Title: Insatiable (8/?)
Author: rroselavy
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): 39, 58
Beta: Akuchan
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: As if I could own something so utterly captivating.
Summary: Sanzo learns that Goku's insatiable hunger extends beyond food.

A/N: Yay! The cliffhanger from Chapter 1 is resolved. This concludes the first half of our story :-)


'This changes nothing.'

What a colossal joke that was, Sanzo thought as he slid into the truck, his hand grabbing blindly at the door handle to prevent himself from falling on his ass. The boy had managed to embed himself deep into his soul.

"Don't you die on me, monkey!" he hissed furiously, prying at the passenger door. The front end of the vehicle had accordioned over the hinges. After some effort the metal wrenched open with a muted complaint, and Sanzo clambered onto the bench seat. Goku's face was covered in blood, but the monk could see from the white puffs of condensation that clouded around the boy's nose and mouth that he was still breathing. He knew that he needed to keep the teen alive until Hakkai came, then everything would be okay, it had to be, Sanzo thought. He fervently prayed that the healer would arrive soon.

But right now, he had to get the injured teen back into the temple. "Goku, wake up." His hand reached out to caress an unresponsive cheek. "C'mon baby, you need to wake up," he said with more urgency, leaning closer. He shook the teen's shoulder gently but persistently. He didn't realize that he'd been holding his breath until he exhaled it when he saw Goku's eyes flutter open and then gradually focus. The teen slowly righted his neck, and then gingerly turned his head.

"Sanzo?" he cried out, puzzled, only to have his question muffled by the blond's lips. The monk couldn't help himself; the relief that flooded his senses was overwhelming. The kiss was tender and chaste; the blond felt tears prick at the corners of his eyes.

"Sanzo, what's the matter?" Goku asked, breathless, when he finally was able to pull away.

He wiped the blood from his lips. "You lost control of the truck, slid into the tree and got knocked out." The next moment found Goku howling in indignation as Sanzo's harisen smacked him squarely on the head. "Idiot monkey," he fumed, recovering from his fright. "I told you to be careful."

"But it was so much fun! Ow-" Goku exclaimed, unsuccessfully ducking another swat.

"Fun? You totaled the truck. Did you lose that pea-brain of yours? What am I going to do next winter?" Sanzo's eyes glinted as he grabbed the teen by the sweater.

"I'm sorry!" Goku howled. "I'll fix it! I'll get it fixed!" His hand came up to cover the monk's, his fingers twining with Sanzo's, and he bowed his head, ashamed.

The display of contrition was enough to melt the iciest of hearts. What did he expect? Goku was still just a boy in so many ways, one whose childhood and adolescence had been stolen; repurposed by the whims of the gods. Who was he to begrudge the teen a little fun? It was only a pick-up, and an old one at that. He could get it fixed, or replace it. He still had the Three Aspects' Gold Card, and they hadn't seemed to mind his expenditure on clothing for the boy. Besides, what did they expect, saddling him with such a needy, headstrong child? Only, Goku wasn't a child any more, as the blond's body could attest. Sanzo took a deep breath and stared at the brunet for a moment more before relenting. He saw that the blood flowed from a small cut between the teen's eyes; literally, just a scratch. What mattered was that Goku, his Goku, was all right. He cupped the brunet's face and he pressed his lips over Goku's mouth.

Goku's hands curled around his shoulders and the teen kissed him back enthusiastically. Sanzo let the boy dominate him, momentarily drowning in the ardor, before he regained control again. "You're a bloody mess," he said finally, slowly backing out of the cab. He extended his hand and Goku grasped it and climbed out shakily. Sanzo wrapped an arm around Goku's waist to steady the teen. He leaned into Sanzo before finding his footing, and then with more certainty, they made their way back to the temple.

"You've got some blood on you too," Goku commented, once they'd made it inside, his hand thumbing over Sanzo's cheek. "We could shower together, it'll save time." Sanzo failed to miss the feral grin that curved the boy's sensual lips, or the coy lilt to his voice. He was treading into dangerous territory, but he was too weak to protest, he'd nearly lost him.

"Shower only," he rasped, dragging the teen towards the bathroom, knowing it was most likely a promise he'd be unable to keep.

