Title: Insatiable (7/?)
Author: Rroselavy
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): 39, 58
Beta: Akuchan
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: As if I could own something so utterly captivating.
Summary: Sanzo learns that Goku's insatiable hunger extends beyond food.


He woke up late, the rays of the sun already slanting into windows of his room. Late, and alone, he realized, when he turned to kick the teen out of his bed, only to find that Goku had already left. The morning paper, his glasses and a thermos of tea awaited him on his nightstand. For a second Sanzo thought that he should track down the boy, to make sure that he was alright, but the monk's mind was strangely at peace; he took that to mean that the teen wasn't having second thoughts about the events that had transpired the previous night. 'Good, maybe he's over his little infatuation,' Sanzo thought, then pulled the covers tightly around him in response to the cold chill that gripped his body. He shook out the paper and refolded it, intent on reading in the solitude of the late morning, but when he'd read the same paragraph over and over for nearly twenty minutes, he threw the paper down, disgusted and defeated. He carefully folded his glasses and then stretched his body out. His muscles ached, but it was a good feeling, one that reminded him of just why he felt so achy, and that caused a warm feeling to blossom and then radiate out from low in his belly. He leaned his head back against the headboard, allowing himself the luxury of thinking about the sex he'd had with Goku the night before, surprised that he was feeling relatively guilt-free. No, Goku had proved once and for all that he wasn't the awkward boy that Sanzo had rescued from the mountaintop prison.

The memory of that hot body writhing underneath him, and then later, straddling him, ~riding~ him, had Sanzo groaning softly and becoming quite aroused, he could almost taste the boy all over again. He shook himself out of his reverie. It wouldn't do any good to sit and moon all day over the sex they'd had, and probably never would have again. He threw off the covers and padded to the bathroom for a proper shower, and to relieve his now raging hard-on.

Afterwards he felt refreshed and hungry. As he was dressing, he noticed that the paper and tea had been removed and the bed linens had been changed. He knit his brow, it almost seemed as if Goku were ~avoiding~ him. But that was just plain silly, he thought. Unless, maybe the boy thought he'd disappointed him again. Or worse, maybe in retrospect his first time hadn't been what Goku had thought it should be like, maybe it was Sanzo that had come up short. He dismissed that thought immediately, but a nagging doubt refused to be quelled. What if he hadn't been good enough? Sure the monkey had seemed to enjoy it in the moment, but what if, in the clear light of the morning, Goku had decided that it hadn't been very good at all? What if he was avoiding Sanzo so that the monk need not see the disappointment in his eyes?

Sanzo took a deep breath, willing a steady exhale. He reached for his smokes, realizing that for the first time in memory he'd awakened without out a nicotine craving. But now he felt he needed to smoke a tobacco farm's worth. His hand shook as he struck the match, and he made his way to the kitchen to get something to eat. Goku had left a pot of ramen cooling on the stove for him. He lifted the lid and ladled a bit into a bowl that had been set on the table, and then added a dollop of mayonnaise that had been left out beside it. He glanced at the dish rack and saw that Goku had already eaten, and he felt disheartened, no, he corrected himself, ~relieved~, that the boy wouldn't be interrupting his lunch with his inane prattling. He relished the peace, he reminded himself, while savoring each spoonful of noodles.

His belly full, he found that his mood was just as black; by now he was also wondering what the hell had happened to the monkey. Goku could avoid him all day if he wanted, but eventually he'd have to face him, and then he'd get to the bottom of the teen's odd behavior. He sat at the desk in his office idly reading through the latest mail—mostly letters of recommendation for hopeful applicants, interspersed with donations and bills. He heard a furtive movement behind him and whirled, expecting to see Goku, instead catching a glimpse of the cleaning lady. His tongue burned to eviscerate her, but he found suddenly that he didn't have the heart. Goku's pleas rang in his ears and he let her passing go by without acknowledgment; he was sure the boy would have warned her to give him a wide berth for a while. He continued to read the mail, and then turned to the laptop, once again tempted to pry into Goku's account, but he stopped himself; he would not stoop that low, though he would warn the monkey that he'd better not breathe a word of what happened last night to anyone, or he would kill him. On that pretense he sought out the teen, only to come up empty-handed.

