Title: Springtime
Author: PunkWolf
Pairing: Sanzo/Goku
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: language, lemon, slight angst
Disclaimer: Written for fun, not profit. I own none of the rights to Minekura's Saiyuki.
Summary: He was probably just pissed that no one had wished him a happy birthday...
Note: Happy Birthday Goku!!!!
Note2: I'm not really happy with this fic, but I have a squicky pairing to beat, so...



It was that time of year again.


Birds were singing.


Plants were sprouting.


It was goddamn springtime once again.


Sanzo grumbled in his seat as Hakkai commented merrily on the change of seasons. Gojyo agreed with him, but added the fact that it was one month closer to summer- bathing suit season.


Goku was unusually quiet behind Sanzo, not even calling Gojyo a perverted kappa when the moment was just right for such a tag. In the past, Goku had loved the arrival of spring, for it meant the end of a long winter cooped up in the temple. Now, when ever Sanzo glanced back in the side mirror, he saw his lover curled with his knees to his chest, staring off at nothing. It was unnerving.



They arrived at the inn soon enough that the sun had not yet set. The next town was too far away to possibly have a hope of reaching it before Hakkai fell asleep at the wheel, so they retired earlier than normal. Dinner passed without noticeable anomaly. At least it would appear that way. Sanzo noticed, however, the lack of heart Goku had in both eating and fighting Gojyo. As a matter of fact, he had hardly touched his food, choosing instead to bicker half-heartedly until one of the others had finished eating. The teen had then excused himself to his and Sanzo's room for the night.


It was Gojyo who pointed out Goku's half-eaten plate.


"Alright. What the hell is up with the monkey?"


"It seems as if Goku is just having an off day, Gojyo."


"No way. Off day or not, that chibi always cleans his plate."


"Gojyo's right." Sanzo interrupted. "Something's wrong."


"Right? Right?" Gojyo exclaimed, equilibrium thrown off by the monk agreeing with him.


"Well then what do you propose we do, Sanzo?" Hakkai asked.


"He's Sanzo's fuck buddy, so Sanzo should deal with it." Gojyo stated bluntly, ignoring Sanzo's warning growl and lighting a cigarette to match the one already dangling from the priest's mouth.


"Gojyo." Hakkai warned shooting a glance at his friend. He turned back to Sanzo. "Don't worry Sanzo. Goku is one of our party, and we are all obligated to see him through whatever's troubling him, not just you." The healer offered a small smile.


Sanzo sighed. "No. I'll go deal with him." Before rising and following in Goku's footsteps. 'He's probably just pissed that no one had wished him a happy birthday.' Sanzo thought dryly. A small voice in the back of his mind doubted this, however.


Sanzo was surprised upon entering the teen's room to find the boy slumped against the wall instead of curled up in bed. His face was buried in his arms, which were propped upon knees pull tight to his chest.


"Oi. Monkey. What's wrong with you?" He only received a mumble in response. "Dammit, Goku if you don't talk like a person I swear, I'll..." He was cut short when Goku raised his head to meet Sanzo's gaze. Large golden eyes were brimming with unshed tears. They wavered in the waning light of the evening. They begged Sanzo to do anything but be himself. Sanzo sighed before crossing the room and seating himself next to Goku next to the wall.


"I don't know what's wrong..." Goku managed. His voice was shaky and it soundly like he was about to break down.


"Baka..." Sanzo murmured softly. "How can you not know what's wrong?"


"I really don't..." Goku whispered in return. "I just feel like... fading away, and I don't understand why..."


Sanzo thought back to a few months ago when his self-restraint had withered away to nothing under Goku's attentions. The first time he'd taken Goku to bed, and begun this new chapter in their relationship. Goku'd been so... Goku-ish for weeks afterward, and Sanzo had to admit, that it wasn't killing his mood either. But slowly, winter had faded away, and Goku had withdrawn himself from everyone. It had been subtle, but Sanzo had noticed. Now he was kicking himself for not bringing it up sooner. He was well aware of the fact that Goku hadn't so much as kissed him in two weeks.


"This has been going on for a while now, hasn't it?" Sanzo asked quietly, keeping his voice firm enough so as not to seem to out of character. No sense frightening the boy.


Goku silently nodded and the silence was shattered by his curt dry laugh. "I didn't think I'd been that obvious..."


"I don't think Gojyo and Hakkai could tell." Sanzo replied.


Goku looked up at him and offered a sad smile, though his eyes still shimmered with tears he seemed unwilling to shed.


"And you have no idea what's wrong?"


Goku hesitated. "Well..."


"Spill, monkey."


"It's springtime."


Sanzo scoffed. "I know that baka. What's wrong with spring? I thought you loved it?"


"I guess..." Sanzo growled, indicating that wasn't a good enough response. Goku's eyes scrunched shut. "I just... I just... Are you happy, Sanzo?"


Sanzo was startled by the change in topic, but considered the question anyway. He could distinctly remember a time in his life where he wasn't happy. That was true enough. He could also safely say that his general outlook on life changed when he had drug Goku down Mt. Gogyo all those years ago, though he still wouldn't have considered himself happy. Goku's presence had just helped him bury his past.


Until this damn journey, that is.


He knew that he'd been unhappy whilst Homura had stalked them, namely his sutra and Goku, for a few months, but that ordeal had been laid to rest. The mention of the dead god still made Goku moody.


