Title: Insatiable (6/?)
Author: Rroselavy
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): 39, 58
Beta: Akuchan
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: As if I could own something so utterly captivating.
Summary: Sanzo learns that Goku's insatiable hunger extends beyond food.


He'd never done anything like this. All of his couplings had been borne of base need; carried out in secret, furtive actions in dimly lit rooms with nameless partners. Men he could forget as soon as his clothes had been slipped back into place. Sanzo had never had difficulty finding eager partners willing to lay with him, to allow him to have his way with them; his exotic looks (that he insisted were odd and effeminate), and his stature as a chosen one assured him of that.

He'd never kissed any of them, not one. He'd abhorred the intimacy of that action; on that score Gojyo had been right, a hole was a hole, but to put his tongue in someone's mouth, or to allow theirs to explore his would have been to connect in a way that refuted the anonymity that he needed with every fiber of his being to maintain. And yet, he had found it as necessary as breathing to kiss Goku. He'd been drawn to the other's lips like a moth to flame, and that alone should have set off warning bells, but Sanzo shrugged it off. If he was to teach the boy, it should be a thorough lesson. Never mind that the kiss had occurred before the decision had been made.

He led Goku to his room and switched on the lamp next to his bed, the incandescent light cast a warm glow on the walls and ceiling. He slipped out of his monk's robes and laid them carefully over a chair. The chill in the room raised goose bumps on Sanzo's arms, heightened by the apprehension that was creeping into his mind. He pushed away the indecisiveness when he glanced at the teen.

If the boy had answered his challenge in any other way, Sanzo could have scoffed at him, belittled him and shrugged the entire episode off as foolish notion on the teen's part, but Sanzo could not ignore Goku's trust, nor could he stand the thought of someone else taking advantage of his charge. He'd already done enough damage on that account.

Goku stood awkwardly in place, his eyes focused on an imaginary spot on the wall, awaiting his direction. Sanzo tugged on the waistband of the teen's jeans and pulled him into an embrace, the fingers on his other hand lacing through chestnut locks to cup the back of the boy's head.

"Don't you ever think that you are unworthy-not of me, not of anybody," he said, his eyes locked with gold. He felt Goku's hands land tentatively on his hips, and he cupped the boy's face in both of his and drew it close. He kissed him tenderly, this time his lips soft, and when he felt Goku's part, he gently sucked on the lower appendage before darting his tongue out to lightly skate over the upper one. Goku moaned softly, encouraging Sanzo to continue. He felt one of the boy's hands wander over his ass and insert itself into his back pocket. He fought the urge to slap it away, instead concentrating on deepening the kiss. Once again he delved into the moist heat, this time tasting the grainy sweetness of the cereal and milk that the other had so recently consumed. He sensed the teen's body tremble underneath his hands and lips as he tilted Goku's head back to lightly nip along his jaw and then his exposed throat, felt the corded muscles contract as the boy swallowed heavily, and then Goku's other hand slid up the contour of his side, over the leather tank that Sanzo favored.

His head dipped lower, down to the open collar of Goku's shirt, his teeth raking over the ridge of the teen's collarbone, his hands fumbling for the buttons, undoing them one by one as his tongue laved down the hollow made by the brunet's sternum. Goku's hands caressed over his back, and as he pulled the shirttails out of the teen's dungarees, he felt them tugging at the hem of his leathers. Sanzo found that the teen's awakening aggression turned him on further. His erection was already pressing against his jeans. He pushed the shirt off of the boy's shoulders and yanked it off of his wrists before discarding his own.

The enticement of those dusky buds, puckered erect, proved too much for the older man, and his tongue licked over one while he rolled the other between thumb and forefinger. Goku arched into his touch, his hands fisting through Sanzo's hair, pressing the older man's nose against bronzed, heated skin. Sanzo breathed deep, the intoxicating scent of the boy filling his nostrils, and his cock strained against the fabric it was confined in. He didn't know how long he could last before he succumbed to the urges building in his loins.

He fell to his knees and nipped along Goku's lower abdomen, just above the waistband of the teen's pants. Goku responded with a gasp, and as the blond lowered his head he could smell the other's arousal through his dungarees. He mouthed along the prominent bulge, the heat from his breath causing Goku to moan wantonly. His lips curved in a smile as he deftly undid the button and pulled down the fly, and then pulled the teen's pants and boxers to his knees in one swift action.

"Sit on the bed." His fingertips danced over that velvety crown, wiping away some of the precum that had pooled there. When Goku complied, Sanzo took off the teen's socks and the rest of his clothes. Then he sat back on his heels to look at the boy. Goku had propped himself up on his elbows, his chest was heaving lightly, his eyes were darkened with arousal, and his lips were parted enticingly. His bronze skin glowed under the warm yellow light. "You are fucking beautiful, don't you ever forget that," he growled, angry that his actions had caused the teen to doubt that absolute truth.

