Title: Insatiable

Author: Rroselavy

Rating: NC-17

Pairing(s): 39, 58

Beta: Akuchan

Spoilers: None, post series

Disclaimer: As if I could own something so utterly captivating.

Summary:  Sanzo learns that Goku's insatiable hunger extends beyond food.


"Sanzoooo! I'm hunnngry," Son Goku whined, his amber cat-eyes

slanting up at the priest. There was a time when his complaint of

hunger could only mean one thing, Genjyo Sanzo thought-that nothing

remotely edible was safe from the teen's gaping maw. But now, casting

his violet eyes toward the ceiling, the older man sighed audibly.


"So what the fuck do you want me to do about it, monkey?" the tall

blond gritted through clenched teeth, turning to face the other,

because he already knew the answer.


"Come back to bed." A hand lazily trailed across bronzed pecs, teased

dusky nipples, and Sanzo, the sole beneficiary and witness to the

deliberate display, found that his mouth had begun to water as his

cock hardened.


Hadn't they just screwed like rabbits the evening before, he wondered

humorlessly.? Fuck, they'd been screwing like bunnies the entire

winter. He watched, mesmerized, as the teen's hand traced random

arabesques over the flawless, bronzed skin of his well-defined



Sanzo knew that he'd already lost this latest battle of wills as his

traitorous body moved toward the bed that he'd so recently occupied,

the fluttering low in his gut foreshadowing the decidedly impure

thoughts he harbored towards his young charge.  He crawled back onto

the mattress, threaded his elegant hands through tousled chestnut

locks and ravished Goku's mouth, his tongue claiming each hollow and

ridge, flitting over the teen's passive muscle, coaxing it into an

ardent response. The monk rolled on top of the slender man and felt

Goku breathe out a soft moan into his mouth. The sigh caused his

shaft to pulse and become fully engorged. He tipped the teen's head

back and nipped down the corded throat, his nose getting a heady

whiff of Goku's intoxicating undertones. The more he fucked the boy

who writhed beneath him with such wanton abandon, Sanzo thought

hopelessly, the more he craved the body that he was offered so

willingly. It was an addiction the older man knew that he had to find

the strength to overcome, and he meditated on it daily, but at that

very moment all semblance of his self-control had abandoned him.


 From the time that Sanzo had first met Goku, the boy had had that

affect on him to varying degrees, but since they'd started sharing a

bed, Sanzo had become a slave to Goku's ravenous appetite for sex.

Not that he'd been entirely unwilling to assume that role; the teen

had filled out to become an utterly gorgeous creature that oozed sex

from every pore. The childhood roundness of his features had been

honed into angular planes and sculpted muscle, and his adolescent

awkwardness had evolved into feline grace. To watch Goku at work was

a breathtaking experience, the assurance he exhibited in his strength

and his abilities imparted a confident demeanor as he set about the

handyman tasks that Sanzo would think up to keep the teen busy, and

to keep his hands off of the boy. To be chosen as the one to tutor

all that raw carnality, to teach Goku about sex, had been a gift from

the gods themselves. Too bad they'd been remiss in their guidance

when Sanzo had found himself addicted to all things Goku. But he knew

that theirs was an impossible relationship. He was more certain of

that than he'd been of anything in his life; he could not bear to

lose his heart again, and so he needed to let the teen go.


Sanzo pushed Goku's legs apart with his knees and lay down between

them, his teeth and tongue assaulting one peaked nipple before

turning to its twin. Goku's hands twined in the blond's silky hair

and tugged roughly as he arched into the sweet torment.


"Fuck me, pleeaase." It was an order rather than a request, the last

syllable drawn out in a plaintive groan as Goku leveraged and rolled

both their bodies over so that he now straddled the older man, his

ass grinding down on Sanzo's jeans-covered erection. The priest

crushed the boy to his chest and continued is assault on Goku's

pliant mouth; the teen had learned quickly that acting submissive to

his guardian stoked the blond's desires exponentially.


"Get off of me now, baka," Sanzo ordered roughly, noting the words

failed to have an adequate bite. When Goku complied, the blond

hurriedly divested himself of his dungarees, watching lecherously

through half-lidded eyes as the teen wriggled out of his sleep pants

to reveal his ruddy cock, already dripping with precum. Sanzo reached

out and touched the hot, velvety skin-the gasp that Goku breathed out

harshly was music to his ears-and wiped some of the milky fluid away,

only to bring his moistened fingers up to the monkey's lips. He

watched, fascinated, as Goku's tongue darted out, teasing at the

sensitive pads before he tenderly sucked the digits into his mouth.