He was feeling more desperate than he would ever admit to, but it was as if Goku had simply disappeared. He would not be reduced to striding through the temple rooms calling out for the boy, though he was reminded of how Goku used to hide at Chang'an when he'd gotten into mischief and was afraid of being punished. That thought calmed Sanzo down somewhat, but he was still at a loss as to where the monkey could have gone off to. It was too cold to paint, so he hadn't thought that Goku would be in the school, readying the classrooms, but that must be where he was. Sanzo threw on his overcoat, taking a shortcut across the snowy courtyard. The snow melted through his heavy socks covering his sandal-clad feet, and he regretted his hasty decision almost immediately; he knew the building's heat was turned low. Glancing down, he saw a fresh pair of footprints heading in the same direction, asserting that he was on the right track. Then his ears picked up a faint metallic ping that became louder and more pronounced as he approached the school, and Sanzo recognized it as the distinct sound of a ball being bounced in the gymnasium. He hurried through the door and down the corridor to the gym. The door had been propped wide open, and now he could see through the frame vignettes of Goku as he loped end to end, dribbling the ball effortlessly over the floorboards before laying up at each backboard.

Sanzo leaned against the doorway and watched Goku's retreating back. When the teen turned and caught sight of the monk, he lost his concentration, and the ball bounced harmlessly away, rolling under the bleachers. Goku stood in his place, his arms by his side, and Sanzo could see his chest rising and falling from the exertion.

"I did all my chores," Goku said, his voice slightly breathless. His eyes refused to meet the blond's, confirming Sanzo's suspicion that something was off. Suddenly, he'd forgotten why he'd sought out the teen in the first place, now he was more interested in finding out what was going on inside Goku's monkey brain.

"You're avoiding me," he stated rather than asked. The teen shrugged his shoulders, his eyes searching for the ball. "What's the matter, monkey?" Sanzo gritted. Again Goku shrugged his shoulders, this time hazarding a doleful glance at the priest. "Spit it out!" he ordered.

"Ijustdontwannapissyouoff!" Goku blurted. "An' if I stay away then maybe last night won't be the only … time …" his voice trailed off. Sanzo arched a brow and folded his arms across his chest.

"You really are an idiot," Sanzo griped, and Goku flinched as if he'd been hit. He turned and retrieved the errant ball, and the monk's breath hitched as he watched the teen's body twist and contort to reach it, though the orb continued to evade his grasp. Sanzo stared at the corded muscles of the teen's bare legs for a moment before he sighed in resignation and stalked over. "Let me get it for you." He reached through the planks and managed to brush his fingers over the dimpled sphere, sending it rolling out from under the bleachers and towards the court. He was close enough to Goku now to smell his earthy undertones, and his hand glanced over the teen's bare shoulder, causing him to groan inwardly. Both males watched the ball roll in an aimless path before it came to a meandering stop. "Sit." Sanzo took the seat next to the teen, Goku's eyes continued to stare at the inert sphere as if it were the most fascinating thing in the universe.

Sanzo closed his eyes and sighed again. On the one hand, he felt relieved that he'd done nothing to traumatize or turn the teen off about sex, but on the other hand ... Fuck, there was no 'other hand,' Sanzo realized, only an unschooled, insecure adolescent who needed to be shown that he was ... desirable. He felt the bench moving underneath him, Goku was fidgeting uncomfortably, and when he opened his eyes and glanced over at the boy, Goku was hunched over, propping his chin on his hands. Sanzo shivered from the cold, and the teen's visible breath emphasized the cool temperature.

Sanzo grit his teeth and rested his arm across the smaller male's shoulders. "Goku, I told you, what happened last night ... it's not about 'us.'" He felt the teen's shoulders sag a bit, but he needed to hammer the point home. "There is no 'us,' but that doesn't mean ... " he tilted the boy's chin so that their eyes met, and slowly he brought his face closer; he could feel the heat of Goku's skin radiating, warming the air between them. He brushed their lips together. "What am I to do with you?" The question was rhetorical; Sanzo's hands had already threaded through Goku's thick, chestnut locks, and now he crushed their lips together. The teen opened his mouth willingly, allowing Sanzo free rein, and soon the monk's hands had pushed the flimsy tank up over the boy's chest, his elegant fingers caressing the sculpted planes.

