Title: Insatiable (4/?)
Author: Rroselavy
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): 39, 58
Beta: Akuchan
Spoilers: None, post series
Disclaimer: As if I could own something so utterly captivating.
Summary: Sanzo learns that Goku's insatiable hunger extends beyond food.


"Sanzo, I'm c-c-cold."

"What the fuck do you want me to do about it?" the monk's eyes popped open, only to be assaulted by the incandescent overhead light.

"T-t-turn up the heat!" Goku exclaimed, shivering, and pulling his blanket around him tighter.

"I'm not putting the heat on during the overnight. Find another blanket." He closed his eyes, as if banishing the teen from his sight would make the boy disappear.

"B-but Sanzo, there's frost on the windows. On the inside!"

"Do you have any idea how much it fucking costs to heat this building?" He was wide-awake now, unhappily so.


"You have five seconds to get the fuck out of my room before I start shooting, monkey," he gritted, reaching for his Smith and Wesson. Goku's eyes widened in alarm as Sanzo's hand palmed the weapon, and he started-only to stop just as suddenly when he heard the firearm clatter noisily from the blond's grasp.

"Fuck!" Sanzo sat bolt upright and stared from the gun, in its new position on the floor, to his hand. The damned thing had been burning cold. He took a deep breath and exhaled, noticing for the first time that it was visible, before turning his glare on the teen. He could see that Goku was shaking underneath his thin blanket.

"You look pathetic," he remarked coolly as he replaced the gun on the nightstand, "and I can't afford for you to get sick, so turn out the light and climb on in." He made sure to sound as if he was being put out, because he was, after all.

He told himself that it would be exactly like when Goku was a boy and he used to lie against the monk at night for comfort. And as the teen dropped the blanket and slid into bed beside him, Sanzo was almost able to keep the ruse. But then Goku was shivering so hard that the entire bed was shaking. Reluctantly, Sanzo curled around the teen's icy body, trying to ignore that they were both nearly naked. He was only offering the other his own body heat, nothing more.

Goku sighed and nestled against him, and, to Sanzo, the fit was perfect. He listened as, over the course of a few minutes, the teen's breath became less ragged and more even. Apparently one of them would be getting a good night's rest, but it wouldn't be Sanzo. Suddenly he became hyperaware of the smooth back that pressed against his chest, and his arm, draped over Goku's waist, began to move as his hand absently traced patterns over the teen's side, sliding over his angular hipbone, and slowly returning to its resting position.

He knew he never should have asked Goku the mechanics of how he masturbated, because since the teen had told him, Sanzo's mind had been plagued with images of Goku, his face contorted in varying degrees of ecstasy as he jacked himself off. Though from what Goku had divulged, he'd yet to strike the right balance of pleasure.

"Are you awake?" Sanzo asked finally, his voice soft, hoping that the teen was fast asleep. Goku's head nodded against his chest and the monk's heart sank, but his spine tingled with excitement and apprehension for what he was about to do. He was only going to help, he told himself. The boy should know how to masturbate properly.

He clasped his hand over Goku's. "Show me how you do it," he said, gently, but firmly guiding Goku's hand underneath the teen's boxers. He was mildly surprised that the other was hard, even more surprised that the teen was big. Goku's hand was motionless beneath Sanzo's and the monk felt the teen's body stiffen against him. "It's okay, I'm going to help you," the blond said, squeezing the boy's hand in reassurance. He let go then, and Goku began to pull roughly at his length, causing the monk to grimace as he felt a sympathetic twinge in his balls.

"STOP IT!" Sanzo ordered, roughly pushing the offending hand aside. He curled his fingers around the heated shaft, marveling at how different it felt from his own. Slowly, languidly, he stroked the length, smiling despite himself when Goku's breath caught, the grin widening when soft mewls came from the teen's throat. "Better?" he asked, his own voice more breathless than he wanted it to be.

"Yessssss," Goku hissed as Sanzo thumbed over his tip, smearing the precum over the velvety head.

"Slow strokes are much better than fast; don't pull at it like you're milking a teat," the monk instructed softly. Goku nodded, tentatively laying his hand over the blond's. Sanzo could feel the hot organ swell underneath his fingers, he imagined that if he could see it, Goku's cock would be purplish, as engorged with blood as it was becoming. Again the teen's body became rigid. "You're close," he whispered as the turgid muscle he gripped pulsed, "I can feel it." He picked up his pace, and Goku's hand fell away. "Don't hold back, I know what you want to do," he coached the boy in a gentle, coaxing tone. Still, the teen remained motionless. "Do it," he urged.

In response, Goku began thrust into Sanzo's hand, at first timidly, but as the older man increased the pressure and friction, the drives became earnest, and Sanzo matched the tempo that Goku set. They were racing to the finish, Goku's breaths were heavy and ragged, his soft mewls replaced now by grunts. And then suddenly the blond felt the heat of Goku's release spurt over their hands, and the body pressed against him relaxed. Sanzo stroked the now flaccid length for a few moments more before he reached for the tissues on the nightstand and turned on the light. Goku was uncharacteristically docile while the monk carefully cleaned up the mess, and by the time he'd finished, Sanzo could see that the teen was asleep. He gazed, rapt, at Goku's angelic face for a few moments before he shut the light.