Encased in that moist warmth served to remind Sanzo of the exquisite

tight heat that his cock longed to be buried in. He gazed at the

tableau, the look of hunger and need on the teen's face, almost too

much to bear. Sanzo kissed Goku again, his fingers and tongue probing

the depths of the younger man's mouth, before the blond pulled away



"Hands and knees," he grunted, barely allowing the other time to get

into position before the saliva-lubricated digits were forcing their

way into his passage. Sanzo marveled at the silken walls as he

stroked them, and, knowing all too well how quickly he could bring

Goku to completion, he encircled the base of the teen's length with

the thumb and forefinger of his other hand and squeezed tightly,

smirking at the stifled sob and arched back that his action elicited.

"Not until I say so," he warned, satisfied by the single, violent nod

of the brunet's head.


He worked quickly and efficiently at stretching the boy;

instinctively concerned with ensuring he did no damage to the tender

tissue of the teen's sphincter, even though Sanzo had decided this

would be their last time. When he realized the dual purpose of his

automated ministrations, the blond snorted to himself; that had been

his intention yesterday, and the day before, hell, the entire week

prior had been filled with intercourse that he'd annotated as 'last

times.' But this ~would~ be the very last time; today their old

friends and traveling companions, Cho Hakkai and Sha Gojyo, were

dropping by for a visit, and before they left, Sanzo would insist

that Goku go with them. A lonely, windswept mountaintop monastery was

no place for such a free spirit as the monkey; Sanzo could not bear

to see the fire snuffed out of the teen's eyes as he wasted away from

boredom. It did not matter to the monk that it was plain to see that

Goku had been content to while away the long winter evenings honing

his reading and math skills, Sanzo knew what was best for his charge.


When the date for the arrival had been decided upon, Sanzo had told

Goku that for the duration of the others' visit, he was to sleep in

his old room. What had happened between them was to stay that way;

the priest didn't need the half-blooded kappa's endless jibes. The

teen's acquiescence had unnerved Sanzo, but he'd mollified himself,

remembering that he'd set the terms of their 'relationship'-it had

been strictly 'educational'. He shut down the niggling voice in his

head that asked him that if that were the case, why did he feel

guilty for not enlightening Goku to his decision to exile the teen.



Sanzo lined up his dick with Goku's entrance and dug his fingernails

into the teen's hips, roughly pulling the boy's lithe body towards

him as he pushed himself balls-deep into his channel. He heard Goku

expel a hiss, of relief or pain, Sanzo couldn't be sure, but at that

point, he was beyond caring. His world sharpened in focus to the

delicious friction he felt around his shaft as he thrust it in and

out of the brunet's tight ass. When Goku dropped his head onto his

folded arms, the change in Sanzo's trajectory caused the teen to howl

inarticulate syllables woven between great pants of breath. Sanzo

maintained the punishing pace, delighting in the mewls and groans

that fell from Goku's lips, and the knowledge that the teen was

desperately trying to obey the command that he'd given earlier.


Long, elegant fingers teased the other's neglected erection, and

Sanzo was rewarded with copious amounts of precum that flowed from

the teen's slit. The smell of sex permeated his senses, and the blond

smeared the essence that he'd captured the length of Goku's curved

back before doubling over him and licking it off. By the time he was

finished, Sanzo had almost entirely pulled out of the boy, and Goku

lurched his body backwards, mindless that his action earned him the

blond's teeth scraping harshly along the defined ridge of a shoulder

blade. Sanzo tasted blood and his cock pulsed deep inside his lover.

One hand slipped around the teen's neck and he pressed Goku's face

into the mattress, while his other hand fisted along the boy's heated



"You little slut," the blond growled. "You like to be fucked like an

animal, don't you?" He pistoned his hips viciously, precariously

close to his own climax.


He heard Goku grunt incoherently, his compromised position forcing

him to accept the other man's statement as fact, though the blond

suspected that the teen wouldn't have denied it even if he'd been in

a better position to voice his opinion on the matter.


A sense of power surged through the monk as he bore down on the

supine body, and his orgasm broke over him in waves, his mind a swirl

with the heady thought that he'd been the one allowed to dominate the

gorgeous creature beneath him. As he shuddered in his completion, he

grabbed Goku's length, expertly palming along the shaft and rubbing

his thumb over the sensitive head. The boy was quivering with need,

and though he was spent, Sanzo's desire flared anew.


"Now," he whispered hoarsely, biting down on the tender flesh of

Goku's neck, under the hairline where the mark would be all but

invisible. His free hand snaked around Goku's torso, seeking out a

puckered bud to toy with. The teen's reaction was instantaneous, he

came violently, hot seed coating Sanzo's fist, spilling onto the

sheets twisted beneath them, before his knees gave out and he pitched

them both to the mattress.


Still seated deep within Goku, and though he was soft, Sanzo thrust

his hips against the teen's perfect ass a few more times. As he

finally pulled out, Sanzo heard Goku sigh contentedly.


