chapter 1

Sanzo glared down at the note in his hand as he stood outside a large door. He silently cursed running a hand through his already tangled blonde hair. He quickly slipped the note back into his robes and lifted a fist to the wooden door poised to knock when the blond monk realized he was trembling. He wasn't sure why exactly, but he was.

The blonde closed his eyes taking a deep breathe before contacting his knuckles with the cool wood. He was slightly taken aback when the door swung open immediately revealing two shadowed figures. Genjo's eyes widened. "Shit. . ." He exclaimed wondering what the hell he had just gotten himself into.

~2 Hours earlier~

Sanzo smoked his cigarette as he turned the page of his newly acquired newspaper looking for something at least semi-interesting but had no luck. He pushed his glasses back up his nose with a sigh starting to get very annoyed with the bantering voices in the background.

Genjo Sanzo took the burning stick from his lips and grounded it in the ashtray before standing irritated. "Will you two shut the hell up?!" he roared sending the overflowing ashtray in the voice's direction.

"My Sanzo! Your in an awfully bad mood today aren't you?" came Hakkai's light voice.

"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT FOR YOU DAMN MONK?!" Sanzo turned to the owner of the voice and was faced with a raging red-head sporting a new bump on his forehead.

"Is it my fault you can't dodge?" Sanzo said in reply crossing his arms over his chest as Goku sat on the floor laughing. Gojyo walked over to the said boy.

"Shut up you stupid monkey! I'll throw this ashtray at you if I wasn't so sure you hard head would break it!" He yelled waving the said ashtray in his hands, causing the ashes and butts to go flying.

"Umm . . . Gojyo I hope you plan on cleaning that up. I know I sure won't" a certain brown haired man interjected.

Sanzo gave up and sat down running a hand through his hair for the first time that night, he didn't bother to acknowledge the demon companion beside him.

"What's wrong Sanzo?" Hakkai asked a concern look on his delicate features.

"Forget it, its nothing" The priest grumbled removing his reading glasses and sliding them on the table. "Just a bad feeling is all. . ." He gave.

"Are you mayhap still thinking about Dougan?" The brunette asked squatting beside his companion. "It couldn't be helped you know, it's not your fault."

"Che." Sanzo stood at these words. "Never said it was." And the blonde monk walked past the occupants of the room and left slamming the door behind him.

"What's wrong with Baldy?" Gojyo asked rubbing the red mark on his forehead and pulling out a pack of cigarettes.

"I'm not exactly sure, but I think he's feeling guilty about Dougan's death." He answered thoughtfully watching Gojyo lit up a cigarette.

"He didn't seem to have a problem killing him then." Goku said looking longingly at the door Sanzo just left.

"Regardless what Sanzo may 'say' he is technically responsible for Dougan. His death can't be easy now that the boy's blood covers his hands." Hakkai said sadly crossing his arms over his chest.

"Whatever" Gojyo said sitting in the now vacant chair. "We all knew him"

"That's true!" The green eyes man said holding a finger up and smiling "But Sanzo was Dougan's master; Dougan became the way he was because of Sanzo's misguidance."

"So Blondie was a bad parent, he had better things to do then baby-sit" Gojyo protested.

"It doesn't matter what we say or think about it. Sanzo obviously thinks it's his fault so he's sad about it." Hakkai and Gojyo stared at Goku surprised to hear something that made so much sense fall from his mouth.

Gojyo whistled "Sooo the Monkey 'does' have a brain!"

"Shut the hell up water sprite!" The teen yelled back rising angrily. Hakkai held his hands up in mock surrender and backed away.


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