Sanzo rolled on his back, his hand absently fondling his own erection, feeling slightly empty inside. What had he expected from the boy, a 'thank you?' The act reciprocated? He rubbed his face with his free hand as the euphoria of the moment gave way to utter panic over the act that he'd just committed. Suddenly his arousal withered away, and as Goku curled contentedly against him, not unlike a cat, Sanzo knew that they had crossed a line and there was no turning back. He stared blankly at the ceiling, and unable to sleep, he passed the hours meditating, and watching the shadows fade to a bleak, grey dawn.

He must have dozed, because he came around to the pleasant sensation of a palm rubbing his length. Instantly he was awake, and his eyes widened in horror at the spectacle of Goku gazing intently at his erection, his hand experimentally stroking it. He brought his knees up, slamming them against the teen's chest, and then roughly pushed the boy out of his bed. Taken by surprise, Goku landed heavily on the floor, his protest dying in his throat with the audible click from the hammer of Sanzo's gun.

"You. Don't. Touch. Me. Ever." he fumed, trying to cover for his body's response, the muzzle of the gun leveled at Goku's head.


"You, nothing!" he shouted at the boy. "Do. You. Understand?" But it was too late, his groin ached for Goku's touch; Sanzo could see the tremor of his need in his outstretched arm. His thumb, on its own accord, laid the hammer down, but he kept the gun trained on the teen.

Goku took a deep breath and when he gazed up at Sanzo his expression was resolute. "I want to see if I can make you feel that good." Boldly, his hand reached out towards the monk's crotch, daring him to fire the gun.

He was afraid, but he didn't know who he was more afraid of. The teen, who stood in defiance of him, his fingers gently cupping his shaft despite the threat of a bullet, or the raging, wanton need that was overwhelming him. As he lost the last vestiges of his self-control, Sanzo berated himself for what he was about to do-he wasn't just a bad monk, he was an evil man, one who deserved to spend his eternities in Dante's version of hell. But damn it, the boy was asking for it.

The gun was at Goku's temple now, the hammer cocked, and Sanzo heard his strangled voice order the teen to "Suck it."

For a few silent moments, golden eyes stared at the monk in unabashed shock, and Sanzo found that his self-loathing had reached a new pinnacle, but then the teen's lips curved into a smile and descended upon his throbbing crown, and all thoughts were banished from Sanzo's head.

He groaned as the moist heat encased him. Goku actions were awkward and unschooled, but ~fuck~ he had a natural talent. The teen's tongue laved over the tip and delved into the slit, his mouth gently suckling, sending shivers up and down the monk's spine. At the same time, Goku's hand stroked the length of Sanzo's shaft, and it wasn't long before the older man was finding it impossible not to succumb to the erotic sensations; he replaced the gun on the nightstand and fisted Goku's hair, holding the teen's head in an iron grip as he thrust into the tight heat. "Fuck!" he cried out harshly as Goku sucked harder, taking the blond in up to his balls. He felt the heat of the teen's breath blow over his lower belly and he rasped "Goku," as he came hard, his seed spurting deep into the teen's throat.

The boy's reaction was violent and instantaneous. He gagged and coughed, spitting out Sanzo's dick, his semen and saliva.

Mortified at what he'd just done to his charge, Sanzo shouted at him, "Get the fuck away from me!"

"I'm sorry! I'M SORRRRRY!" Goku howled, his face contorted by shame.

"SHUTTHEFUCKUP! Just-just ... go. Go to your room, NOW!" Relief flooded through Sanzo's body as Goku scampered away from him.

"You have nothing to be sorry for," the blond muttered to the empty air. He, on the other hand, was a different story altogether; he had everything to be sorry for. He never should have lost control.

Sanzo fell back on the bed in defeat, grabbed his package of smokes and lit one with a shaky hand. He lay there for a while mulling over the situation. Goku certainly wasn't a child any more, that much the monk could no longer deny. He was a sexual being with needs and desires, and it was up to Sanzo, as his guardian, to see to it that the boy gained the experience that he needed. He sat up cross-legged, deep in thought, pondering how to proceed.

After his third cigarette, Sanzo had decided on his course of action, and felt calm and together enough to find Goku and explain to him how things were going to be. He got dressed in his street clothes and then went to check up on the boy.

He found Goku curled on his bed, half-naked and shivering, his back to his open door. "Get up and get dressed," he ordered, "and pack some things."

"Dontsendmeaway!" Goku flung himself at the monk, landing at Sanzo's feet, his head bowed to the floor.

"Baka saru! I'm not sending you away. You and I, we're going on a trip."

"Where?" Goku tilted his head up to catch Sanzo's downward gaze.

"A town a couple of days from here, we'll take the pickup," Sanzo said, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Why?" the boy asked, his voice filled with trepidation.