He groaned when Goku sighed and he shifted his weight so that he'd pinned the teen to the bleachers. Goku's mouth was soft and pliant and the submissiveness sent Sanzo's lust spiraling out of control. He was no longer cold, no, in fact, despite Goku's skimpy workout clothes, Sanzo thought now that they were both far too overdressed. He opened his eyes then, taking in Goku's lust-darkened eyes, his flushed cheeks and kiss-swollen lips. He could take the brunet here and now, and, gods, the boy wanted it as much as he did. Goku pulled Sanzo forward, arching into the taller man's touch, and Sanzo felt a hard bulge tenting the teen's shorts, jabbing into his belly. He caressed the brunet's cheek.

"You need a shower." Goku sighed disappointedly as the monk stood up. Sanzo offered his hand and then pulled the boy into his arms. "Or maybe a bath," he murmured.

He grabbed the teen's wrist and pulled him through the school building and to the sheltered breezeway that attached it to the temple. "You shouldn't go out dressed like this," he admonished, opening his coat to shield Goku from the elements as they hurried between buildings.

He led the teen to his bathroom and prepared the tub. Goku sat, motionless, on a low stool. "I'm not undressing you," he said, slipping out of his sandals, wet socks and robes.

"You're taking a bath too?" Still the boy remained motionless.

"Yes, it was freezing in there." Sanzo said, slipping his leathers off of his arms, and then the tank over his head. He'd been aroused, but the cold had doused that, though a quick glance in Goku's direction told him that the boy was still excited. He licked his lips. "You have a problem with that?" he challenged, unbuttoning his fly.

"No!" Goku answered hurriedly as he wrested out of his clothes. They fell to the floor in a twisted heap as Sanzo stepped into the tub and reclined. Goku soon joined him, sitting at the opposite end. At first the blond ignored the teen, instead, working up a luxurious lather and running the washcloth over his body. He dunked his head under the water, observing that Goku was looking everywhere else but at him. The teen was beyond nervous.

"Come over here," he said, parting his legs. Reluctantly Goku took up position in Sanzo's lap, his back to the taller male's chest. Sanzo dripped water through the teen's hair, and lathered it up, gently massaging Goku's scalp. Then without warning, he pushed the boy under the water, and Goku surfaced, sputtering, and spitting mad.

"Sanzo! What the hell didja do that for!" he yelped indignantly. In his fury he had the blond pinned against the tub.

Sanzo's eyes blazed angrily. "Get your paws off of me, baka saru," he gritted, his voice dangerously low. But he noticed that Goku's expression had lost its rage; instead, Sanzo watched warily as curiosity blossomed over the teen's face, and then tentatively, Goku's lips brushed against the monk's. Goku's grip on him loosened, and for a moment Sanzo thought he should teach the boy another lesson, but those lips felt damned good, and Goku's erection was pressing into his belly, while his own dick was throbbing in response. He fumbled for the soap, and when he found it, he slicked the fingers of one hand up and traced over the teen's length before teasing at his entrance. Goku moaned softly, and Sanzo pressed two fingers into the tight heat. The teen arched his back at the intrusion and his lips and tongue traced the contour of the monk's jaw. He tilted his head, and Goku feasted along the column of his throat, as he stretched the boy's delicate channel. Goku gasped and his eyes glazed over from his ministrations.

"Turn around," Sanzo ordered softly, and his hands on the boy's hips, he helped guide the teen onto his shaft. He pulled Goku against him, his hands roving over the teen's chest, pinching his dusky nipples into hardness as he thrust up into the heat that encased him. Goku's head fell back on his shoulder, and he felt the teen's hands gripping the undersides of his thighs as he continued to drive into him. His hands skimmed over the taut planes of the boy's belly and then one wrapped around his length while the other retraced its path. He began to stroke the teen in rhythm, and soon Sanzo felt Goku's muscles tensing as the boy neared his climax, and then the brunet was crying out, "Sanzooooooo!" and he was pumping into the tight heat as Goku's seed spilled over his fist.

He held Goku in place until they'd both regained their composure, and then Sanzo shifted the boy's body and pulled out, resettling the teen in his lap. Sanzo finished bathing Goku then, the soft washcloth gently gliding over every inch of the teen's bronzed skin, as he reclined, boneless, against the taller man.

They lay in the tub together until the water had cooled, neither willing to break the spell by breaking the comfortable silence that had descended upon them.

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