Sanzo licked the precum off of his fingers, savoring the taste, and then kissed the boy deeply, sharing the flavor. His hands caressed over Goku's taut arms, and then ghosted over the teen's chest and abdomen as he settled between the smaller male's legs. He trained his vision on Goku's face and watched as the teen's eyes became impossibly large as he pinned the boy's slender hips against the bed and then licked over the tip of his erection. The reaction was instantaneous; Goku's cock pulsed wildly. Sanzo captured the engorged organ in his mouth, sucking a good length in, before loosening his lips to let most of it slide out.

"Sanzo ..." Goku exclaimed in a choked voice. The monk continued his torturously slow ministrations, the muscle swelled in his mouth, and he felt the teen buck against the iron grip he held him in. When he estimated that the boy was close to coming, Sanzo wrapped one hand around the base of Goku's cock and squeezed, preventing the teen from ejaculating. His action was greeted with a whined, "Please!"

"Please, what?" he asked, and then bit the tender skin on the inside of each of Goku's thighs. He tongued over the brunet's tight sacs, and the teen's head thrashed back and forth. Goku lay back on the bed, his hands reaching out to the blond, fisting his hair, caressing his cheeks, his fingers seeking out the hot mouth that was tormenting his body. Sanzo sucked on each digit, his tongue licking at the tight webbing at the base between each finger, and then returned to teasing the boy's tightening sacs, before nipping the tender skin of his perineum.

"Pleasefuckme!" Goku finally cried out, bucking wildly against the hand that held him, his hand curved around the older man's jaw, pulling him away from his feast.

"You aren't ready," Sanzo replied. As Goku reached to finish himself, Sanzo slapped his hand away. "Don't move. I'm not done with you." He turned and rifled through his nightstand for lubricant, and finding it, liberally coated the fingers of one hand with the warming fluid. Goku was shaking with need. "Lie down on the bed," Sanzo ordered softly, lifting the teen's legs, "and scoot over." He stood up, one-handed his button and fly, and then stepped out of the constricting jeans. He glanced at the teen, catching Goku eying him hungrily, and fought the desire to touch his aching cock under that watchful gaze.

Sanzo laid down next to the boy, pressing his body the length of the other's. "Lift your knee," he directed, and as Goku flexed the joint, Sanzo slid one arm under the teen's neck. He whispered, "relax," and as his mouth descended over the teen's, his fingers circled the smaller male's anus with feather-light touches before he prodded at it with a lubricated digit. Sanzo felt the muscles tighten against the intrusion, and he deepened the kiss, his tongue coaxing the other's to explore his mouth. It wasn't long before the boy was writhing in his arms, his tongue greedily mapping out the interior of the older man's mouth. Sanzo let the teen have his oral dominance, and while Goku was distracted by this new-found sovereignty, Sanzo slipped his index finger past the tight ring of muscle that defined the other's entrance. There was a sharp intake of breath, and Goku's body grew rigid.

"It's okay, I'm not going to hurt you. If you want me to stop, say so," Sanzo whispered softly.

"I'm okay." Goku's voice was firm and unwavering, and Sanzo felt the walls that gripped against his finger loosen slightly. He slid the finger in and out, continuing to tenderly kiss the teen. Goku's hand timidly caressed the smooth muscles of the older man's chest, then ran over the contour of the blond's hip, and back over his well-defined shoulder. When Sanzo felt that Goku had relaxed enough, he added a second finger, and began the process anew.

When Goku was sufficiently relaxed, Sanzo scissored those digits, dipped his head against the teen's chest and suckled on one of the hardened nipples, causing the teen to moan and arch against his mouth. Now he began to slide his fingers in and out of the teen's passage in a slow rhythm, holding Goku's upper body tightly against him.

"Gonna cum," the brunet sighed breathily when Sanzo added a third finger.

"Hold on, you're almost ready," he let his fingers slide in and out a few more times, then hastily lubricated his length before positioning himself between the boy's legs. Goku stretched his arms up over his head, and gazed at Sanzo through lidded eyes, and Sanzo thought that he'd never seen anyone look so absolutely fuckable. The older man pressed the blunt head of his cock against the other's entrance and slowly pushed in, carefully watching Goku's expression for any sign of discomfort. The teen bit his lower lip, but his gaze remained steady, even as his breath turned into shallow pants.

The tight heat enveloping him was like nothing he'd ever felt before. "You feel so fucking good," he admitted, whispering hoarsely. Goku hitched his ankles over the small of Sanzo's back, and the blond pressed their chests together, his eyes rolling back in his head as he unleashed a pleasured groan from the weight that drove him further into the other's body.