But was he happy now?


'Yes.' Sanzo thought. He could consider the months since he and Goku had gotten together happy times. Sure, they fought often enough. But what would you expect? They were practically opposites. Yet it was their stark differences that Sanzo would admit that he loved. Goku brought out so much in him, he even had before, and filled so many of the holes that had been reopened by Shuuei's appearance.


"Yeah." Sanzo answered finally. "I think I'm happy."


Goku smiled again. And the tears finally spilled over. "I'm glad."


Sanzo's eyes narrowed. "Are you happy?"


Goku turned to stare off at the opposite wall. "I..." He trailed off.


Sanzo took that as an opportunity to reach over and grasp Goku's forearm, the most caring gesture he could bring himself to offer in situations like this. Goku jumped slightly at the contact and looked down at where Sanzo's hand touched his arm.


His walls broke down.


Goku threw himself at Sanzo, clutching the man's chest, his own heaving with silent sobs. Sanzo awkwardly placed his hands upon the boy's back, lightly holding Goku against him. "What's wrong?"


Goku's breath was uneven in his partial hysterics. "I don't want to feel this way, and I don't really know why it's happening. But when the air began to smell like spring... I don't know... I just felt... like something was dying, instead of everything feeling alive like it always had before."




"I thought for a while that it was... us, that was dying. And it scared me. I don't know what I'd do if... if..."


Sanzo pulled Goku a little tighter against him. "I get it."


"All that's happened, Sanzo... I don't want to lose it."


Swallowing his pride, Sanzo spoke. "Neither do I, Goku. Neither do I."


Goku pulled back from Sanzo embrace and smiled again. A true Goku smile. The heretic leaned forward, but toward his lover's face this time. Sanzo watched as Goku brought their mouths together, the teen's already parted and ready to devour him.


The contact was slow and it took a few moments for their lips to mold to each other. Instantly, Sanzo's own tongue pressed forward to meet Goku's. The kiss was sloppy and intense; heavy with need on both their parts. Sanzo breathing was already deep, and his chest aching. He didn't realize how much he had missed this kind of intimate contact with Goku.


He leaned forward, intent on consuming every ounce the passion he knew his charge contained.



Goku gasped as Sanzo's fingers hit that spot inside him. Fire shot through his veins while Sanzo pumped and scissored him until he was decently prepared. On his hands and knees, he looked behind him to see Sanzo smirking in what could only be termed as wickedness. Goku shuddered.


Withdrawing his fingers, Sanzo sat back. Goku whined from deep in his throat and pressed backwards desperately trying to re-establish contact with those wonderful fingers. His keeper laughed breathily. "Get over here, monkey." Goku obeyed, rising to his knees and turning to face Sanzo. He was pulled onto the priest's lap, pressing their chests together. He felt the tip of Sanzo's erection brush his ass. He groaned quietly.


"Goku..." Sanzo hissed, and Goku knew where to go from here.


Slowly, the brunette raised himself up upon his knees and gently lowered himself down upon Sanzo's arousal. He gritted his teeth as the searing pain began to creep up his spine. But it was a pain he was familiar with, and knew he could withstand for the time being. His back arched when Sanzo moved his hands, placing one upon the firm curve of Goku's ass and the other grasping Goku's own erection. His mouth parted in a silent scream when Sanzo finally found the spot his fingers had tortured so briefly.


"S-Sanzo!" He cried out, not caring who heard. His nails drug themselves viciously down Sanzo's biceps; it was for this reason Sanzo insisted he keep them trimmed.


Sanzo groaned through his teeth and propelled them both backward until Goku's back connected with the mattress. He had his charge panting by now, and his own breath was ragged as well. He pumped his hips furiously against Goku, feeling the boy pressed tight beneath him, writhing enticingly. Their sweat covered bodies provided enough lubricant to allow them to glide smoothly over once another, yet still feel the tense friction of flesh on flesh.


Suddenly, Goku's arms rose to wrap tightly around Sanzo's back, curling up to grasp his shoulders. The action pulled with tight against one another. Goku's skin was hot. It was burning against Sanzo's own. He winced and wrapped Goku in his arms as his orgasm ripped through him, pouring his hot seed deep inside his lover.




Sanzo panted heavily, his head pillowed against the inside of Goku's thigh. The heretic himself was lounging atop the sheet, cooling off after the aftershocks subsided. Sanzo, too, preferred to lay atop the blankets, for sweat was still clinging to his skin in the humid spring air.


He drug his fingers in lazy patterns across the inside of Goku's leg, enjoying the way the tight muscles, concealed by slightly bronzed skin, rippled and twitched beneath his touch. He heard Goku sigh contentedly somewhere near the head of the bed. He glanced up the teen's body, appreciating that his lover was completely naked, taking in every dip and plane presented to him. When his gaze finally reached Goku's face, he found those golden eyes half-lidded, wallowing in sated lust.


He shifted and crawled up Goku's toned body to reach the teen's face. "Goku."




Sanzo answered with a deep kiss, laced with passion, not lust. Their bodies molded together and he allowed his hand to wander down to Goku's navel, but no farther.


Sanzo pulled back slowly. "Happy birthday, Goku."


Goku's eyes widened. "That's today?!"

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