"Greedy saru. You'd better earn your keep today," he said with a

smirk, sharply slapping one of the boy's buttocks.


Goku rolled over, and, in an uncharacteristically gentle action, he

stroked Sanzo's face with his hand, thumbing over the well-defined

cheekbone, his golden eyes unreadable.


"What?" Sanzo challenged. The teen only smiled at him, flashing

perfectly even white teeth, and the priest felt his heart clench in

the face of such stunning beauty.


"Nothing," Goku shrugged, continuing to moon at the blond.


"Baka saru." Sanzo chided toothlessly. He sat up in a fluid motion,

planting both feet on the floor, his back to the other. He reached

for his smokes, and as he struck the match, he felt the mattress

shift as Goku got out of bed. "When you've moved all your things back

to your room, change the bedding," he added, his teeth clenched

around a cigarette.


"'Kay. First I'm gonna plow out the courtyard and the driveway down

to the road." Sanzo turned, intently watching the other dress,

momentarily hypnotized by the grace in which Goku performed the

mundane task of putting on his clothes.


"You will shower."


"After." Goku shrugged into one of Sanzo's woolen turtlenecks that

had been discarded to the floor. The blond appreciated that it was a

little tight across the shoulders. He watched Goku pull on his heavy

winter boots and carefully tuck in the cuffs of his jeans before he

laced them up. He turned to the blond. "Can I have the keys to the



Sanzo shivered involuntarily. "Be careful, the clutch is stiff in

cold weather." An image of the ancient vehicle, crumpled against a

tree trunk, Goku's lifeless body visible through the cracked back

window, flashed in the priest's mind. He shook the disturbing thought

out of his head.


Goku rolled his eyes. "I know that."


"Knowing and acting appropriately on that knowledge are two different

things," Sanzo commented, assuming his role as guardian while

reaching for the ignition key. He tossed it in Goku's direction

without glancing at the teen; he didn't want the other to catch the

look of concern in his eyes and think that he actually cared. He

continued to smoke his cigarette, listening to Goku's heavy feet

tread away from him and then around the kitchen before the door

slammed and the building was silent. A short while later, as he was

getting dressed, Sanzo heard the recalcitrant complaint of the

pickup's motor. He padded to his office to look over some of the

officialism he'd been avoiding through the long winter, the toiling

engine a soundtrack to his tedious bureaucratic paperwork.


He soon found that he couldn't concentrate, and as much as he wanted

to blame it on the mechanical noise that pierced his solitude, Sanzo

knew it had more to do with the operator than the cantankerous

vehicle itself. All things Goku pervaded his thoughts. He wondered

when it was that Goku had gone from grudgingly accepting that snow

would fall despite how much he hated the white stuff to actually

loving it. Sanzo smiled, remembering the many snowball fights they'd

engaged in over the long winter. Goku had a wicked throwing arm, but

he had far more control, and most of their battles had ended with

Goku charging the blond, the two of them wrestling in the powdery

fluff until they were shivering from exposure, and then warming each

other back up. He removed his reading glasses and rubbed his temples,

regretting the memory. The teen was his eternal enigma, unsolvable

and unknowable; Sanzo knew that he could never be privy to the ideas

that swirled around in that monkey brain. And when exactly, had that

become so important to him, he admonished. Checking the time, he

decided to move Goku's things back to his old room, before that chore

was forgotten in the haste to have everything ready for their



There wasn't very much to clean up. Despite Sanzo's vocal complaints

otherwise Goku regularly picked up after himself. He occupied the

priest's bedroom as a guest, and at any given time, his clothes and

whatever he happened to be keeping himself occupied with were kept in

neat piles on the dresser. Sanzo carried the few articles to the

small guestroom down the hall from his bedroom and deposited them on

the narrow bed. He frowned as he glanced around the sparse

furnishings, noting how impersonal the room was. While Sanzo himself

was far from sentimental, Goku seemed singularly uninterested in

material objects; when he was gone, there would be nothing left to

remind the priest that the teen had once lived here.


Except for the memories. Sanzo felt a cold loneliness envelope him,

fooling himself that it was just the last tendrils of the brutal

winter refusing to give up their hold on the drafty monastery. The

screech of tires brought the blond out of his ruminations and as he

wrapped his head around the unfamiliar sound, it was followed by a

sickening thud. Instantly, Sanzo was filled with panic, and he

blindly raced toward the courtyard. He threw open the heavily carved

temple doors only to be greeted with the image from his premonition.


"Fuck!" he shouted, breaking out in a run, not caring that his

slippers were no match for the icy pavement. "Don't you take him from

me!" he screamed, his voice directed to the heavens as he skittered

and slipped across the courtyard to where Goku's lifeless body lay

slumped in the cab, his head thrown back at an impossible angle.

Sanzo realized suddenly that the voice in his head, Goku's voice, had

been silenced.

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