He pulled the heavy sweater over Goku's head, and then squatted down to undo the laces on his boots, fooling himself that he was taking care of his charge, just as he'd always done. Goku sat on a low stool, lifting his feet to aid Sanzo in removing the heavy footwear. He stepped away, leaving the teen to finish undressing himself, and turned the faucets on full blast. While he waited for the hot water to come on, he slipped out of his robes and jeans. He hazarded a glance at Goku, trying vainly to avoid lingering over his perfectly sculpted body, and then trying to ignore his own semi-erect penis. It was a losing battle. He groaned when he felt work-roughened fingertips skate along his spine, and he grabbed the offending hand and glared hard at the teen. "Shower only," he repeated, but Goku was having none of that. He pressed his naked body the length of the monk's, the contact sending hot sparks coursing through Sanzo's veins.

He pushed Goku into the stall and pinned him against the cool tiles. Goku attacked his mouth hungrily, his hot tongue easily slipping past Sanzo's teeth, his arms snaking around to capture and trap their bodies together. For a moment Sanzo thought he would drown in the overwhelming, intoxicating essence that was Goku.

"Look at what you've done to me," he murmured huskily, one knee pushing between Goku's legs, his tumescent cock jabbing against the teen's hip. He reached for the soap and lathered up his hands before pulling the brunet into an embrace. Once in the taller man's arms, Goku leveraged himself up, wrapping his legs around Sanzo's narrow waist. Sanzo figured that he was going to have a hell of a backache from bearing the other's weight in this position, but at the moment nothing mattered except that they were together. His conscience told him that they shouldn't be doing this; for all he knew, the teen had a concussion, he should be in bed, resting. But then again, Goku had always exhibited a tremendous amount of resilience.

"Want you," Goku's hot breath tickled across Sanzo's ear. He groaned, feeling the lithe, muscular body writhe in his grasp, and then after a moment's hesitation, Goku's tongue skated over his ear, reiterating his desire. Sanzo gasped, and quickly shifted their weight before slipping a well-lubricated digit into the teen's hole. Goku arched against him, his eyes rolling up in his head, and Sanzo finger-fucked him torturously slow, bowing his head so that he could watch the appendage slide in and out of the impossibly tight channel, until his own cock throbbed with each thrust. Goku's nails raked over his back, and in retaliation, Sanzo bit into the teen's collarbone. "Please," Goku moaned, his teeth teasing at the lobe of Sanzo's ear.

He felt power flow through him, his arousal growing as he asserted his control over the other's body. His arms forced the teen's thighs further apart, and Goku growled from the loss of Sanzo's probing finger, but the grumble was replaced by a gasp when the blond buried his cock into the teen's passage.

"So. Fucking. Tight." he whispered, his thrusts deep and deliberate. Goku met each drive by tilting his pelvis, the added pressure from that act causing Sanzo's length to pulse against the silken walls. Water stung his skin where the teen had left his marks and he wondered how deeply he'd been gouged, and then he found he could no longer consider anything other than the way Goku mewled with each thrust, clinging to him for dear life, driving him wild. Sanzo decided that he was the worst kind of addict; he had long ago lost the ability to control himself in the presence of the sensual boy. One touch, one look from the other would inevitably set off a domino of events, pulling him deeper into lust-filled days and nights spent fucking. And damn it, he wanted this to last forever, but in his heart, Sanzo believed that Goku was bound to grow tired of him, and would eventually seek a more suitable partner.

Now though, for the first time, the monk felt the seeds of doubt about what he was about to do grow roots and take hold. When he thought about the coming year spent in lonely isolation, mentoring the few students who would find their way to the monastery, he felt cold and numb. It was as if he were killing a part of him. He was brought back into the moment by a sharp nip to the jaw; he tilted his head, catching the look of apprehension in Goku's golden eyes.

"Where are you?" the teen asked quietly, his expression intent. Shit, Sanzo thought, the boy knew something was up.

"Right here, fucking you," he recovered quickly, purring as his hand slipping between their slick bodies to capture the teen's massive erection. Goku threw his head back carelessly, slamming it against the tile, his eyes widening momentarily from the pain, but Sanzo's ministrations to his dick caused him to instantly forget about the egg that was forming from the contact.

Sanzo smiled against the teen's cheek, his mouth blindly seeking the other's, his tongue thrusting deep into that moist heat, mimicking his actions below. Goku was fast becoming undone, and he moaned around Sanzo's tongue, and pulling away, his gasps became yelps and pants and guttural monosyllables.