Sanzo sighed and pulled the teen up to a standing position. He sat down on Goku's bed, and patted the mattress near him, indicating that the other should join him. Goku obediently sat next to the monk, his thigh pressed against the blond's. Sanzo resettled, putting some distance between them. "There are some things that I just can't teach you-"

"Like what?" Goku eyed him, puzzled.

"Are you always this thick, or are you being deliberately obtuse?" Sanzo barked, his hand instinctively reaching for his absent harisen. Goku knit his brow. "Sex!" the monk shouted finally, and then he composed himself. "Goku, what happened before ... I was wrong, I should have never ... Look, I'm going to take you to a brothel-"

"A brothel?!?"


"You are NOT! I'm not goin', an' you can't make me! My first time is NOT going to be with a-a- ... Idontevenlikegirls!" the teen blurted, "they're too ... soft."

In the pregnant silence that followed, Sanzo stared at Goku in utter shock. Fuck. He'd made the boy gay. And then it dawned on him, for Goku to figure out that he didn't ~like~ girls ... "What did you do?" Sanzo hissed, his eyes narrowing.

"Nothing! Nothing happened! We kissed, is all!"

His mind was racing now. At least the boy was still a virgin. Something must have happened on the road, but that would have been months ago, at least. They lived alone at the monastery; there was only the woman-his temples were throbbing now with a full-blown migraine, as the revelation struck him. There was only the cleaning lady who came in once a week, and was twice the boy's age.

"I will kill that bitch," he jumped up and paced the floor in agitation.

"Itsnotherfault! I asked her! Gojyo said I needed to be sure! And now I am! I like guys!"

He should have known the redhead had a hand in this mess. "How do you know it's just that you aren't attracted to ~her~?" This couldn't be happening, no one had prepared him for any of this, and the monkey, Goku, was already ~experimenting~? That ~harlot~ was not in the clear yet, not by a longshot. Grieving widow, his ass. He couldn't wait to see the look on her face when he fired her, and explained to her that she'd been kissing one of the same kind that had murdered her beloved husband.

Goku must have read his mind, because the next thing Sanzo knew, the teen was tugging at his sleeve. "She only did it 'cause I begged her to. Please, Sanzooooo!" he implored, pulling the older man out of his ruminations.

"Please, what?" he asked flatly. He noticed that Goku hadn't removed his hand from his forearm.

"Please ..." his voice trailed off and his eyes reflected a pained look, and his grip on monk's arm tightened before he dropped his hand.

As Sanzo met Goku's gaze, the monk could see the wheels turning in the teen's head, and gradually it dawned on him what the boy was getting at. "Oh, no," he shook his head in disbelief, "It is NOT going to be with me. I'm a fucking monk. We don't have sex."

"So? You're not supposed to drink or swear or gamble or carry a gun, an' I've seen you go off with-"

"You've been spying on me? GOKU! I SAID NO!" Sanzo shot him a deadly glare and rubbed his throbbing temples. What the hell had the boy seen? He'd always been discrete.

Now it was Goku's turn to cross his arms. When it became clear that the blond had nothing to add, he said, "Fine then. Goj-"

"You are not going to have sex with that kappa, either!" Sanzo gaped at the teen, incredulous. When exactly did Goku start talking to Gojyo about sex? "You won't sleep with a whore, but you'll sleep with that, that BOYSLUT?" A thought struck him suddenly, and Sanzo's lip curled. "He's not gay, anyway," he added calmly, figuring that he'd call the teen's bluff.

"So what? He said a hole was a h-"

"You are not sleeping with him!"

"Who said that I was going to?" Goku asked, his voice insanely even, which only served to further infuriate the older man.

Sanzo pushed him down on the bed and hovered menacingly over the teen, their faces inches apart. "I don't know what kind of crap he's been filling your head with, but let me tell you something, monkey, I'd rather you learn from porn on the Internet than go to him for advice about sex!"

"But you said-" wide golden eyes locked with his. He said? When had he recommended the boy talk to Gojyo about sex? Fuck. He recalled their recent exchange.

"I was wrong. He's the absolute wrong person to go to." Sanzo spat through clenched teeth. He could only imagine the tales Gojyo had regaled Goku with. There was no way that that hanyou was going to pervert his charge, that would happen over his dead body, or, preferably, the kappa's. But then why the hell was Goku staring at him like that, with his lips parted in such a sultry manner?

Fuck it, Sanzo thought finally, as he closed the distance between them, his lips crushing down over the teen's, his tongue forcing its way past the barrier of Goku's teeth, greedily exploring the moist cavern, savoring the monkey's addictive taste; his arousal spiraling and his mind spinning as he tasted the vague metallic of his own cum. Even hell was looking like too good of a place for the likes of him, Sanzo decided. But then Goku was kissing him back and the monk's eyelids had fluttered shut, and he was drowning in the passion of the moment. He felt the boy's work-roughened hands slide underneath the hem of his shirt and skate lightly over his skin; he felt alive for the first time in years.

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