His hands cradled Goku's head and stared at the boy, hypnotized by the teen's golden, lust-filled eyes. Sanzo found it impossible to keep his lips and tongue off of the other; he kissed Goku's eyes, his cheeks, his chin, and finally, his swollen lips as he drove into him with measured thrusts. Goku wrapped his arms loosely around Sanzo's shoulders and nuzzled against his face, his hot breaths caressing the blond's cheek.

Sanzo felt a flutter low in his abdomen as he neared release. Goku's hips were now driving up to meet his every thrust, and he felt the brunet's tongue lave across his ear. Those actions sent a thrill down his spine, and Sanzo was so close to coming that he could taste it. He pounded relentlessly against the smaller body, and he felt the strong legs that circled his waist tighten their grip as the teen rocked his body in rhythm.

"Move your legs," he whispered hotly against Goku's cheek. He nipped the other's earlobe and was rewarded with a ragged sigh as he was released from the other's grip.

He shifted his weight in order to tend to the teen's neglected erection, his touch eliciting a whine from the other's lips that gradually increased in volume and urgency as he stroked its rigid length. His kisses became increasingly violent, and soon he was plundering the boy's mouth, partly to muffle the screams, partly because he couldn't get enough of the intoxicating sweetness. And then Goku was kissing him back ferociously as his hot seed coated the blond's hand, and as the teen's muscles constricted and spasmed against his cock, Sanzo leveraged their bodies, rolling so that he was now lying flat on his back with Goku lying against his chest.

"Sit up."

The teen obediently shifted his weight, pushing his torso off the blond and straddling him. Sanzo felt himself penetrating deeper, and both lovers let out groans of pleasure as they locked gazes. Goku's hair was dripping with sweat and there was a thin sheen of perspiration coating his body; the ambient light caused the teen's skin to glisten ethereally. The boy was an eager acolyte; he matched Sanzo action for action, first thumbing over the older man's rosy nipples, then tracing the contours of his chest and abdomen. As Sanzo continued to move underneath him, Goku lifted his haunches, only to fall back, his balls slapping against Sanzo's lower belly.

"Sanzo," he whispered, "it feels so good, better than I've ever felt. Don't stop."

The blond's lips curved into a genuine grin, and a warm tingling radiated through his being. All of his doubts and fears about the appropriateness of what they were doing dissipated as he continued to fuck the teen. It wasn't that Sanzo was an inexperienced lover-that was far from the truth-but he'd never felt so complete as he did at the moment.

At one particularly deep thrust, Goku's eyes widened and he cried out "Fuck!" and then, pinning the blond under piercing gold, he said in a low voice, "Do that again."

Sanzo obliged, feeling Goku's cock come to life, a blunt hardness against his stomach when the teen leaned forward to change the angle. Goku loosed a guttural roar in this new position, and Sanzo's hands traveled over the teen's curved back, his fingers splaying over the perfect globes of Goku's ass. He squeezed firmly, and thrust upward violently, vaguely aware that his fingers were sure to leave bruises on that flawless skin, but the keening sound that the boy was making was driving him headlong into climax. He bore down on the teen and their teeth clashed together as he felt Goku's body rock from a second climax, his seed splashing across the blond's chest, and Sanzo reached his pinnacle as the teen's walls clenched down on his embedded muscle. He came forcefully, thrusting erratically before finally coming to a rest, his heart pounding against the walls of his chest.

Goku collapsed on top of him, and Sanzo shifted the boy's dead weight until he slipped out of the teen's channel. He rolled them both over until they were side by side, and his hand slid up to cup the teen's cheek, his thumb wiping blood off of the brunet's lower lip, only to have it captured between those perfect white teeth. He felt his pulse quicken in response, and before he knew it, he'd pinned the boy to the mattress, his hands roaming freely over the smaller male's compact body. Goku moaned encouragingly, and it wasn't long before they were both breathing heavily. He put on the brakes.

"Enough for tonight."

"No, it's really okay, Sanzo," Goku assured him, reaching for the blond as he rolled out of the bed.

He didn't respond, but continued to the bathroom where he took a washcloth and soaked it in warm water. He cleaned the cum and sweat off of his body and then toweled himself dry. The chill in the air gave him gooseflesh on his arms and thighs. He cleaned, wrung out and then re-saturated the washcloth, and returned to the bedroom with it and a fresh towel, only to find the teen dozing. He sat on the bed and gently swabbed down Goku's chest and groin, and then equally as tenderly dried the teen's body off, before returning the soiled towels to the bathroom.

"Don't think you can hog the bed," he chided the sleeping teen when he came back, but he had no desire to wake Goku, the blissful peace on the boy's face was far too endearing to ruin with such a mundane complaint. Instead, he shut the light and then curled around the other, Goku's warmth serving to soothe the chill from his bones as he drifted off to a dreamless sleep.

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