Sanzo came violently, Goku following fast on his heels, and the blond leaned them both against the tiles, the teen's body his pillow, while he tried to catch his breath. He could feel both their hearts pounding against their chests from the exertion; hear his pulse throbbing in his veins, drowning out the cascading water.

"Love you."

The whisper was so low that Sanzo could almost believe that he'd imagined it, that it was just an odd echo from the deluge raining down on the tiled floor, and for a moment he convinced himself that that was the case. But then he allowed himself to accept what he'd heard, and he realized then, from the tentative tone in which the words had been uttered, that the sentiment was not going to be repeated any time soon. Maybe Goku had been testing the waters a little bit, Sanzo thought, or perhaps he'd let his mouth run in an unguarded moment. Either way, the effect on the monk was the same; while his heart sang with joy, he pointedly ignored the sentiment.

"They're going to be here any minute," he remarked casually, carefully lowering Goku's legs. When the teen was standing on his own, Sanzo began the task of thoroughly washing him. He started at the top of the brunet's head, gently massaging a luxurious lather through the chestnut locks, and then once the boy's hair was rinsed, he continued the ablutions, tenderly scrubbing every inch of toned skin. Goku stood obediently, patiently waiting for Sanzo to finish, and then he grabbed the shampoo to reciprocate, before being harshly rebuked. "I clean you, not the other way around, got it?" Sanzo clenched his jaw, only to relax it at the pained expression that flitted over Goku's face.

"I just wanted to do something nice for you, like I used to." Goku tilted his head down, reminding Sanzo of the boy he'd once been, reminding him of the time long ago, a lifetime ago, when they'd both been far more innocent, and Goku would wash him in the bath. He grit his teeth, even those memories had been tainted by the lecherous old monks; perhaps they'd seen this in his future. Goku continued to stand there, arms at his sides in defeat, shampoo bottle clutched in one hand.

"Fine. Just hurry it up."

Resigned, Sanzo closed his eyes and stood still, but soon found that he could not sustain his annoyance under Goku's gentle ministrations. Goku massaged a liberal amount of shampoo into the taller man's scalp and then coaxed out the tangles with his fingertips as Sanzo rinsed off under the stream. Next he cleansed Sanzo's body almost reverently, swabbing entirely over it with the well-lathered sponge before turning him around and guiding him under the showerhead again. It felt as if the teen was worshipping him. It was such an intimate act, and Sanzo couldn't imagine allowing anyone else, even his own beloved master, Koumyou, to do anything remotely as personal as what he'd let Goku do.

And it had been that way for as long as he could remember. Goku had always been able to trample over his personal space, run roughshod through his train of thoughts, make a general nuisance of himself and escape relatively unscathed-usually, at most, after weathering a couple of swats with the harisen. Quite effortlessly, the boy had managed to knock down all the carefully crafted walls that Sanzo had erected to protect himself from caring for another living creature, from being vulnerable to the inevitability of hurt and betrayal. 'Muichi motsu.' He'd always tried to live by his master's teachings, but when Goku was in his arms, Sanzo felt like he'd found his home. And the thought of losing the boy, of Goku growing tired of his crankiness and bored of the monastic life, was too painful for him to contemplate.

Goku turned the water off, and then molded his body against the taller man, his hands tracing arabesques over Sanzo's back, his head pressed to the blond's sternum. Sanzo felt his heart thumping heavily against the wall of his chest. He reached for a bath towel and wrapped it around the smaller male, his hands gently massaging away the moisture, only to release the teen with a sharp slap to his bottom. The distant whine of an engine had caught his attention.

"Get dressed now, monkey! They're almost here." He watched as Goku grabbed his things and scrambled down the hallway just pausing for a moment at Sanzo's room before continuing on to his own; the ease in which the teen made the transition, grating on the blond.

He gathered up his garments, trudged back to his room and lit a cigarette. He sat on the bed, naked, listening for Jeep's arrival. When the vehicle finally did make it into the courtyard, he heard Goku's excited voice commingling with Gojyo's braggadocio and Hakkai's soft tenor. He stubbed out the smoke and got dressed reluctantly; part of him wishing that he'd never agreed to an extended visit by the others.

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