Title: Sunset

Author: PunkWolf

Email: mori _ recalcitrant @ hotmail . com

Pairng: Sanzo/Goku

Rating: PG

Warnings: Character Death

Disclaimer: Written for fun, not profit. I own none of the rights to Minekura's Saiyuki.

Summary: Everything went wrong, but in the end, I guess it turned out right.


Inspired by the fic- The Colour of Forever by Ditch Gospel on Echoes From the West



Everything had gone wrong.

It wasn't supposed to be like this! Goku wailed inside his mind as he watched Kougaiji, Yaone and Dokugakuji fall at the hands of Lirin's mother. They hadn't stood a chance. Betrayed by the one who had promised them so much.

Sanzo stood behind Goku, the only other witness to the hag's attack. Kougaiji's blood flowed openly from his broken body, right into the small vial Gyokumen had at ready.

Lirin was no where to be found. Kougaiji had confided in them that he'd seen to it she was no where near the castle when the final battle began.

Gojyo and Hakkai were also absent, battling minions in other parts of the castle, unwillingly separated from their friends, who now had to face Gyumaoh's concubine alone.

Goku took the chance to glance back at his guardian, and burning gold met resilient violet for one moment before Sanzo's eyes widened and refocused on something behind Goku. His mouth opened to call out, but it was too late.

It didn't feel like much. Just a small prick of pain before his spine shattered under the impact of her claws. Goku looked down to see a claws hand protruding from his naval.

Everything grew quiet. All he could hear was his own breathing echoing in his head. Goku vaguely felt his body jerk backwards as the hand was dislodged. The sound returned.

Sanzo was shouting. No, screaming. Goku couldn't focus enough to make out his words, but he heard his sun's voice.

Goku feel to his knees, and Sanzo was there, keeping him from crumpling entirely. Kneeling beside Goku's body, Sanzo's hands clutched at Goku's body like it would disappear if he didn't.

Goku was able to make out a few of Sanzo's words. "Baka... Don't… me…stupid, fucking… right… die before me!"

Then she was in front of them. Goku turned glazed eyes to stare up at her and noticed that the sides of his vision were blackening.

Then he realized.

He was dying.

Panic seized him and he strained himself to clutch at Sanzo in return. He didn't want to die. No! If he died, where would he get his light from?

Something clipped his face and red began to seep into his eyes. She must have hit him again. She raised her fist to strike once more.

He heard an unintelligible cry from beside him, and in the next moment, Sanzo was in front of him, meeting her claws before they could break Goku more than they already had.

Something in Goku's mind registered that he was screaming.

Sanzo crumpled, and without the support he'd provided, Goku fell with him.

The concubine retreated, leaving the would-be heroes to die together, slowly.

Sanzo shifted slightly in position next to Goku and the heretic's fading senses felt the monk pressing Sanzo's weight on top of him. He cracked his eyes and saw a golden blur before him.


"San..." He could even finish the word.


Sanzo hissed as his own wounds bleed profusely, but didn't move off of his charge. "... ku..." Talking seemed difficult for the priest as well.


"Sor... ry..." Goku panted. The darkness narrowed his gaze further.


If he could have seen Sanzo's features clearly, Goku would have been looking into violet eyes, unguarded for the first time in ten years. He tried to speak, but his voice failed him. In a last ditch effort to communicate with his charge, Sanzo drew upon the bond that had called him to Goku all those years ago.


Because Sanzo knew he was dying as well.


"Goku..." The blonde's voice echoed within Goku's fading mind.


"San... zo?"


"Goku, are you listening to me?"


"I..." Was it really listening when the voice was in your head? "Yes..."


"Why are you sorry?"




"I know... I know..."




"If she managed to kill you how the fuck to you think I'd survive the same attack?"


Mentally, Goku flinched and began to withdraw.




The heretic didn't respond.




Still nothing.


"Go... ku!" Still Goku did not acknowledge Sanzo. He couldn't even if he wanted to. Weakness began to drown all his functions.


Sanzo's heartbeat quickened as much as it could. The light in Goku's nearly unseeing eyes began to fade.


Sanzo never thought he'd see this day come.


His heartbeat slowed.


Goku's was almost non-existent.


He knew how Goku feared being alone. And where would he be more alone than in death?


Before Sanzo even knew what he was doing, he pulled himself up Goku's immobile body and covered his charge's lips with his own.


The kiss wasn't deep in the least, both men being in no state to make anything more of it. Sanzo drowned in the sheer feeling of being so close to his charge. Not even the metallic tinge off blood coating Goku's pliant lips could ruin this one ideal moment. Sanzo couldn't think of any other person he'd want to share in his last breaths. He figured he could afford such sentimental thought. He was dying after all.


He pulled back slowly. He nearly jumped when a hand tugged lightly on his tattered robes. Goku was still there, if only for a little longer. And Sanzo knew that was an understatement when the light began to rapidly diminish in those golden eyes. Franticly, Sanzo sought out their bond once more.


"I'll find you again. You won't be alone again."


Sanzo's heart lightened a bit when he saw Goku's lips turn up just a fraction. The hand clasping his robes fell limply to the cold floor.


The light had gone out.


And Sanzo had never felt so empty in all his years.


He lowered himself to the floor next to Goku and tugged the teen's body against him so they were chest to chest, steeling his mind for death, clinging to the bond that he could still feel embedded within his consciousness.


He would find Goku again.




Hakkai and Gojyo found them later, battle worn castle crumbled around them. Lirin was clutching at Hakkai's shirt like a lost child, and a sunset framing them from behind.


Their monk was curled on the floor holding tight to the heretic equally still within his arms.

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